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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 69
PubMed Score 136.05
PubTator Score 670.76

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Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Stiff-Person syndrome 11 5.173 2.6



Accession O95166
Symbols MM46



4XC2   3DOW   3WIM   1GNU   1KLV   1KM7   1KOT   3D32  

  Ortholog (3)

Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Macaque OMA EggNOG
Mouse OMA EggNOG

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Gene RIF (36)

26687599 Data show that WAC directly binds to GM130 and that this binding is required for autophagosome formation through interacting with GABARAP regulating its subcellular localization.
25847297 HIV-1 Nef downregulates the mRNA expression of GABARAP in human mesenchymal stem cells
25684205 KBTBD6 and KBTBD7 specifically bind to GABARAP proteins.GABARAP proteins mediate localized ubiquitylation of TIAM1 by CUL3.
25498145 PLEKHM1 regulates autophagosome-lysosome fusion through homotypic fusion and protein sorting complex and LC3/GABARAP proteins.
25224329 The interaction of GABARAP with Mulan-Ube2E3 supports the role of Mulan as an important regulator of mitophagy.
25126728 A functional complementation of an lgg-1 null mutant with human GABARAP, its closer homolog showed that it localizes to autophagosomes and can rescue LGG-1 functions in the early embryo.
25126726 The FLCN-GABARAP association is modulated by the presence of either folliculin-interacting protein (FNIP)-1 or FNIP2 and further regulated by ULK1.
24686084 GABARBP dramatically inhibited VEGF-induced endothelial cell proliferation, migration, and tube formation, as well as VEGFR-2 phosphorylation in vitro.
24582747 knockdown of LC3B but not GABARAPs resulted in significant accumulation of p62/Sqstm1, one of the selective substrates for autophagy
24240096 These results support the regulatory role of Bcl-2 in autophagy and define GABARAP as a novel interaction partner involved in this intricate connection.

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Text Mined References (75)

PMID Year Title
26687599 2015 Activation of ULK Kinase and Autophagy by GABARAP Trafficking from the Centrosome Is Regulated by WAC and GM130.
26347139 2015 TRIM-mediated precision autophagy targets cytoplasmic regulators of innate immunity.
26040720 2015 Regulation of endoplasmic reticulum turnover by selective autophagy.
25684205 2015 CUL3-KBTBD6/KBTBD7 ubiquitin ligase cooperates with GABARAP proteins to spatially restrict TIAM1-RAC1 signaling.
25498145 2015 PLEKHM1 regulates autophagosome-lysosome fusion through HOPS complex and LC3/GABARAP proteins.
25224329 2014 Mulan E3 ubiquitin ligase interacts with multiple E2 conjugating enzymes and participates in mitophagy by recruiting GABARAP.
25127057 2014 TRIM proteins regulate autophagy and can target autophagic substrates by direct recognition.
25126728 2014 Human GABARAP can restore autophagosome biogenesis in a C. elegans lgg-1 mutant.
25126726 2014 FLCN, a novel autophagy component, interacts with GABARAP and is regulated by ULK1 phosphorylation.
24686084 2014 GABARBP down-regulates HIF-1? expression through the VEGFR-2 and PI3K/mTOR/4E-BP1 pathways.