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Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.600 0.001
osteosarcoma -1.149 0.000
ovarian cancer 1.700 0.000

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26745464 In addition to Atox1, the human cytoplasm also contains Cu chaperones for loading of superoxide dismutase 1 (i.e. CCS) and cytochrome c oxidase in mitochondria (i.e. Cox17). [review]
25673218 Human cytoplasmic copper chaperones Atox1 and CCS exchange copper ions in vitro
25429517 Coexpression of hCCS in the presence of copper restores the correct maturation of the SOD1 mutants and prevents the formation of the unstructured species, confirming that hCCS also acts as a molecular chaperone.
24855044 CCS mRNA and protein levels in the serum are not correlated with inflammatory processes.
24343031 CTR1 silencing increased the protein levels of copper chaperone ATOX1 and copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase 1 (CCS-1), but decreased copper chaperone for cytochrome c oxidase (COX17).
24297923 CCS-dependent copper acquisition and distribution largely occur at membrane interfaces and that this emerging role of the bilayer may reflect a general mechanistic aspect of cellular transition metal ion acquisition.
24026195 CCS1 serves as a specialized import receptor in mitochondria that facilitates the import and folding of SOD1 and CCS1.
23900152 CCS-1 facilitates copper trafficking to the mitochondria, but does not affect the transfer of copper to the cytochrome c oxidase.
22869735 analysis of human superoxide dismutase 1 (hSOD1) maturation through interaction with human copper chaperone for SOD1 (hCCS)
22508683 The CCS mutation, p.Arg163Trp, causes reduced SOD1 activity and may impair other mechanisms important for normal Cu homeostasis.

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PMID Year Title
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24855044 2014 CCS mRNA transcripts and serum CCS protein as copper marker in adults suffering inflammatory processes.
24343031 2014 Changes in copper concentrations affect the protein levels but not the mRNA levels of copper chaperones in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
24297923 2013 Cellular distribution of copper to superoxide dismutase involves scaffolding by membranes.
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