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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 85
PubMed Score 111.04
PubTator Score 171.85

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  Differential Expression (25)

Disease log2 FC p
nephrosclerosis 1.095 2.6e-04
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.405 2.6e-02
malignant mesothelioma -1.400 3.8e-07
psoriasis -1.200 2.7e-03
osteosarcoma -1.886 6.2e-03
posterior fossa group B ependymoma 1.400 1.0e-08
glioblastoma 1.100 2.5e-03
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 1.408 1.2e-06
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma -2.238 7.1e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... -1.500 6.8e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -1.900 8.3e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -3.000 1.2e-03
lung cancer -1.800 8.7e-04
colon cancer -1.100 1.7e-02
active Crohn's disease 2.219 1.5e-03
pancreatic cancer -2.300 7.2e-03
diabetes mellitus -1.100 2.9e-02
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.300 3.0e-04
Pneumonia -1.400 9.7e-03
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 2.254 4.5e-02
nasopharyngeal carcinoma -1.400 7.0e-05
progressive supranuclear palsy -1.300 9.9e-03
gastric carcinoma -1.500 3.4e-02
ulcerative colitis 1.900 8.2e-08
ovarian cancer 3.200 2.7e-06

Gene RIF (70)

26831553 Data indicate a positive correlation of nesfatin-1 and a negative correlation of orexin-A with body mass index.
26744860 nesfatin-1 might have an important role in regulation of food intake and pathogenesis of loss of appetite in children.
26624852 1012C>G polymorphism of NUCB2 is correlated with a reduced risk of developing MetS in a Chinese Han population.
26162003 Circulating NUCB2/nesfatin-1 levels correlated positively with perceived anxiety, whereas no association with body mass index or eating disorder symptoms was observed.
26143537 These results corroborate the suggestion of NUCB2/nesfatin-1 being relevantly involved in the regulation of mood and stress in a sex-specific way
25872767 This investigation indicates a marked association of serum and synovial fluid nesfatin-1 concentrations with osteoarthritis disease severity.
25869615 nesfatin-1 inhibits the growth of adrenocortical H295R cells and promotes apoptosis, potentially via the involvement of Bax, BCL-XL and BCL-2 genes as well as ERK1/2, p38 and JNK1/2 signalling cascades
25841171 This study shows an association of serum nesfatin-1 concentrations and the development and severity of peripheral arterial disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.
25833360 Serum nesfatin-1 levels are significantly higher in girls with premature thelarche compared to prepubertal controls.
25581765 Plasma IL-6 and TNF-alpha did not significantly change after training, but nesfatin increased significantly only with high-intensity interval training compared with the control group.
25432328 Nesfatin-1 levels were significantly lower in metabolic syndrome (MS) group compared to non-MS group
25322808 Our results show that NUCB2 plays an important role in tumorigenesis and progression and is a potential molecular biomarker for the diagnosis and targeted therapy of ccRCC.
25068306 Serum nesfatin-1 levels were measured in patients with subclinical or overt hyperthyroidism to see whether nesfatin-1 is involved in the regulation of appetite and body weight in hyperthyroidism. No significant difference from normal controls was found.
24920281 Data suggest that plasma nesfatin-1/NUCB2 levels are up-regulated in pregnant women recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as compared to healthy women; many of those with PCOS were also overweight and exhibited insulin resistance.
24891763 NUCB2/nesfatin-1 and visfatin are novel factors associated with systemic inflammation in COPD; visfatin may mediate impaired pulmonary diffusing capacity
24857385 Data indicate that patients with severe preeclampsia showed significantly decreased levels of serum nesfatin-1 compared with those with mild preeclampsia.
24825087 there was no significant increase in postprandial level of nesfatin-1. This suggests that oral glucose load in obese children may not be sufficient for nesfatin-1 response and that nesfatin-1 may not have an effect as short-term regulator of food intake.
24464950 study demonstrated cytoplasmic localization of NUCB2/nesfatin-1 peptide in both human and murine chondrocytes.
24422979 NUCB2 protein expression showed a strong association with the potencies of BCR and progression of PCa, and that may be applied as a novel biomarker.
24333832 Nesfatin-1 might have an important role in regulation of food intake and pathogenesis of insulin resistance in obese children and young adolescents.
24259949 Nesfatin-1 is present in articular tissues and may contribute to the physiopathologic changes in OA. Nesfatin-1, accompanied with hsCRP and IL-18, could have roles in the progression of knee osteoarthritis
24092574 we demonstrated that high NUCB2 mRNA expression correlated with poor overall survival in patients with prostate cancer
24048879 Role of NUCB2/Nesfatin-1 in the hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis.
23980879 Review highlights evidence of changes in circulating levels of NUCB2/nesfatin-1 in disease states, occurrence of NUCB2 polymorphisms and independence of leptin signalling known to be blunted under conditions of chronically increased body weight.
23958433 Kaplan-Meier survival analysis showed that patients with high NUCB2 expression have shorter biochemical recurrence (BCR)-free survival time compared to patients with low NUCB2 expression.
23955480 Data suggest that NUCB2 expression is widespread in including adipose tissue, pancreas, and digestive tract; NUCB2 appears to participate in regulation of energy homeostasis/appetite; genetic polymorphisms in NUCB2 may predispose to obesity. [REVIEW]
23806888 In acute myocardial infarction patients, plasma nesfatin-1 levels were negatively correlated with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, neutrophil% or Gensini scores.
23796625 plasma NUCB2/nesfatin-1 levels were altered under conditions of perceived anxiety, stress and depression in obese women.
23768444 Circulating nesfatin-1 may modulate glucose homeostasis during diabetes remission in gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, and participate in regulating body weight in sleeve gastrectomy
23765387 Increased nucleobindin-2 (NUCB2) transcriptional activity links the regulation of insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
23764403 This study provides a novel regulatory signaling pathway of nesfatin-1-regulated ovarian epithelial carcinoma growth and may contribute to ovarian cancer prevention and therapy, especially in obese patients.
23739643 Nesfatin-1 levels were lower in children with untreated autoimmune thyroid diseases, however, the mechanism is also unknown.
23613885 pro-osteogenic activity of NUCB2(1-83)
23524986 A statistically significant correlation was found between the serum nesfatin-1 level and supraventricular tachycardia.
23515787 Ghrelin and NUCB2/nesfatin-1 are expressed in the same gastric cell and differentially correlated with body mass index in obese subjects.
23346951 Data suggest that serum nesfatin-1 are significantly lower in obese youth than in healthy control youth; no association was found with insulin resistance in obese subjects.
23306670 In advanced cystic fibrosis and low fat mass, nesfatin-1 plasma levels are significantly increased and inversely correlated with the fat mass.
23269222 Loss of fat mass may decrease serum nesfatin-1 level in lung cancer patients with weight loss.
23266808 The NUCB2 variant c.1012C>G (Q338E) is associated with childhood adiposity. The GG genotype may be protective against excessive weight gain.
23178145 nesfatin-1 levels are decreased in large for gestational age compared to appropriate for gestational age fetuses.
23155701 Nesfatin-1 is involved in the physiological regulation of intrauterine and postnatal growth and development in small for gestational ages infants.
23141462 we have identified the first rare genetic variants in the NUCB2 gene in obese individuals (frequency 0.2%), suggesting that NUCB2 might indeed be involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and food intake.
22950627 Nesfatin-1 concentrations were reduced in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
22367584 Lower nesfatin-1 concentration may plays a very important role in the development of polycystic ovary syndrome
22334726 NUCB2 may operate directly at the testicular level to link energy homeostasis, puberty onset, and gonadal function
22270345 We have demonstrated that the Wa antigen is NEFA or nucleobindin-2, which binds specific tRNA species, and is distributed in specific human tissues.
22225987 the details of nesfatin-1 physiology ought to be clarified, and it may be considered suitable in the future, as a potential drug in the pharmacotherapy of obesity--{REVIEW}
22203468 Data suggest that maternal serum levels of nesfatin-1 (derived from NUCB2) are lower in patients with gestational diabetes compared with control pregnant women; however, the cord blood nesfatin-1 levels are similar.
22108805 Human islet NUCB2 mRNA was reduced in T2D subjects but upregulated after culture in glucolipotoxic conditions. Furthermore, a positive correlation between NUCB2 and glucagon and insulin gene expression, as well as insulin secretory capacity, was evident.
22036920 nesfatin-1 levels did not differ between hemodialysis patients and healthy subjects and negatively correlated with protein intake
22020667 Plasma nesfatin-1 concentrations were found to be elevated in subjects with both impaired glucose tolerance and newly diagnosed T2 diabetes mellitus.
21988594 High NUCB2 is associated with recurrence and metastasis in breast carcinoma.
21803054 This study demonistrated thatsex difference in NUCB2 dynamic expressions in the midbrain of drug-free depressed suicide victims.
21653697 structural basis for the properties of Calnuc and NUCB2 binding to Galpha subunits and its regulation by calcium ions.
21554911 Increased serum prolactin and nesfatin-1 concentrations, decreased ghrelin concentrations could be used as markers to identify patients that have suffered a recent epileptic seizure or other paroxysmal event (psychogenic).
21459029 polymorphisms in the NUCB2 gene could play an important role in the protection against the development of obesity in male subjects
21252251 Potential weight-reducing actions of nesfatin-1/NUCB-2 treatment.
20937336 nesfatin-1 levels may be regulated by nutrition status and response to starvation.
20813143 Apelins and nesfatin-1 concentrations were higher in mature milk than in colostrum (P<0.05). The concentration of apelins, ghrelins and nesfatin-1 in serum and milk in gestational diabetic lactating women was lower than in control samples
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20625762 lack of nesfatin-1 response to the exercise protocols may be partially due to the fasting condition
20427481 Data report that nesfatin-1 is a novel depot specific adipokine preferentially produced by sc tissue, with obesity- and food deprivation-regulated expression.
20032201 The release of NUCB2 from isolated islets was significantly elevated following glucose challenge.
20030931 nucb2 is the direct target gene of AML1 and AML1-ETO, the transcription regulation of AML1, AML1-ETO on nucb2 is carried out via repressing its promoter activity.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19351608 NUCB2 may be implicated in gastric secretion by establishing an agonist-releasable Ca2+ store in ER or Golgi apparatus, signalling via heterotrimeric Galpha proteins and/or mediating the exocytosis of the secretory granules.
19262995 low ghrelin and especially the dramatically elevated nesfatin-1 levels might contribute to the pathophyisology of epilepsy[Nesfatin-1]
18154733 results suggest that the functions of nucleobindins could be modulated by caspase-mediated cleavage in apoptosis
16407280 NUCB2-ARTS-1 complexes play an important role in mediating tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 release to the extracellular compartment.
16407280 Calcium-dependent ARTS-1-nucleobindin 2 complexes associate with TNFR1 prior to the commitment of TNFR1 to pathways that result in the constitutive release of TNFR1 exosome-like vesicles or the inducible proteolytic cleavage of TNFR1 ectodomains.

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