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26600525 higher rates of nestin expression were observed in most embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma specimens and low-grade tumors, in early stages of the disease, and among younger patients.
26421614 The stem cell marker nestin and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition marker periostin allow prognostic stratification among histologic variants of malignant pleural mesothelioma. Their expression level is influenced by neo-adjuvant chemotherapy.
26414809 Nestin expression was consistently found in endothelial cells of the schneiderian membrane.
26335012 Administration of nestin siRNA significantly decreased primary and metastatic tumor formation by human pancreatic cancer cells.
26261513 Our findings indicated that Nestin plays an essential role in colorectal cancer progression
26242334 Increased miR-21 and nestin mRNA levels were found in anaplastic meningiomas, in which recurrence is
25967234 High level of CD133 expression trends to correlate with a worse OS and PFS in glioma patients, especially WHO IV gliomas
25940879 Nestin has been shown to be expressed in transformed cells of various human malignancies, and a correlation between its expression and the clinical course of some diseases has been proved. [review]
25854362 High nestin expression is associated with gastric adenocarcinoma.
25843934 Results indicate that nestin plays an important role in the embryonic development of at least two mouse organs (heart and brain) through the regulation of cell proliferation
25839093 Nestin is expressed in acute leukemia and might be a useful immunohistochemical marker for identifying acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia
25629269 Prolactin significantly increased the gene expression and protein levels of nestin in neuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells, while no significant changes were observed in U-87MG glioblastoma cells.
25605182 High nestin expression is associated with recurrence in bladder urothelial carcinoma.
25599268 There were significant increases in the percentage of ependymal cells that were nestin positive between controls and trauma cases
25527454 Data suggest that nhibition of nestin and heat shock protein HSPA8/HSC71 may be a useful molecular target in the treatment of glioblastomas.
25500739 Nestin-mediated cytoskeleton remodeling in endothelial cells occurs via filopodia formation along the cell edge.
25428542 human meninges intense nestin expression was detected as early as in the 9th week of embryonic development.
25400792 Case Report: undifferentiated colon carcinoma overexpressing nestin.
25376607 Results show that lower BAI1 expression correlates with poorer patient survival, and high Nestin expression is associated with an increased probability of metastases in breast cancer patients.
25371063 Nestin performs a dual role in ampullary adenocarcinoma, nestin enhances CDK5 function to suppress Rac1 and excessive nestin/CDK5 participates in multiple oncogenic pathways to promote cancer invasiveness.
25365206 Nestin depletion induces melanoma matrix metalloproteinases and invasion.
25339000 Elevated expression levels of nestin in the melanomas are associated with advanced disease, with more aggressive and metastatic skin tumors
25322343 Nestin expression profile in melanoma
25178519 It could be a clinically relevant marker associated with tumor invasiveness in cerebral astrocytomas.
25164879 Data suggest that nestin may serve as a promising tumor marker and as a potential therapeutic target amenable to tumor suppression and angiogenesis inhibition.
25120750 a high level of nestin was associated with poor progression-free survival in glioma patients with WHO grade II tumors
25118937 Ectopic expression of Nestin partially reverses the effects of miR-940 on cell proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis.
25083869 Study shows that p53 restricts expression of the stem and progenitor-cell-associated protein nestin in an Sp1/3 transcription-factor-dependent manner and that Nestin is required for tumor initiation in vivo.
25056574 Our data indicates that Nestin positively regulates the proliferation, survival and invasiveness of breast CSC by enhancing Wnt/beta-catenin activation.
24785714 nestin expression is a novel independent prognostic indicator for patients with UCB
24755685 MMP-7 and nestin may be beneficial as markers, given their sensitivity to gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
24657437 MiR-432 regulates neuronal differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells and significantly represses NESTIN and MECP2 expression.
24610946 Results indicate that nestin regulates the localisation and functions of FAK and integrin. Because nestin has been shown to be prevalent in a number of cancers, our observations have ramifications for the roles of nestin in malignant transformation.
24519516 The results showed that high nestin expression is a strong adverse prognostic factor for total survival in patients with WHO grade II-III astrocytomas and oligoastrocytomas.
24503548 Our results demonstrated that urinary nestin could be a urinary biomarker for patients with acute kidney injury and its role in AKI might be related to the p53 signaling pathway.
24498263 Data indicate that nestin expression in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells is associated with poor prognosis of patients and tumor cell proliferation pathway.
24481417 nestin correlates with the aggressiveness and stemness of lung adenocarcinoma.
24443256 the expression of nestin might play an important role in the prognosis of breast carcinoma, especially in the triple-negative subgroups.
24283983 Nestin is significantly higher in lung adenocarcinoma patients especially with advanced grade and stage.
24254558 We propose that nestin expression might contribute to the initiation, promotion, and progression of serous ovarian carcinoma; nestin expression is associated with poor chemoresponse.
24147430 nestin could be a very useful abluminal cell marker for the diagnosis of salivary gland tumors.
24030749 increased nestin expression was associated with aggressive melanoma features, with independent prognostic impact on multivariate survival analysis
24008823 These results demonstrate for the first time the expression of nestin in the pterygium vasculature and indicate that this protein may play a central role in the angiogenic response
23962157 High inmunohistochemical nestin expression appears to be associated with deeper invasion in DFSP.
23776077 PDGFRalpha CD51 cells in fetal bone marrow represent a small subset of CD146 cells expressing Nestin and enriched for mesenchymal stem cell and hematopoietic stem cell niche activities.
23757003 Data indicate that the only constantly present diagnostic marker observed was S100 protein and, in lesser extent, also nestin.
23706418 Nestin was detected in SCLC tumor cells and tumor vessels in all clinical tumor specimens.
23552743 These findings uncovered a novel role of nestin in regulating TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
23417116 Further studies are required to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of nestin expression and to examine the possibility of nestin-targeted therapy for malignant melanomas.
23291835 Data indicate that the nestin and vimentin dots were random distributed within filamentous lines tens of nanometers to one hundred nanometers thick.
23131160 Data suggest that adult cutaneous sensory Meissner and Pacinian corpuscles contain small population of Schwann-related cells (vimentin+) which (on basis of their content of nestin and S100 proteins) can be potential neural stem cells.
23072594 These results suggest the presence in melanoma of growth mechanisms involving nestin, vimentin, and the glucocorticoid receptor may help in understanding tumour biology to provide a molecular basis for clinical therapies.
22999866 Although transgenic nestin-GFP-expressing progenitor cells share morphological and molecular markers with NG2-glia, they do not express other pericyte markers nor do they differentiate into the muscle lineage.
22993065 Tubule repair that occurs during the recovery process following nephrectomy may involve TGF-beta1-induced nestin expression in immature renal proximal tubule cells and the promotion of renal cell migration.
22985576 MAP-2 and nestin participate in the regulation of the development of gastric tissues in human embryos.
22899289 This study provides evidence that nestin and SOX2 can effectively differentiate nodal melanocytic nevi from metastatic melanomas
22886682 In human pituitary tumors there was a predominance of small capillaries in correlation with increased expression of the progenitor marker nestin
22718289 Studies suggest that nestin may modulate the invasion and metastasis of nestin-positive progenitor cells during pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) development and may serve as a novel target for suppressing invasion and metastasis in PDAC.
22649953 Nestin expression was higher in tumor tissues of renal cell carcinoma, than normal tissues (p < 0.05). Nestin expression was inversely related with tumor stage (p < 0.05) but there was no relation with Fuhrman grade.
22580387 Nestin was not localized in the squamous epithelium in normal cervical tissues, but it was weakly expressed in the basal squamous epithelium in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
22572237 The present study suggests that nestin expression seems to be a prognostic indicator of a poorer survival probability in patients with resected LCNEC, although its prognostic significance still requires confirmation with larger patient populations.
22568867 In summary, our data implicate nestin as a useful novel marker for intracranial ependymoma risk stratification easily implementable in routine diagnostics.
22395498 nestin and caveolin-1 could have a role in GISTs, together with CD117 and CD34
22350668 Our results suggest that: (1) nestin is a useful marker for diagnosis of high-grade gliomas, (2) nestin is helpful in diagnosis of schwannomas, and (3) nestin expression is related to poor prognosis in high-grade gliomas.
22344865 Despite significantly shorter survival rates observed in patients with high levels of nestin expression assessed by immunofluorescence, nestin does not seem to represent a powerful prognostic marker that would be superior to conventional methods.
22297445 Nestin was detectable in tumoral cells and in endothelial cells of blood microvessels, and it is significantly expressed in triple-negative and in inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) subgroups of T4 breast tumours
22296500 High expression level of nestin is associated with chemotherapy-resistance in serous ovarian cancer.
22246533 Nestin is a potential novel therapeutic target in pancreatic cancers to inhibit tumor angiogenesis.
22207173 Oct-4 and Nestin were important regulators of the development of breast cancer.
22187705 An intimate link of nestin to a biological process of pancreatic cancer was confirmed. The expression of nestin did not prove to be a valuable prognostic factor.
22178090 Both CD133-positive and nestin-positive blood vessels have an important role in maintaining the structure of the glioma stem cell niche.
22156015 The co-expression of CD133 and nestin as well as results of the functional assays suggest a possible presence of cancer cells with a stem-like phenotype in rhabdomyosarcoma.
22135720 nestin and CD44 are significantly expressed in a subset of gastric adenocarcinoma
22113177 In epithelioid mesotheliomas, 13% of cells expressed nestin, 39% EMA and 7% mesothelin
21985235 Smooth muscle cells expressing nestin and Nkx6.1 are the main cell population derived from culturing human spinal cord cells in adherent conditions with serum.
21915031 We sought to determine if ezrin, KBA.62, p-Akt, CD166, and nestin, may be helpful in distinguishing melanoma from nevi and atypical melanocytic lesions
21672338 The presence of nestin protein parallels the biological behaviour of osteochondromas and is restricted to prehypertrophic and hypertrophic chondrocytes.
21527990 eGFP-positive cells in the subventricular zone express multiple phenotype markers and neuroblast-specific molecules suggesting the transgene is expressed through the lineage.
21524985 These results suggest that the nestin-positive cells play an important role not only in the hair follicle pluripotent stem cells but also in the dermal papilla in the regenerating hair follicle.
21503585 nestin plays important roles in cell growth, migration, invasion and adhesion to extra-cellular matrices in glioma cells
21490921 Data demonstrate that Class III cells are mature neurons in the adult brain that express nestin.
21440298 High nestin expression is associated with plasma cells of multiple myeloma.
21340483 we perform the first study of the intracellular distribution of nestin in cell lines derived from neurogenic tumors
21323603 Nestin and Sox-2 immunoreactivity was significantly associated with astrocytic glioma tumor cell proliferation and nestin expression was independently associated with poor patient survival.
21276080 Nestin-positive cells are found as frequently as balloon cells and are associated with abnormal reconstitution of the cortex in epileptic patients.
21251041 Expression of embryonic stem cell markers SOX2 and nestin in dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans and dermatofibroma.
21151388 Nestin may be the most specific marker for stemness in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma by immunohistochemial staining.
20943257 The distribution pattern of nestin in normal meningeal and tumor cells indicates that nestin might characterize immature cells.
20700038 Report expression of stem-cell markers cytokeratin 15 and nestin in primary adnexal neoplasms.
20669222 nestin plays a crucial role in development of glioblastoma and may potentially be targeted for treatment of the disease.
20649878 Nestin expression is associated with tubulointerstitial injury and predicts renal prognosis in IgA nephropathy.
20536663 marker of HMB-45-negative melanoma cells in the dermal parts of patients with nodular melanoma
20520523 We found a significant population of nestin-positive progenitor cells in neurofibromas from patients with neurofibromatosis type 1.
20518888 Nestin-positive myofibroblast may represent a relatively immature subpopulation of cells with multipotentiality.
20426902 Compared with the controls, the number of nestin-positive cells is increased in the subgranular zone of the hippocampus dentate gyrus and in the subventricular zone following cerebral ischemia.
20337823 In all 15 trichoblastomas, the stromal cells expressed nestin with variable positive reactions, except for superficial trichoblastomas within nevus sebaceous lesions, in which stromal cells were constantly positive for nestin
20132963 nestin expressed in most tumor cells of non-small cell lung cancer tissue and had a direct linkage to lymph node metastasis and tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis, independent of COX-2 signal pathway.
20044038 We suggest that some nestin-positive cells might be capable to differentiate into neurons during the earliest stages of development
20017104 These observations emphasize an essential role of nestin for the process of regeneration, and also highlight this factor as a candidate marker for sustentacular cells in the human olfactory epithelium.
19956860 nestin has a role in progression of human melanoma
19864043 nestin functions as a stem cell marker of the follicular mesenchyme and has a major regulatory role in dermal homeostasis, cutaneous neovasculogenesis, and tumor stroma development
19845757 nestin was significantly associated with presence of ulceration in primary tumors in melanoma.
19704967 Nestin is present in podocytes of the renal corpuscle in rats and humans. Specific differences manifested in more intensive and widespread expression of nestin by endothelial cells of blood vessels in human kidney.
19578047 Our results support the combined role of WT1 and nestin in glial tumorigenesis and progression.
19562035 expression of nestin is a major determinant in suppression of anti-proliferative activity of GR in undifferentiated tissue and facilitates activation of this growth control in a precise tissue and differentiation dependent manner
19554024 nestin expression at the gene and protein levels in human scalp skin is restricted to the periappendage mesenchyme and can be stimulated by leptin
19473053 Increased expression of nastin is associated with astrocytoma pathogenesis and progression.
19417621 marker of Wilms tumor in or around the kidney
19294612 Expression of nestin mRNA could be detected in adrenocortical tumors, independently of their grade of dedifferentiation.
19268442 nestin mRNA is a differentiation marker, and its expression does not relate to malignant characteristics in thyroid tumors
19170896 Findings indicate that transplantation of embryonic neural stem cells into adult rat peri-infarction zone may be performed as early as 24 hours after cerebral ischemia.
19012049 candidate for stem cell marker and renewal factor in nasal mucosa, may contribute to tissue homeostasis and differentiation in the epithelium and submucosal glands of normal nasal mucosa, and may play a role in proliferation of nasal polyps
18998057 higher expression of nestin in the non-specific form of Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors suggests that the non-specific form has an earlier developmental origin than the simple or complex forms.
18925963 expression is detected in osteosarcomas
18923447 SOX9 and SOX10 but not BRN2 seem to be required for nestin expression in human melanoma.
18799194 Nestin expression in pancreatic cancer cells may contribute to nerve and stromal invasion in this malignancy
18724228 Cyclosporin A induced renal injury recruits nestin-expressing cells to injured areas.
18724036 Nestin gene variants are associated with early-onset CHD.
18724036 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18618166 Dental follicle cells expressed the stem cell marker nestin in both serum-free and serum-containing cell culture media.
18546018 Nestin plays a crucial role in remodeling the cytoskeleton of cells in the human postinfarcted myocardium.
18265627 Nestin is expressed in proliferating and metabolically active cells, such as endothelium, independent of developmental and neoplastic processes.
17984177 enhanced expression of nestin in the injured myocardium might reflect spontaneous regenerative processes supposedly based on the differentiation of resident cardiac stem cells into diverse cardiac cell types.
17909025 Results specify a function for Nestin in cell motility and identify a novel pathway for prostate cancer metastasis.
17784840 The extent of nestin-positive neuronal cells correlated with the appearance of tyrosine hydroxylase positive neurons.
17784648 Nestin is expressed in podocytes of mature human glomerular tissues in quiescent states.
17652163 The nestin(-) vimentin(+) fibroblasts may represent a novel type of multipotent adult stem cells in human dermis.
17537965 Transgenic mice in which the nestin neural enhancer drives expression of a green fluorescent protein reporter show that the regulation in Schwann cells is transcriptional.
17300669 Nestin is more sensitive for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST) than other neural markers, and immunostains for nestin in combination with other markers could be useful in the diagnosis of MPNST.
17273760 nestin has a role in neovasculaturization in colorectal cancer
17255215 The expression of nestin in the podocytes of normal and diseased kidneys of adolesscent and adult patients is reported.
17210924 Nestin is expressed in the human kidney from the first steps of glomerulogenesis within podocytes, mesangial, and endothelial cells.
17036052 nestin is a survival determinant whose action is based upon a novel mode of Cdk5 regulation, affecting the targeting, activity, and turnover of the Cdk5/p35 signaling complex
16874866 The putative pancreatic stem cells expressed pdx-1 and nestin.
16826367 In a series of 40 surgical specimens, including gliomas, vascular malformations, abscesses and angiomas, nestin was poorly expressed in mature astrocytes and more expressed in developing reactive astrocytes, mainly in the cytoplasm.
16736556 Nestin-positive pancrease stem cells are in the stroma of human embryonic pancrease.
16713999 cultured pancreatic islets contain nestin and Isl-1 positive mesenchymal stem cells with multipotential developmental capacity
16616189 Purkinje cells were immunoreactive with nestin regardless of the severity of degenerative cerebellar cortex.
16538520 Nestin expression in adenomas cannot be viewed as a biologically relevant marker of cell proliferation and as a prognostic indicator in pituitary neoplasms.
16487364 Moderate to strong expression of nestin was observed in all tumors.
16275024 These results show that the pattern of nestin expression is related to the differentiation of epidermal stem cells.
16186627 Data evaluate and compare the bcl2, bax, and nestin patterns in the frontal cortices of Alzheimer and multiple-infarct dementia patients, and in normal aging.
16136494 Nestin is constantly expressed in situ in the cortex of normal human adrenal glands; a positive nestin immunoreaction could be useful in differential diagnosis of clear cell tumors in adrenal glands.
15684833 nestin expression is recognized under all conditions of vascular development
15526158 nestin has a role in multi-potentiality and regenerative potential [review]
15502861 Nestin expression in tumor endothelium is enhanced by the first intron.
15176089 In transgenic mice, nestin transgene expression in the olfactory bulb is limited to periglomerular neurons and is absent from granule cells, suggesting that this nestin promoter construct differentiates between the two interneuronal populations.
15117961 nestin may be one mediator of N-myc-associated tumor aggressiveness of human neuroblastoma
15088413 detection of nestin-positive keratinocytes in the basal layer of cultured epidermis
14625035 Demonstration of strong expression of nestin in Purkinje cells in pathologically advanced Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease correlates with the process that Purkinje cells undergo to promote survival.
12786777 Nestin-immunoreactive cells colocalized with vimentin throughout the retina. Colocalized with mitotic Ki67 immunoreactive cells.
12187925 Beta-cell differentiation during human development does not rely on nestin-positive precursors
12172785 The tissue distribution of nestin has been studied in the muscularis propria of normal gastrointestinal autopsy material.
12101039 Nestin-containing neurons occurred in hippocampus, septum, diagonal band, amygdala and basal nucleus of Meynert. Nestin-containing astrocytes occurred in the subependymal zone and dentate gyrus.

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