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osteosarcoma -1.006 0.013

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26970898 rs7975 GG carriers had an increased risk of below-reference sperm motility
25738370 We conclude that the lower expression of GSTZ1 in Whites who possess the K carrier haplotype results in lower enzymatic activity and slower metabolism of DCA, compared with those who possess the non-K carrier haplotype
25079374 Haplotype variations in glutathione transferase zeta 1 influence the kinetics and dynamics of chronic dichloroacetate in children
24719983 The data indicates no association between GSTZ1 genotypes and risk of gastric cancer.
23299908 Elucidation of the role of individual residues in the N-terminal, SSC motif of human GSTZ1.
23280616 The ping-pong catalytic mechanism of Se-hGSTZ1-1 is similar to that of the natural GPX.
22729907 The present results indicate that the haplotype of "-1002A, 32Lys, 42Arg" (containing three variant alleles) of GSTZ1 have protective effect compared to the other haplotypes.
22576335 Two SNPs, rs282070 located in intron 1 of the MAP3K7 gene, and rs2111699 located in intron 1 of the GSTZ1 gene, were significantly associated (after adjustment for multiple testing) with longevity in stage 2
22561244 e report for the first time the conversion of human glutathione transferase Zeta (hGSTZ1-1) into seleno-hGSTZ1-1 by means of genetic engineering in eukaryotes.
22374552 This study was performed on 228 BPD patients and 234 control subjects. Among early-onset patients, the variant alleles of Glu32Lys and G-1002A increased BPD susceptibility.

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PTELRA                                                                    211 - 216

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PMID Year Title
26970898 2016 Interactions between CYP2E1, GSTZ1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms and exposure to drinking water trihalomethanes and their association with semen quality.
25738370 2015 The influence of human GSTZ1 gene haplotype variations on GSTZ1 expression.
25079374 2015 Haplotype variations in glutathione transferase zeta 1 influence the kinetics and dynamics of chronic dichloroacetate in children.
24719983 2014 Glutathione S-transferase Z1 (GSTZ1) gene polymorphism in gastric cancer: a preliminary study in a Turkish population.
23299908 2013 Characterization of catalytic activity and structure of selenocysteine-containing hGSTZ1c-1c based on site-directed mutagenesis and computational analysis.
23280616 2013 Characterization of selenium-containing glutathione transferase zeta1-1 with high GPX activity prepared in eukaryotic cells.
22814378 2012 N-terminal acetylome analyses and functional insights of the N-terminal acetyltransferase NatB.
22729907 2012 Genetic polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferase Z1 (GSTZ1) and susceptibility to preeclampsia.
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