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Gene RIF (13)

26148512 these data reveal a novel mechanism for the regulation of the expression of HIF2a, demonstrating that the HIF2a promoter is regulated by E2F1 directly and that Cezanne regulates HIF2a expression through control of E2F1 levels
26112491 Taken together, these results suggest that hepatitis C virus NS5A protein interacts with OTUD7B, thereby modulating its deubiquitinase activity.
25638165 Cezanne has a pivotal role in tumor progression and prognosis, and may act as a potential prognostic biomarker for survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients.
25355043 data suggest that Cezanne is essential for HIF-1alpha protein stability and that loss of Cezanne stimulates HIF-1alpha degradation via proteasome-independent routes, possibly through chaperone-mediated autophagy.
25353672 Genome wide association study shows evidence of association between mammographic density and SNPs in high linkage disequilibrium with rs11205277, rs11205303 in gene MTMR11 and rs67807996 in gene OTUD7B.
23564640 Inflammatory responses to ischemia are controlled by a balance between TRAF6 ubiquitination and deubiquitination, and Cezanne is a key regulator of this process.
22179831 identified a deubiquitinating enzyme, Cezanne-1, that opposes receptor degradation and enhances EGFR signaling
21624200 There is an excessive inflammatory response but insufficient up-regulation of A20 expression in inflammatory bowel disease patients.
21097510 DJ-1 enhances cell survival through the binding of Cezanne, a negative regulator of NF-kappaB.
20622874 Cezanne is identified as the first deubiquitinase with Lys11-linkage preference.
18474597 H(2)O(2) prolongs NF-kappaB activation in co-stimulated cells by suppressing the negative regulatory functions of Cezanne and IkappaBalpha.
18178551 Cezanne forms a novel negative feedback loop in pro-inflammatory signaling and that it suppresses NF-kappaB activation by targeting RIP1 signaling intermediaries for deubiquitination
12682062 cleaves ubiquitin from proteins

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HRF                                                                       841 - 843

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