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24550731 these studies suggested that Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus utilizes CIB1 as one of the key molecule(s) to coordinate and sustain the EphA2 mediated signaling involved in its entry
24050852 High EphA2 receptor expression in colorectal cancer was associated with a worse outcome in patients treated with cetuximab-based therapy
22247258 Implicate EphA2 as a novel proinflammatory mediator and potential regulator of atherosclerotic plaque development.
21415392 Ephrin A1 promotes the motility of EphA2-positive cardiac stem cells, facilitates their migration to the area of damage, and enhances cardiac repair
19525919 The crystal structures of an A-class complex between EphA2 and ephrin-A1 and of unbound EphA2, are presented.
17878388 Elf-1 represents the first transcription factor identified to be involved in the transcriptional regulation of Fc receptor gamma
16158060 There is a significant loss of ELF-1 and reduced Smad4 expression in gastrointestinal neoplasms.
12421992 Abnormal posttranslational mechanisms of the Elf-1 protein result in defective expression of the functional 98-kDa form of Elf-1, and consequently, the transcriptional defect of TCR zeta-chain in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.
11884456 Different forms of Elf-1 are the products of posttranslational modifications that determine its subcellular localization, activity, and metabolic degradation.
11860487 Optic nerve section in adult rat differentially regulates the expression of ephrin-A2 in the superior colliculus(SC).At 1 month, levels were upregulated across the contralateral SC giving rise to an increasing rostro-caudal gradient.

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LGS                                                                       211 - 213

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PMID Year Title
24550731 2014 CIB1 synergizes with EphrinA2 to regulate Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus macropinocytic entry in human microvascular dermal endothelial cells.
24050852 2013 The prognostic role of ephrin A2 and endothelial growth factor receptor pathway mediators in patients with advanced colorectal cancer treated with cetuximab.
22247258 2012 EphA2 activation promotes the endothelial cell inflammatory response: a potential role in atherosclerosis.
21415392 2011 The ephrin A1-EphA2 system promotes cardiac stem cell migration after infarction.
19836338 2009 Structural plasticity of eph receptor A4 facilitates cross-class ephrin signaling.
19525919 2009 Ligand recognition by A-class Eph receptors: crystal structures of the EphA2 ligand-binding domain and the EphA2/ephrin-A1 complex.
17878388 2007 Elf-1 binds to GGAA elements on the FcRgamma promoter and represses its expression.
16540516 2006 Cell mixing at a neural crest-mesoderm boundary and deficient ephrin-Eph signaling in the pathogenesis of craniosynostosis.
16158060 2005 Inactivation of ELF/TGF-beta signaling in human gastrointestinal cancer.
15057824 2004 The DNA sequence and biology of human chromosome 19.