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PubMed Score 738.70
PubTator Score 143.69

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Gene RIF (12)

25484098 Plant homeodomain finger protein 23 negatively regulates cell autophagy by promoting ubiquitination and degradation of E3 ligase LRSAM1
24894446 disruption of the C-terminal RING domain confers dominant negative properties to LRSAM1
23245322 Authors identify LRSAM1 as the E3 ligase responsible for anti-Salmonella autophagy-associated ubiquitination.
22781092 Our data further confirms that LRSAM1 mutations are associated with CMT2 of AD inheritance.
22012984 homozygous mutation in LRSAM1 was proposed as a strong candidate for the disease in a family with recessive axonal polyneuropathy
20865121 LRSAM1 is a strong candidate for the causal gene for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.
20616063 LRSAM1 as a component of the antibacterial autophagic response.
18077552 Tal polyubiquitinates lysine residues in the C-terminus of uncomplexed Tsg101, resulting in proteasomal degradation.
16808324 TAL, a Tsg101-associated ligase, binds and ubiquitinates Tsg101; TAL-mediated binding and ubiquitination of Tsg101 cooperatively regulate release of HIV-1 Gag
15256501 Tal regulates a Tsg101-associated complex responsible for the sorting of cargo into cytoplasm-containing vesicles that bud at the multivesicular body and at the plasma membrane
15256501 TAL, a Tsg101-associated ligase, binds and ubiquitinates Tsg101; TAL-mediated binding and ubiquitination of Tsg101 cooperatively regulate release of HIV-1 Gag
14635195 Results suggest that RIFLE represents a novel signaling protein that mediates components of the Wnt/wingless signaling pathway and cell adhesion in PC12 cells [RIFLE protein].

AA Sequence

QPLRTCPLCRQDIAQRLRIYHSS                                                   701 - 723

Text Mined References (30)

PMID Year Title
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25260751 2014 The MEKK1 PHD ubiquitinates TAB1 to activate MAPKs in response to cytokines.
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23245322 2012 The LRR and RING domain protein LRSAM1 is an E3 ligase crucial for ubiquitin-dependent autophagy of intracellular Salmonella Typhimurium.
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22012984 2012 A frameshift mutation in LRSAM1 is responsible for a dominant hereditary polyneuropathy.
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