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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 67
PubMed Score 667.71
PubTator Score 270.88

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Accession O75531 O60558 Q6FGG7
Symbols BAF



2ODG   1CI4   1QCK   2BZF   2EZX   2EZY   2EZZ  

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26842478 antiviral capabilities of the barrier to autointegration factor (BAF/BANF1) and how its function and regulation places BAF at the junction of multiple pathways protecting a cell's genetic integrity
26223647 Vaccinia virus B1 kinase is needed for multiple critical junctures in the poxviral life cycle in a manner that is both dependent on and independent of BAF.
26092935 The findings unveil a unique mechanism where the nuclear periphery proteins lamin-A/C, LAP2alpha and BAF1 are assembled into a protein complex during mitosis in order to regulate assembly and positioning of the mitotic spindle.
26015494 results demonstrate a novel function of BAF as an epigenetic regulator of HSV lytic infection; hypothesize that BAF facilitates Herpes Simplex Virus IE and E gene expression by recruiting the SETD1A methyltransferase to viral IE and E gene promoters
25991860 BAF is a cytosolic DNA sensor that leads to exogenous DNA avoiding autophagy.
25899223 These data suggest that VRK3-mediated phosphorylation of BAF may facilitate DNA replication or gene expression by facilitating the dissociation of nuclear envelope proteins and chromatin during interphase.
25495845 The BANF1, alanine 12 threonine (A12T) mutant is impaired in its ability to bind DNA while its interaction with nuclear envelope proteins is unperturbed.
25052089 Association of emerin with nuclear BAF in cells required the LEM domain (residues 1-47).
24600006 Altogether, these data demonstrate that phosphoregulation of BAF by viral and cellular enzymes modulates this protein at multiple molecular levels, thus determining its effectiveness as an antiviral factor and likely other functions as well.
24430874 VRK1 deficiency disrupts nuclear envelope morphology and leads to BAF retention on mitotic chromosomes.

AA Sequence

AKQSRDCFGCLREWCDAFL                                                        71 - 89

Text Mined References (74)

PMID Year Title
26842478 2016 The Barrier to Autointegration Factor: Interlocking Antiviral Defense with Genome Maintenance.
26223647 2015 Vaccinia Virus B1 Kinase Is Required for Postreplicative Stages of the Viral Life Cycle in a BAF-Independent Manner in U2OS Cells.
26092935 2015 The lamin-A/C-LAP2?-BAF1 protein complex regulates mitotic spindle assembly and positioning.
26015494 2015 Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor 1 (BAF/BANF1) Promotes Association of the SETD1A Histone Methyltransferase with Herpes Simplex Virus Immediate-Early Gene Promoters.
25991860 2015 BAF is a cytosolic DNA sensor that leads to exogenous DNA avoiding autophagy.
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25899223 2015 Presumed pseudokinase VRK3 functions as a BAF kinase.
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