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25840635 Overall adipsin levels among male asbestos industry workers were significantly higher than among control subjects.
24995977 Study demonstrates that T2DM patients with beta cell failure are deficient in adipsin.
24958499 Data indicate that a urinary protein, adipsin, was significantly increased in patients with preeclampsia.
24598742 Complement factor D (FD) is activated by its substrate through interactions outside the active site which lock the unbound native state into an ordered inactive conformation via the self-inhibitory loop in FD.
23956345 We demonstrate novel secretion of adipsin and ASP by placental Hofbauer cells.
22930722 Increased activation of the alternative complement pathway in vitreous was controlled by disease stage and genetic variation in the complement pathway, supporting a role for complement activation in macular degeneration disease pathogenesis.
22362762 Anti factor D Fab fragment inhibits FD proteolytic function by interfering with macromolecular substrate access rather than by inhibiting FD catalysis.
22003108 CFD regulates activation of the alternative complement pathway, which is implicated in age related macular degeneration pathogenesis.
21612582 HIV-1 gp120 modulates adipsin expression in human mesenchymal stem cells
21205667 crystal structure of C3bB at 4 A and complex with factor D at 3.5 A; data show how factor B binding to C3b forms open "activation" state of C3bB; Factor D binds open conformation of factor B through a site distant from the catalytic center

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PMID Year Title
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24995977 2014 Adipsin is an adipokine that improves ? cell function in diabetes.
24958499 2014 Elevation of urinary adipsin in preeclampsia: correlation with urine protein concentration and the potential use for a rapid diagnostic test.
24598742 2014 Ensemble refinement shows conformational flexibility in crystal structures of human complement factor D.
23956345 2013 Elevated fetal adipsin/acylation-stimulating protein (ASP) in obese pregnancy: novel placental secretion via Hofbauer cells.
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