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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 39
PubMed Score 12.21
PubTator Score 15.99

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  Disease (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
ovarian cancer 8491 5.7e-06
Multiple myeloma 1327 3.9e-05
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 764 6.9e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma 2254 1.1e-02
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Microcephaly 149 4.135 2.1


  Differential Expression (4)

Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.272 6.9e-03
Multiple myeloma 1.867 3.9e-05
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.200 1.1e-02
ovarian cancer 2.800 5.7e-06

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Protein-protein Interaction (288)

POM121C   DDX39A   IGF2BP3   U2SURP   CASC3   NUPL2   POLR2D   DHX15   HNRNPR   PLRG1   NUDT21   DHX16   AQR   CDC40   PQBP1   ZC3H11A   SF3B1   SNRNP200   NUP155   BCAS2   SMNDC1   PRPF6   PCF11   SLU7   CD2BP2   CPSF4   SYF2   RPLP1   RPLP2   RPLP0   EIF4E   HNRNPC   SNRPB2   RPS17   RPSA   HNRNPA1   SNRPA1   PABPC1   TPR   GTF2F2   SNRPB   HNRNPL   RPS2   RPL35A   RPL7   RPL17   POLR2C   POLR2E   RPS4Y1   HNRNPA2B1   RPS3   EIF4B   POLR2A   RPS12   U2AF2   RPL13   PTBP1   ZFP36   RPL10   RPL12   POLR2B   HNRNPH1   RPL9   CSTF2   RPL22   GTF2F1   NUP214   RPL4   POLR2I   NUP62   RBMX   RPS19   RPL3   RPL13A   APOBEC1   RPS27   RPL35   RPL27A   RPL5   RPL21   RPL28   RPS9   RPS5   RPS10   RPL29   RPL34   NUP153   RANBP2   RPL14   PAPOLA   HNRNPA3   HNRNPM   POLR2H   POLR2J   HNRNPF   RBM5   NUP98   POLR2K   SNU13   HNRNPH2   NUP107   EIF4A1   RPS20   POLR2F   RPS3A   RPL26   RPL15   RPL27   RPL37A   RPL37   HNRNPK   RPS7   RPS8   RPS15A   RPS16   RPS14   RPS23   RPS18   RPS29   RPS13   RPS11   SNRPE   SNRPF   SNRPG   SNRPD1   SNRPD2   SNRPD3   RPL7A   POLR2G   RPS4X   RPL23A   RPS6   RPL23   RPS15   RPS24   RPS25   RPS26   RPS28   FAU   POLR2L   RPL30   RPL39   RPL31   RPL10A   RPL32   RPL11   RPL8   RPL41   RPS27A   UBA52   TRA2B   SNURF   RPL38   RPS21   PPP2CA   YBX1   RAE1   RPL24   TXNL4A   RPL36A   RPL19   SRSF3   HNRNPU   U2AF1   SRSF2   RPL18A   RPL6   EIF4G1   CSTF1   SRSF11   RPL18   ZFP36L1   SRSF1   SRSF4   CPSF1   SF3A3   CSTF3   HNRNPA0   SRSF9   SRSF5   SRSF6   SF3B2   SNW1   HNRNPD   EIF4A2   EFTUD2   RNPS1   PCBP1   PCBP2   SF3B3   SF3B4   SF3A2   SF3A1   SRSF7   PAN2   PAN3   NUP188   THOC7   PRPF8   FIP1L1   DDX46   PHF5A   NUP54   PABPN1   SMG6   ALYREF   THOC6   DDX42   CHERP   SUGP1   CCAR1   SRRM1   GSPT2   NUP93   CPSF7   SMG8   NUP43   NUP37   NUP35   THOC2   NUP210   U2AF1L4   NUP133   CTNNBL1   SMG7   DHX38   NUP205   PRCC   SYMPK   UPF1   GPKOW   KHSRP   CLP1   MAGOHB   PPWD1   SNRNP40   SEH1L   THOC1   POM121   RBM17   THOC3   SMG1   CDC5L   NUP88   NDC1   HNRNPUL1   DDX23   NUP58   NUP85   SF3B5   POLDIP3   UPF3B   CRNKL1   WDR33   NXF2B   PAIP1   CSTF2T   SMG9   UPF3A   UPF2   CWC22   XAB2   A1CF   RBM22   CWC25   IGF2BP1   CWC15   CPSF2   NXF1   PUF60   CPSF3   NXT1   NUP50   ISY1   PRPF19   SMG5   SRRM2   WBP11   LSM2   RPL36   CHTOP   RBM8A   IGF2BP2   UBB   SCRN3   PNN   PYM1   DFFB  

Gene RIF (4)

23917022 findings show 2 genes MAGOH and MAGOHB are expressed in mammals; in macrophages, expression of MAGOHB but not MAGOH mRNA increases after LPS stimulation; both MAGOH proteins interact with other exon junction complex (EJC) components, incorporate into mRNA-bound EJCs and activate nonsense-mediated decay
19254694 These results indicate that MAGOH regulates the transcriptional activation of STAT3 by interfering complex formation between STAT3 and Y14.
16931718 crystal structure of a tetrameric exon junction core complex containing the DEAD-box adenosine triphosphatase eukaryotic initiation factor 4AIII bound to an ATP analog, MAGOH, Y14, a fragment of MLN51, and a polyuracil mRNA mimic
16170325 The stable association of multiprotein exon junction complex core with RNA is maintained by inhibition of eIF4AIII ATPase activity by MAGOH-Y14.

AA Sequence

FKIKPI                                                                    141 - 146

Text Mined References (47)

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