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25657029 These findings define an interaction between the common MIA2(I141M) variant and the ER stress/UPR system and specify a subgroup of PDAC patients who are more likely to benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy.
25202031 Sec12 recruitment to endoplasmic reticulum exit sites is organized by its direct interaction with cTAGE5, a previously characterized collagen cargo receptor component, which functions together with TANGO1 at endoplasmic reticulum exit sites.
23511560 Findings suggest that the roles of MIA2 might be based on the variety of the integrins and the subtypes of mitogen-activated protein kinase in oral carcinoma.
23054591 22 members of an Iranian family with basal ganglia calfication as well as 100 controls were genotyped for the C>G P521A variant of CTAGE5, but none were found.
22120627 HBx activates hepatoma cell growth and proliferation through repression of the potential tumor suppressor MIA2.
21525241 cTAGE5 forms a complex with TANGO1 (MIA3), a previously characterized cargo receptor for collagen VII
20838928 population and bioinformatic analysis of MGEA6 P521A variation as a risk factor for Fahr's disease; genetic screen data show this mutation is very rare; bioinformatics analysis provided conflicting findings
17881540 The novel gene MIA2 acts as a tumour suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma.
12586826 Data indicate that MIA2 represents a potential novel acute phase protein and MIA2 expression responds to liver damage in chronic liver diseases.

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PPPPHSEGRSEFPSGLIPPSNEPATEHPEPQQET                                        771 - 804

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