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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 640
PubMed Score 3531.95
PubTator Score 2933.59

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  Disease (5)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Gastrointestinal system cancer 3 0.0 2.0


  Differential Expression (28)

Disease log2 FC p
urothelial carcinoma -1.300 4.9e-02
esophageal adenocarcinoma 1.800 2.1e-02
psoriasis -2.400 9.7e-05
osteosarcoma -1.483 5.0e-05
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.800 2.4e-09
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor 3.000 2.2e-11
glioblastoma 1.500 2.7e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.400 8.2e-05
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... 3.986 3.1e-03
non-small cell lung cancer -1.648 1.7e-06
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... 1.600 9.6e-04
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 1.800 2.3e-03
lung cancer -4.300 6.9e-07
active Crohn's disease 1.859 1.2e-02
ulcerative colitis 1.900 3.2e-04
pancreatic cancer 2.000 3.0e-04
pediatric high grade glioma 1.400 1.5e-05
primary Sjogren syndrome -1.400 6.2e-03
nasopharyngeal carcinoma -2.600 9.5e-09
lung adenocarcinoma 1.310 2.5e-02
Endometriosis -1.049 3.6e-02
lung carcinoma -3.900 2.1e-40
breast carcinoma 1.900 9.7e-19
spina bifida -1.151 3.1e-02
ductal carcinoma in situ 3.300 6.8e-04
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.600 1.6e-03
ovarian cancer 3.000 4.9e-07
pituitary cancer -1.400 1.1e-06

Gene RIF (585)

27190429 Studies showed that MUC1 is a prognostic factor in gastric cancer, which acts as a marker of poor outcome in patients with gastric cancer.
27108412 MUC1 rs4072037 A/A genotype is associated with more severe pulmonary dysfunction and a higher rate of disease progression in PAP patients.
26838233 In saliva the correlation between autoantibodies anti-MUC1 and anti-HER2 more important than in serum.
26833129 MUC1 expression significantly correlated with that of MYC and its target genes in human KRAS mutant NSCLC tumors.
26731195 Data indicate the potential of functionalized Apt-carbon nanotubes conjugates for increasing the induction of apoptosis in Mucin-1 (MUC1) positive tumor cells by suppression of Bcl-xL transcript.
26667143 Our findings suggested that MUC1 plays an important role in CCL21-CCR7-induced lymphatic metastasis and may serve as a therapeutic target in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma .
26645913 These results indicate that in response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa or flagellin, EGFR associates with and tyrosine phosphorylates MUC1-CT in primary normal human bronchial epithelial cells, leading to increased MUC1-CT association with TLR5
26634497 There were differences in MUC1 and c-myc expression in benign and papillary thyroid carcinoma.
26617840 High level KL-6 in infected bronchoalveolar lavage fluid samples may reflect the injury of alveolar epithelium caused by M. pneumoniae.
26617744 silencing muc-1 reduced squamous cell carcinoma cellular colony forming ability, migration and invasion
26510869 this study demonstrates that first-trimester spontaneous abortion is associated with increases in MUC1 expression in villi and decreases in the decidual tissues
26451373 The KL-6 concentration of pancreatic juice may be as useful as PJC for diagnosing PDACs.
26436359 A simple diagnostic index including epithelial membrane antigen and fibronectin levels can be used for early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.
26424433 Serum KL-6 was not significantly different between patients with connective tissue disease-interstitial lung disease, chronic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia patients and healthy controls.
26422573 Case Report: early detection of colon cancer by increased serum level of KL-6 in a patient with dermatomyositis-associated interstitial pneumonia.
26416714 High WFA-Sialylated MUC1 is associated with Biliary Tract Cancer.
26398332 MUC1 gene silencing induces growth inhibition in SMMC7721 cells through Baxmediated mitochondrial and caspase-8-mediated death receptor apoptotic pathways.
26367866 the pooled evidence suggested that MUC1 expression was significantly correlated with CRC metastasis.
26366614 Immunostaining for CK7 and EMA can be used to differentiate interlobular bile ducts from ductular proliferation in patients with cholestasis.
26342075 suggest that the binding of galectin-3 to MUC1 plays a key role in MUC1-mediated signaling
26339655 Among patients with elevated concentrations of the CA 15-3, CEA, and TPA concordance could be observed between serial changes of the hypermethylated RASSF1A gene and the protein markers
26324125 Data identified significantly lower expression of miR-1291 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and acts as a tumor suppressor by targeting MUC1.
26320491 Genetic Variants of MUC1 Gene are not Associated with Colorectal Cancer.
26246541 the diagnostic value of serum cancer antigen (CA)125, CA19-9 and CA15-3 concentrations in endometriosis, was evaluated.
26207909 Preoperative serum levels of CEA and CA15-3 are independent prognostic parameters for breast cancer.
26160053 Diagnostic efficacy of CA 15-3 and CEA in the early detection of metastatic breast cancer-A retrospective analysis
26147830 MUC1-BSA-PD-NRs substantially decreased cell viability in photoirradiated MCF-7 cell lines vs. MUC1- MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
26092598 All tumors expressed cytoplasmic and membranous mucin 1
26058915 we showed that two serum magnesium associated loci, MUC1 and TRPM6, had significant effect modification with progestin use and insulin levels, respectively, in European Americans.
26057631 Studies demonstrated that MUC1-mediated JNK activation not only enhances the phosphorylation of Smad2 C-terminal at Ser-465/467 site (Smad2C) through TGF-beta/TbetaRI, but also enhances the phosphorylation of Smad2 linker region at Ser-245/250/255 site.
26048911 High Mucin 1 expression is associated with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
26036346 identified miR-29a and miR-330-5p as two new tumor suppressive miRNAs that inhibit the expression of MUC1 oncogenic mucin in pancreatic cancer cells.
26035123 Data supports a novel regulation of COX-2 gene by MUC1 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
25989273 A pancreaticobiliary histomolecular classification (PB) was defined as a sample with pancreaticobiliary histology, positive MUC1 and negative CDX2 expression
25982681 The MUC1 extracellular domain might be translocated to the cell nucleus in breast, head and neck, colon cancer, and benign breast disease.This domain protein core may be involved in transcriptional and posttranscriptional processes associated with stress.
25963144 Flagellin drives NEU1 to desialylate MUC1, thereby increasing its adhesiveness for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its shedding
25951175 As engagement of MGL in the absence of TLR triggering may lead to anergy, the binding of MUC1-STn to MGL may be in part responsible for some of the characteristics of STn expressing tumours
25879025 The mean CA 15-3 serum level was significantly higher in the confirmed positive patients of PET/CT results than in the confirmed negative ones, while there were no significant differences in the serum levels of CEA and CA 125 of both groups.
25787775 3Score1-MUC1 was profoundly expressed in the blood streams of patients with recurrent and/or metastatic breast cancer.
25762620 Findings suggest that C1GALT1 enhances breast cancer malignant progression through promoting MUC1-C/beta-catenin signaling pathway.
25747132 Both blood and tissue measurements of MUC-1 and GdA were significantly lower in women with recurrent implantation failure than in fertile women during the implantation window.
25744479 Serum KL-6 levels were elevated in 8.1% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with biological agents.
25714018 The present study indicates a novel mechanism by which MUC1 promotes cancer progression in human hepatocellular carcinoma
25659581 These results support a model in which MUC1-C-induced TAK1short right arrowNF-kappaB signaling contributes to intestinal inflammation and colon cancer progression.
25658482 MUC1 rs4072037 was shown to decrease the risk of stomach cancer in a Han Chinese population.
25638393 There was no significant difference in MUC1 expression between chronic rhinosinusitis patients with and without bacterial biofilm formation.
25631862 KL-6 levels were higher and CC16 levels were lower in infants with poor neurodevelopmental outcome compared with those infants who had favourable neurodevelopmental outcome.
25614211 Our data demonstrated that MUC1 and CD176 might be promising biomarkers for thyroid cancer
25591150 Letter: report higher serum KL-6 levels in bird-related hypersensitivity pneumonitis during winter.
25563498 MAMs MUC1 and MUC16 contribute to the maintenance of immune homeostasis at the ocular surface by limiting TLR-mediated innate immune responses.
25556893 Localization of MUC1 protein varied among breast cancer subtypes.
25531720 The combined detection of CYFRA21-1, CA125, SCC and CA153 is an effective way to distinguish benign and malignant SPN, and will find an important clinical application in the early diagnosis of SPN.
25531332 NCOA3 upregulates mucin 1 and 4 via transcriptional and post-translational changes in pancreatic cancer.
25526895 MUC1 mediates autocrine TGF-beta signaling by activating the JNK/AP-1 pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
25511698 MUC1 oncogenic mucin alters proliferation, migration, and invasion properties of pancreatic cancer cells and that these effects are mediated by p42-44 MAPK, Akt, Bcl-2 and MMP13 pathways.
25503145 MUC1 rs4072037 allele G was protective against development of gastric cancer
25454345 Detection of glyco-mucin profiles improves specificity of MUC16 and MUC1 biomarkers in ovarian serous tumours.
25444743 Serum Her2 level combined with CA-15-3 were strong and independent indicators for a worse disease free survival in patients with early breast cancer.
25410981 MUC1 and VEGF mRNA positivity in blood seem to be indicators of unfavorable response and poor PFS and OS in patients with advanced NSCLC treated with gefitinib.
25376377 The specificity for IMP3, GLUT-1, and EMA for differentiating malignant mesotheliomas and benign mesothelial proliferations was 100%
25371209 Data indicate that mucin 1 (MUC1) forms a complex with NF-kappaB p65 transcription factor and binds to urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) promoter, and thereby induces uPA expression.
25368430 Results show that MUC1 trans-membrane C-terminal subunit induces LIN28B expression, downregulates let-7 signaling and thereby promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and stemness in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
25338991 High mucin expression is associated with mucinous adenocarcinoma in rectal carcinoma.
25331202 This study demonstrates the presence of MUC1 in psoriatic plaque and suggests a possible role for MUC1 during the motility, migration and survival of human keratinocytes
25327561 Suggest that feedback activation of STAT3 via up-regulation of MUC1/4 expression constitutes a key node mediating trastuzumab resistance.
25298197 MUC1 expression in ovarian mucinous tumors did not change from benign to malignant tumors.
25275599 Overexpression of MUC1 prevents initiation of anoikis in epithelial cancer cells in response to loss of adhesion.
25275127 Both HIV-1 Nef and Vpu downregulate the cell surface expression of mucin 1 (CD227)
25245423 These findings support a model in which targeting MUC1-C inhibits mutant KRAS signaling in Non-small cell lung cancer cells and thereby reverses the epithelial-mesenchymal transition phenotype and decreases self-renewal.
25232251 KL-6/MUC1 glycosylation is involved in pancreatic cancer metastasis and invasion.
25189483 Targeting MUC1-C inhibits mutant EGFR signaling and survival.
25187376 An increased expression of MUC1 may be of great value in assessing the development and prognosis of salivary gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma, and could be used as a new molecule target to improve outcomes for these patients in the future.
25159466 Mucin 1 downregulation associates with corticosteroid resistance in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
25155819 Decreased expression of MUC1 may attribute to progesterone receptor B variation in the mid-secretory phase of endometriosis endometrium; it might be one of the factors resulting in infertility in endometriosis patients
25126747 Expression of CCN2, EMA, and FAP may be involved in the activation of cancer associated fibroblasts in hepatocellular carcinoma.
25125479 Baseline levels of KL-6 were not statistically significantly different between rheumatoid arthritis patients with and without interstitial lung disease events, but those levels increased in the former patient group at the time of ILD events.
25091456 potential markers distinguishing normal renal tissue from intermediate zone and from cancer renal cells during clear cell renal cell carcinoma development
25085901 our results establish a pathway consisting of miR-551b/catalase/ROS that results in MUC1 overexpression, and intervention against this pathway could be exploited to overcome acquired chemoresistance.
25073515 Elevated levels of epithelial membrane antigen is associated with breast cancer.
25062510 Fallopian tubes with hydrosalpinx have a selective accumulation of MUC1 cytoplasmic tail, but not difference in the ectodomain.
25053108 Beas-2B cells exposed to Ni(2+) showed increased expression of MUC1 levels. This correlated with increased phosphorylation of both EGFR and of the ERK1/2 and increased resistance to apoptosis.
25051535 the electrodepositing gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on the bare glass carbon electrode (GCE) with enhanced surface area could capture a large amount of primary anti-CA15-3 to improve the sensitivity of the immunosensor
25027396 The meta-analysis indicates that Mucin-1 (MUC1) assay plays an important role in the diagnosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).
25012490 Our study shows an association between MUC1 expression and the presence of the BRAF(V600E) mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma.
24968021 role of MUC1 and MUC16 in epithelial barrier function
24939955 MUC1, MUC4, and MUC16 expression does not vary significantly in normal endometrium during the menstrual cycle or in endometriosis relative to the epithelial marker, cytokeratin-18 (KRT18).
24920497 The genetic length variants in the central repetitive region of MUC1 were not associated with meconium ileus in cystic fibrosis.
24908068 The KL-6 antibody is immunohistochemically a good biomarker of the PB subtype of IPMC.
24901817 First degree relatives of gastric cancer patients show increased expression of MUC1, which may serve as a predictor of future intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia, and cancer.
24886519 Serial increases in CA15-3 can be used to predict positive PET/CT results in breast cancer patients during follow-up.
24880792 In idiopathic pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis SP-D was elevated, while KL-6 was within a normal range.
24879526 These results indicate that CA15-3, CA125, CEA, and TSGF in nipple discharge can serve as novel biomarkers in the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer.
24854630 GCNT1 is over-expressed in prostate cancer and is associated with higher levels of core 2 O-sLe(x) in PSA, PAP and MUC1 proteins.
24838315 Aberrant glycosylation of MUC1-N in response to cigarette smoke plays a functional role in the initiation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), thereby serving as an early indicator of malignant transformation.
24836946 cancer antigen 15.3 may be correlated with results of positron emission tomography/computed tomography in breast cancer patients
24810688 MUC1 is known as an oncogene with an anti-apoptotic function in cancer cells; in normal gastric mucosa, MUC1 has a role in protecting gastric epithelial cells from a variety of external insults which cause inflammation and carcinogenesis.
24788565 Aberrant expression of CD227, especially cytoplasm staining could be predictive for tumor aggressiveness, lymph node metastasis, poorer outcome of patients with breast cancers.
24773853 KL-6 can be used as a lung fibrosis severity marker in systemic sclerosis, but its role as a disease activity marker is questionable. Following cyclophosphamide treatment serum KL-6 levels may decrease independently of the lung function parameters.
24770886 High MUC1 expression is associated with breast cancer.
24755768 MUC1 rs4072037 polymorphism may be used as potential biomarker for cancer susceptibility particularly for gastric cancer and for Asian population.
24737121 Collectively, our results indicate that MUC1 plays a key role in HCC tumorigenesis.
24718884 MUC1 splice variants are correlated with tumor progression in esophageal cancer.
24717873 positively relates to nasal polyp recurrences
24714692 The results indicated that the DNA methylation status of MUC1, MUC2 and MUC4 in pancreatic juice matched with the mucin expression in tissue.
24698420 In rare adenosquamous carcinoma of the head and neck region, it was revealed that MUC1 and MUC4 expression might be associated with its nodal status.
24693944 MUC1 has a role in regulating epithelial inflammation and apoptosis by PolyI:C through inhibition of TRIF recruitment to Toll-like receptor 3
24680287 Higher preoperative CA 15-3 is associated with worse clinical outcomes exclusively in patients with nonmetastatic luminal A breast cancer.
24671186 The expression of MUC1 is increased while that of MUC4 decreased in urothelial carcinoma compared to the normal non-neoplastic urothelium.
24667139 Tumor-associated MUC1 differs from the MUC1 expressed in normal cells with regard to its biochemical features, cellular distribution, and function.
24641390 The serological levels of CEA and CA 15-3 in breast cancer patients were significantly higher than the serum levels of normal controls.
24632713 Data show targeting MUC1-C is synergistic with bortezomib (BTZ) in suppressing p53-inducible regulator of glycolysis and apoptosis (TIGAR)-mediated regulation of reactive oxygen species levels for combining GO-203 with BTZ in BTZ resistance.
24603585 CDX2, MUC1, MUC5AC, and MUC6 expression patterns may provide better estimations of survival after surgical resection of small intestinal adenocarcinoma.
24551091 Seven polymorphisms of MUC16 and MUC1 genes failed to identify and confirm effects on ovarian cancer risk development.
24509297 MUC1 mutation results in progressive chronic kidney failure with a bland urinary sediment in medullary cystic kidney disease type 1.
24491543 Data indicate that Helicobacter pylori decreases methylation of the MUC1 gene.
24476519 Data suggest that PAM4-reactivity for MUC1 can sever as diagnostic tumor marker to discriminate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (and neoplastic precursor lesions) from benign pancreatic tissues, particularly inflamed chronic pancreatitis.
24467768 A high MUC1 expression was associated with a favourable prognosis in patients with bladder cancer when the expression of HER3 was also high. This suggests an involvement of HER3 in MUC1 function in bladder cancer.
24460302 Polymorphisms in MUC1 gene are not associated with helicobacter pylori infection and non-cardia gastric cancer.
24441930 Adolescents with very high intensity of dental caries disease had increased levels of MUC1 and MUC5B.
24418575 This article provides a comprehensive review of recent literature on novel metabolic functions of MUC1
24410135 tumorigenicity experiments showed that inhibition of Muc1 could significantly suppress the growth of HCC2998 in nude mice models
24384091 MUC1 and SNAIL were overexpressed in human renal sarcomatoid carcinomas.
24371222 P120 catenin ARM domains 1, 3-5, and 8 mediate interactions between p120 catenin and MUC1.
24292674 PPARgamma induces MUC1-C ubiquitination and degradation that is critical to terminate MUC1-C signaling pathway-elicited cancer
24282280 MUC1 expression in macrophages has a role in cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer through a mechanism involving the nuclear receptor PPAR-gamma
24282218 The MUC1-C oncoprotein is aberrantly expressed in AML cells and contributes to activation of the mutant FLT3 receptor.
24254309 aim of this study was to determine whether rs4072037A > G in MUC1 at 1q22 and rs2274223A > G in PLCE1 at 10q23 are associated with a risk of gastric cancer in a Korean population
24251368 Our findings indicate that aberrant glycosylation of MUC1 is an early event in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma. In contrast, MUC1C nuclear localization is not likely to be a driver of tumour progression.
24194685 Overall, based on the findings SPIONs-C595 nanosized probe is a selective ovarian molecular imaging modality.
24189297 A novel platform based on a hairpin oligonucleotide (HO) switch, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), and enzyme signal amplification for the ultrasensitive detection of mucin 1 protein (MUC1) was developed in this assay
24157791 this study suggests that miR-145 modulates ovarian cancer growth and invasion by suppressing p70S6K1 and MUC1, functioning as a tumor suppressor.
24143167 signaling through MUC1 influences cancer progression by regulating transcription of microRNAs that are associated with the process of metastasis
24117995 Prominent EMA dots in Bergmann glia might represent excessive activation induced by an overlying leptomeningeal tumour that stimulates the expression of early developmental antigens.
24096735 Participation of Lewis b, H type 1 and also sialyl Lewis x of MUC1 mucin in interactions with H. pylori independently, is reported.
24072653 These findings represent important evidence for association of MUC1 rs4072037 variant with gastric cancer risk.
24072270 Elevated serum CA 15-3 and CEA levels at recurrence suggest increased tumor burden and may be prognostic for survival for metastatic breast cancer patients.
24061641 the detection of EpCAM/MUC1 mRNA-positive CTCs in the blood before and after surgery is useful for predicting a poor prognosis in NSCLC patients who undergo curative surgery.
24055030 MUC1 directly binds to JNK1 through the MUC1-CD (amino acids 1-45) region.
24045940 Siglec-9 expressed on immune cells may play a role as a potential counterreceptor for MUC1 and that this signaling may be another MUC1-mediated pathway and function in parallel with a growth factor-dependent pathway.
24045095 MUC1 hypermethylation is associated with triple-negative breast cancers.
24043631 MUC1-C (i) activates a previously unrecognized ERK-->C/EBPbeta-->ALDH1A1 pathway, and (ii) promotes the induction of ALDH activity in breast cancer cells.
24039759 Correlation between MUC1 and MUC16 expression and antibody dependent cellular-cytotoxicity and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte mediated cell killing.
24008495 The results of mucin immunohistochemical staining of preoperative biopsy and surgically resected specimens were in agreement with each other, and in close agreement with those for pancreatic juice cytology
23925696 Data show that prior mastitis was associated with a significantly higher anti-CA15.3 and anti-CA125 antibody levels and lower risk of ovarian cancer.
23920379 Mucin expression was not predictive of overall survival benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients.
23912457 MUC1-C contributes to constitutive activation of the HER2 pathway and targeting MUC1-C represents a potential approach to abrogate trastuzumab resistance.
23886210 High CA15-3 exprwession is associated with recurrence in breast cancer.
23879962 Enhancement of in vitro cell motility and invasiveness of human malignant pleural mesothelioma cells through the HIF-1alpha-MUC1 pathway.
23873692 Downregulation of MUC1 increases tumor-promoting myeloid-derived suppressor cells.
23867470 High MUC1 expression is associated with acute myeloid leukemia.
23860190 MUC1 immunoreactivity was observed in effusion fluids from 99.0%of cases of metastatic adenocarcinoma and in 48.8% of cases of reactive mesothelial cells
23845471 MUC1 is expressed at high frequency in early-stage basal-like triple-negative breast cancer.
23828675 The involvement of Lewis b and H type 1 structures of H. pylori in adhesion of bacteria to MUC1 mucin, was investigated.
23828406 The existence of IgG autoantibodies against aberrantly glycosylated MUC1 may have a protective role and may contribute to a better prognosis in some breast cancer patients.
23708102 The increased expression of MUC1 and the Lewis y antigen is a significant risk factor for chemoresistance in patients with ovarian epithelial cancer.
23697634 Ca 15.3 serum levels strongly correlated with radialogy scores for interstitial disease in systemic sclerosis patients.
23687433 The expression of mucin 1, cell surface associated (MUC1) and mucin 16, cell surface associated (MUC16) proteins and messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) in a cohort of postmenopausal women, was quantified.
23679264 High serum CA15-3 levels are associated with metastatic breast cancer.
23661292 In multivariable analysis, MUC1 protein and mRNA expression were independently predictive for overall survival.
23656244 High-grade DCIS or IC showed increasing loss of apical polarised and cytoplasmic expression of MUC1.
23635475 MUC1 and HER2 might be closely associated with invasive phenotype of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.
23633115 cells expressing MUC1 exhibited decreased cell proliferation, increased cell cycle arrest and reduced cell migratory and invasive capacities.
23566254 MUC1 (CD227) expression was associated with infiltration of CD10 myeloid cells, TGF-beta1 expression, and tumor budding grade.
23538857 MUC1-C contributes to tamoxifen resistance.
23451223 The MUC1-associated sLe(a) is generated in these cells after introduction of MUC1 cDNA.
23446997 Data indicate that MUC1 and MUC4 were differentially glycosylated as the disease progressed, and the expression of MUC6 in acinar cells.
23439753 Data indicate that histologic subtype and CDX2 and MUC1 expression were significant prognostic variables.
23435141 KL-6 levels tended to increase after interstitial pneumonitis was detected on imaging in pegylated interferon treated hepatitis C patients.
23396133 We considered the possibility that medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 might be caused by point mutations in the MUC1 gene
23367563 Respiratory syncytial virus dthe expression of MUC1 in airway epithelial cells whereas influenza virus could not.
23361236 MUC1 expression characterizes multiple structures during human nephrogenesis.
23339102 MUC1-shRNA could inhibit proliferation and significantly weaken HIF-1alpha protein expression of QBC939 cells, suggesting its potential as a therapeutic target of CCA.
23329828 Studies indicate the diverse roles of mucin-type O-glycosylation during eukaryotic development.
23301361 can be used as a tumor marker for symptomatic metastasis in breast cancer patients
23292756 Serum levels of leptin, adiponectin and CA 15-3, as well as anthropometric and biochemical parameters were analysed in 88 women were diagnosed with either breast cancer (n = 40) or benign breast lesions (n = 48).
23279696 ALKBH2 is an upstream molecule of the oncoprotein, MUC1, and regulates cell cycle and EMT, resulting in progression of urothelial carcinomas.
23260003 CA 15-3 has been identified as a valuable marker for pretherapeutic stratification of breast cancer patients with liver metastasis and early estimation of response to selective internal radiation therapy
23259747 Sialylation of the MUC1 tandem repeating glycopeptide, Pro-Pro-Ala-His-Gly-Val-Thr-Ser-Ala-Pro-Asp-Thr-Arg-Pro-Ala-Pro-Gly-Ser-Thr-Ala with core 2-type O-glycans, afforded a specific conformational change at one of the cancer-relevant epitopes.
23244165 Peak serum KL-6 level >/= 700 U/ml may become a clinically useful marker of poor prognosis for diffuse alveolar hemorrhage.
23244146 High serum CA 15-3 level is associated with breast cancer.
23193156 MUC1 strongly promoted all of these events.
23163606 Overexpression of EZH2 may be associated with malignant behaviour in intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct in parallel with up-regulated MUC1 expression and down-regulated MUC6 expression.
23152882 The expression of MUC4 as well as MUC1 in early gastric cancers is a useful marker to predict poor prognostic factors related with vessel invasion.
23122537 MUC1 overexpression and underglycosylation in breast cancer is associated with tumor invasiveness and metastatic potential.
23108411 MUC1 has a pivotal role in controlling hypoxia-driven angiogenesis via the regulation of multiple proangiogenic factors in pancreatic cancer.
23061681 MUC1 and CFTR mRNA and protein expression decrease in the endometrium of infertile hydrosalpinx patients.
23053434 Data suggest that expression of cell membrane-associated mucins MUC1, MUC4, and MUC16 are differentially regulated in endocervical epithelial cell aggregates by different bacterial and viral products (here, toll-like receptor ligands/agonists).
23015160 tumor delta-T2s were significantly reduced by treatment with Dox indicating lower accumulation of MN-EPPT. This correlated with a lower level of MUC-1 expression in the Dox-treated tumors, as confirmed by immunoblotting
23002041 A risk score model derived from a logistic regression analysis of Glut-1 and EMA immunocytochemistry greatly improves the distinction between malignant mesothelioma from reactive mesothelial hyperplasia cells in individual effusions.
22995277 The results show that single nucleotide polymorphism in the MUC1 gene affect serum levels of KL-6 in both German and Japanese populations
22983659 Increases in serum KL-6 and SP-D levels during the first 4 weeks after starting therapy, but not their levels at any one time point, predict poor prognosis in patients with polymyositis/dermatomyositis.
22964632 novel MUC1 functions in ovarian cancer biology and support its suitability as a target for immune-based therapies.
22962849 the crosstalk between MUC1 and c-Met in HCC could provide an advantage for invasion to HCC cells through the beta-catenin/c-Myc pathway.
22941036 We now report that one new G SNP-associated isoform MUC1/Y-LSP, but not the A SNP-associated isoform MUC1/Y, inhibits tumor growth in immunocompetent but not immunocompromised mice.
22938426 study suggested rs2294008 in the PSCA gene to be associated with increased risk of gastric cancer and rs2070803 in MUC1 to play a protective role in a Chinese population
22905162 MUC1-N translocates to the nucleus where it is expressed in nuclear speckles and MUC1-N and MUC1-C have dissimilar intranuclear distribution patterns
22869720 MUC1 mucin stabilizes and activates hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha to regulate metabolism in pancreatic cancer
22841164 removing MUC1 from decidual tissue might help control trophoblast invasion by NK cells.
22833523 Identify MUC1-CT and p120ctn as important regulators of epithelial polarity and cell-cell adhesion during a smoke-induced epithelial mesenchymal transition-like process.
22807417 Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm of the pancreas cells exhibited luminal immunolabeling for MUC-1.
22805490 rs4072037 polymorphisms in MUC1 is associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
22792233 MUC1 and MSLN were superior to pathologic features and other putative biomarkers as predicting survival group.
22792175 MUC1-C and Rab31 function in an autoinductive loop that contributes to overexpression of MUC1-C in breast cancer cells.
22766852 These results support the hypothesis that PPARgamma stimulates MUC1 expression by AGS cells, thereby attenuating H. pylori- and PMA-induced IL-8 production.
22760105 MUC-1 protein, human blood level is probably a good indicator for the the prognosis in Duchenne dystrophy.
22698642 Mucin-1 expression is statisically significantly reduced in women with recurrent pregnancy loss.
22692757 Administration of anti-hMUC1 IgE reduced the growth of MUC1(+) tumors.
22689062 Regulation of MUC1-C expression is mediated by the PI3K/AKT pathway and the eIF4A RNA helicase.
22650152 The molecular structural variants of KL-6/MUC1 and its leakage behavior affect serum levels of KL-6 in sarcoidosis.
22631661 significantly elevated CA15-3 serum levels were found among grade II, III and stage II and III breast cancer females compared to normal healthy females; elevated CA15-3 serum levels were also found among ER /PR and ER /PR- compared to healthy control females
22586492 EGFR and Src activity contribute to carcinoma cell invasion and metastasis mediated by integrin alphavbeta5 in part by promoting proteolytic cleavage of MUC1 .
22554854 It is currently one of the best and most reliable serum biomarkers available for interstitial lung diseases.
22554509 The binding characteristics outlined here suggest that the interaction between Src-SH3 and MUC1-CD represents a novel weak electrostatic interaction of the type which is increasingly recognized as important in transient and dynamic protein complexes required for cell migration and signal transduction.
22553814 SF-1 and EMA may be helpful in the differentiation of adrenal tumors from renal tumors in difficult cases.
22544745 MUC1-C oncoprotein binds directly to the BAX BH3 domain and thereby blocks BAX function in activating the mitochondrial death pathway.
22473899 MUC1-C oncoprotein confers androgen-independent growth of human prostate cancer cells.
22454483 Case Report: patient with giant pulmonary sclerosing haemangioma and high serum KL-6 levels.
22446589 MUC1 carrying core 2 O-glycans thus functions as a molecular shield against natural killer cell attack, thereby promoting bladder tumor metastasis.
22433564 High CA 15-3 is associated with hormone receptor 2 positive breast cancer.
22425195 The pathological expression of activin beta A, iNOS and MUC1 by fallopian tubes bearing an ectopic pregnancy is not involved in the determination of implantation site.
22422199 Compared serum sFas and p53 protein with that of serum CA 15-3 as the most commonly used breast cancer tumor marker. Serum samples were from breast cancer patients before surgery, 2 weeks after surgery and after six cycles of FAC chemotherapy.
22402132 No significant association was found with variants in the MUC1 gene and evolution of gastric cancer precursor lesions.
22384115 the MUC1 aptamer selectively delivers cytotoxic agent to cancer cells in vitro
22318732 MUC1-C oncoprotein contributes to TCF7L2 activation and thereby promotes cyclin D1 expression in breast cancer cells.
22313840 We conclude that MUC1 does not seem to be an adequate marker for differential diagnostics of clear cell renal carcinoma metastatic to the pancreas
22298528 This report is the first, to the best of our knowledge, demonstrating that the inflammatory response in airway epithelial cells during infection with NTHi is controlled by MUC1 mucin, mainly through the suppression of TLR2 signaling
22269464 Similar MUC1, MUC2 and MUC5B expression patterns were observed between mucocele-like lesions and mucinous carcinoma (MC) type A and between MC type B and mucinous carcinoma.
22268120 data are consistent with the hypothesis PPARgamma stimulates MUC1/Muc1 expression, thereby blocking phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate-induced TNF-alpha/IL-8 production by airway epithelial cells.
22266848 MUC1-induced invasion and proliferation occurs via increased exogenous production of PDGFA in pancreatic ductal carcinoma.
22252760 The levels of sMUC-1 in patients with multiple myeloma
22250084 epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine phosphorylates MUC1, leading to an increase in its association with TLR5, thereby competitively and reversibly inhibiting recruitment of MyD88 to TLR5 and downstream signaling events.
22247545 human airway epithelia express catalytically active NEU1 sialidase that regulates EGFR- and MUC1-dependent signaling and bacterial adhesion.
22216327 expression of MUC1 at the cell surface is also observed and found to be expressed only after HRG stimulation. The total amount of MUC1 remains unchanged
22200620 MUC1-C cytoplasmic domain cysteines are necessary and sufficient for MUC1-C dimerization and may be targeted by antineoplastic agents.
22144115 MUC1 expression by MPM cells, and its recognition by a MUC1-specific CD8(+) T-cell clone, was downregulated by HDACi when used alone or in combination with 5-azaCdR.
22140559 These findings indicate that the MUC1-C subunit regulates glycolysis and that this response is conferred in part by PKM2.
22129503 A serum KL-6 level of higher than 500 U/mL is a marker of the presence of interstitial pneumonitis, and a level of higher than 1,000 U/mL is a marker of the presence of active interstitial pneumonitis associated with connective tissue diseases.
22119819 Forty-seven specimens of renal parenchyma tumors were studied immunohistochemically for the expression of EMA.
22116730 In colon cancer, the expression of mucin1 can be promoted by rIL-6, while the expression of mucin2 can be inhibited.
22113177 In epithelioid mesotheliomas, 13% of cells expressed nestin, 39% EMA and 7% mesothelin
22108499 Depolarized MUC1 expression was significantly associated with poor outcome in patients with lung cancer.
22078269 MUC1 is expressed on the majority of T-regulatory cells (CD4(+)/CD25(+)/FoxP3(+)) in humans (>90%).
22073229 results indicate that MUC1 downregulation alters the phenotype and tumorigenicity of MKN45 gastric carcinoma cells and also the expression of several molecules that can be involved in tumorigenic events
22065291 In patients with operable breast cancer, presurgical CA15.3 value is an independent prognostic factor for metastases and deaths.
22021035 MUC1 protein expression in tumor cells regulates transcription of proinflammatory cytokines by forming a complex with nuclear factor-kappaB p65 and binding to cytokine promoters
22014058 Gastrointestinal stromal tumours infrequently show focal EMA positivity
21966898 MUC1 may be involved in human nephrogenesis and may play a relevant role in mesenchymal-epithelial transition from the cap mesenchyme to the renal vesicle, changing the fate of renal stem/progenitor cells.
21966455 Data report that levels of MUC1 are significantly higher in subpopulations of cells with elevated intrinsic Deltapsim derived from both mammary and colonic carcinoma cell lines.
21964914 Low MUC1 expression is associated with pulmonary metastatic tumors.
21959954 Overexpression of MUC1 enhances proangiogenic activity of non-small-cell lung cancer cells through activation of Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways.
21932124 The administration of MUC1-peptide-pulsed dendritic cells is non-toxic and capable of inducing immunological response to tumor antigen MUC1 in advanced pancreatic cancer patients.
21931132 The data strongly suggest that the expression levels of MUC1 may be used as a diagnostic test in dry eye syndrome for investigational and selective clinical trials.
21927028 The current report is the first to demonstrate that MUC1 expression promotes angiogenesis in human breast cancer in vivo and in vitro.
21917866 MUC1 is overexpressed in severe preeclamptic placentas and that MUC1 overexpression suppresses extravillous trophoblast invasion mainly via modulating beta1-integrin signaling.
21892751 Our findings indicate that MUC1 may play a role in the regulation of hormone receptors in invasive ductal breast carcinomas
21828236 High serum KL-6 is associated with lung cancer.
21823122 study characterised the glycosylation patterns of MUC1 and CEACAM5 in colorectal cancer patients comparing normal colon and tumour epithelium within each patient
21815153 High MUC1 is associated with gallbladder adenocarcinoma.
21805141 Placental mucin 1 staining was reduced and serum concentrations of mucuin 1 were increased in cases of fetomaternal hemorrhage.
21798038 Non-cysteine linked MUC1 dimerization in cell signalling pathways required for cancer cell migration.
21792548 The serum levels of CA 15-3 were independent of trimester stage.
21791074 Results of this study strongly support the potential of KL-6 as a diagnostic biomarker for life-threatening EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor induced interstitial lung disease.
21752057 Frequent EMA expression in EFH represents an unexpected finding and constitutes a potential diagnostic pitfall.
21728842 the beta subunits of MUC1 and MUC4 have emerged as oncogenes [review]
21700631 MUC1 and MUC2 expression was useful for classification of ampullary cancer.
21685325 Mucin and MUC5AC expression is selectively induced by Aspergillus fumigatus extracts or the culture supernatant of live microorganisms in NCI-H292 tumor cells and primary cultures of human airway epithelial cells.
21647207 The expression of MUC1 and MUC2 was not significantly higher in neoplastic than nonneoplastic tissues.
21599593 Findings indicated that MUC1 contributes to cell-cell adhesion.
21596555 Polymorphisms in MUC1, MUC2, MUC5B and MUC6 genes are not associated with the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis.
21466814 This study indicated that KL-6/MUC1 played a complex role in regulating pancreatic ductal carcinoma cell proliferation, apoptosis, and invasion; there may be a functional link between KL-6/MUC1 expression and beta-catenin subcellular localization
21461842 High MUC1 is associated with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.
21441843 Data suggest that attention should be paid to the emergence of invasive IPMN from flat foci in MUC2-positive and MUC1/2-negative cases.
21422470 MUC1-C subunitfunction is of importance to acute myelogenous leukemia cell self-renewal
21421804 NSCLC cells are dependent on MUC1-C both for activation of the PI3K --> Akt pathway and for survival.
21418654 Epithelial lining fluid and serum KL-6 concentrations were found to be good indicators of clinical outcome in acute respiratory distress syndrome patients.
21378335 Sustained localization of KL-6 mucin in the surrounding membrane and/or cytoplasm of cancer cells at the invasion front has a significant role in cancer progression.
21378323 MUC1 and Gal-1 might be useful for evaluating the potential of leiomyoma to transform into leiomyosarcom.
21351094 Data suggest that preoperative serum KL-6 level reflects KL-6 expression patterns in NSCLC tissue, and can serve as a useful prognostic biomarker in NSCLC patients who undergo curative surgery.
21339746 findings indicate that MUC1 contributes to ESCC metastasis by stimulating MMP13 expression, suggesting MUC1 as a novel diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target in ESCC
21325207 Data show that MUC1-C interacts directly with JAK1 and STAT3.
21323961 Increased mucin 1 expression in recurrence and malignant transformation of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma
21308711 Androgen receptor signaling regulates MUC1 expression by transcriptional and posttranscriptional mechanisms in prostate cancer cells.
21258405 Galectin-3 regulates MUC1 and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) internalization and subcellular localization, ERK1,2 activation downstream of the EGFR and EGFR nuclear translocation in pancreatic cancer cells.
21253760 expression of MUC1 was closely related to the grade of malignancy in thymic epithelial tumors. A positive expression of MUC1 was significantly associated with poor outcome in this disease
21195737 study found that mucins, including MUC-1 derived from rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid, induced IL-6 production on PBMCs and that MUC-1 was expressed on synovial cells and mononuclear cells in RA synovial tissues
21181306 Results suggest that CLEC-muc is a novel stem cell-like population with CD227 positivity and unique pattern of P63 expression that can be further differentiated by BMP4 to generate specific cell-types probably destined to form non-keratinized epithelia.
21146919 Studies indicate that MUC1, the most examined mucin family member in cutaneous pathologies, is normally expressed on the apical surface of glandular and ductal elements in several organs including the mammary gland, lungs and the pancreas.
21116877 Up-regulated expression of MUC1 indicated poorer overall survival and disease-free survival especially for those with non-squamous cell carcinomas.
21115917 Strong MUC1 expression is associated with invasion in diffuse-type gastric carcinomas.
21106111 The immunohistochemical subtypes based on CK20 and MUC1 expression correlated with ampullary tumor progression.
21102519 This study signifies the oncogenic role of MUC1 cytoplasmic tail and is the first to identify a direct role of the MUC1 in initiating EMT during pancreatic cancer.
21072847 higher expression of MUC 1 and MUC 4 is correlated with earlier stage mucoepidermoid carcinoma
21070779 MUC1 is the second major diffuse gastric cancer susceptibility gene identified. The SNPs rs2070803 and rs4072037 in MUC1 might be used to identify individuals at risk for this type of gastric cancer.
21070779 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
21069322 The MUC1 over-expression in renal clear-cell carcinoma(RCC) is associated with poor prognosis.
21057891 MUC1 expression may help differentiate follicular patterned thyroid lesions
20962044 MUC1 mRNA and protein expression is increased by cytokine and P treatment in HES cells stably expressing PRB
20955385 MUC1-associated Tn/STn-epitopes are important targets for immunotherapy
20953890 These results support the idea about the involvement of MUC 5AC and MUC 1 with some specific sugar structures in the mechanism of Helicobacter pylori infection.
20943257 The EMA was detected in all tumor cells except in the endothelial cells.
20929551 MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC6 may have a role in malignant transformation and invasion to mucosa or the muscularis mucosae in colorectal polyps
20832392 MUC1 was expressed in 75.8% (147/194). MUC1 overexpression was detected in 50.0% (19/38 cases) dysplasia and 58.2% (32/55 cases) adenocarcinoma tissues.
20826587 Expression of MUC1 subunits in the infertile endometrium is significantly different in fertile and appears to be a component of altered gene expression.
20806091 These results demonstrate that Sjogren's syndrome subjects express greater quantities of MUC1 protein and mRNA compared to both keratoconjunctivitus sicca and control subjects.
20725807 A significant increase was found in serum IL-18, nitric oxide and CA 15.3 levels in sera of breast cancer patients when compared to those of the control group.
20700443 Observational study, meta-analysis, and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20697347 illustrate the capacity of MUC1 cytoplasmic tail to mediate transcription factor activity in a context-dependent manner to achieve wide spread and robust changes in gene expression
20682394 By means of real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction and immunohistochemical methods, 83 breast tissue samples were analyzed for MUC1 gene amplification and protein expression.
20667031 KL-6 has a role in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in lung transplant recipients
20635898 Studies indicate that overexpression and aberrant glycosylation of MUC1 is associated with a wide variety of cancers, making it an ideal target for immunotherapeutic strategies.
20616115 major differences were seen in the ability of the constructs to bind shed and tumour cell-tethered MUC1. While the tribody did not discriminate, the bibody demonstrated preferential interaction with membrane-bound MUC1 compared with shed MUC1.
20598042 The expressions of MUC1 and/or MUC16 may be available as independent prognostic factors for the endocervical type of mucinous adenocarcinoma.
20593949 Elevated Mucin-1 is associated with breast cancer.
20565834 results suggest that the interaction between free circulating galectin-3 and cancer-associated MUC1 promotes embolus formation and survival of disseminating tumour cells in the circulation
20550696 Case Report: Report lobular carcinoma expressing MUC1.
20529812 The histological types of breast cancer are not significantly related to elevated serum levels of CEA and/or CA 15-3.
20503287 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20484415 Studies indicate that PPARgamma activation does not change PR binding to the MUC1 promoter but generally antagonizes progesterone activity by stimulating PRB degradation and inhibiting progesterone-induced PRB phosphorylation.
20444960 findings indicate that multiple myeloma cells are dependent on intact MUC1-C function for constitutive activation of the canonical NF-kappaB pathway and for their growth and survival
20441435 Data show that Elevated CA 15-3 level is a useful parameter for predicting clinical outcomes.
20406885 regulates nuclear localization and function of the epidermal growth factor receptor
20388325 Benzalkonium chloride induces decreased expression of MUC1 in human conjunctival epithelial cells.
20361287 tumor marker for breast cancer
20357691 Results show that MUC1 is a useful molecular marker for the detection of malignant IPMN in pure pancreatic juice.
20353905 High CA15-3 expression is associated with gallbladder carcinoma.
20306663 Data show that plasma mammaglobin mRNA alone or in combination with CA15.3 (CD227) may be used as a valuable noninvasive approach for the diagnosis and the detection of metastasis in breast cancer at the time of diagnosis.
20306655 Data show that CEA and CA15.3 (CD227) are specific markers for diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20217214 Down-regulation of ICAM-1 in mammary epithelial cells may contribute both to the high expression of psoriasin seen in some high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ and to the induction of MUC1.
20137854 Thus, our data indicate that activation of the ERK pathway represents a new mechanism of Pem-mediated multiple resistances
20081068 This is the first demonstration showing that MUC1 can suppress the virus-induced inflammatory responses.
20070602 Fine mapping of T-cell immunoglobulin mucin domain gene 1 failed to detect a significant association with multiple sclerosis.
20036855 MUC1 serves as a binding site for Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the surface of airway epithelial cells, which may have important consequences in the pathogenesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections.
19996288 suppression of MUC1 by miR-145 causes a reduction of beta-catenin as well as the oncogenic cadherin 11
19960789 Serum CA 15-3 is increased in pulmonary fibrosis.
19960788 Serum KL-6 levels are elevated and appear to be correlated with pulmonary function variables in cystic fibrosis.
19943130 MUC1 might become a valuable adjunct to enable individual prognostic ramification prior to radical surgery in prostate cancer
19924550 Data provide evidence that some common variations in MUC1 and MUC5AC genes contribute to an elevated risk of stomach cancer.
19924550 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19915608 MUC1 and STAT1 function in an auto-inductive loop, and activation of both MUC1 and the STAT1 pathway in breast tumors confers a poor prognosis for patients.
19885554 we have provided evidence that may identify the MUC1 A/G polymorphism at 568 site, as a potential genetic factor which leads to an increase in susceptibility for gastric cancer
19885554 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19856476 serum KL-6 is associated with the severity of RSV bronchiolitis and that it may be a useful biomarker for the severity of RSV bronchiolitis.
19816567 MUC1 protects the epithelium from non-MUC1 binding bacteria by inhibiting adhesion to the cell surface by steric hindrance, and from MUC1-binding bacteria by acting as a releasable decoy.
19776674 Molecular evolution and specific fine-tuning thus have the potential to improve the performance of antibody specificities targeting tumor-associated epitopes on MUC1 mucin.
19724850 epithelial membrane antigen was focally expressed in only 8% of basal cell carcinoma
19715603 breast cancer there was a limited humoral immune response through Lewis y/IgM/CIC levels detection which correlated with MUC1/IgM/CIC
19711367 MUC1 is a substrate for gamma-secretase
19706766 a direct activator of NF-kappaB p65 and that an inhibitor of MUC1 function is effective in blocking activation of the NF-kappaB pathway
19690136 the interaction in the bloodstream of cancer patients between circulating galectin-3 and cancer cells expressing MUC1 bearing the galectin-3 ligand TF (Galbeta1,3GalNAc-) promotes metastasis
19683510 the fate of MUC1 following the interaction with a ligand was studied.
19639217 the expression of MUC1 might be associated with the progression of cholangiocarcinoma.
19631667 KL-6 mucin might be a specific tumor target for cholangiocarcinoma
19625949 expression of MUC1 and carbohydrate antigens in 124 tissue samples; 42 fibroadenoma (FA), 23 nonproliferative benign diseases (NPF), 25 usual epithelial hyperplasia (UEH), 7 atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH), and 27 breast normal tissues.
19578748 constitutively activated STAT3 regulates expression of MUC1, which mediates lung cancer cell survival and metastasis in vitro and in vivo.
19556858 Studies indicate that indicates that MUC1-C is a druggable target that is of potential importance to cancer treatment.
19556244 Using the surface of the eye as a model system, Data found that galectin-3 colocalized with MUC1, on the apical surface of epithelial cells and that it bound to galectin-3 affinity columns in a galactose-dependent manner.
19549898 Results show that MUC1 is directly regulated by HIF-1alpha and affects the invasive and migration properties of renal cancer cells.
19536620 findings suggest that KL-6 is a useful marker to assess the micropapillary character of breast and urinary bladder carcinomas.
19521276 the best immunohistochemical markers useful for the evaluation of tumors with chordoid morphology were D2-40, EMA, cytokeratin, and GFAP. D2-40 was a true chondroid marker to be useful for the differential diagnosis with chordoma
19506091 identified a coexpression of TF and MUC1 in the early secretory phase.
19478465 Serum KL-6 and SP-D appear to be elevated in a mutually exclusive manner in adult T-cell leukemia.
19430419 the percentage of lung carcinoma patients remaining unclassifiable by TTF-1/TP63 was twice that of the five-antibody (TRIM29, CEACAM5, SLC7A5, MUC1, and CK5/6) test
19429776 Fibrinogen binding to ICAM-1 promotes mucin production by decreasing TGF-alpha-induced EGFR and ERK1/2 activation.
19420969 PankoMab revealed strong correlation to hormone receptor expression in ductal carcinoma of the breast.
19415485 The anti-apoptotic effect of MUC1* overexpression may be the primary mechanism by which some breast cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapeutic agents. MUC1 associates with HER2 and plays a role in cross talk between the ErbB2 and Wnt pathways.
19414404 MUC1 expression is correlated with the histological degree of malignancy in prostate cancer
19406479 repetitive units of Lewis X, within the mucin domain, play an important role in inhibiting transmission of HIV-1 from mother to child.
19383302 Results show that circulating neoplastic cells keep a significant prognosis value at long term on high risk breast cancer patients, and that a double detection of MUC1 and CK19 does not improve the prognostic value of circulating neoplastic cells.
19383238 The utility of the tumour markers carcinoembryonic antigen, cancer antigen 125, carbohydrate antigen 19-9, carbohydrate antigen 15-3, alpha-fetoprotein and human chorionic gonadotropin for the diagnosis solitary pulmonary nodules, was investigated.
19318547 A 35-gene MUC1-induced tumorigenesis signature predicts significant decreases in both disease-free and overall survival in patients with breast (n=295) and lung (n=442) cancers.
19299552 Report the value of CA 15-3 determination in the initial management of breast cancer patients.
19289846 MUC1 regulates cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism, and activation of these pathways in ER(+) breast cancers predicts failure to tamoxifen treatment.
19289587 EMA is a better marker than XIAP or GLUT-1 for the diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma
19286849 Serum levels of SP-D and KL-6 appear to be indicative of "alveolitis" in systemic sclerosis patients, and are significantly higher than in SSc patients without "alveolitis."
19270645 Invasive micropapillary carcinoma more commonly showed immunoreactivity for MUC1, CA125, and Her2Neu compared to invasive urothelial carcinoma with retraction artifact
19258923 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19238635 both foetal and adult tissues of known genotype, there is clear evidence for the role of single-nucleotide polymorphism in controlling alternative splicing of the 5' exon 2 region of both full-length transcripts and those lacking the tandem repeat domain.
19236510 In pancreatobiliary adenocarcinomas, MUC1 expression
19217667 evaluated IgM and IgG anti-MUC1 antibodies in 148 subjects with non-advanced adenomas, advanced adenomas, colorectal cancer, hyperplastic polyps, and normal controls; the prevalence of anti-MUC1 antibodies increase along the adenoma-carcinoma sequence
19201396 Macrophage-derived interleukin-6 up-regulates MUC1, but down-regulates MUC2 expression in colon cancer.
19175940 MUC1 as a novel MAL2 partner (encoding a four-transmembrane protein of the MAL family)
19141292 These data suggest that hypoxia enhances the expression of MUC1 through the transcriptional regulation by HIF-1alpha in a human lung epithelial cell line.
19135167 Binding of the MUC1 CT to CAML in human epithelial cells was confirmed by reciprocal coimmunoprecipitations, confocal microscopy, protein crosslinking, and coupled transcription/translation analyses.
19121298 Significant differences were observed between mean CA 15-3 levels of control subjects grouped according to the MUC1 568 genotype (mean+/-SD): AA (10.3+/-3.8), AG (15.9+/-5.0) and GG (19.0+/-5.6) U/mL, p<0.0001.
19121298 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19064572 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19058789 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19032382 Human eccrine sweat glands express CK7, CK8, CK14, CK18, CK19, CEA, EMA, Ki67, p63, EGF and EGFR. In skin, CEA can be used as a specific immunological marker of sweat glands.
19025220 MUC1 is overexpressed and hypoglycosylated in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
19019843 MUC1 was present in urothelial cell carcinoma in situ (CIS) of the bladder without a polarized staining pattern and was expressed more strongly in cases with multifocal disease.
19007994 MUC1 tandem repeat glycopeptides are capable of activating both helper and cytotoxic T-cells
18983038 Serum CA 15-3 was found to have a value in the early detection and monitoring of treatment of breast cancer in Ghana
18952292 Surface MUC1 on Dendritic cells does not influence intrinsic cell-motility, nor is it involved in cell-cell and cell-matrix dependent migration.
18949395 the combined pattern of positive KL-6 expression and decreased membranous beta-catenin expression by colorectal carcinoma is a useful biomarker for distinguishing a subgroup of patients with a worse prognosis.
18848467 Alternatively glycosylated MUC1 and MUC5AC could be of significant potential as effective tumor markers in gastric cancer diagnosis.
18834073 These mucin genes were up-regulated after exposure to low pH in vitro (p < 0.005). Pepsin inhibited this up-regulation (p <0.001).Reflux laryngitis is associated with down-regulation of mucin gene expression.
18833326 Stimulating the MUC1* receptor with either the cognate antibody or its ligand NM23 enabled hESC growth in a feeder cell-free system and produced pluripotent colonies that resisted spontaneous differentiation
18821582 immunotoxin binding to the MUC1 alpha/beta junction mediates cell killing
18812166 These results indicated that MUC1 intra-cellular trafficking occurs through a regulated process that was stimulated by direct EGFR and MUC1 interaction, mediated by clathrin coated pits that were dynamin dependent and regulated by Rab5.
18779174 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
18713982 Significant enhancement in the development of pancreatic intraepithelial preneoplastic lesions and progression to adenocarcinoma is observed in PDA.MUC1 transgenic mice
18676836 MUC1 is of importance to the physiologic regulation of caspase-8 activity and that overexpression of MUC1, as found in human malignancies, could contribute to constitutive inhibition of death receptor signaling pathways
18640764 Retroviral overexpression of Mucin1 in cord blood CD34+ cells resulted in elevated stem cell and progenitor frequencies.
18628787 Common variants in MUC1 and the surrounding region are not associated with risk or prognosis of prostate cancer in Swedish men.
18628787 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18625714 Phosphorylation of MUC1 by Met modulates interaction with p53 and MMP1 expression.(
18619437 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18614437 MUC1 mucin is present in several glycoforms on the maternal side of human placenta after term delivery
18609108 Serum samples were investigated for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), CA125 and MUC1, alpha-foetoprotein, neuron-specific enolase and CA19.9.
18608209 Bladder cancer stem (initiating) cells might be among EMA(-) CD44v6(+) subset.
18575761 MUC1 activates the beta-catenin and NF-kappaB pathways in multiple myeloma cells and contributes to their growth and survival.
18561742 MUC1 was expressed more intensely in prostate intraepithelial neoplasia and malignant prostate glands than in benign glands.
18507055 MUC-1 expression was found to be a prognostic factor for gastric carcinoma patients, albeit not independent of parameters of invasion.
18454162 CA15.3 (soluble MUC1) levels were significantly higher in the serum of mesothelioma patients than in healthy controls but were not significantly different to levels in patients with benign asbestos-related disease.
18446242 Evidence is presented that strongly supports a mechanism whereby dimerization of the extracellular domain of MUC1* activates the MAP kinase signaling cascade and stimulates cell growth.
18417712 MUC1 expression in the human placenta is increased during placental development, and its overexpression suppresses trophoblast-like cell invasion in vitro.
18413738 Epigenetic changes of MUC1 may be of importance for diagnosis of carcinogenic risk and prediction of outcome for cancer patients.
18407586 analysis of the role of MUC1 in colorectal cancer [review editorial]
18403635 These findings suggest a novel MUC1-Src-CrkL-Rac1/Cdc42 signaling cascade following ICAM-1 ligation, through which MUC1 regulates cytoskeletal reorganization and directed cell motility during cell migration.
18381450 Breast cancer cells express MUC1 and give rise to MUC1(+) tumors in vivo. MUC1 is hypoglycosylated and sialylated; characteristics of the tumor-specific form were expressed on cancer cells and recognized by tumor-specific T cells and antibodies.
18354214 demonstrate for the first time that the near-ubiquitous MUC1 tumor Ag can be targeted using chimeric Ag receptors-grafted T cells
18322957 MUC1 mucin variability conditions H pylori binding to gastric cells. The extent of bacterial adhesion depends on the size of the MUC1 VNTR domain.
18314133 SEA domain autoproteolysis accelerated by conformational strain: mechanistic aspects.
18308334 SEA domain autoproteolysis accelerated by conformational strain.
18268124 Genetic polymorphisms in the glycosylation process of MUC1 may be novel risk factors for ovarian cancer.
18268124 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18161663 CA 15-3 levels might have a role in the response to EGFR inhibitors in patients with bronchioloalveolar carcinoma
18154934 Bile acids induce MUC1 mucin overexpression in human esophageal adenocarcinoma cells and tissues by activating its transcription through a process involving phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase.
18094420 The PAM4-reactive MUC1 epitope was not detected in normal pancreas but was expressed in invasive pancreatic adenocarcinomas, including early stage 1 disease
18089786 MUC1 stabilizes Bcr-Abl and contributes to pathogenesis of chronic myelogenous leukemia cells by promoting self renewal and the MUC1 cytoplasmic domain.
18085378 To clarify the localization of KL-6 and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) in human lungs, immune reactions to antibodies to these factors were examined in detail at light and electron microscopic levels.
18059019 LL-37 can directly stimulate mucus synthesis through activation of MUC1 and MUC2 expression and MAP kinase pathway in human colonic cells.
18055557 PKC delta plays an important role in mucin secretion by airway epithelium via regulation of MARCKS phosphorylation.
18037881 MUC1 is important for physiological activation of IKKbeta and that overexpression of MUC1, as found in human cancers, confers sustained induction of the IKKbeta-NF-kappaB p65 pathway.
18030564 If MUC1 is detected in regional lymph nodes from patients with esophageal cancer. MUC1 does not appear to be expressed in normal lymph nodes.
17991319 In colorectal adenocarcinoma, MUC1 expression was negatively correlated to E-cad expression.
17974963 These results support the hypothesis that the adhesive interactions between MUC1 and MAG are of biological significance in pancreatic cancer perineural invasion.
17972522 The present study failed to demonstrate any association between serum levels of MMPs, VEGF and CA 15.3 (antigen product from MUC1 gene) and well-known clinicopathological characteristics of breast carcinoma
17936281 We found MUC1 expressed in male germ cell line and within the ejaculated sperm, but its presence in mature sperm does not seem to be related to male fertility.
17916995 A high correlation between MUC1 and cyclin D1 implies MUC1 involvement in the Wnt cascade functioning in a large subset of human papillary thyroid carcinoma and papillary microcarcinoma
17916404 The results indicated that IL-4-treated LS174T cells are able to produce mucins with a higher degree of O-glycosylation than untreated counterparts.
17889671 These findings indicate that MUC1 and galectin-3 function as part of a miR-322-dependent regulatory loop.
17852076 Measurement of CA 15-3 serum values in conjunction with sHER2 and CA 15-3 can increase sensitivity in metastasis detection.
17764657 MUC1 may affect cancer cell migration by increasing E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex formation and restoring E-cadherin membrane localization
17726465 MUC-1 is an independent prognostic marker for prostate cancer death.
17717071 PIASy has a role in down-regulation of MUC1 expression
17703412 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17692456 MUC1 in serum of ovarian and breast cancer patients inhibits huHMFG-1 dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity
17678912 MUC1 expression was significantly reduced in the fallopian tubes of women with ectopic pregnancy.
17671696 both the MUC1-N and MUC1-C subunits evolved from secreted gel-forming mucins and that the MUC1-CD oncogenic function emerged by diversification after evolution from MUC5B
17668208 69% of the thalassaemic patients had abnormal levels of Carbohydrate antigen 15.3(CA 15.3)
17664159 glycosylation variants of MUC1 were expressed in the fetal respiratory tracts as early as 13 weeks of gestation, and its expression persisted even after lung maturation
17659847 Typical cystitis glandularis expresses MUC1.
17650217 Four patterns of MUC1 expression are recognized in DCIS that suggest a relationship to functional differentiation.
17649808 MUC1, TF and galectin might have important roles in endometrial pathogenesis and malignant transformation
17645748 In stepwise multivariate analysis MUC1 negativity was an independent predictor of both relapse-free survival and overall survival.
17617560 IL-10(-/-) mice, crossed to human MUC1-transgenic mice, develop MUC1(+) IBD characterized by an earlier age of onset, higher inflammation scores, and a much higher incidence and number of colon cancers
17609879 bacterium affects the soluble form of MUC 1 mucin, thus suggesting a likely role of this mucin in the course of H. pylori infection
17600314 Up-regulation of MUC1 by inflammatory mediators such as neutrophil elastase and TNF-alpha suggests a crucial role for MUC1 in the control of excessive inflammation during airway bacterial infection.
17593083 EMA was not expressed in the germinative cells of sebaceoma, but was expressed strongly in approximately 50% of mature sebocytes; expression of EMA was uncommon in basal cell carcinoma and was confined to keratotic or squamoid areas
17592322 This study shows that MUC1, MUC4, and MUC16 are regulated differently by dexamethasone in human corneal epithelial cells.
17581677 Results suggest that there is no effect of the polymorphic MUC-1 sequence on the implantation failure. However, the data do not exclude MUC-1 relevance during embryo implantation.
17575006 TNF-alpha induces MUC1 gene transcription through a TNFR1 --> MEK1/2 --> ERK1 --> Sp1 pathway.
17565019 Circulating TARC/CCL17 and KL-6 are useful measurements for discriminating acute eosinophilic pneumonia from other causes of acute lung injury.
17524503 Results suggest that MUC1 inhibits cell proliferation through a beta-catenin/LEF-1/cyclin D1/c-Myc pathway.
17504123 Review discusses the role of MUC1 overexpression in the progression of prostate cancer, and targeting MUC1 to control micrometastases and hormone refractory disease.
17465489 Short mucin 1 alleles are associated with low-virulece H pylori strains infection.
17409826 A novel classification of MUC1 expression pattern (HP, LP, and D) was correlated with tumor differentiation and postoperative survival in NSCLC, especially in lung adenocarcinoma.
17401217 Upregulation of MUC1 is associated with disease progression to adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
17393422 Interaction of MUC1 with CTNNB modulates cyclin D1 in H. pylori-induced stomach neoplasms.
17333267 Histiocytoid features of invasive lobular carcinoma is immunopositive for MUC1.
17227128 Expressions of membrane (MUC1) and secreted (MUC5AC, MUC6) mucins are frequently modified in reactive gastropathy.
17203187 MUC1 peptide immunogenicity depends on context of the epitope and not sequence alone
17195076 To validate the occurrence of MGL-MUC1 interactions in situ, we studied the binding of MGL to MUC1 in primary colon carcinoma tissue. Isolation of MUC1 out of colon carcinoma tissue showed strong binding activity to MGL.
17128152 The overexpression and membrane delocalization of MUC1 is associated with a worse prognosis and a shorter survival in breast, colon, kidney, prostate or gastro-intestinal cancers. [REVIEW]
17114345 The present studies show that MUC1 associates with FGFR3.
17102128 MUC1 attenuates HIF-1alpha activation in a survival response to hypoxic stress
17090543 Galectin-3 interaction with Thomsen-Friedenreich disaccharide on cancer-associated MUC1 causes increased cancer cell endothelial adhesion
17078870 GATA3 is probably a mediator for the transcriptional upregulation of MUC1 expression in some breast cancers.
17064405 Poorly differentiated tumors are inversely correlated with tumor and serum MUC1 detection.
17050588 The study demonstrates that the GSTA region of the MUC1 tandem repeat contains a highly immunodominant epitope when presented with immature short O-glycans.
16983337 data indicate that MUC1 expression is a potent regulator of erbB1 receptor stability upon activation and may promote transformation through the inhibition of erbB1 degradation
16969297 Serum measurement has the potential to serve as a noninvasive diagnostic test for the detection of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in lung transplantation.
16925492 Disruption of MUC1-C-terminal subunitmight represent a novel immunotherapeutic approach for the treatment of ovarian cancer(review).
16888623 MUC1 sequesters c-Abl in the cytoplasm and thereby inhibits apoptosis in the response to genotoxic anticancer agents.
16857798 mucin and MUC1 have roles in progression of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer and sporadic colorectal cancer
16846534 MUC1 causes varying changes in genetic transcription, cell proliferation, apoptosis,and invasion in 2 different breast cancer cell lines
16752227 atypical MUC1 bearing the noncluster form of Tn antigen is implicated in aggressive growth of primary breast cancer cells, particularly in lymphatic metastasis
16740655 Progesterone receptor isoforms A and B differentially regulate MUC1 expression in uterine epithelial cells.
16720361 MUC1 carries selectin ligands throughout the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle, including the mid-secretory (receptive) phase
16707592 results support the hypothesis that MUC1 contributes significantly to growth and metastasis, and that down-regulation of MUC1 protein expression decreases the metastatic potential of pancreatic adenocarcinoma
16670941 CA 15-3 expression increases in patients with advancing metastatic breast cancer
16627342 Expression of the tumor-associated Ag mucin-1 (MUC1) was detected using Monoclonal Antibody defining different MUC1 glycoforms.
16585136 A marked difference is seen between the N-glycans on membrane-bound and secreted forms of the MUC1 native molecule.
16547220 MUC1/Muc1 suppresses pulmonary innate immunity and speculate its anti-inflammatory activity may play an important modulatory role during microbial infection
16518063 Reversed apical pattern of MUC1 expression is associated with invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast
16475027 Overexpresssed in the progression and lymphatic metastasis of prostate cancer.
16427018 MUC1 binds directly to the ERalpha DNA binding domain and stabilizes ERalpha by blocking its ubiquitination and degradation.
16403482 using RT-PCR for the detection of c-Met or MUC1 mRNA may be a promising tool for the early detection of micro-metastatic circulating tumor cells in gastric carcinoma patients
16369486 SEA domain of the human MUC1 transmembrane mucin undergoes a novel type of autoproteolysis, which is catalyzed by conformational stress and the conserved serine hydroxyl
16358996 Decrease of mucin contained in saliva may be important in further evolution or progression of squamous cell carcinoma oral cavity
16357367 Observational study of gene-disease association and genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
16357367 MUC1 568 A to G polymorphism may be of interest for diagnostic purposes because our study delivered in vivo evidence that it contributes to interindividual variations in KL-6 levels.
16320110 ICAM-1 can influence the migration of cells that express endogenous or transfected MUC1.
16289035 pro-proliferative and anti-apoptotic effects of KL-6 on lung fibroblasts; findings suggest a novel pathophysiological role for KL-6 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, as it stimulates fibrotic processes in the alveolar space
16272309 Immunity and tumor protection in mice transgenic for human MUC.1, a glycoprotein expressed in the majority of epithelial tumors in humans, were induced by vaccination with B lymphocytes genetically programmed to activate MUC.1-specific CD4 T cells.
16266293 Analysis of the ability of human milk to inhibit the attachment of rNV VLPs (recombinant NV-like particles) to their carbohydrate ligands and to characterize potential inhibitors found in milk is presented.
16194893 Eighty-six patients (43%) had elevated CA 125 levels and 35 (17.5%) had elevated CA 15.3 levels at diagnosis
16188033 MUC1, MUC5B and MUC8, but not MUC2 or MUC5AC, are up-regulated in endometrial adenocarcinomas
16158055 MUC1 is delivered to mitochondria by a mechanism involving activation of the ErbB receptor-->c-Src pathway and transport by the molecular chaperone HSP70/HSP90 complex
16155793 Lack of MUC1 polymorphism in breast cancer is significantly related to neoplasm aggressiveness, especially lymphatic vessel invasion and lymph node metastasis.
16127146 HNE stimulation of mucin release by human airway epithelial cells involves intracellular activation of PKC, specifically the delta isoform.
16094706 Expression and localization of MUC1 proteins in primary liver carcinomas may act as prognostic markers.
16042579 glycopeptide-specific helper T-cell clones are a prerequisite for strong and long-lasting immune responses to MUC1-positive tumours.
16034102 MUC1 attracts immature dendritic cells in vivo in cancer patients through chemotaxis and subverts their type 1 helper T cell immunostimulatory function important for tumor rejection
15987679 The MUC1 SEA module is a self-cleaving domain.
15972891 The human mucin MUC1 is expressed both as a transmembrane heterodimeric protein complex that recycles via the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and as a secreted isoform.
15971251 Progesterone-dependent regulation of MUC1 appears to be an important factor in determining endometrial receptivity
15944787 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15944787 Results suggest that the large MUC1 allele is associated with susceptibility to lung adenocarcinoma and poor prognosis.
15944279 The altered dendritic cell differentiation and antigen presentation function induced by soluble sialylated tumor-associated mucin may represent a mechanism by which epithelial tumors can escape immunosurveillance.
15919376 evidence for a strong Th1 Cells polarization and cross-priming of MUC1-specific CD8+ T cells
15897748 MUC1 expression is related to tumor progression and worse prognosis in mucoepidermoid carcinomas of the salivary glands.
15893750 The Muc1 Mucin is a large membrane-tethered glycoprotein that shows differential expression in many adenocarcinomas, where it contributes to their invasive and metastatic properties.
15710329 MUC1 regulates p53-responsive genes and thereby cell fate in the genotoxic stress response
15699174 IL-7 up-regulates MUC1 (CD227) on CD4+, CD8+, CD25+, CD69+, naive CD45RA+, and memory CD45RO+ T cells. IL-7, but not IL-2 or IL-4, markedly induces MUC1 expression on CD3+ T cells.
15623537 analysis of a novel MUC1 protein isoform MUC1/ZD, which is generated by an alternative splicing event that both deletes the tandem-repeat array and leads to a C-terminal reading frameshift
15604091 polymorphism in the MUC1 tandem repeat influences the expression of tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens in gastric cancer cells and may therefore allow the identification of subgroups of patients that develop more aggressive tumors expressing T antigen
15599383 overexpression of MUC1 in pancreatic cancer is a useful target
15489654 Cytokeratin 7 and epithelial membrane antigen are essentially negative in yolk sac tumors but are diffusely positive in clear cell carcinomas and endometriod adenocarcinomas making them useful markers for differentiating YSTs from both CCCs and EACs.
15471854 Grb2 plays a significant role in the endocytosis of MUC1
15322085 MUC1 regulates the FOXO3a signaling pathway in a survival response to oxidative stress.
15187110 tumor-derived MUC-1 profoundly affects the cytokine repertoire of monocyte-derived DC and switch them into IL-10(high)IL-12(low) regulatory APCs with a limited capacity to trigger protective Th1 responses
15169768 Data show that MUC1 mucin expressed on the surface of cells can initiate a calcium-based oscillatory signal on contact with intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM)-1-transfected cells.
15149576 VNTR polymorphism of the MUC1 gene was not associated with female infertility. Other regulatory molecules and signals may interact with the MUC1 gene variations, favouring endometrial receptivity and embryo attachment.
15142990 TNFalpha-stimulated MUC1 shedding occurs independently of increased de novo protein synthesis and TNFalpha-induced increase in MUC1 gene expression is mediated through the kappaB site in the MUC1 promoter
15102686 MUC1 and beta-catenin have a role in progression and invasiveness of colorectal carcinomas
15041735 T-cell lines generated using the agonist epitope were able to lyse HLA-A2 human tumor cells expressing MUC-1.
15020226 Mucin 1 and adenomatous polyposis coli co-immunoprecipitate in breast cancer cells.
15009981 MUC1 mRNA expression was identified for twenty-six lymph nodes (15.7%), in eighteen patients (42%) who were diagnosed as having nodal micrometastasis.
14998492 MUC1 attenuates the apoptotic response to DNA damage and that this oncoprotein confers resistance to genotoxic anticancer agents
14766232 MUC1 integrates T cell receptor signaling with the beta-catenin pathway
14707484 MUC1 synthesized in the airway cell line showed low levels of sialylation but carried a range of oligo-N-acetyllactosamine structures not seen in the colon carcinoma cell line.
14688481 MUC1 cytoplasmic domain coactivates Wnt target gene transcription and confers transformation.
14636048 First simultaneous kinetic description of O-glycosylation events by human recombinant UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase I at all putative O-glycosylation sites within human mucin MUC1 containing 5 tandem repeats.
14620915 In breast cancer patients, MUC1 was detected both in tissue specimens as well as free in serum samples; furthermore, MUC1 can also circulate complexed with IgG and IgM antibodies; accurate measurements should include free and complexed forms.
14616551 All salivary gland tumors expressed MUC1.
14578499 increased synthesis may be a key element in the host response to infection with oral pathogens
14534730 MUC1 splice variant expression is different in pure DCIS compared to DCIS with adjacent invasive cancer
14509156 MUC1 and Met can be detected in the axillary fluids of patients with breast cancer; the expression of both tumor markers in the axillary drainage is strongly associated with unfavorable tumor features and can be used as a prognostic factor
12955090 These findings provide the first evidence that MUC1 induces cellular transformation.
12939402 findings demonstrate that MUC1 functions in cross talk between ErbB2 and Wnt pathways by acting as a shuttle for heregulin/neuregulin-1-induced nucleolar targeting of gamma-catenin
12925576 conformational features that contribute to acceptor substrate specificity
12893366 A correlation has been found between EMA expression and prognosis in renal cell carcinoma patients who underwent nephrectomy.
12832729 Two genes predisposing to dominant MCKD, MCKD1 and MCKD2, have been localized to chromosome 1q21 and 16p12. Review.
12826677 Regulates intracellular oxidant levels and the apoptotic response to oxidative stress in cancer cells
12820726 It was also observed that the mucins from colon carcinoma patients had MUC1-type mucins that carried both sialyl-Lewis a and x epitopes and CD43-type sialyl-Lewis a mucins with only low levels of sialyl-Lewis x epitopes.
12798775 MUC1 expression was inhibited by NGF treatment in breast cancer tumor cell lines, suggesting that its expression can be regulated by signals resulting from the homodimerization of Erb-B2.
12734543 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12724017 results confirm that there is downregulation of MUC1 mucin expression in cancer culture cells treated with selective estrogen receptor modulators
12652076 FUT1 catalyses the addition of alpha-1,2-fucose to MUC1 and MUC5AC apomucins
12646057 MUC1 may contribute to the anti-adhesive character of the tubal surface, inhibiting ectopic implantation.
12640674 MUC5AC, MUC1 and heparan sulfate proteoglycans cooperated in the formation of a biological inhibitory complex towards the function of E-cadherin in colonic neoplasms
12618757 MUC1/beta-catenin interaction occurs in both primary and metastatic tumors, but is dramatically increased in metastatic lesions. Addition of MUC1-cytoplasmic domain peptides to breast cancer cell lines increases their invasive capability.
12553374 its cDNA used to vaccinate mice to suppress the development of lung metastases
12462382 The invasive behavior of breast cell lines may depend on different expression patterns of the MUCI gene determined by a genetic polymorphism.
12441351 shedding is mediated by tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme/ADAM 17.
12377938 CD227 is expressed on human and murine activated dendritic cells
12372344 Constitutive and inducible expression of MUC1 in human T cells
12161443 MUC1 is regulated by ZEB1 in epithelial cells
12105832 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
12105832 Altered expression and allelic association of the hypervariable membrane mucin MUC1 in Helicobacter pylori gastritis.
12090474 Non-glycosylated tandem repeats of MUC1 facilitate attachment of breast tumor cells to normal human lung tissue and immobilized extracellular matrix proteins (ECM) in vitro and have a potential role in metastasis.
12088101 biosynthesis in breast cancer cell is altered by factors affecting cell proliferation
12054500 Formation of MUC1 metabolic complex is conserved in tumor-derived and normal epithelial cells
12000758 Endogenous MUC1 from T47D and MCF-7 cell supernatants revealed almost identical O-glycosylation profiles compared with the respective recombinant probes, indicating that the fusion proteins reflected the authentic O-glycan profiles of the cells
11984004 2 new DHS are in the MUC1 promoter at -750 bp and -250 bp from the transcriptional start site. They are seen in human cell lines and a transgene. The -250 DHS is undetectable in cell lines from colon adenoma to carcinoma with reduced MUC1 expression.
11920540 expression may be very useful predictor of surgical outcome in mass-forming intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
11877440 The present results demonstrate that MUC1 associates with protein kinase Cdelta (PKCdelta).
11872746 Tyrosine kinase c-Src constitutes a bridge between cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator channel failure and MUC1 overexpression in cystic fibrosis
11836704 marker for discriminating hepatocellular carcinoma from other carcinomas
11813869 MUC1 immunoreactivity correlates with malignant transformation in the colorectum
11464247 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
11062147 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

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24371222 2014 Interactions between MUC1 and p120 catenin regulate dynamic features of cell adhesion, motility, and metastasis.
24292674 2014 PPAR? E3 ubiquitin ligase regulates MUC1-C oncoprotein stability.
24282280 2014 MUC1 in macrophage: contributions to cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer.
24282218 2014 MUC1-C oncoprotein promotes FLT3 receptor activation in acute myeloid leukemia cells.
24254309 2014 Common genetic variants at 1q22 and 10q23 and gastric cancer susceptibility in a Korean population.
24251368 2014 Expression of Mucin-1 in multiple myeloma and its precursors: correlation with glycosylation and subcellular localization.
24194685 2013 Detection of MUC1-expressing ovarian cancer by C595 monoclonal antibody-conjugated SPIONs using MR imaging.
24189297 2014 Novel electrochemical aptamer biosensor based on an enzyme-gold nanoparticle dual label for the ultrasensitive detection of epithelial tumour marker MUC1.
24157791 2013 MiR-145 is downregulated in human ovarian cancer and modulates cell growth and invasion by targeting p70S6K1 and MUC1.
24143167 2013 MUC1 regulates expression of multiple microRNAs involved in pancreatic tumor progression, including the miR-200c/141 cluster.
24117995 2014 Prominent EMA 'dots' in tumour-induced Bergmann gliosis.
24096735 2014 Influence of monoclonal anti-Lewis b, anti-H type 1, and anti-sialyl Lewis x antibodies on binding of Helicobacter pylori to MUC1 mucin.
24072653 2013 Functional polymorphism rs4072037 in MUC1 gene contributes to the susceptibility to gastric cancer: evidence from pooled 6,580 cases and 10,324 controls.
24072270 2013 Elevated levels of serum tumor markers CA 15-3 and CEA are prognostic factors for diagnosis of metastatic breast cancers.
24061641 2014 Prognostic value of EpCAM/MUC1 mRNA-positive cells in non-small cell lung cancer patients.
24055030 2013 MUC1 activates JNK1 and inhibits apoptosis under genotoxic stress.
24045940 2013 Binding of the sialic acid-binding lectin, Siglec-9, to the membrane mucin, MUC1, induces recruitment of ?-catenin and subsequent cell growth.
24045095 2013 Dysregulation of the epigenome in triple-negative breast cancers: basal-like and claudin-low breast cancers express aberrant DNA hypermethylation.
24043631 2013 MUC1-C oncoprotein activates ERK?C/EBP? signaling and induction of aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 in breast cancer cells.
24039759 2013 Glycan elongation beyond the mucin associated Tn antigen protects tumor cells from immune-mediated killing.
24008495 2013 Potential usefulness of mucin immunohistochemical staining of preoperative pancreatic biopsy or juice cytology specimens in the determination of treatment strategies for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.
23925696 2013 Puerperal mastitis: a reproductive event of importance affecting anti-mucin antibody levels and ovarian cancer risk.
23920379 2013 Cross-validation analysis of the prognostic significance of mucin expression in patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer treated with adjuvant chemotherapy: results from IALT, JBR.10 and ANITA.
23912457 2014 Targeting the MUC1-C oncoprotein downregulates HER2 activation and abrogates trastuzumab resistance in breast cancer cells.
23886210 2013 Expression and significance of ER, PR, VEGF, CA15-3, CA125 and CEA in judging the prognosis of breast cancer.
23879962 2013 Enhancement of in vitro cell motility and invasiveness of human malignant pleural mesothelioma cells through the HIF-1?-MUC1 pathway.
23873692 2013 Downregulation of hematopoietic MUC1 during experimental colitis increases tumor-promoting myeloid-derived suppressor cells.
23867470 2013 MUC1 is a potential target for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia stem cells.
23860190 2013 Diagnostic usefulness of MUC1 and MUC4 for distinguishing between metastatic adenocarcinoma cells and reactive mesothelial cells in effusion cell blocks.
23845471 2013 MUC1 is expressed at high frequency in early-stage basal-like triple-negative breast cancer.
23828675 Are Lewis b and H type 1 on Helicobacter pylori involved in binding of bacteria to MUC1 mucin?
23828406 2013 Humoral immune response against tumoral mucin 1 (MUC1) in breast cancer patients.
23708102 2013 Chemoresistance is associated with MUC1 and Lewis y antigen expression in ovarian epithelial cancers.
23697634 2013 Carbohydrate antigen 15.3 as a serum biomarker of interstitial lung disease in systemic sclerosis patients.
23687433 2013 Quantification of MUCIN 1, cell surface associated and MUCIN16, cell surface associated proteins in tears and conjunctival epithelial cells collected from postmenopausal women.
23679264 2013 Prognostic significance of circulating tumor cells and serum CA15-3 levels in metastatic breast cancer, single center experience, preliminary results.
23661292 2013 Evaluation of Mucin-1 protein and mRNA expression as prognostic and predictive markers after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.
23656244 2013 Muc1/Cd227 immunohistochemistry in routine practice is a useful biomarker in breast cancers.
23635475 MUC1 and HER2 might be associated with invasive phenotype of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.
23633115 2013 Expression of human full-length MUC1 inhibits the proliferation and migration of a B16 mouse melanoma cell line.
23566254 2013 Transmembrane mucin MUC1 overexpression and its association with CD10? myeloid cells, transforming growth factor-?1 expression, and tumor budding grade in colorectal cancer.
23538857 2013 Oncogenic MUC1-C promotes tamoxifen resistance in human breast cancer.
23533145 2013 In-depth proteomic analyses of exosomes isolated from expressed prostatic secretions in urine.
23451223 2013 Prostatic cell-specific regulation of the synthesis of MUC1-associated sialyl Lewis a.
23446997 2013 Aberrant expression of mucin core proteins and o-linked glycans associated with progression of pancreatic cancer.
23439753 2013 Histomolecular phenotypes and outcome in adenocarcinoma of the ampulla of vater.
23435141 2012 Surfactant protein-D is more useful than Krebs von den Lungen 6 as a marker for the early diagnosis of interstitial pneumonitis during pegylated interferon treatment for chronic hepatitis C.
23396133 2013 Mutations causing medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 lie in a large VNTR in MUC1 missed by massively parallel sequencing.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
23367563 2012 [Differences of the regulation on the expression of mucin 1 induced by two single-strand RNA viruses, respiratory syncytial virus and influenza virus].
23361236 2012 MUC1 marks collecting tubules, renal vesicles, comma- and S-shaped bodies in human developing kidney tubules, renal vesicles, comma- and s-shaped bodies in human kidney.
23339102 2013 Mucins 1-shRNA inhibit the proliferation and HIF-1alpha protein expression on human cholangiocarcinoma cells.
23329828 2013 Mucin-type O-glycosylation during development.
23301361 2012 Serial tumour markers serum carcinoembryonic antigen and cancer antigen 15-3 assays in detecting symptomatic metastasis in breast cancer patients.
23292756 2013 The tetrad BMI, leptin, leptin/adiponectin (L/A) ratio and CA 15-3 are reliable biomarkers of breast cancer.
23279696 2013 ALKBH2, a novel AlkB homologue, contributes to human bladder cancer progression by regulating MUC1 expression.
23260003 2013 CA 15-3 is a predictive and prognostic biomarker in patients with metastasized breast cancer undergoing Selective Internal Radiation Therapy.
23259747 2013 Site-specific conformational alteration induced by sialylation of MUC1 tandem repeating glycopeptides at an epitope region for the anti-KL-6 monoclonal antibody.
23244165 2012 KL-6, a Human MUC1 Mucin, as a prognostic marker for diffuse alveolar hemorrhage syndrome.
23244146 2012 CA 15-3 (Mucin-1) and physiological characteristics of breast cancer from Lahore, Pakistan.
23193156 2012 MUC1 drives c-Met-dependent migration and scattering.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23163606 2013 Overexpression of enhancer of zeste homolog 2 and MUC1 may be related to malignant behaviour in intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct.
23152882 2012 MUC4 and MUC1 expression in adenocarcinoma of the stomach correlates with vessel invasion and lymph node metastasis: an immunohistochemical study of early gastric cancer.
23122537 2013 Expression of underglycosylated MUC1 antigen in cancerous and adjacent normal breast tissues.
23108411 2013 MUC1 enhances hypoxia-driven angiogenesis through the regulation of multiple proangiogenic factors.
23061681 2012 NF ?B expression increases and CFTR and MUC1 expression decreases in the endometrium of infertile patients with hydrosalpinx: a comparative study.
23053434 2012 Microbial products alter the expression of membrane-associated mucin and antimicrobial peptides in a three-dimensional human endocervical epithelial cell model.
23015160 2013 Targeted imaging of breast tumor progression and therapeutic response in a human uMUC-1 expressing transgenic mouse model.
23002041 2013 Distinguishing benign from malignant mesothelial cells in effusions by Glut-1, EMA, and Desmin expression: an evidence-based approach.
22995277 2012 Different MUC1 gene polymorphisms in German and Japanese ethnicities affect serum KL-6 levels.
22983659 2013 Marked increase in serum KL-6 and surfactant protein D levels during the first 4 weeks after treatment predicts poor prognosis in patients with active interstitial pneumonia associated with polymyositis/dermatomyositis.
22964632 2013 Immunobiology of human mucin 1 in a preclinical ovarian tumor model.
22962849 2012 Cooperative interaction of MUC1 with the HGF/c-Met pathway during hepatocarcinogenesis.
22941036 2013 Human mucin MUC1 RNA undergoes different types of alternative splicing resulting in multiple isoforms.
22938426 2012 Case-control study of single nucleotide polymorphisms of PSCA and MUC1 genes with gastric cancer in a Chinese.
22905162 2012 The MUC1 extracellular domain subunit is found in nuclear speckles and associates with spliceosomes.
22869720 2012 MUC1 mucin stabilizes and activates hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha to regulate metabolism in pancreatic cancer.
22841164 2012 Specific decidual CD14(+) cells hamper cognate NK cell proliferation and cytolytic mediator expression after mucin 1 treatment in vitro.
22833523 2013 Cigarette smoke disrupts the integrity of airway adherens junctions through the aberrant interaction of p120-catenin with the cytoplasmic tail of MUC1.
22807417 2014 Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm of the pancreas on fine needle aspiration: case report with differential diagnosis.
22805490 2012 Genetic variation in C20orf54, PLCE1 and MUC1 and the risk of upper gastrointestinal cancers in Caucasian populations.
22792233 2012 A novel survival-based tissue microarray of pancreatic cancer validates MUC1 and mesothelin as biomarkers.
22792175 2012 Cooperative interaction between the MUC1-C oncoprotein and the Rab31 GTPase in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells.
22766852 2012 Suppression of IL-8 production in gastric epithelial cells by MUC1 mucin and peroxisome proliferator-associated receptor-?.
22760105 2012 Plasma Krebs von den Lungen glycoprotein, lung injury, and noninvasive ventilation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
22698642 2012 Pinopodes, leukemia inhibitory factor, integrin-?3, and mucin-1 expression in the peri-implantation endometrium of women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.
22692757 2012 Using the allergic immune system to target cancer: activity of IgE antibodies specific for human CD20 and MUC1.
22689062 2013 Targeting the eIF4A RNA helicase blocks translation of the MUC1-C oncoprotein.
22650152 2012 Effects of molecular structural variants on serum Krebs von den Lungen-6 levels in sarcoidosis.
22631661 2012 Relationships among serum CA15-3 tumor marker, TNM staging, and estrogen and progesterone receptor expression in benign and malignant breast lesions.
22586492 2012 EGFR-mediated carcinoma cell metastasis mediated by integrin ?v?5 depends on activation of c-Src and cleavage of MUC1.
22554854 2012 Utility of KL-6/MUC1 in the clinical management of interstitial lung diseases.
22554509 2012 Characterization of a novel weak interaction between MUC1 and Src-SH3 using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
22553814 2012 The use of immunohistochemical expression of SF-1 and EMA in distinguishing adrenocortical tumors from renal neoplasms.
22544745 2012 The MUC1-C oncoprotein binds to the BH3 domain of the pro-apoptotic BAX protein and blocks BAX function.
22473899 2012 MUC1-C oncoprotein confers androgen-independent growth of human prostate cancer cells.
22454483 2012 Segmentectomy for giant pulmonary sclerosing haemangiomas with high serum KL-6 levels.
22446589 2012 MUC1 carrying core 2 O-glycans functions as a molecular shield against NK cell attack, promoting bladder tumor metastasis.
22433564 2012 Implications of different CA 15-3 levels according to breast cancer subtype at initial diagnosis of recurrent or metastatic breast cancer.
22425195 2012 Why does the fallopian tube fail in ectopic pregnancy? The role of activins, inducible nitric oxide synthase, and MUC1 in ectopic implantation.
22422199 2012 The clinical significance of serum soluble Fas and p53 protein in breast cancer patients: comparison with serum CA 15-3.
22402132 2012 Genetic variation in MUC1, MUC2 and MUC6 genes and evolution of gastric cancer precursor lesions in a long-term follow-up in a high-risk area in Spain.
22384115 2012 Novel MUC1 aptamer selectively delivers cytotoxic agent to cancer cells in vitro.
22318732 2012 MUC1-C oncoprotein induces TCF7L2 transcription factor activation and promotes cyclin D1 expression in human breast cancer cells.
22313840 2012 MUC1 immunoexpression is a virtually constant feature of clear cell renal cell carcinoma metastatic to the pancreas.
22298528 2012 Antiinflammatory role of MUC1 mucin during infection with nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae.
22269464 2012 Expression of MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC and MUC5B in mucinous lesions of the breast.
22268120 2012 PPAR? inhibits airway epithelial cell inflammatory response through a MUC1-dependent mechanism.
22266848 2012 MUC1 regulates PDGFA expression during pancreatic cancer progression.
22252760 2011 The levels of sMUC-1 in patients with multiple myeloma.
22250084 2012 Membrane-tethered MUC1 mucin is phosphorylated by epidermal growth factor receptor in airway epithelial cells and associates with TLR5 to inhibit recruitment of MyD88.
22247545 2012 NEU1 sialidase expressed in human airway epithelia regulates epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and MUC1 protein signaling.
22216327 2011 Heregulin ?-1 induces loss of cell-cell contact and enhances expression of MUC1 at the cell surface in HCC2998 and MKN45-1 cells.
22200620 2012 Targeting cysteine-mediated dimerization of the MUC1-C oncoprotein in human cancer cells.
22144115 2012 Downregulation of MUC1 expression and its recognition by CD8? T cells on the surface of malignant pleural mesothelioma cells treated with HDACi.
22140559 2011 MUC1-C oncoprotein regulates glycolysis and pyruvate kinase M2 activity in cancer cells.
22129503 2011 Serum KL-6 level as an indicator of active or inactive interstitial pneumonitis associated with connective tissue diseases.
22119819 2011 The diagnostic value of EMA expression in the renal parenchyma tumors.
22116730 2011 [Expression of mucin regulated by recombinant human interleukin-6 in HT-29 cell of colon cancer].
22113177 2012 Immunolocalization of nestin, mesothelin and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) in developing and adult serous membranes and mesotheliomas.
22108499 2012 Depolarized MUC1 expression is closely associated with hypoxic markers and poor outcome in resected non-small cell lung cancer.
22078269 2012 MUC1 mucin is expressed on human T-regulatory cells: function in both co-stimulation and co-inhibition.
22073229 2011 Impact of MUC1 mucin downregulation in the phenotypic characteristics of MKN45 gastric carcinoma cell line.
22065291 2012 Prognostic role of CA15.3 in 7942 patients with operable breast cancer.
22021035 2011 MUC1 protein expression in tumor cells regulates transcription of proinflammatory cytokines by forming a complex with nuclear factor-?B p65 and binding to cytokine promoters: importance of extracellular domain.
22014058 2011 Gastrointestinal stromal tumours can express CD10 and epithelial membrane antigen but not oestrogen receptor or HMB45.
21966898 2011 MUC1 in mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition during human nephrogenesis: changing the fate of renal progenitor/stem cells?
21966455 2011 Intrinsic mitochondrial membrane potential and associated tumor phenotype are independent of MUC1 over-expression.
21964914 2012 MUC1 expression in pulmonary metastatic tumors: a comparison of primary lung cancer.
21959954 2011 Overexpression of MUC1 enhances proangiogenic activity of non-small-cell lung cancer cells through activation of Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways.
21932124 2012 A phase I pilot trial of MUC1-peptide-pulsed dendritic cells in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer.
21931132 2011 Ocular mucin gene expression levels as biomarkers for the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome.
21927028 2012 Mucin 1 enhances the tumor angiogenic response by activation of the AKT signaling pathway.
21917866 2011 MUC1 expression is elevated in severe preeclamptic placentas and suppresses trophoblast cell invasion via ?1-integrin signaling.
21892751 2011 The role of tumor hypoxia in MUC1-positive breast carcinomas.
21828236 2011 Circulating markers of interstitial lung disease and subsequent risk of lung cancer.
21823122 2012 Differential glycosylation of MUC1 and CEACAM5 between normal mucosa and tumour tissue of colon cancer patients.
21815153 2012 Expressive levels of MUC1 and MUC5AC and their clinicopathologic significances in the benign and malignant lesions of gallbladder.
21805141 2012 Association of placental inflammation with fetomaternal hemorrhage and loss of placental mucin-1.
21798038 2011 Non-cysteine linked MUC1 cytoplasmic dimers are required for Src recruitment and ICAM-1 binding induced cell invasion.
21792548 2012 Serum concentrations of CA 125, CA 15-3, CA 19-9 and CEA in normal pregnancy: a longitudinal study.
21791074 2011 Change in serum KL-6 level from baseline is useful for predicting life-threatening EGFR-TKIs induced interstitial lung disease.
21752057 2011 EMA positivity in epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma: a potential diagnostic pitfall.
21728842 2011 MUC1 and MUC4: switching the emphasis from large to small.
21700631 2011 Expression of MUC1 and MUC2 in ampullary cancer.
21685325 2011 Induction of mucin and MUC5AC expression by the protease activity of Aspergillus fumigatus in airway epithelial cells.
21647207 2011 Mucin expression pattern in pancreatic diseases: findings from EUS-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsies.
21599593 2011 Aberrant overexpression of membrane-associated mucin contributes to tumor progression in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma cells.
21596555 2012 Polymorphisms in MUC1, MUC2, MUC5B and MUC6 genes are not associated with the risk of chronic atrophic gastritis.
21466814 2011 Expression of KL-6/MUC1 in pancreatic ductal carcinoma and its potential relationship with ?-catenin in tumor progression.
21461842 2011 Soluble MUC1 and serum MUC1-specific antibodies are potential prognostic biomarkers for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.
21441843 2011 Localization of the most severely dysplastic/invasive lesions and mucin phenotypes in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas.
21422470 2011 MUC1-C oncoprotein suppresses reactive oxygen species-induced terminal differentiation of acute myelogenous leukemia cells.
21421804 2011 Dependence on the MUC1-C oncoprotein in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
21418654 2011 KL-6 concentration in pulmonary epithelial lining fluid is a useful prognostic indicator in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.
21378335 2011 Sustained aberrant localization of KL-6 mucin and beta-catenin at the invasion front of human gastric cancer cells.
21378323 2011 Expression of mucin-1, galectin-1 and galectin-3 in human leiomyosarcoma in comparison to leiomyoma and myometrium.
21351094 2012 Krebs von den Lungen-6 (KL-6) is a prognostic biomarker in patients with surgically resected nonsmall cell lung cancer.
21339746 2011 MUC1 induces metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by upregulating matrix metalloproteinase 13.
21325207 2011 MUC1-C oncoprotein promotes STAT3 activation in an autoinductive regulatory loop.
21323961 2011 Increased mucin 1 expression in recurrence and malignant transformation of salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma.
21308711 2011 Androgen receptor regulates expression of the MUC1-C oncoprotein in human prostate cancer cells.
21258405 2011 Galectin-3 regulates MUC1 and EGFR cellular distribution and EGFR downstream pathways in pancreatic cancer cells.
21253760 2011 MUC1 expression in thymic epithelial tumors: MUC1 may be useful marker as differential diagnosis between type B3 thymoma and thymic carcinoma.
21195737 2011 Mucin from rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid enhances interleukin-6 production by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.
21181306 2011 Characterization of a novel umbilical cord lining cell with CD227 positivity and unique pattern of P63 expression and function.
21146919 2011 Role of mucins in the skin during benign and malignant conditions.
21116877 2011 Expression and prognostic relevance of MUC1 in stage IB non-small cell lung cancer.
21115917 2010 Expression of {beta}-catenin, MUC1 and c-met in diffuse-type gastric carcinomas: correlations with tumour progression and prognosis.
21106111 2010 Cytokeratin 20 (CK20) and apomucin 1 (MUC1) expression in ampullary carcinoma: Correlation with tumor progression and prognosis.
21102519 2011 MUC1 enhances invasiveness of pancreatic cancer cells by inducing epithelial to mesenchymal transition.
21102463 2010 Genome-wide meta-analysis increases to 71 the number of confirmed Crohn's disease susceptibility loci.
21072847 2011 Expression of mucin (MUC) genes in mucoepidermoid carcinoma.
21070779 2011 A functional single nucleotide polymorphism in mucin 1, at chromosome 1q22, determines susceptibility to diffuse-type gastric cancer.
21069322 2011 A phase II study of the cancer vaccine TG4010 alone and in combination with cytokines in patients with metastatic renal clear-cell carcinoma: clinical and immunological findings.
21057891 2010 Muc-1 expression may help characterize thyroid nodules but does not predict patients' outcome.
20962044 2010 Cytokine and progesterone receptor interplay in the regulation of MUC1 gene expression.
20955385 2010 Expression of aberrantly glycosylated Mucin-1 in ovarian cancer.
20953890 2011 Glycosylation of mucins present in gastric juice: the effect of helicobacter pylori eradication treatment.
20943257 2011 Expression of nestin, mesothelin and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) in developing and adult human meninges and meningiomas.
20929551 2010 Mucins in neoplastic spectrum of colorectal polyps: can they provide predictions?
20832392 2010 MUC1 expression and its association with other aetiological factors and localization to mitochondria in preneoplastic and neoplastic gastric tissues.
20826587 2010 MUC1 as a discriminator between endometrium from fertile and infertile patients with PCOS and endometriosis.
20816948 2010 CA 15-3: uses and limitation as a biomarker for breast cancer.
20806091 2010 MUC1 expression in Sjogren's syndrome, KCS, and control subjects.
20729852 2010 A shared susceptibility locus in PLCE1 at 10q23 for gastric adenocarcinoma and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
20725807 2011 Significance of vascular endothelial growth factor, interleukin-18 and nitric oxide in patients with breast cancer: correlation with carbohydrate antigen 15.3.
20700443 2010 Genome-wide association studies of serum magnesium, potassium, and sodium concentrations identify six Loci influencing serum magnesium levels.
20697347 2010 The reactive tumor microenvironment: MUC1 signaling directly reprograms transcription of CTGF.
20682394 2010 MUC1 oncogene amplification correlates with protein overexpression in invasive breast carcinoma cells.
20667031 2010 Serum KL-6 level and the development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in lung transplant recipients.
20635898 2010 MUC1 immunotherapy.
20616115 2010 PH1-derived bivalent bibodies and trivalent tribodies bind differentially to shed and tumour cell-associated MUC1.
20598042 2010 Expression of mucin antigens (MUC1 and MUC16) as a prognostic factor for mucinous adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.
20593949 2010 Evaluation of tumor markers in southern Indian breast cancer patients.
20565834 2010 Interaction between circulating galectin-3 and cancer-associated MUC1 enhances tumour cell homotypic aggregation and prevents anoikis.
20550696 2010 Invasive lobular carcinoma with extracellular mucin production and HER-2 overexpression: a case report and further case studies.
20529812 2010 The importance of preoperative elevated serum levels of CEA and CA15-3 in patients with breast cancer in predicting its histological type.
20503287 2010 Interleukin-9 polymorphism in infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection: an opposite effect in boys and girls.
20484415 2010 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma activation inhibits progesterone-stimulated human MUC1 expression.
20444960 2010 Survival of human multiple myeloma cells is dependent on MUC1 C-terminal transmembrane subunit oncoprotein function.
20441435 2010 Prognostic role of serum cancer antigen 15-3 in breast cancer patients with isolated bone metastases.
20406885 2010 MUC1 regulates nuclear localization and function of the epidermal growth factor receptor.
20388325 2010 [Effects of benzalkonium chloride on MUC1 in human conjunctival epithelial cells].
20361287 2010 Evaluation of tumor markers (HER-2/neu oncoprotein, CEA, and CA 15.3) in patients with locoregional breast cancer: prognostic value.
20357691 2010 MUC1 is a useful molecular marker for malignant intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms in pancreatic juice obtained from endoscopic retrograde pancreatography.
20353905 2010 Human gallbladder carcinoma: Role of neurotrophins, MIB-1, CD34 and CA15-3.
20306663 2007 Plasma mammaglobin messenger RNA in breast cancer patients as an addition to serum tumor.
20306655 2007 HER-2 gene amplification, serum nucleosomes, CEA and CA15.3 tumor markers in breast cancer patients.
20237496 2010 New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine.
20217214 2011 Loss of ICAM-1 signaling induces psoriasin (S100A7) and MUC1 in mammary epithelial cells.
20137854 2010 Pem renders tumor cells resistant to apoptotic cell death induced by a CD8+ T cell-mediated immune response or anticancer drug treatment.
20081068 2010 Anti-inflammatory effect of MUC1 during respiratory syncytial virus infection of lung epithelial cells in vitro.
20070602 2010 Fine mapping of T-cell immunoglobulin mucin domain gene 1 failed to detect a significant association with multiple sclerosis.
20036855 2010 MUC1 expression by human airway epithelial cells mediates Pseudomonas aeruginosa adhesion.
19996288 2010 MicroRNA-145 suppresses cell invasion and metastasis by directly targeting mucin 1.
19960789 2009 Serum CA 15-3 is increased in pulmonary fibrosis.
19960788 2009 Serum KL-6 as a novel disease marker in adolescent and adult cystic fibrosis.
19943130 2010 MUC1 expression in incidental prostate cancer predicts staging and grading on the subsequent radical prostatectomy.
19924550 2010 A comprehensive analysis of common genetic variation in MUC1, MUC5AC, MUC6 genes and risk of stomach cancer.
19915608 2010 Cooperativity of the MUC1 oncoprotein and STAT1 pathway in poor prognosis human breast cancer.
19885554 2009 Risk of gastric cancer is associated with the MUC1 568 A/G polymorphism.
19856476 2009 Serum KL-6 levels as a biomarker of lung injury in respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis.
19816567 2009 MUC1 limits Helicobacter pylori infection both by steric hindrance and by acting as a releasable decoy.
19776674 2009 Molecular evolution of specific human antibody against MUC1 mucin results in improved recognition of the antigen on tumor cells.
19724850 2009 Aberrant expression of class III beta-tubulin in basal cell carcinoma of the skin.
19715603 2009 Breast cancer humoral immune response: involvement of Lewis y through the detection of circulating immune complexes and association with Mucin 1 (MUC1).
19711367 2009 MUC1 is a substrate for gamma-secretase.
19706766 2009 MUC1-C oncoprotein functions as a direct activator of the nuclear factor-kappaB p65 transcription factor.
19690136 2009 Circulating galectin-3 promotes metastasis by modifying MUC1 localization on cancer cell surface.
19683510 2009 Internalization of MUC1 by anti-MUC1 antibody from cell membrane through the macropinocytotic pathway.
19639217 2009 Expression of MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC and MUC6 in cholangiocarcinoma: prognostic impact.
19631667 2009 Expression of KL-6 mucin, a human MUC1 mucin, in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and its potential involvement in tumor cell adhesion and invasion.
19625949 2010 Comparative immunohistochemical study of MUC1 and carbohydrate antigens in breast benign disease and normal mammary gland.
19578748 2009 MUC1 is a downstream target of STAT3 and regulates lung cancer cell survival and invasion.
19556858 2009 Functional targeting of the MUC1 oncogene in human cancers.
19556244 2009 Association of cell surface mucins with galectin-3 contributes to the ocular surface epithelial barrier.
19549898 2009 MUC1, a new hypoxia inducible factor target gene, is an actor in clear renal cell carcinoma tumor progression.
19536620 2009 KL-6 is another useful marker in assessing a micropapillary pattern in carcinomas of the breast and urinary bladder, but not the colon.
19521276 2009 Immunohistochemical comparison of chordoma with chondrosarcoma, myxopapillary ependymoma, and chordoid meningioma.
19506091 2009 The human endometrium expresses the glycoprotein mucin-1 and shows positive correlation for Thomsen-Friedenreich epitope expression and galectin-1 binding.
19478465 2009 Elevation of serum KL-6 glycoprotein or surfactant protein-D in adult T-cell leukemia with distinct pulmonary complications.
19430419 2009 A novel five-antibody immunohistochemical test for subclassification of lung carcinoma.
19429776 2009 Fibrinogen binding to ICAM-1 promotes EGFR-dependent mucin production in human airway epithelial cells.
19420969 2009 Evaluation of a novel anti-mucin 1 (MUC1) antibody (PankoMab) as a potential diagnostic tool in human ductal breast cancer; comparison with two established antibodies.
19415485 2009 MUC1* is a determinant of trastuzumab (Herceptin) resistance in breast cancer cells.
19414404 Immunohistochemical staining of mucin 1 in prostate tissues.
19406479 2009 MUC1 in human milk blocks transmission of human immunodeficiency virus from dendritic cells to T cells.
19383302 2007 Prognostic value of peripheral blood double detection of CK19 and MUC1 mRNA positive cells detected by RT-quantitative PCR in 94 breast cancer patients with a follow up of 9 years.
19383238 The efficacy of serum carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), cancer antigen 125 (CA125), carbohydrate antigen 19-9 (CA19-9), carbohydrate antigen 15-3 (CA15-3), alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels in determining the malignancy of solitary pulmonary nodules.
19318547 2009 MUC1-induced transcriptional programs associated with tumorigenesis predict outcome in breast and lung cancer.
19299552 2009 Value of CA 15-3 determination in the initial management of breast cancer patients.
19289846 2009 MUC1-induced alterations in a lipid metabolic gene network predict response of human breast cancers to tamoxifen treatment.
19289587 2009 Usefulness of EMA, GLUT-1, and XIAP for the cytologic diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma in body cavity fluids.
19286849 2009 Surfactant protein D and KL-6 as serum biomarkers of interstitial lung disease in patients with scleroderma.
19270645 2009 Immunohistochemical comparison of MUC1, CA125, and Her2Neu in invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the urinary tract and typical invasive urothelial carcinoma with retraction artifact.
19258923 2009 Genetic susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in preterm children is associated with airway remodeling genes and innate immune genes.
19238635 2008 Genetic regulation of MUC1 alternative splicing in human tissues.
19236510 2009 Differentiation markers in pancreatic head adenocarcinomas: MUC1 and MUC4 expression indicates poor prognosis in pancreatobiliary differentiated tumours.
19217667 2009 Humoral immune response to abnormal MUC1 in subjects with colorectal adenoma and cancer.
19201396 2009 Macrophage-derived interleukin-6 up-regulates MUC1, but down-regulates MUC2 expression in the human colon cancer HT-29 cell line.
19199708 2009 Proteomic analysis of human parotid gland exosomes by multidimensional protein identification technology (MudPIT).
19190083 2009 Characterization of exosome-like vesicles released from human tracheobronchial ciliated epithelium: a possible role in innate defense.
19175940 2009 Mucin 1 (MUC1) is a novel partner for MAL2 in breast carcinoma cells.
19141292 2009 Hypoxia enhances MUC1 expression in a lung adenocarcinoma cell line.
19135167 2009 MUC1 mucin interacts with calcium-modulating cyclophilin ligand.
19121298 2009 MUC1 568 A/G genotype-dependent cancer antigen 15-3 levels in breast cancer patients.
19064572 2008 Polymorphism in the IL18 gene and epithelial ovarian cancer in non-Hispanic white women.
19058789 2009 A common variant in DRD3 receptor is associated with autism spectrum disorder.
19056867 2009 Large-scale proteomics and phosphoproteomics of urinary exosomes.
19032382 2009 Antigen expression of human eccrine sweat glands.
19025220 Aberrant expression of MUC1 mucin in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
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18983038 2008 The use of carbohydrate antigen (CA) 15-3 as a tumor marker in detecting breast cancer.
18952292 2009 Surface Mucin-1 does not play a role in dendritic cell migration.
18949395 2008 Positive KL-6 mucin expression combined with decreased membranous beta-catenin expression indicates worse prognosis in colorectal carcinoma.
18848467 2009 Potential application of alternatively glycosylated serum MUC1 and MUC5AC in gastric cancer diagnosis.
18834073 2008 Mucin gene expression in human laryngeal epithelia: effect of laryngopharyngeal reflux.
18833326 2008 MUC1* mediates the growth of human pluripotent stem cells.
18821582 2009 The MUC1 oncoprotein as a functional target: immunotoxin binding to alpha/beta junction mediates cell killing.
18812166 2008 MUC1 intra-cellular trafficking is clathrin, dynamin, and rab5 dependent.
18779174 2008 [The relationship between the polymorphism of MUC1 and susceptibility to gastric cancer in Liaoning region].
18713982 2008 MUC1 enhances tumor progression and contributes toward immunosuppression in a mouse model of spontaneous pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
18676836 2008 MUC1 oncoprotein blocks death receptor-mediated apoptosis by inhibiting recruitment of caspase-8.
18640764 2008 Mucin1 expression is enriched in the human stem cell fraction of cord blood and is upregulated in majority of the AML cases.
18628787 2008 Influence of MUC1 genetic variation on prostate cancer risk and survival.
18625714 2008 Phosphorylation of MUC1 by Met modulates interaction with p53 and MMP1 expression.
18619437 2009 MUC1 and estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphisms in dry eye patients.
18614437 2008 Expression of MUC1 mucin in full-term pregnancy human placenta.
18609108 2008 Reference intervals for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), CA125, MUC1, Alfa-foeto-protein (AFP), neuron-specific enolase (NSE) and CA19.9 from the NORIP study.
18608209 2008 Bladder cancer initiating cells (BCICs) are among EMA-CD44v6+ subset: novel methods for isolating undetermined cancer stem (initiating) cells.
18575761 2008 MUC1 oncoprotein promotes growth and survival of human multiple myeloma cells.
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18507055 The clinicopathological and prognostic significance of MUC-1 expression in Japanese gastric carcinomas: an immunohistochemical study of tissue microarrays.
18454162 2008 Overexpression and altered glycosylation of MUC1 in malignant mesothelioma.
18446242 2008 A minimal fragment of MUC1 mediates growth of cancer cells.
18417712 2008 MUC1 expression is increased during human placental development and suppresses trophoblast-like cell invasion in vitro.
18413738 2008 MUC1 expression is regulated by DNA methylation and histone H3 lysine 9 modification in cancer cells.
18407586 2008 MUC1 and colorectal cancer pathophysiology considerations.
18403635 2008 MUC1 initiates Src-CrkL-Rac1/Cdc42-mediated actin cytoskeletal protrusive motility after ligating intercellular adhesion molecule-1.
18381450 2008 MCF7 side population cells with characteristics of cancer stem/progenitor cells express the tumor antigen MUC1.
18354214 2008 Retargeting of human T cells to tumor-associated MUC1: the evolution of a chimeric antigen receptor.
18322957 2008 Relevance of MUC1 mucin variable number of tandem repeats polymorphism in H pylori adhesion to gastric epithelial cells.
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18308334 2008 SEA domain autoproteolysis accelerated by conformational strain: energetic aspects.
18268124 2008 Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in glycosylation genes with risk of epithelial ovarian cancer.
18161663 MUC-1 (CA 15-3 antigen) as a highly reliable predictor of response to EGFR inhibitors in patients with bronchioloalveolar carcinoma: an experience on 26 patients.
18154934 2008 Activation of MUC1 mucin expression by bile acids in human esophageal adenocarcinomatous cells and tissues is mediated by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase.
18094420 2007 PAM4-reactive MUC1 is a biomarker for early pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
18089786 2007 MUC1 oncoprotein regulates Bcr-Abl stability and pathogenesis in chronic myelogenous leukemia cells.
18085378 2007 Immunohistochemical and immunoelectron microscopic studies of the localization of KL-6 and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) in presumably normal pulmonary tissue and in interstitial pneumonia.
18059019 2008 Cathelicidin stimulates colonic mucus synthesis by up-regulating MUC1 and MUC2 expression through a mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.
18055557 2007 Protein kinase C delta regulates airway mucin secretion via phosphorylation of MARCKS protein.
18037881 2007 MUC1 oncoprotein activates the IkappaB kinase beta complex and constitutive NF-kappaB signalling.
18030564 2007 Lymph node micrometastasis: a predictor of early tumor relapse after complete resection of histologically node-negative esophageal cancer.
18029348 2008 Toward a confocal subcellular atlas of the human proteome.
17991319 2007 [Expression and clinical significance of Mucin and E-cadherin in colorectal tumors].
17974963 2007 MUC1 is a counter-receptor for myelin-associated glycoprotein (Siglec-4a) and their interaction contributes to adhesion in pancreatic cancer perineural invasion.
17972522 MMP-2, MMP-9, VEGF and CA 15.3 in breast cancer.
17936281 2008 MUC1 in human testis and ejaculated spermatozoa and its relationship to male fertility status.
17916995 2007 The cytoplasmic expression of MUC1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma of different histological variants and its correlation with cyclin D1 overexpression.
17916404 2008 Interleukin-4 induces specific pp-GalNAc-T expression and alterations in mucin O-glycosylation in colonic epithelial cells.
17889671 2007 The MUC1 and galectin-3 oncoproteins function in a microRNA-dependent regulatory loop.
17852076 Clinical evaluation of the simultaneous determination of CA 15-3, CA 125 and sHER2 in breast cancer.
17764657 2007 Down-regulation of MUC1 in cancer cells inhibits cell migration by promoting E-cadherin/catenin complex formation.
17726465 2007 MUC-1 gene is associated with prostate cancer death: a 20-year follow-up of a population-based study in Sweden.
17717071 2007 MUC1 expression is repressed by protein inhibitor of activated signal transducer and activator of transcription-y.
17703412 2007 Genetic susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis is predominantly associated with innate immune genes.
17692456 2007 High level of MUC1 in serum of ovarian and breast cancer patients inhibits huHMFG-1 dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC).
17678912 2008 Expression of MUC1 in tubal pregnancy.
17671696 2007 Evolution of the human MUC1 oncoprotein.
17668208 2007 Evaluation of serum tumour markers concentrations in patients with homozygous beta-thalassaemia in relation to demographical, clinical and biochemical parameters.
17664159 Differential expression of the glycosylated forms of MUC1 during lung development.
17659847 2007 Differences in the expression of mucins in various forms of cystitis glandularis.
17650217 2007 The expression pattern of MUC1 (EMA) is related to tumour characteristics and clinical outcome in 'pure' ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.
17649808 Mucin 1, Thomsen-Friedenreich expression and galectin-1 binding in endometrioid adenocarcinoma: an immunohistochemical analysis.
17645748 2007 The expression pattern of MUC1 (EMA) is related to tumour characteristics and clinical outcome of invasive ductal breast carcinoma.
17617560 2007 Cutting edge: transgenic expression of human MUC1 in IL-10-/- mice accelerates inflammatory bowel disease and progression to colon cancer.
17609879 2007 MUC 1 mucin content in gastric juice of duodenal ulcer patients: effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy.
17600314 2007 The signaling pathway involved in neutrophil elastase stimulated MUC1 transcription.
17593083 2007 Characteristic Ber-EP4 and EMA expression in sebaceoma is immunohistochemically distinct from basal cell carcinoma.
17592322 2007 Regulation of membrane-associated mucins in the human corneal epithelial cells by dexamethasone.
17581677 2007 No evidence of association of MUC-1 genetic polymorphism with embryo implantation failure.
17575006 2007 TNF-alpha induces MUC1 gene transcription in lung epithelial cells: its signaling pathway and biological implication.
17565019 2007 Circulating thymus- and activation-regulated chemokine/CCL17 is a useful biomarker for discriminating acute eosinophilic pneumonia from other causes of acute lung injury.
17545600 2007 Platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta-mediated phosphorylation of MUC1 enhances invasiveness in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells.
17524503 2007 MUC1 inhibits cell proliferation by a beta-catenin-dependent mechanism.
17504123 2007 MUC1 is a promising therapeutic target for prostate cancer therapy.
17465489 2007 Short mucin 1 alleles are associated with low virulent H pylori strains infection.
17409826 2006 A novel classification of MUC1 expression is correlated with tumor differentiation and postoperative prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer.
17401217 Mucin expression profile in Barrett's, dysplasia, adenocarcinoma sequence in the esophagus.
17393422 2007 Interaction of MUC1 with beta-catenin modulates the Wnt target gene cyclinD1 in H. pylori-induced gastric cancer.
17333267 2007 Expression of aberrant mucins in lobular carcinoma with histiocytoid feature of the breast.
17308127 2007 Human mucin 1 oncoprotein represses transcription of the p53 tumor suppressor gene.
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17114345 2006 MUC1 oncoprotein functions in activation of fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling.
17102128 2007 Mucin 1 oncoprotein blocks hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha activation in a survival response to hypoxia.
17090543 2007 Galectin-3 interaction with Thomsen-Friedenreich disaccharide on cancer-associated MUC1 causes increased cancer cell endothelial adhesion.
17078870 2006 GATA3 protein as a MUC1 transcriptional regulator in breast cancer cells.
17064405 2006 MUC1 expression and anti-MUC1 serum immune response in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC): a multivariate analysis.
17050588 2007 Identification of a novel cancer-specific immunodominant glycopeptide epitope in the MUC1 tandem repeat.
16983337 2007 MUC1 is a novel regulator of ErbB1 receptor trafficking.
16969297 2006 Serum KL-6 as a marker for bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome after lung transplantation.
16925492 2006 MUC1 cytoplasmic tail: a potential therapeutic target for ovarian carcinoma.
16888623 2006 MUC1 oncoprotein blocks nuclear targeting of c-Abl in the apoptotic response to DNA damage.
16857798 2006 Inverse effects of mucin on survival of matched hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer and sporadic colorectal cancer patients.
16846534 2006 MUC1 alters oncogenic events and transcription in human breast cancer cells.
16752227 2006 Expression of Vicia villosa agglutinin (VVA)-binding glycoprotein in primary breast cancer cells in relation to lymphatic metastasis: is atypical MUC1 bearing Tn antigen a receptor of VVA?
16740655 2006 Progesterone receptor isoforms A and B differentially regulate MUC1 expression in uterine epithelial cells.
16720361 2006 MUC1 is a scaffold for selectin ligands in the human uterus.
16710414 2006 The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1.
16707592 2006 RNA interference suppression of MUC1 reduces the growth rate and metastatic phenotype of human pancreatic cancer cells.
16670941 2006 Prognostic significance of changes in CA 15-3 serum levels during chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer patients.
16627342 2006 Expression of aberrantly glycosylated tumor mucin-1 on human DC after transduction with a fiber-modified adenoviral vector.
16585136 2006 N-Glycosylation of the MUC1 mucin in epithelial cells and secretions.
16547220 2006 Cutting edge: enhanced pulmonary clearance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Muc1 knockout mice.
16518063 2006 The reversed apical pattern of MUC1 expression is characteristics of invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast.
16507569 2006 Recycling of MUC1 is dependent on its palmitoylation.
16502470 2006 Human colostrum: identification of minor proteins in the aqueous phase by proteomics.
16475027 2005 MUC1, MUC2, MUC4, MUC5AC and MUC6 expression in the progression of prostate cancer.
16427018 2006 MUC1 oncoprotein stabilizes and activates estrogen receptor alpha.
16403482 2006 Clinical significance of MUC1 and c-Met RT-PCR detection of circulating tumor cells in patients with gastric carcinoma.
16369486 2006 Autoproteolysis coupled to protein folding in the SEA domain of the membrane-bound MUC1 mucin.
16358996 2005 Evaluation of secretory mucin concentration of patients with squamous cell carcinoma oral cavity.
16357367 2006 The mucin-1 568 adenosine to guanine polymorphism influences serum Krebs von den Lungen-6 levels.
16320110 2005 MUC1 mediates transendothelial migration in vitro by ligating endothelial cell ICAM-1.
16289035 2005 KL-6, a human MUC1 mucin, promotes proliferation and survival of lung fibroblasts.
16288032 2005 MUC1 oncoprotein blocks glycogen synthase kinase 3beta-mediated phosphorylation and degradation of beta-catenin.
16272309 2005 The cooperation between two CD4 T cells induces tumor protective immunity in MUC.1 transgenic mice.
16266293 2006 Bile-salt-stimulated lipase and mucins from milk of 'secretor' mothers inhibit the binding of Norwalk virus capsids to their carbohydrate ligands.
16194893 2005 Usefulness of tumor markers CA 125 and CA 15.3 at diagnosis and during follow-up in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: study of 200 patients.
16188033 2005 Differential expression of MUC genes in endometrial and cervical tissues and tumors.
16158055 2006 MUC1 oncoprotein is targeted to mitochondria by heregulin-induced activation of c-Src and the molecular chaperone HSP90.
16155793 2005 Lack of polymorphism in MUC1 tandem repeats in cancer cells is related to breast cancer progression in Japanese women.
16127146 2005 Human neutrophil elastase induces hypersecretion of mucin from well-differentiated human bronchial epithelial cells in vitro via a protein kinase C{delta}-mediated mechanism.
16094706 2005 Expression of MUC1 and its significance in hepatocellular and cholangiocarcinoma tissue.
16042579 2005 Design of a MUC1-based cancer vaccine.
16034102 2005 Human tumor antigen MUC1 is chemotactic for immature dendritic cells and elicits maturation but does not promote Th1 type immunity.
15987679 2005 The MUC1 SEA module is a self-cleaving domain.
15972891 2005 Transmembrane and secreted MUC1 probes show trafficking-dependent changes in O-glycan core profiles.
15971251 2005 The expression pattern of MUC1 glycoforms and other biomarkers of endometrial receptivity in fertile and infertile women.
15969018 2003 [Soluble expression of peptide containing MUC1/Y-specific epitope in Escherichia coli and preparation of the antibody].
15944787 2005 Polymorphism of the MUC1 mucin gene is associated with susceptibility to lung adenocarcinoma and poor prognosis.
15944279 2005 Recombinant tumor-associated MUC1 glycoprotein impairs the differentiation and function of dendritic cells.
15919376 Breast carcinoma cell lysate-pulsed dendritic cells cross-prime MUC1-specific CD8+ T cells identified by peptide-MHC-class-I tetramers.
15897748 2005 Expression of membrane-bound mucins (MUC1 and MUC4) and secreted mucins (MUC2, MUC5AC, MUC5B, MUC6 and MUC7) in mucoepidermoid carcinomas of salivary glands.
15893750 2005 MZF-1 and DbpA interact with DNase I hypersensitive sites that correlate with expression of the human MUC1 mucin gene.
15710329 2005 Human MUC1 oncoprotein regulates p53-responsive gene transcription in the genotoxic stress response.
15699174 2005 Dendritic cells induce MUC1 expression and polarization on human T cells by an IL-7-dependent mechanism.
15623537 2005 A novel protein derived from the MUC1 gene by alternative splicing and frameshifting.
15604091 2005 Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen expression in gastric carcinomas is associated with MUC1 mucin VNTR polymorphism.
15599383 2004 MUC1 expression in primary and metastatic pancreatic cancer cells for in vitro treatment by (213)Bi-C595 radioimmunoconjugate.
15513966 2005 MUC1 (CD227) interacts with lck tyrosine kinase in Jurkat lymphoma cells and normal T cells.
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15471854 2004 MUC1 membrane trafficking is modulated by multiple interactions.
15326289 2004 Identification and proteomic profiling of exosomes in human urine.
15322085 2004 MUC1 oncoprotein activates the FOXO3a transcription factor in a survival response to oxidative stress.
15187110 2004 Tumor-derived MUC1 mucins interact with differentiating monocytes and induce IL-10highIL-12low regulatory dendritic cell.
15169768 2004 MUC1 initiates a calcium signal after ligation by intercellular adhesion molecule-1.
15149576 2004 Is MUC1 polymorphism associated with female infertility?
15147861 2004 Characterization of a novel human UDP-GalNAc transferase, pp-GalNAc-T15.
15142990 2004 Tumor necrosis factor alpha stimulates MUC1 synthesis and ectodomain release in a human uterine epithelial cell line.
15102686 2004 MUC1 and nuclear beta-catenin are coexpressed at the invasion front of colorectal carcinomas and are both correlated with tumor prognosis.
15041735 2004 A human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope and its agonist epitope from the nonvariable number of tandem repeat sequence of MUC-1.
15020226 2004 MUC1 can interact with adenomatous polyposis coli in breast cancer.
15009981 2004 [A study of correlation between early postoperative relapse with lymph node micrometastasis in patients with N0 esophageal cancer].
14998492 2004 Human MUC1 carcinoma-associated protein confers resistance to genotoxic anticancer agents.
14766232 2004 Interaction of human MUC1 and beta-catenin is regulated by Lck and ZAP-70 in activated Jurkat T cells.
14707484 2002 In vivo glycosylation of MUC1 in airway epithelial cells.
14688481 MUC1 cytoplasmic domain coactivates Wnt target gene transcription and confers transformation.
14636048 2003 Nuclear magnetic resonance-based dissection of a glycosyltransferase specificity for the mucin MUC1 tandem repeat.
14620915 2003 Tissue and serum MUC1 mucin detection in breast cancer patients.
14616551 2003 MUC1 and MUC2 expression in salivary gland tumors and in non-neoplastic salivary gland tissue.
14578499 2003 Pro-inflammatory cytokines up-regulate MUC1 gene expression in oral epithelial cells.
14534730 Evaluation of MUC1 splice variants as prognostic markers in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.
14521915 2003 Identification of four sites of stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation in the MUC1 cytoplasmic tail.
14509156 2003 Detection of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor receptor (c-Met) and MUC1 from the axillary fluid drainage in patients after breast cancer surgery.
12955090 2003 Human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma-associated protein functions as an oncogene.
12939402 2003 Heregulin targets gamma-catenin to the nucleolus by a mechanism dependent on the DF3/MUC1 oncoprotein.
12925576 2003 Conformational studies on the MUC1 tandem repeat glycopeptides: implication for the enzymatic O-glycosylation of the mucin protein core.
12893366 2003 Prognostic significance of CA 125, CD44, and epithelial membrane antigen in renal cell carcinoma.
12832729 Towards the identification of (a) gene(s) for autosomal dominant medullary cystic kidney disease.
12832415 2003 Nuclear association of the cytoplasmic tail of MUC1 and beta-catenin.
12826677 2003 Human MUC1 carcinoma antigen regulates intracellular oxidant levels and the apoptotic response to oxidative stress.
12820726 Tumor cell MUC1 and CD43 are glycosylated differently with sialyl-Lewis a and x epitopes and show variable interactions with E-selectin under physiological flow conditions.
12798775 2003 Erb-B2 homodimerization inhibits MUC1 transcription in cultured human mammary epithelial cells.
12754287 2003 Polypeptide GalNAc-transferases, ST6GalNAc-transferase I, and ST3Gal-transferase I expression in gastric carcinoma cell lines.
12750561 DF3/MUC1 signaling in multiple myeloma cells is regulated by interleukin-7.
12734543 2003 MUC1 polymorphism confers increased risk for intestinal metaplasia in a Colombian population with chronic gastritis.
12724017 2003 Biosynthesis of MUC1 mucin in human endometrial adenocarcinoma is modulated by estradiol and tamoxifen.
12652076 2002 The expression of human FUT1 in HT-29/M3 colon cancer cells instructs the glycosylation of MUC1 and MUC5AC apomucins.
12646057 2003 Transmembrane and truncated (SEC) isoforms of MUC1 in the human endometrium and Fallopian tube.
12640674 2003 Requirement of both mucins and proteoglycans in cell-cell dissociation and invasiveness of colon carcinoma HT-29 cells.
12618757 2003 MUC1 alters beta-catenin-dependent tumor formation and promotes cellular invasion.
12553374 2002 Vaccination of mice with MUC1 cDNA suppresses the development of lung metastases.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12462382 2002 Expression of MUCI splice variants correlates with invasive growth of breast cancer cell lines.
12441351 2003 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme/ADAM 17 mediates MUC1 shedding.
12417297 2002 Characterization of a novel human UDP-GalNAc transferase, pp-GalNAc-T10.
12377938 2002 MUC1 epithelial mucin (CD227) is expressed by activated dendritic cells.
12372344 2002 Constitutive and inducible expression of the epithelial antigen MUC1 (CD227) in human T cells.
12364335 2002 The lectin domain of UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 is involved in O-glycosylation of a polypeptide with multiple acceptor sites.
12199709 2002 Identification of two cysteine residues involved in the binding of UDP-GalNAc to UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 (GalNAc-T1).
12161443 2002 Snail induction of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in tumor cells is accompanied by MUC1 repression and ZEB1 expression.
12135769 2002 Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel member of the UDP-GalNAc:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase family, pp-GalNAc-T12.
12019297 2002 Expression of membrane-associated mucins MUC1 and MUC4 in major human salivary glands.
12000758 2002 Recombinant MUC1 probe authentically reflects cell-specific O-glycosylation profiles of endogenous breast cancer mucin. High density and prevalent core 2-based glycosylation.
11984004 2002 Identification of two novel elements involved in human MUCI gene expression in vivo.
11877440 2002 Protein kinase C delta regulates function of the DF3/MUC1 carcinoma antigen in beta-catenin signaling.
11872746 2002 Tyrosine kinase c-Src constitutes a bridge between cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator channel failure and MUC1 overexpression in cystic fibrosis.
11847293 2002 Generation of ligand-receptor alliances by "SEA" module-mediated cleavage of membrane-associated mucin proteins.
11836704 2002 Diagnostic utility of Glut-1 and CA 15-3 in discriminating adenocarcinoma from hepatocellular carcinoma in liver tumors biopsied by fine-needle aspiration.
11813869 2002 Immunoreactivity of Lewis blood group and mucin peptide core antigens: correlations with grade of dysplasia and malignant transformation in the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence.
11787681 2001 Structural and functional aspects of three major glycoproteins of the human milk fat globule membrane.
11483589 2001 The epidermal growth factor receptor regulates interaction of the human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma antigen with c-Src and beta-catenin.
11464247 2001 MUC1 gene polymorphism in the gastric carcinogenesis pathway.
11350974 2001 Identification and topology of variant sequences within individual repeat domains of the human epithelial tumor mucin MUC1.
11341784 2001 Identification of MUC1 proteolytic cleavage sites in vivo.
11311200 2001 Distribution of MUC1 in the normal human oral cavity is localized to the ducts of minor salivary glands.
11278868 2001 Transgenic MUC1 interacts with epidermal growth factor receptor and correlates with mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in the mouse mammary gland.
11181067 2001 The Human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma-associated antigen signals nuclear localization of the catenin p120(ctn).
11173916 2001 MUC1 mucin core protein binds to the domain 1 of ICAM-1.
11152665 2001 The c-Src tyrosine kinase regulates signaling of the human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma-associated antigen with GSK3 beta and beta-catenin.
11118479 2001 Mucin MUC1 is seen in cell surface protrusions together with ezrin in immunoelectron tomography and is concentrated at tips of filopodial protrusions in MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells.
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10610356 1999 Macrophage-tumour cell interactions: identification of MUC1 on breast cancer cells as a potential counter-receptor for the macrophage-restricted receptor, sialoadhesin.
10373415 1999 High density O-glycosylation on tandem repeat peptide from secretory MUC1 of T47D breast cancer cells.
10334541 1999 Expression of MUC-1 epitopes on normal bone marrow: implications for the detection of micrometastatic tumor cells.
10197628 1999 The breast cancer-associated MUC1 gene generates both a receptor and its cognate binding protein.
9819408 1998 Interaction of glycogen synthase kinase 3beta with the DF3/MUC1 carcinoma-associated antigen and beta-catenin.
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9536096 1998 Chromosome 1 localization of a gene for autosomal dominant medullary cystic kidney disease.
9312074 1997 Localization of O-glycosylation sites on glycopeptide fragments from lactation-associated MUC1. All putative sites within the tandem repeat are glycosylation targets in vivo.
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7925397 1994 Characterization and molecular cloning of a novel MUC1 protein, devoid of tandem repeats, expressed in human breast cancer tissue.
7744025 1995 Studies on the order and site specificity of GalNAc transfer to MUC1 tandem repeats by UDP-GalNAc: polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase from milk or mammary carcinoma cells.
7698991 1995 Episialin (MUC1) overexpression inhibits integrin-mediated cell adhesion to extracellular matrix components.
7664271 1995 Association of the DF3/MUC1 breast cancer antigen with Grb2 and the Sos/Ras exchange protein.
7635656 1995 Human corneal and conjunctival epithelia express MUC1 mucin.
7515892 1994 Developmental expression of mucin genes MUC1 and MUC2.
6094338 1984 Differential reactivity of a novel monoclonal antibody (DF3) with human malignant versus benign breast tumors.
3417635 1988 A highly immunogenic region of a human polymorphic epithelial mucin expressed by carcinomas is made up of tandem repeats.
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2112460 1990 A transcribed gene, containing a variable number of tandem repeats, codes for a human epithelial tumor antigen. cDNA cloning, expression of the transfected gene and over-expression in breast cancer tissue.
1697589 1990 Molecular cloning and expression of human tumor-associated polymorphic epithelial mucin.
1688329 1990 Isolation and characterization of an expressed hypervariable gene coding for a breast-cancer-associated antigen.
1556125 1992 Cell-associated episialin is a complex containing two proteins derived from a common precursor.