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25408337 Studies indicate that palmitoylated erythrocyte membrane protein p55 (MPP1) and its palmitoylation play a crucial role in lateral membrane organization in erythroid cells.
23507198 MPP1 knockdown significantly affects the activation of MAP-kinase signaling.
22496366 pathophysiological relationship between the loss of MPP1-directed palmitoylation activity and perturbed lateral membrane organization.
21509594 MPP1 gene expression is decreased in both classic and follicular variants of papillary thyroid carcinoma.
19144871 p55-NF2 protein interaction may play a functional role in the regulation of apico-basal polarity and tumor suppression pathways in non-erythroid cells.
18952129 p55 binds to two distinct sites within the FERM domain, and the alternatively spliced exon 5 is necessary for the membrane targeting of protein 4.1R in epithelial cells.
17584769 MPP1 links the Usher protein network and the Crumbs protein complex in the retina
16741958 Results show the NMR-derived structure of the human erythroid p55 PDZ domain and propose a possible interaction mode with the C-terminus of glycophorin C.

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