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PubMed Score 181.24
PubTator Score 127.19

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Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.500 3.1e-04
osteosarcoma 1.277 1.0e-04
astrocytoma 1.100 3.7e-02
tuberculosis and treatment for 6 months 1.300 3.3e-05
lung cancer -1.100 4.4e-02
primary Sjogren syndrome 1.300 4.3e-03
ovarian cancer -1.200 2.5e-03

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27033705 Nck1 and Nck2 Interact with WTIP. Nck1/2 integrates nephrin with the Hippo kinase cascade through association with the adaptor protein WTIP.
26590318 the binding of Nck to the TCR requires partial phosphorylation of CD3epsilon, as it is based on two cooperating interactions.
26554011 Nck was the most potent activator of N-WASP-driven actin assembly.
26163016 TSAD binds to and co-localizes with Nck. Expression of TSAD increases both Nck-Lck and Nck-SLP-76 interaction in T cells.
26157164 Results demonstrate that Nck acts as an important hub integrating angiogenic cues with cytoskeletal changes that enable endothelial apical-basal polarization and lumen formation.
25714462 these data identify Nck as an important mediator of oxidative stress-induced inflammation and a potential therapeutic target for ischemia/reperfusion injury.
25482634 Tir-Intimin interaction recruits the Nck adaptor to a Tir tyrosine phosphorylated residue where it activates neural Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (N-WASP).
25398386 Nck1 depletion induces activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway by attenuating PTP1B protein expression
25359136 SDF1alpha-induced interaction of the adapter proteins Nck and HS1 facilitates actin polymerization and migration in T cells.
25321392 biochemical reconstitution on supported lipid bilayers of protein clusters containing the adhesion receptor Nephrin and its cytoplasmic partners, Nck and N-WASP, is reported.
25218436 Nck ubiquitylation might serve as a mechanism controlling Nck-mediated effector functions during cellular activation
25137142 These results identify a new domain of CE that is specific to its function in cytoplasmic capping, and a new role for Nck1 in regulating gene expression through its role as the scaffold for assembly of the cytoplasmic capping complex.
24928514 the present study characterized a novel Nck-1-ELMO1 interaction and defined a new role for Nck-1 in regulating Rac1 activity.
24769494 ADAP and Nck adapter proteins cooperatively facilitate T cell adhesion to the LFA-1 ligand ICAM-1.
24470497 that Nck recruitment to the TCR is fundamental to mount an efficient T cell response in vivo, and that the Nck-CD3epsilon interaction may represent a target for pharmacological modulation of the immune response.
24287595 Proteasomal degradation of Nck1 but not Nck2 regulates RhoA activation and actin dynamics.
24284073 Our observations suggest that ITSN1 is an important general regulator of Cdc42-, Nck- and N-WASP-dependent actin polymerisation
24086708 Depletion of the adaptor protein NCK increases UV-induced p53 phosphorylation and promotes apoptosis.
23706161 OSU-03012 and lapatinib co-treatment is an effective combination therapy, which functions to enhance cell killing through the Nck1/eIF2 complex
23448571 NCK1 plays a pivotal role in integrating endoplasmic reticulum stress signals on cancer cell survival.
23444376 The study identifies Nck as a key coordinator of cytoskeletal changes that enable cell polarization and directional migration, which are crucial processes in development and disease.
23426619 we have optimized the GST-Nck1-SH2 pull-down procedure to obtain tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins in tumor tissues
22964333 The results suggest that MNT, via interaction with Nck1, inhibits hepatoma cell migration.
22844345 The association of HIV-1 Nef with Vav1, Pak2, and Nck1 is greatly reduced in SLP76-deficient T cells
22677168 LRFN4 complexed with 14-3-3s and NCK1 to mediate elongation in monocytic cells via Rac-1-mediated actin cytoskeleton reorganization
22613834 The results indicate that the density of Nck molecules in aggregates is a critical determinant of actin polymerization.
22534133 both T cell activation and the association between SLP-76 and Nck. After T cell receptor stimulation, SLP-76 was phosphorylated, which enabled the binding of Nck.
22327338 the negative loop on p38 is mediated by c-ABL phosphorylation at tyrosine 105 of the adaptor protein NCK1, while the phosphorylation at tyrosine 209 of GRB2 down-modulates ERK1/2 and JNKs signaling.
22323535 The association of HIV-1 Nef with Vav1, Pak2, and Nck1 is greatly reduced in SLP76-deficient T cells
22132889 Decreased Nck1 protein in Jurkat T cells resulted in an impairment of TCR-CD3-mediated activation involving a defective Erk phosphorylation pathway.
21880263 Nck1 is an adaptor protein composed of 3 N-terminal SH3 domains followed by a unique Cterminal SH2 domain. It plays a role in cell migration, cell adhesion, actin polymerization, stress responses and cell survival. It is implicated in melanoma. Review.
21719533 Adapter protein Nck sequesters PAK1 in the cytoplasm and that coexpression of both PAK1 and Nck inhibits the amplifying effect of PRL-induced PAK1 on cyclin D1 promoter activity.
21707536 Studies reveal for the first time that the adaptor protein Dock/Nck attenuates insulin signalling by recruiting PTP61F/PTP1B to its substrate, the IR.
21664272 Nck1 association with RasGAP depends on cell adhesion to the substrate.
21664272 Nck1 activates RasGAP by direct binding in the substrate-attached but not in the suspended cells.
21536650 a functional cooperation between Nck and ADAP in stabilizing the recruitment of WASp to SLP76 regulates actin rearrangement.
21397687 Mass spectrometry analysis revealed a group of Nck1 SH2 domain-binding proteins that were differentially expressed in HCC. One of these proteins, dermcidin (DCD).
20850195 Nck1 specifically localizes to invadopodia, but not to podosomes formed in macrophages or degradative structures formed in Src-transformed fibroblasts and PMA-stimulated endothelial cells.
20800603 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20562827 Results define the composition, stoichiometry and specificity of interactions in the SLP-76, Nck and VAV1 complex, which is crucial for regulation of the actin machinery after T-cell activation.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20129698 The novel ponsin isoform and its interaction with Nck1/2 provide exciting insight into the convergence of signalling pathways at the costameres, and its crucial role for skeletal muscle differentiation and re-generation.
20079431 The results show that Bcr-Abl regulates the actin cytoskeleton and non-apoptotic membrane blebbing via a GADS/Slp-76/Nck1 adaptor protein pathway.
19242519 independent roles and mechanisms of action of Nckalpha and Nckbeta in dermal fibroblast migration, which is critical for wound healing.
18955169 Based on NMR data, CD3-epsilon-derived peptides bind Nckalpha SH3.1 through a PxxPxRDY motif that combines specific stabilising interactions corresponding to both canonical class II, PxxPx(K/R), and non-canonical PxxPxxDY motifs
18835251 These data provide the first evidence identifying Nck-1 as a novel endogenous regulator of PKR and support the notion that Nck-1-PKR interaction could be a way to limit PKR activation.
18212058 Any of 3 phosphorylated YDXV nephrin motifs is sufficient to recruit Nck via its SH2 domain & induce localized actin polymerization. Nck SH3 mutants in which only the 2d or 3d SH3 domain is functional can mediate nephrin-induced actin polymerization.
17984209 Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli O125:H6 lacks the ability to utilize either Nck or TccP/TccP2 and hence triggers actin polymerization in vitro only inefficiently.
17944934 overexpression of Nck in mammalian cells fails to attenuate eIF2alphaSer51 phosphorylation in response to amino acid starvation, a stress well known to activate GCN2
17906149 the adaptors Nck and ShcA influenced adherence of S. Typhimurium to non-phagocytic cells.
17803907 Demonstrate connection between septins/SOCS7/NCK signaling and the DNA damage response.
16835242 Data show that Nck (isoforms 1 and 2) as a component of the CReP/PP1c holophosphatase complex contributes to maintain eIF2alpha in a hypophosphorylated state, and modulates translation and eIF2alpha signaling in response to ER stress.
16636066 Nck1 (Nckalpha) and Nck2 (Nckbeta and Grb4): binding specificities of both SH2 domains are essentially indistinguishable
16595635 FasL-associated adaptor protein Nck is involved in the actin-dependent transport of FasL-bearing secretory lysosomes to the mimunological synapse.
16543952 nephrin phosphorylation results in Src kinase activation, recruitment of Nck, and assembly of actin filaments in an Nck-dependent fashion
15187089 Nck1 mediates endothelin A receptor-regulated cell migration through the Cdc42-dependent c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway
15051508 Nck and Crk mediate distinct VEGF-induced signaling pathways that serve overlapping functions in cell migration.
14757753 Data show that clustering of Nck by a 12-residue Tir phosphopeptide is sufficient to trigger localized actin assembly.
14559906 the interaction of the betaPIX.WASP.SPIN90 complex with Nck is crucial for stable cell adhesion and can be dynamically modulated by SPIN90 phosphorylation that is dependent on cell adhesion and ERK activation
12181570 Mechanism of regulation of WAVE1-induced actin nucleation by Rac1 and Nck: we propose that Rac1 and Nck cause dissociation of the WAVE1 complex, which releases active WAVE1-HSPC300 and leads to actin nucleation.
12135674 The association of NCK with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein is associated with cell migration in stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha-stimulated Jurkat cells
12007418 Grb2 and Nck act cooperatively to promote actin-based motility of vaccinia virus
11959995 Modulation of protein translation by Nck-1.

AA Sequence

ELVEHYKKAPIFTSEQGEKLYLVKHLS                                               351 - 377

Text Mined References (178)

PMID Year Title
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25321392 2014 Phase transitions of multivalent proteins can promote clustering of membrane receptors.
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21880263 [A uNick protein].
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21707536 2011 Dock/Nck facilitates PTP61F/PTP1B regulation of insulin signalling.
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20850195 Nck1 and Grb2 localization patterns can distinguish invadopodia from podosomes.
20800603 2010 Investigation of genetic susceptibility factors for human longevity - a targeted nonsynonymous SNP study.
20562827 2010 Cooperative interactions at the SLP-76 complex are critical for actin polymerization.
20237496 2010 New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine.
20129698 2010 Ponsin interacts with Nck adapter proteins: implications for a role in cytoskeletal remodelling during differentiation of skeletal muscle cells.
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15051508 2004 Nck and Crk mediate distinct VEGF-induced signaling pathways that serve overlapping functions in focal adhesion turnover and integrin activation.
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14676213 2004 Nck-1 antagonizes the endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced inhibition of translation.
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12819203 2003 GC-GAP, a Rho family GTPase-activating protein that interacts with signaling adapters Gab1 and Gab2.
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12154000 2002 Fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate 2 participates in vascular endothelial growth factor-induced signaling.
12149262 2002 The adaptor protein Nck-1 couples the netrin-1 receptor DCC (deleted in colorectal cancer) to the activation of the small GTPase Rac1 through an atypical mechanism.
12135674 2002 Activation of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein and its association with other proteins by stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha is associated with cell migration in a T-lymphocyte line.
12110186 2002 Recruitment of Nck by CD3 epsilon reveals a ligand-induced conformational change essential for T cell receptor signaling and synapse formation.
12091389 2002 Src-induced phosphorylation of caveolin-2 on tyrosine 19. Phospho-caveolin-2 (Tyr(P)19) is localized near focal adhesions, remains associated with lipid rafts/caveolae, but no longer forms a high molecular mass hetero-oligomer with caveolin-1.
12087092 2002 Role of Dok1 in cell signaling mediated by RET tyrosine kinase.
12074588 2002 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes interaction of the Nck2 adaptor protein with the TrkB tyrosine kinase receptor.
12007418 2002 Grb2 and Nck act cooperatively to promote actin-based motility of vaccinia virus.
11959995 2002 Modulation of protein translation by Nck-1.
11741599 2001 Multiple interactions of the cytosolic polyproline region of the CD95 ligand: hints for the reverse signal transduction capacity of a death factor.
11689432 2001 Dok-R plays a pivotal role in angiopoietin-1-dependent cell migration through recruitment and activation of Pak.
11533668 2001 Enteropathogenic E. coli Tir binds Nck to initiate actin pedestal formation in host cells.
11494134 2001 Regulation of Cbl phosphorylation by the Abl tyrosine kinase and the Nck SH2/SH3 adaptor.
11487585 2001 Hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 associates physically and functionally with the adaptor proteins B cell linker protein and SLP-76 in lymphocytes.
11418237 2001 Isolation of hNap1BP which interacts with human Nap1 (NCKAP1) whose expression is down-regulated in Alzheimer's disease.
11340081 2001 Nck and phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate synergistically activate actin polymerization through the N-WASP-Arp2/3 pathway.
11279207 2001 Involvement of hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 in T cell receptor signaling.
11278553 2001 NCK and PAK participate in the signaling pathway by which vascular endothelial growth factor stimulates the assembly of focal adhesions.
11278500 2001 SPIN90 (SH3 protein interacting with Nck, 90 kDa), an adaptor protein that is developmentally regulated during cardiac myocyte differentiation.
11278436 2001 The tyrosine kinase ACK1 associates with clathrin-coated vesicles through a binding motif shared by arrestin and other adaptors.
11278241 2001 Cell adhesion regulates the interaction between Nck and p21-activated kinase.
11240126 2001 Identification and kinetic analysis of the interaction between Nck-2 and DOCK180.
11160719 2001 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef selectively associates with a catalytically active subpopulation of p21-activated kinase 2 (PAK2) independently of PAK2 binding to Nck or beta-PIX.
11024037 2001 Regulation of Cbl molecular interactions by the co-receptor molecule CD43 in human T cells.
10808124 2000 Beta 1-integrin-mediated cell signaling in T lymphocytes.
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10766742 2000 The Drosophila HEM-2/NAP1 homolog KETTE controls axonal pathfinding and cytoskeletal organization.
10747847 2000 Identification and characterization of a new family of guanine nucleotide exchange factors for the ras-related GTPase Ral.
10747096 2000 Fyn-binding protein (Fyb)/SLP-76-associated protein (SLAP), Ena/vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) proteins and the Arp2/3 complex link T cell receptor (TCR) signaling to the actin cytoskeleton.
10671570 2000 R-Ras contains a proline-rich site that binds to SH3 domains and is required for integrin activation by R-Ras.
10521462 1999 TNIK, a novel member of the germinal center kinase family that activates the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway and regulates the cytoskeleton.
10508618 1999 Recruitment of Dok-R to the EGF receptor through its PTB domain is required for attenuation of Erk MAP kinase activation.
10409713 1999 Fiz1, a novel zinc finger protein interacting with the receptor tyrosine kinase Flt3.
10330411 1999 Paxillin LD4 motif binds PAK and PIX through a novel 95-kD ankyrin repeat, ARF-GAP protein: A role in cytoskeletal remodeling.
10229072 1999 Association of Nck with tyrosine-phosphorylated SLP-76 in activated T lymphocytes.
10206341 1999 Characterization of interactions of Nck with Sos and dynamin.
10026169 1999 Identification of Grb4/Nckbeta, a src homology 2 and 3 domain-containing adapter protein having similar binding and biological properties to Nck.
10022833 1999 Socs1 binds to multiple signalling proteins and suppresses steel factor-dependent proliferation.
9846482 1998 Regulation of PAK activation and the T cell cytoskeleton by the linker protein SLP-76.
9843378 1998 SH3 binding domains in the dopamine D4 receptor.
9837978 1998 Growth hormone stimulates the formation of a multiprotein signaling complex involving p130(Cas) and CrkII. Resultant activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase/stress-activated protein kinase (JNK/SAPK).
9737977 1998 Identification of Nck family genes, chromosomal localization, expression, and signaling specificity.
9697839 1998 BLNK: a central linker protein in B cell activation.
9694849 1998 The Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein-interacting protein (WIP) binds to the adaptor protein Nck.
9600074 1998 Tyrosine 1213 of Flt-1 is a major binding site of Nck and SHP-2.
9430661 1998 Nck recruitment to Eph receptor, EphB1/ELK, couples ligand activation to c-Jun kinase.
9405464 1997 The vascular endothelial growth factor receptor KDR activates multiple signal transduction pathways in porcine aortic endothelial cells.
9362449 1997 Induced direct binding of the adapter protein Nck to the GTPase-activating protein-associated protein p62 by epidermal growth factor.
9346925 1997 SH2/SH3 adaptor proteins can link tyrosine kinases to a Ste20-related protein kinase, HPK1.
9344857 1997 A novel ligand for an SH3 domain of the adaptor protein Nck bears an SH2 domain and nuclear signaling motifs.
9314836 1997 Angiotensin II stimulates tyrosine phosphorylation of phospholipase C-gamma-associated proteins. Characterization of a c-Src-dependent 97-kD protein in vascular smooth muscle cells.
9233798 1997 Juxtamembrane tyrosine residues couple the Eph family receptor EphB2/Nuk to specific SH2 domain proteins in neuronal cells.
9135144 1997 NIK is a new Ste20-related kinase that binds NCK and MEKK1 and activates the SAPK/JNK cascade via a conserved regulatory domain.
9024622 1997 Activation of Pak by membrane localization mediated by an SH3 domain from the adaptor protein Nck.
9010224 1997 The Nck SH2/SH3 adaptor protein is present in the nucleus and associates with the nuclear protein SAM68.
9006905 1997 A casein kinase I activity is constitutively associated with Nck.
8910519 1996 Isolation of a NCK-associated kinase, PRK2, an SH3-binding protein and potential effector of Rho protein signaling.
8879209 1996 Structure and function of Cas-L, a 105-kD Crk-associated substrate-related protein that is involved in beta 1 integrin-mediated signaling in lymphocytes.
8824201 1996 Interaction of the Nck adapter protein with p21-activated kinase (PAK1).
8810325 1996 Interactions between Src homology (SH) 2/SH3 adapter proteins and the guanylnucleotide exchange factor SOS are differentially regulated by insulin and epidermal growth factor.
8662998 1996 Tyrosine phosphorylation of Cbl upon epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulation and its association with EGF receptor and downstream signaling proteins.
8605018 1996 Molecular cloning of p125Nap1, a protein that associates with an SH3 domain of Nck.
7956370 1995 Localization of human ARF2 and NCK genes and 13 other NotI-linking clones to chromosome 3 by fluorescence in situ hybridization.
7862111 1995 Binding of NCK to SOS and activation of ras-dependent gene expression.
7806213 1994 Chromosome locations of genes encoding human signal transduction adapter proteins, Nck (NCK), Shc (SHC1), and Grb2 (GRB2).
7706279 1995 A novel ligand for SH3 domains. The Nck adaptor protein binds to a serine/threonine kinase via an SH3 domain.
7692233 1993 Two signaling molecules share a phosphotyrosine-containing binding site in the platelet-derived growth factor receptor.
7565724 1995 Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein physically associates with Nck through Src homology 3 domains.
7517397 1994 Physical association between Src homology 3 elements and the protein product of the c-cbl proto-oncogene.
2107526 1990 Nck, a melanoma cDNA encoding a cytoplasmic protein consisting of the src homology units SH2 and SH3.
1448108 1992 The SH2/SH3 domain-containing protein Nck is recognized by certain anti-phospholipase C-gamma 1 monoclonal antibodies, and its phosphorylation on tyrosine is stimulated by platelet-derived growth factor and epidermal growth factor treatment.
1333046 1992 Phosphorylation of Nck in response to a variety of receptors, phorbol myristate acetate, and cyclic AMP.