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PubMed Score 364.61
PubTator Score 252.20

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Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -1.200 9.6e-03
ependymoma -1.800 4.1e-15
oligodendroglioma -1.100 1.6e-02
glioblastoma -1.600 2.2e-05
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma -1.400 1.2e-03
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor -1.800 8.9e-08
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.600 1.1e-04
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -1.200 7.2e-04
pediatric high grade glioma -1.500 7.6e-05
pilocytic astrocytoma -1.700 7.6e-07
pituitary cancer -1.900 3.7e-06

Gene RIF (66)

26556771 Study characterized the presence of Ngb in the human cochlea
26472601 Data show that the mean peak serum neuroglobin and Nogo-A concentrations were both significantly higher in patients with an unfavorable outcome at 6 months after traumatic brain injury (TBI).
26305249 Findings suggest a control model for neuroglobin's anti-apoptotic activity under physiological conditions. While in normoxic conditions, its activity is maintained at low level, an immediate transition to an hypoxic situation increases it drastically.
25683270 17beta-estradiol-induced NGB up-regulation could act as an oxidative stress sensor, which does not oppose to the pro-apoptotic 17beta-estradiol effect in ER beta-containing colon cancer cells unless a rise of oxidative stress occurs.
25552092 This paper for the first time presents the data on neuroglobin distribution in human cerbellum using immunohistochemistry.
25452214 Data show that chimeric neuroglobin and myoglobin were generated by swapping a regulatory segment.
25372753 The review summarizes the recent experimental findings, mainly focusing on the mechanisms of Ngb's protection and induction during ischemic/hypoxic conditions and it roles in astrocytes, tumors, as well as in neurite outgrowth. [review]
25299774 Neuroglobin player role in estrogen receptor alpha-positive cancer cell viability.
24855999 a mechanism for redox control of human Ngb (hNgb) activity
24699645 first X-ray structure of wild-type human neuroglobin is reported at 1.74 A resolution
24446190 Findings indicate that myoglobin (Mb) and neuroglobin (Ngb) can be expressed in nonmuscle and non-neural contexts.
24376733 Glu60 of human Ngb is a crucial residue for its GDI and neuroprotective activities
24362753 analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms in neuroglobin that affect transcription and possibly Alzheimer's Disease
23835959 Ngb and Cygb are expressed in the solitary tract nucleus and in the carotid body, and may have roles in the processing of cardiovascular and respiratory reflex inputs
23648513 Neuroglobin brain levels are increased in Alzheimer's disease patients compared to controls.
23643985 These findings suggest that neuroglobin is expressed early in the course of neuronal differentiation and may, therefore, have a role in neurodevelopment.
23319379 NGB is expressed in the carotid body of heroin addicts and may have a role in compensating for the negative effects of heroin
23160832 Report neuroglobin expression in human brain.
23135388 functional impact of heme disorder and cysteine oxidation state on the properties of the Ngb ligand
22787149 the oxidative stress-induced structural changes of human Ngb are essential for its neuroprotective activity.
22009023 We found that NGB was present in a rat astrocytoma cell line (C6), human astrocytoma cell line (U251), and human astrocytoma tissues
21965683 14-3-3 binding and phosphorylation of neuroglobin during hypoxia modulate six-to-five heme pocket coordination and rate of nitrite reduction to nitric oxide
21725774 This study demonistrated that Neuroglobin overexpression in brain with arteriovenous malformation and intracerebral hemorrhage.
21704585 The phenylalanine B10 residue of neuroglobin plays a key role in transmitting the structural information from the disulfide bridge to the heme-pocket region.
21674044 Caenorhabditis elegans globin GLB-26 (expressed from gene T22C1.2) has been studied in comparison with human neuroglobin (Ngb) and cytoglobin (Cygb) for its electron transfer properties
21620833 This review describes the discovery of neuroglobin over a decade ago, its structure, affinity for oxygen, and its expression in cerebral neurons, all of which suggest it plays a role in providing oxygen to the brain.
21601304 overexpression in non-small cell lung cancer is associated with histological subtype, hypoxia
21362510 Data suggest a potential role of DNA methylation in regulating NGB tissue-specific expression.
21304818 Cimeric Myoglobin has a cell-membrane-penetrating activity similar to zebrafish Ngb.
21296891 neuroglobin may function as a physiological oxidative stress sensor and a post-translationally redox-regulated nitrite reductase that generates NO under six-to-five-coordinate heme pocket control
21190290 There is a plausible central role for neuroglobin in the control of apoptosis.
20643048 These data favor the hypothesis that the disulfide bond between Cys46 and Cys55 modulates the functioning of human neuroglobin.
20571522 Ngb may confer protection against ischemia-reperfusion injury in the brain through its intrinsic antioxidant properties.
20345238 the haplotype block represented by rs3783988 in neuroglobin appears to influence recovery after severe traumatic brain injury
20345238 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20227336 The acid-induced denaturation pathway of apo-Ngb can be illustrated from the native state (N), via a partially unfolded state (U(A)) to the molten globule state (MG).
20091232 These data provides an explanation the action of neuroglobin in the protection of nerve cells from unwanted apoptosis.
20075359 Ischemic stroke increases the expresssion of the neuroprotective protein neuroglobin in brain.
19860834 The conformational and functional stability of Ngb at acidic pH was analyzed.
19383366 neuroglobin transcript and protein are expressed in human glioblastoma cells, and this expression increases in hypoxia in vitro
19327369 Results demonstrate by immunohistochemical analysis the colocalization of neuroglobin and PrP(c) in the retinal ganglion cell layer.
19307722 Structure determination by molecular replacement of neuroglobin at 1.8 A resolution showed the apparent space group was orthorhombic C222(1), but the real space group was monoclinic P2(1), due to twinning. It is a perfect hemihedrally twinned crystal.
19087291 Ngb polymorphism 89+104 t had protective effects on large-artery atherosclerosis and small-vessel occlusion in the Southern Chinese Han population
19087291 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19010568 A significant association was found between Alzheimer disease risk and a variant in the NGB gene. Data is consistent with a model where women, older individuals and carriers of specific genotypes have lower levels of NGB leading to increased risk for AD.
19001220 Neuroglobin and cytoglobin are colocalized within human retinal neurons and retinal pigment epithelium but not within glial cells.
18767815 A feature of Ngb is its heme hexacoordination in the absence of external ligands, observed both in the ferrous and in the ferric (met) forms.
18416560 both zebrafish and chimeric ZHHH Ngb can penetrate cell membranes in the absence of Chariot
18302932 These results clearly show that the GDI activity of human Ngb is tightly correlated with its neuroprotective activity.
17975837 protein oxidation promotes stabilization of pentacoordinated species, thus favoring protein to adopt more reactive state & supporting existence of molecular mechanism where O2 is released under hypoxic conditions, suggesting O(2) storage function for Ngb.
17600531 ferric-NGB acts not only as scavenger of toxic species, but also as a target of the self-generated reactive species
17337004 Sites of interaction between Ngb and Galpha(i).
16201751 analysis of the proximal and distal histidine environment of cytoglobin and neuroglobin
15819897 molecular characterization of human and Drosophila cytoglobulins and neuroglobulins
15808606 TAT-Ngb is an efficient fusion protein capable of protecting the human islets in culture from loss of cell mass and function, thus increasing the quality of transplantable islets.
15723537 Identification of several residues that are crucial for several residues that are crucial for the Guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor activity of human Ngb.
15488767 Data show that wild-type human recombinant neuroglobin favors the F8His-Fe2+ -E7His conformation.
15299006 oxygen binding in human neuroglobin and cytoglobin is allosterically regulated and temperature-dependent
15193759 Analysis of the neuroglobin genomic sequence identifies sequence motifs with similarity to the neuron-restrictive silencer element, possibly explaining a neuron-specific expression of neuroglobin.
15122877 Results are the first to demonstrate an interaction between neuroglobin (Ngb) and cystatin C. Ngb may modulate the intracellular transport (or secretion) of cystatin C to protect against neuronal death under conditions of oxidative stress.
14645216 His64 and Lys67 comprise a unique distal heme pocket in neuroglobin
14530264 results suggest a novel mechanism for the regulation of oxygen binding; contact with an appropriate electron donor would provoke the release of oxygen. Hence the oxygen affinity would be directly linked to the redox state of the cell.
12860983 human Ngb may be a novel oxidative stress-responsive sensor for signal transduction in the brain
12351835 an examination of the protein's structure by crystallization and x-ray diffraction
12239161 Expression is induced by hemin in neural cells
11820779 Full-length cDNA cloning and genomic organization of NGB have been reported.

AA Sequence

VQAMSRGWDGE                                                               141 - 151

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21601304 2011 The balance between the expressions of hASH1 and HES1 differs between large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma and small cell carcinoma of the lung.
21362510 Functional and sequence analysis of human neuroglobin gene promoter region.
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