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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 64
PubMed Score 245.88
PubTator Score 166.53

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  Disease (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
ovarian cancer 8491 8.0e-10
osteosarcoma 7933 2.9e-06
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Influenza 142 4.083 2.0
Cancer 2346 3.953 2.0


  Differential Expression (2)

Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma 1.581 2.9e-06
ovarian cancer 1.100 8.0e-10

Gene RIF (56)

26714120 Intrahepatic NKp46 NK cells exhibited anti-HCV activity via cell-to-cell contact. The variation of the NKp46 proportion in individuals could be attributed to the diversity of HCV resistance observed in these individuals.
26554241 Expression of NKp46/NCR1 in NK cells was significantly higher in untreated severe aplastic anemia patients than those in remission SAA and controls. This may be the reason for the hyperfunction of the immune system in SAA patients.
26372382 Taken together, these results demonstrate that endogenous levels of IFN-alpha secreted by plasmacytoid dendritic cells induce natural killer cells to lyse HIV-1-infected autologous CD4+ primary T cells via the engagement of NKp46 and NKG2D.
26371250 Ncr1-Noe proteins accumulate in the endoplasmic reticulum, and that the expression of Ncr1-Noe proteins, but not WT Ncr1, leads to increased Helios expression
26232426 Data show that regulatory dendritic cells (regDC) restrain IFN-gamma secretion by NK cells through secretion of interleukin-10 (IL-10), engagement of MHC class I-specific inhibitory receptors, and the activating receptor NKp46.
25991472 Age and CMV serostatus influence the expression of NKp30, NKp46 and DNAM-1 activating receptors on resting and IL-2 activated natural killer cells.
25940096 NKp46 was thus involved in the production of serine proteases and interleukin-22 in human mast cells.
24824867 On CD56(+) CD3(-) cells, NKp44 and NKp46 expressions were high in the acute hepatitis E patients, whereas NKp30, NKp44, NKp46 and NKG2D were high in the recovered individuals.
24807109 Women, w/ or w/o endometriosis, having larger populations of cytotoxic CD16(+) uterine NK cells and/or higher populations of NKp46(+)CD56(+) cells may be at greater risk of infertility resulting from inflammatory environment during implantation or later
24769842 Downregulated NKG2D, NKp46, and DNAM-1 receptors associated with impaired NK cell effector function are important biomarkers of advanced disease with a poor prognosis in melanoma patients.
24673109 Balance between activating NKG2D, DNAM-1, NKp44 and NKp46 and inhibitory CD94/NKG2A receptors determine natural killer degranulation towards rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
23900021 NKp46 is expressed on CD4 lymphocytes in mycosis fungoides and Sezary syndrome.
23665989 NKp46 marks out pathologically activated natural killer cells, which may result from a loss of homeostatic control of activating receptor expression in hepatitis C virus.
23490421 Cytokine stimulation combined with natural killer cell receptor engagement are required for human natural killer cell functional diversity.
23429988 PLS3, Twist, KIR3DL2 and NKp46 gene expression can model efficient molecular Sezary syndrome diagnosis.
23311919 involved in cytokine production of CD56+ NK cells in the uterine endometrium
22715368 IL-15+IL-12 has an immunomodulatory effect on NK cell subsets from HIV-infected individuals viz down-regulation of iNKRs, elevation of activatory receptors NKp46 and NKG2D, and induction of coreceptor NKp80.
22621189 expressed in all investigated cases of transformed mycosis fungoides
22615207 We suggest that NKp46 dimerization contributes to NKp46-mediated lysis by NK cells.
22532190 NKp46 expression of hepatitis C virus replication controls the modulation of liver fibrosis.
22505144 Race and gender related variation found in NKp46 receptor expression with differential anti-hepatitis C virus immunity.
22496218 NK cells that respond with IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha cytokine production to HIV-1 gp120 peptides have reduced CD16 and NKp46 expression and have increased levels of CD57
22360401 NKp46 levels remain stable on the natural killer cells that persist at one week post-liver transplant in pediatric patients.
22253448 Role of runt-related transcription factor 3 (RUNX3) in transcription regulation of natural cytotoxicity receptor 1 (NCR1/NKp46), an activating natural killer (NK) cell receptor.
22231698 findings show that NK cells can significantly accelerate neutrophil apoptosis, and that this process is dependent on cell-cell contact and mediated by the activating NK cell receptor NKp46 and the Fas pathway
22212381 This study demonistrated that NCR1 expression on astrocytes in MS tissue.
22198715 important role in inhibition of liver fibrosis
22105417 decreased expression is associated with altered NK-cell function in pediatric transplant patients with PTLD
22044312 a precise analysis of clinical data showed a correlation between decreased NCR expression and poor prognosis factors such as low haemoglobin level, high (>30x10(9) per litre) lymphocyte count or elevated C-reactive protein
21849674 we investigate whether NKp46 is involved in the killing of human beta cells
21364281 NKp46 identifies a functionally distinct NKT subset in that appears to be directly susceptible to leukemic transformation when IL-15 is overexpressed.
21329668 NKp46 interacts with heparin and heparan sulfate, highly sulfated glycans, and multimeric alpha2,3-NeuAc-containing N-glycan; these glycans interact mainly with basic amino acids in NKp46.
21214542 Data show that an increase in 2B4-expressing NK cells and a decrease in NKp46(+) NK cells occurred following intramuscular influenza vaccination.
21191411 peripheral blood malignant CD4(+) T lymphocytes from patients with Sezary syndrome, an aggressive form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, express NKp46 at their cell surface
21030563 Data show that only NKp46 appeared involved in the NK response.
20638936 The balance of NKp44(+)/NKp46(+) NK cells is disrupted in intestinal mucosa of patients with Crohn's disease.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20023661 NKp46 is essential for the development of type 1 diabetes
19498463 On co-culture with some melanomas, activated CD4(+) T cells promoted NKG2D- and NKp46-dependent IFN-gamma secretion by NK cells, probably owing to the capture of NKG2D and NKp46 ligands from the tumour-cell surface (trogocytosis).
18941207 Brain-infiltrating natural killer (NK) cells might restrict innate and adaptive immune responses via elimination of resting microglia; this cell killing is dependent on cell contact, NKp46, and NKG2D.
18713971 differential, controlled role of NKp46- and NKp30-activating receptors expressed by uterine dNK that could be critical for the outcome of pregnancy
18275895 in NK cells cultured with IL-15, we observed an up-regulation of the activating receptors NKG2D, NKp30, and NKp46, associated with an increase in anti-tumor lytic activity.
18023431 Determined expressions of NKp46 in decidual natural killer cells in patients having spontaneous abortions.
17972960 There is a correlation between the malignant potential of the lesion and the expression of NKp46 ligands in the reticular dermis.
17875681 The natural cytotoxicity receptor NKp46 was required for the killing of all myeloma cell lines analyzed.
17056548 Vimentin is involved in binding of NKp46 to M. tuberculosis H37Ra-infected mononuclear phagocytes.
16690951 defect in cytotoxic effector function is associated with a reduced surface expression of activating NK receptors (NKp30, NKp46, and NKG2D) on CD56(dim) NK cells compared with uninfected newborns.
16262248 Results examine residues in NKp46 that may be involved in heparan sulfate binding on tumor cells.
15728472 NKp46 is not only a triggering molecule essential for antitumor activity but is also a surface receptor involved in natural killer cell suicide.
15657183 NKG2D, NKp30, NKp44, and NKp46 acitvation affected by ligand-negative phenotype in bone marrow-derived progenitor cells, acquisition of cell-surface ligands during myeloid differentiation, defective expression of ligands on malignant transformation
15328155 natural cytotoxicity receptor (NCR) and NK receptor member D of the lectin-like receptor family (NKG2D) were the key NK activating receptors for bone marrow-derived myeloma cell recognition
14635045 CD59 is physically associated with NKp46 and NKp30 and activate human nk cell-mediated cytotoxicity.
14504081 NKp46 interacts with both viral hemagglutinins and the unknown tumor ligands via different mechanisms.
12960161 crystal structure of the human natural killer (NK) cell activating receptor NKp46
12731048 Selective cross-talk among natural cytotoxicity receptors (NKp46, NKp30 and NKp44) in human natural killer cells.
11907104 The NKp46 receptor participates in NK cell-mediated lysis of cells infected with the intracellular pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis, an activity that is reduced in tuberculosis patients compared with findings in healthy donors.

AA Sequence

KRTRERASRASTWEGRRRLNTQTL                                                  281 - 304

Text Mined References (66)

PMID Year Title
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22532190 2012 Natural killer p46High expression defines a natural killer cell subset that is potentially involved in control of hepatitis C virus replication and modulation of liver fibrosis.
22505144 2012 Race- and gender-related variation in natural killer p46 expression associated with differential anti-hepatitis C virus immunity.
22360401 2012 Changes in natural killer cell subsets in pediatric liver transplant recipients.
22253448 2012 Role of runt-related transcription factor 3 (RUNX3) in transcription regulation of natural cytotoxicity receptor 1 (NCR1/NKp46), an activating natural killer (NK) cell receptor.
22231698 2012 Human NK Cells induce neutrophil apoptosis via an NKp46- and Fas-dependent mechanism.
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