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26350705 Interaction between NDE1 and high birth weight was associated with increased susceptibility to schizophrenia.
26206584 These data show that cell cycle-dependent mechanisms can control ciliary length through a CDK5-FBW7-NDE1 pathway.
25332407 study strengthens the evidence for association between rare variants within NDE1 and schizophrenia, and may shed light into the molecular mechanisms underlying this severe psychiatric disorder.
24785679 study provided comprehensive documentation of the expression patterns of Nde1 and Ndel1 in cultured cells as well as in mouse and human brains, and also highlighting that dosage effects of these two proteins might contribute to some cases of mental disorder
23704059 Description of a severe microcephaly syndrome where an autosomal recessive condition combines an inherited segmental duplication mediated deletion with a mutation in the NDE1 gene within the non-deleted homolog.
22843697 analysis of mixed NDE1-NDEL1 complexes demonstrates that NDE1 and NDEL1 can interact directly.
22526350 In three related patients with microhydranencephaly, a homozygous deletion that encompasses NDE1 exon 2 containing the initiation codon was identified.
21911489 Mutually exclusive cytoplasmic dynein regulation by NudE-Lis1 and dynactin.
21529752 NDE1 deficiency causes both a severe failure of neurogenesis and a deficiency in cortical lamination
21529751 NDE1 mutations cause a severe microlissencephaly syndrome. Patient's NDE1 proteins are unstable, cannot bind cytoplasmic dynein, and do not localize properly to the centrosome.
20084519 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20072148 The NDE1 gene is disrupted by the inv(16) in 90% of cases with CBFB-MYH11-positive acute myeloid leukemia.
20048338 NDE1 and NDEL1 act upstream of LIS1 in dynein recruitment, and/or activation, on the membrane.
18983980 NDE1, NDEL1 and LIS1, together with their binding partner dynein, associate with DISC1, PDE4B and PDE4D within the cell, and provide evidence that this complex is present at the centrosome.
18469341 NO direct relationship between NDE1 genotype and schizophrenia.
18469341 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
18303022 These findings reveal a novel regulatory mechanism of vimentin transport during neurite extension that may have implications in diseases featuring transport/trafficking defects and impaired regeneration.
18178387 We failed to find the association between the NDE1 gene and schizophrenia in the Japanese population.
18178387 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17600710 required for kinetochore localization of dynein; suppression of Nde1 inhibits metaphase chromosome alignment and activates the spindle checkpoint
17185386 Two additional loci displayed an evidence of linkage (LOD > 3) and included a locus on 16p13, proximal to the gene encoding NDE1, which has been shown to biologically interact with DISC1.
16682949 findings indicate that Nde1 can form a protein complex with Su48 in the centrosome and plays an important role for successful mitosis
15797709 Nudel is seen to differentially associate with mitochondrial markers in comparison to DISC1. Disruption of the cytoskeleton results in colocalization of Nudel and mitochondrial markers--the first observation of such a direct relationship.
12556484 study of the properties of NudE in mitosis; comparative studies suggest that NudE is functionally related to its paralog, Nudel
12427674 LIS1 deficiency adversely affects the migration and differentiation of DCX- and Reelin-positive neurons.

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17997972 2007 The structure of the coiled-coil domain of Ndel1 and the basis of its interaction with Lis1, the causal protein of Miller-Dieker lissencephaly.
17600710 2007 Cenp-F links kinetochores to Ndel1/Nde1/Lis1/dynein microtubule motor complexes.
17185386 2007 Families with the risk allele of DISC1 reveal a link between schizophrenia and another component of the same molecular pathway, NDE1.
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16462731 2006 The PITSLRE/CDK11p58 protein kinase promotes centrosome maturation and bipolar spindle formation.
16291865 2006 Nudel contributes to microtubule anchoring at the mother centriole and is involved in both dynein-dependent and -independent centrosomal protein assembly.
15797709 2005 Subcellular targeting of DISC1 is dependent on a domain independent from the Nudel binding site.
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