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subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 1.593 1.2e-02

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25818867 study reports that carriers from two families of a severe pathogenic mutation in NAGLU develop a late dominant painful axonal sensory neuropathy.
25466957 Mutations in NAGLU gene is associated with idiopathic progressive cognitive decline.
25040106 Plasma NAG correlates with gastrointestinal cancer outcomes.
24266751 A modified recombinant NAGLU fused to the receptor-binding motif of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-II enhances its ability to enter cells using the mannose 6-phosphate receptor, which is the receptor for IGF-II at a different binding site.
23380547 The research may enrich the mutation spectrum of the NAGLU gene in the Chinese population and help us further in understanding the pathogenesis of MPS IIIB.
22935351 Urinary NAG/Cr may be a useful surrogate marker for renal function in ADPKD patients.
22102531 This study suggests a possible role of NAGLU in susceptibility to PD while extending evidence for alpha-synuclein aggregation in the brain in lysosomal storage disorders.
20138557 We have identified an 1146 bp intragenic deletion of the NAGLU gene within consanguineous parents having two children affected with Sanfilippo syndrome type B.
18218046 The NAGLU gene in 11 Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIB Portuguese patients, was examined, having identified five novel (M1K, W147X, G304V, S522P, and R533X) and four previously reported mutations (W168X, R234C, R565W and R643C).
11793481 Sanfilippo syndrome (subtypes A and B) in Turkey: identification of novel mutations in SGSH and NAGLU
11668611 Molecular genetics of mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIA and IIIB: Diagnostic, clinical, and biological implications

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