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26072518 results suggest non-neutral evolution for an olfactory receptor gene
22567099 Data is consistent with the idea that OR7D4 genotype predicts the sensory perception of meat containing androstenone and that genetic variation in an odorant receptor can alter food preferences.
22044667 This study suggested that OR7D4 sequence variant (rs2878329 G>A) showed evidence of association with reduced levels of adiposity (p=0.03), cognitive dietary restraint (p=0.05) and susceptibility to hunger (p=0.008).
21093532 The results suggested that odor perception between heterosexual partners may have an impact on the development of depression and anxiety, and that it might be influenced by genetic variation in OR7D4.
17873857 Genotypic variation in OR7D4 accounts for a significant proportion of the valence (pleasantness or unpleasantness) and intensity variance in perception of these steroidal odours

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VTPMLNPFIYSLRNKDVKGALERLLSRADSCP                                          281 - 312

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