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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 23
PubMed Score 53.81
PubTator Score 32.73

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Disease log2 FC p
lung cancer 4.200 3.0e-07


Accession Q13064
Symbols CPPB2


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Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

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26431553 prevalence of MKNR3 mutations is high in familial cases of idiopathic central precocious puberty (iCPP); onset occurs earlier in patients with MKRN3 mutations than in those without the mutations and sexual dimorphism for age at puberty onset persists in patients with mutations; MKRN3 mutations accelerate postnatal development of the gonadotropic axis
26331766 Case Report: MKRN3 missense mutation in a Danish girl with central precocious puberty and her brother with early puberty.
26175221 Data show similar circulating MKRN3 levels in men with congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (CHH)and healthy controls.
26173472 Data indicate that a novel mutation in the makorin ring finger protein 3 (MKRN3) gene in two sisters with central precocious puberty (CPP) was identified.
25957321 MKRN3 plays an inhibitory role in the reproductive axis to represent a new pathway in pubertal regulation. [Review]
25938887 the present study reveals a relatively low number of MKRN 3 mutations in Korean girls with CPP.
25695892 Declining levels of circulating MKRN3 preceded pubertal onset. The negative correlation between MKRN3 and gonadotropins further supports MKRN3 as a major regulator of hypothalamic GnRH secretion during childhood.
25316453 The MKRN3 protein has a fundamental role in determining pubertal timing.
25011910 MKRN3 mutations appear to be a frequent cause of familial CPP and, considering the imprinted mode of inheritance, may also account for a certain proportion of isolated CPP cases.
24628548 this study identified novel inherited MKRN3 defects in children with apparently sporadic central precocious puberty, supporting a fundamental role of this peptide in the suppression of the reproductive axis.
24438377 A novel MKRN3 mutation (p.C340G) in a girl with central precocious puberty and her brother with early puberty.
23738509 Deficiency of MKRN3 causes central precocious puberty in humans.
22082156 Knockdown of makorin ring finger protein 3 (MKRN3) by siRNA enhances the early stages of HIV-1 replication in HeLa-CD4 cells infected with viral pseudotypes HIV89.6R and HIV8.2N
10196367 MKRN3 gene is imprinted, with preferential expression from the paternal allele.

AA Sequence

QWDLLHYELEEYFNLIL                                                         491 - 507

Text Mined References (25)

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