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Disease Z-score Confidence
Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia 9 3.006 1.5


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25319390 miR-185 suppresses tumor proliferation by directly targeting E2F6 and DNMT1 and indirectly upregulating BRCA1 in triple-negative breast cancer.
24109597 Analysis data from a panel of cell cycle transcription factors (E2F1, E2F4, E2F6, and GABPA) finds that a set of core cell cycle genes regulated in both U2OS and HeLa cells are bound by multiple cell cycle transcription factors.
23954429 After replication stress, the checkpoint kinase Chk1 phosphorylates E2F6, leading to its dissociation from promoters. This promotes E2F-dependent transcription, which mediates cell survival by preventing DNA damage and cell death
23082233 E2F6 may recruit BRG1 in transcriptional regulation of genes important for G1/S phase transition of the cell cycle.
22981205 findings indicate an inhibitory role of E2F6 in the regulation of IL-13 and allergy
21048031 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19738611 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18562691 E2F6 has a role in control of hypoxia-induced apoptosis through regulation of E2F1
17908821 E2F6 binding sites are located within 2 kb of a transcription start site, in both normal and tumor cells
17600109 E2F-6 inhibited Apaf-1 upregulation by competing with E2F-1 for promoter binding. It enhanced the clonogenic growth of granulocyte, erythroid, macrophage, & megakaryocyte cells.It may prevent hematopoietic progenitor cell loss during proliferation.

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PMID Year Title
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25319390 2014 miR-185 suppresses tumor proliferation by directly targeting E2F6 and DNMT1 and indirectly upregulating BRCA1 in triple-negative breast cancer.
24109597 2013 Identification of cell cycle-regulated genes periodically expressed in U2OS cells and their regulation by FOXM1 and E2F transcription factors.
23954429 2013 Chk1 inhibits E2F6 repressor function in response to replication stress to maintain cell-cycle transcription.
23082233 2012 E2F6 associates with BRG1 in transcriptional regulation.
22981205 2012 Combining gene expression microarray- and cluster analysis with sequence-based predictions to identify regulators of IL-13 in allergy.
22802528 2012 E2F7, a novel target, is up-regulated by p53 and mediates DNA damage-dependent transcriptional repression.
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