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651819 screening 1085 / 0 / 361502 High-Throughput Screening for Modulators of Cytosolic Chaperonin Activity

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25666562 MARVELD2 variants are responsible for about 1.5 % (95 % CI 0.8-2.6) of non-syndromic hearing loss in our cohort of 800 Pakistani families. The c.1331+2T>C allele is recurrent.
25319490 The expressions of MARVELD2, CLDN1 and CLDN3 mRNA were significantly lower in cholesteatoma tissue and may be involved in epithelium permeability.
24652413 High tricellulin expression is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.
23250572 This study reveals the presence and subcellular distribution of tricellulin in brain endothelial cells.
23239027 The findings show the heterogeneity of the molecular organization of tTJs in terms of the content of LSR, ILDR1 or ILDR2, and suggest that ILDR1-mediated recruitment of tricellulin to TCs is required for hearing.
23073616 The dynamic behavior of tricellulin during the destruction and formation of tight junctions (TJ) under various extracellular calcium conditions seems to be closely associated with the barrier and fence functions of TJs.
22394074 the tricellulin expression profile in normal and neoplastic human pancreas
22097895 DFNB49 is an important cause of non-syndromic deafness in Czech Roma patients but not in the general Czech population.
21868126 tricellulin and its role in tight junction formation and maintenance
21624353 the expression of tricellulin both in microglia and in the stomach immune cells point to a possible role of this new tight junctions protein in the immune system.
21480761 tricellulin is markedly reduced at all stages of tumor development. In situ hybridization analysis showed no correlation between HPV infection and altered expression of the tight junction proteins.
20533305 JNK may be involved in the regulation of tricellular tight junctions including TRIC expression and the barrier function in pancreatic duct epithelial cells.
20164257 marvelD3, occludin, and tricellulin define the tight junction-associated MARVEL protein family
20033365 These results suggest that tricellulin is stably expressed in human nasal epithelial cells and may play an important role for the sealing of the corner at tricellular contacts to prevent infiltration by various inhaled viruses and antigens.
19915590 TRiC does not physically block the polyQ tract of Htt itself, but rather sequesters a short Htt sequence element, N-terminal to the polyQ tract, that promotes the amyloidogenic conformation.
19538290 Differential phosphorylation of tricellulin by casein kinase 1 (CK1) and casein kinase 2
19535456 Data suggest that at low tricellulin expression the tricellular tight junction central tube forms a pathway, but at higher expression tricellulin forms a barrier for macromolecules in tricellular TJs and in bicellular TJs for solutes of all sizes.
18084694 Splice-site mutations in the TRIC gene underlie autosomal recessive nonsyndromic hearing impairment
15538632 Maps to 5q12.3-q14.1.

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