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26938916 Biochemical analysis of the BAHD1-associated multiprotein complex identifies MIER proteins as novel partners of BAHD1 and suggests that BAHD1-MIER interaction forms a hub for histone deacetylases and methyltransferases
26281834 Insulin and IGF-1 alter the subcellular localization of MIER1alpha in breast carcinoma cells.
24376786 nuclear targeting of MIER1alpha requires an intact ELM2 domain and is dependent on interaction with HDAC1/2
23277184 the first immunohistochemical study of the MIER1alpha protein expression pattern in human tissues, is reported.
22384264 Differential splicing alters subcellular localization of the alpha but not beta isoform of the MIER1 transcriptional regulator in breast cancer cells
18665173 Loss of nuclear MI-ER1 alpha might contribute to the development of invasive breast carcinoma
15117948 the association of hMI-ER1 with Sp1 represents a novel mechanism for the negative regulation of Sp1 target promoters
12482978 we investigated the role of hMI-ER1alpha and hMI-ER1beta in the regulation of transcription.We demonstrate that this repressor activity is due to interaction and recruitment of a trichostatin A-sensitive histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1).
12242014 Results demonstrate that alternate use of a facultative intron regulates the subcellular localization of hMI-ER1 proteins and this may have important implications for hMI-ER1 function.

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SSEFFQEAVSHGKFEELENTDD                                                    491 - 512

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