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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 36
PubMed Score 28.80
PubTator Score 9.77

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  Differential Expression (18)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.100 6.4e-06
psoriasis -2.300 6.6e-05
ependymoma 1.100 2.4e-07
glioblastoma 1.600 2.3e-06
group 4 medulloblastoma 2.000 6.8e-05
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.600 5.3e-06
medulloblastoma, large-cell 2.300 6.2e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.400 3.7e-06
acute quadriplegic myopathy 1.356 9.7e-05
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.060 4.0e-07
non-small cell lung cancer 1.192 6.4e-20
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 1.200 1.1e-02
Breast cancer 2.300 4.8e-02
pediatric high grade glioma 1.400 8.5e-06
Alzheimer's disease -1.400 3.3e-02
Pick disease -1.500 8.7e-05
ovarian cancer 1.500 1.8e-04
Gaucher disease type 1 -1.100 4.9e-03

Gene RIF (11)

26312503 The authors identify NUDT21 as a novel candidate for intellectual disability and neuropsychiatric disease, and elucidate a mechanism of pathogenesis by MeCP2 dysregulation via altered alternative polyadenylation.
23125841 Tandem affinity purification and mass spectrometry analysis identify cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 5 (CPSF5; NUDT21), HIV-1 Gag, Gag/Pol, gp120, and Nef incorporated into staufen1 RNP complexes isolated from HIV-1-expressing cells
21295486 Structure of a CFI(m)25/CFI(m)68 RRM heterotetramer and biochemical data indicated that CFIm25 specifically recognized two UGUA elements, CFIm68 facilitates looping of the intervening RNA. CFIm-mediated RNA looping may regulate alternative polyadnylation.
21295486 Crystal structure of CFIm25-CFIm68 RRM heterotetramer illustrated that CFIm25 homodimer is clamped by two CFIm68 monomers on each side of the dimer interface.
20695905 Data provide evidence that CFIm exists as a heterotetramer of 25-kD, 59-kD and 68-kD subunits of CFIm: CFIm25, CFIm59 and CFIm68.
20479262 crystal structures of the CFI(m)25 homodimer in complex with UGUAAA and UUGUAU RNA sequences
20479262 Crystallographic and biochemical experiments suggest that CF I(m)25 specifically recognizes UGUA RNA sequence and binds to two UGUA simultaneously
18767156 The crystal structure of human CPSF5 was solved at 1.9 A resolution.
18445629 Results from crystallographic and biochemical experiments suggest that CF I(m)25 makes use of its Nudix fold to bind but not hydrolyze ATP and diadenosine tetraphosphate.
17098938 Evidence that CFIm25 regulates alternative poly(A) site selection of genes with tandem poly(A) signals in their 3'-UTRs.
15169763 region in the subunit of CF I(m) involved in RNA binding, protein-protein interactions, and subcellular localization

AA Sequence

IISSLPQLLSRFNFIYN                                                         211 - 227

Text Mined References (43)

PMID Year Title
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19608861 2009 Lysine acetylation targets protein complexes and co-regulates major cellular functions.
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15169763 2004 Distinct sequence motifs within the 68-kDa subunit of cleavage factor Im mediate RNA binding, protein-protein interactions, and subcellular localization.
14690600 2003 A mechanism for the regulation of pre-mRNA 3' processing by human cleavage factor Im.
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9659921 1998 Human pre-mRNA cleavage factor Im is related to spliceosomal SR proteins and can be reconstituted in vitro from recombinant subunits.
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