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26942680 Stable binding of Mis18alpha-Mis18beta heterotetramer to centromeres in telophase licenses them for CENP-A deposition.
26107214 Over-expression of OIP5 was observed in breast tumors.
24519934 Mis18beta binds with and specifies the centromere localization of HJURP.
24269809 this study showed betaTrCP-mediated regulation of Mis18beta stability is a mechanism to restrict centromere function of Mis18 complex from late mitosis to early G1 phase.
23292864 expression of AURKC, OIP5, PIWIL2 and TAF7L differed between patients with Acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome and healthy controls in a gender-dependent manner
22129094 OIP5 expression was significantly associated with poor prognosis of lung and esophageal cancer patients
20510019 These results indicate that knockdown of OIP5 may induce apoptosis in cancer cells.
17199038 Three human proteins essential for centromere/kinetochore structure and function, hMis18alpha, hMis18beta, and M18BP1, the complex of which is accumulated specifically at the telophase-G1 centromere, are identified.[Mis18alpha, Mis18beta, M18BP1]

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KSLMKILSEVTPDQSKPEN                                                       211 - 229

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PMID Year Title
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26921242 2016 Centromere localization and function of Mis18 requires Yippee-like domain-mediated oligomerization.
26107214 2015 Cancer/Testis OIP5 and TAF7L Genes are Up-Regulated in Breast Cancer.
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25036634 2014 Polo-like kinase 1 licenses CENP-A deposition at centromeres.
24519934 2014 Mitotic regulator Mis18? interacts with and specifies the centromeric assembly of molecular chaperone holliday junction recognition protein (HJURP).
24269809 2014 ?TrCP-mediated ubiquitylation regulates protein stability of Mis18? in a cell cycle-dependent manner.
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20510019 2010 OIP5 is a highly expressed potential therapeutic target for colorectal and gastric cancers.
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17284516 2007 LAP2alpha-binding protein LINT-25 is a novel chromatin-associated protein involved in cell cycle exit.
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