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26256989 The response to ondansetron for PONV was significantly influenced by the -100_-102AAG deletion polymorphisms of the 5-HT3B gene. Thus, the -100_-102AAG deletion variants may be a pharmacogenetic predictor for responsiveness to ondansetron for PONV.
25951416 Study demonstrates that the 5-HT3Br1 transcriptional variant of the 5-HT3B subunit can contribute to the functional properties of heteromeric receptors in a similar manner to the originally characterized 5-HT3B subunit
24880582 we found an association of the HTR3B with poor concentration in schizophrenia patients.These results suggest that the HTR3B may be involved in the attention problem of schizophrenia in Korean population.
24590108 variants in HTR3A, HTR3B, and SLC6A4 interactively contribute to etiology of alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine dependence
24244382 This is the first study to show an association between 5-HTR3B and PCS scores, thus suggesting a role of the serotonin pathway in pain catastrophizing.
23972841 the stoichiometry of 5-HT3AB receptors on the plasma membrane
23897038 Polymorphisms in the HTR3B gene are predictors of reduced alcohol drinking in response to ondansetron.
23810831 The ability of 5-HT to gate the homomeric or heteromeric receptor appears to rely on the D loop triplet RQY of the complementary face.
23786674 HTR3B gene variants may contribute to variability in severity of and response to antiemetic therapy for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
23757001 Genetic variability within SLC6A4, HTR3A, and HTR3B contributes to the risk of alcohol dependence and related phenotypes.

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LFMLGIYTITLCSLWALWGGV                                                     421 - 441

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