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19077231 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16626305 These results indicate that Hcy (homocysteine)-stimulated superoxide anion production in monocytes is regulated through PKC-dependent phosphorylation of p47phox and p67phox subunits of NADPH oxidase.
16460309 The bis-SH3-mediated interaction of p47phox with p22phox thus functions to activate the phagocyte oxidase.
16297854 Here we show that the p47(phox)-p67(phox) interaction is disrupted not only by deletion of the PRR but also by substitution for basic residues in the extra-PRR (K383E/K385E).
16293794 Increased expression and activity of NAD(P)H oxidase subunits and xanthine oxidase, in part mediated through angiotensin II and PKC-dependent pathways, are important mechanisms underlying increased oxidative stress in human coronary artery disease
15777282 Results indicate that C-terminus of p47(phox) is important for its interaction to rat 12-lipoxygenase.
15775784 The chain of cellular events leading to increased ERK1/2 responsiveness to Ang II in hypertension include an exaggerated response of p47phox
15618548 The p47phox:actin interaction, through cortactin, plays an important role in Ang II-mediated site-directed assembly of functionally active NAD(P)H oxidase, ROS generation, and activation of redox-sensitive p38MAP kinase and Akt, but not ERK1/2.
15256399 NAD(P)H oxidase activity is associated with increased protein levels of p22phox, p47phox, and p67phox, and increased p22phox and nox2 (gp91phox) mRNA expression.
15213464 NMR assignments of the tandem SH3 domains in an autoinhibitory form of p47(phox)
15181005 NOXO1, p47phox, and p67phox regulate Nox3
15033459 PI3K regulates the phosphorylation of NADPH oxidase component p47(phox) by controlling diacylglycerol-dependent PKCs but not Akt
15024088 Results indicate that HBP1 may contribute to the regulation of NADPH oxidase-dependent superoxide production through transcriptional repression of the p47phox gene.
14761962 NAD(P)H oxidase-derived H(2)O(2) is the common signal transducing molecule that mediates the activation of chloride channels
12859985 The results in this study suggest that Pro-73 has a role in interaction with the catalytic component cytochrome b558.
12855698 p47phox is translocated to membrane ruffles through a VEGF-WAVE1 pathway
12732142 The X-ray structure of the auto-inhibited form of p47(phox) reveals that tandem SH3 domains function together to maintain the cytoplasmic complex in an inactive form
12719414 p67phox and p47phox have roles in regulating a change of conformation in cytochrome b558, which initiates the electron transfer in NADPH oxidase activation
12681507 role in inducing colonic epithelial cell apoptosis
12672956 the protein phosphorylation-driven conformational change of p47(phox) enables its PX domain to bind to phosphoinositides
12589359 17% of patients, proven to have chronic granulomatous disease, have p47(phox) deficiency
12556460 p40phox and p47phox PX domains interact with PI-containing membranes
12356722 the PX domain binds to phosphatidylinositol 3,4-bisphosphate and phosphatidic acid and is masked by intramolecular interaction
12176908 a novel NCF-1 (p47-phox) pseudogene not containing the signature GT deletion
12152222 translocated in mononuclear cells
12130503 NAD(P)H oxidase subunits p47(phox) and p67(phox) are expressed in platelets; and NAD(P)H oxidase-dependent platelet superoxide anion release increases platelet recruitment.
12101222 effect of cPLA2 on its translocation
11970841 The activity of leukocyte NADPH oxidase: regulation by p47PHOX cysteine and serine residues
11940577 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases airway smooth muscle oxidants production through a NADPH oxidase-like system to enhance myosin light chain phosphorylation and contractility.
11903052 Involvement of protein kinase D in Fc gamma-receptor activation of the NADPH oxidase in neutrophils
11893732 p22(phox), gp91(phox), p47(phox), p67(phox), and p40(phox) existed as a functional complex in the cytoskeletal fraction.
11796733 detailed study of the protein-protein interactions that occur in the p40-p47-p67(phox) complex of the resting oxidase

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LNRCSESTKRKLASAV                                                          351 - 366

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