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PubMed Score 5.00
PubTator Score 68.17

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  Differential Expression (12)

Disease log2 FC p
gastric cancer 1.100 2.9e-02
pancreatic cancer 1.400 1.0e-02
psoriasis 1.400 1.7e-04
osteosarcoma 3.254 1.3e-09
glioblastoma 1.700 1.2e-03
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.300 9.9e-03
tuberculosis and treatment for 6 months -1.600 8.9e-06
pediatric high grade glioma 1.600 4.2e-05
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.200 6.1e-04
pancreatic carcinoma 1.400 1.0e-02
ulcerative colitis 1.200 2.0e-07
ovarian cancer 1.500 4.6e-04

Protein-protein Interaction (11)

Gene RIF (28)

26460618 our data suggest an essential role of PINCH1, ILK and ILKAP for the radioresistance of p53-wildtype glioblastoma multiforme cells
26004008 Data suggest that PINCH1 and Nck2 critically participate in the regulation of cellular radiosensitivity and EGFR function and downstream signaling in a cellular model of human squamous cell carcinoma.
25647720 Downregulation of PINCH1 is associated with metastatic breast cancer.
24895689 two novel genes, galectin 9 and PINCH, were expressed at much higher levels in cancerous lesions than in normal tissues in all the patients with clear-cell carcinoma who were examined
24817145 changes in CSF levels of PINCH appear to correlate with changes in blood CD4 count and with changes in CSF hyperphosphorylated Tau levels
23970013 PINCH predicts survival in rectal cancer patients with RT, but not in patients without RT. The expression of PINCH may be regulated by radiation and by environmental factors surrounding the cells.
23554879 PINCH is increased and binds to hp-Tau. These studies address a new mechanism by which AD and HIV may intersect and identify PINCH as a contributing factor to the accumulation of hyperphosphorylated Tau.
22976000 PINCH protein might play an important role in the tumourigenesis and metastasis of gastric adenocarcinoma.
22310984 Pinch-1 mRNA and protein were significantly up-regulated in acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia bone marrow stromal cells compared to normal bone marrow stromal cells (p<0.01).
22199270 PINCH mRNA overexpression in colorectal carcinomas is correlated with VEGF and FAS mRNA expression
21426571 PINCH staining at the tumour invasive margin was related to survival in poorly differentiated tumours but not in better differentiated tumours, indicating that the impact of PINCH on prognosis was dependent on differentiation status.
21390327 PINCH1 can shuttle into the nucleus from cytoplasm in podocytes, wherein it interacts with WT1 and suppresses podocyte-specific gene expression.
20927395 Data suggest that the adapter protein PINCH1 critically participates in the regulation of the cellular radiosensitivity of normal and malignant cells similarly under adhesion and suspension conditions.
20926685 data reveal how specific domains of PINCH-1 direct two independent pathways: one utilizing ILK to allow cell attachment, and the other recruiting Rsu-1 to activate Rac1 in order to promote cell spreading
20714146 PINCH expression markedly increased in tumor-associated stroma in endometrioid carcinoma compared to normal endometrium and atypical endometrial hyperplasia; results suggest PINCH seems to play a role in tumorigenesis and development of endometrial cancer
20689998 PINCH may function as a neuron-specific host-mediated response to challenge by HIV-related factors in the CNS.
20590912 Findings of increased PINCH protein in more advanced stages of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, as well as in metastatic tumours in the animal model, support the hypothesis that PINCH is an important controller of cell survival and migration.
19952891 Review provides an overview of the current knowledge of the molecular interactions of PINCH with other components of focal adhesions and discusses its potential implication for human heart disease.
19074270 zincs are coordinated by PINCH1 LIM1, and suggests that conformational flexibility and twisting between the 2 zinc fingers within the LIM1 domain may be important for ILK binding.
18957717 PINCH protein is overexpressed in tumor-associated stroma of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
18459134 observations that PINCH is robustly expressed in the CNS of HIV patients suggests an important role for PINCH in HIV-associated neurodegenerative processes
18187956 PINCH expression may be involved in glioma development and differentiation.
18063582 PINCH-1 contributes to apoptosis resistance through suppression of Bim. Mechanistically, PINCH-1 suppresses Bim not only transcriptionally but also post-transcriptionally.
17656471 PINCH-1, through its interaction with integrin-linked kinase, plays important role in regulating TGF-beta1-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and could be potential future therapeutic target to prevent progression of renal disease.
16273248 Up-regulation of PINCH protein in stroma may be involved in promoting invasion and metastasis in oral squamous cell cacinoma.
15941716 PINCH-1 functions as a molecular platform for coupling and uncoupling diverse cellular processes via overlapping but yet distinct domain interactions
14551191 PINCH1 and ILK are essential for prompt cell spreading and motility; PINCH1 and ILK, like alpha-parvin, are crucial for cell survival; PINCH1 and ILK are required for optimal activating phosphorylation of PKB/Akt of the survival pathway
12432066 Assembly of the PINCH-ILK-CH-ILKBP complex precedes and is essential for localization of each component to cell-matrix adhesion sites

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Text Mined References (60)

PMID Year Title
26460618 2015 ILKAP, ILK and PINCH1 control cell survival of p53-wildtype glioblastoma cells after irradiation.
26004008 2015 Targeting of the EGFR/?1 integrin connecting proteins PINCH1 and Nck2 radiosensitizes three-dimensional SCC cell cultures.
25852190 2015 Integrative analysis of kinase networks in TRAIL-induced apoptosis provides a source of potential targets for combination therapy.
25647720 2015 Ras suppressor-1 promotes apoptosis in breast cancer cells by inhibiting PINCH-1 and activating p53-upregulated-modulator of apoptosis (PUMA); verification from metastatic breast cancer human samples.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24895689 2014 Galectin 9 and PINCH, novel immunotherapy targets of renal cell carcinoma: a rationale to find potential tumour antigens and the resulting cytotoxic T lymphocytes induced by the derived peptides.
24817145 2014 Changes in PINCH levels in the CSF of HIV+ individuals correlate with hpTau and CD4 count.
23970013 2013 PINCH expression in relation to radiation response in co-cultured colon cancer cells and in rectal cancer patients.
23877428 2013 Interaction of smoothened with integrin-linked kinase in primary cilia mediates Hedgehog signalling.
23554879 2013 PINCH in the cellular stress response to tau-hyperphosphorylation.
23455922 2013 Interlaboratory reproducibility of large-scale human protein-complex analysis by standardized AP-MS.
23414517 2013 A human skeletal muscle interactome centered on proteins involved in muscular dystrophies: LGMD interactome.
23088713 2012 Protein interactions of the transcription factor Hoxa1.
22976000 2012 PINCH expression and its clinicopathological significance in gastric adenocarcinoma.
22310984 2013 Pinch-1 was up-regulated in leukemia BMSC and its possible effect.
22199270 2011 PINCH mRNA overexpression in colorectal carcinomas correlated with VEGF and FAS mRNA expression.
21426571 2011 Impact of PINCH expression on survival in colorectal cancer patients.
21423176 2011 Analysis of the myosin-II-responsive focal adhesion proteome reveals a role for ?-Pix in negative regulation of focal adhesion maturation.
21390327 2011 PINCH1 is transcriptional regulator in podocytes that interacts with WT1 and represses podocalyxin expression.
21269460 2011 Initial characterization of the human central proteome.
20927395 2010 The role of the focal adhesion protein PINCH1 for the radiosensitivity of adhesion and suspension cell cultures.
20926685 2010 The roles of two distinct regions of PINCH-1 in the regulation of cell attachment and spreading.
20714146 2010 PINCH protein expression in normal endometrium, atypical endometrial hyperplasia and endometrioid endometrial carcinoma.
20689998 2011 Neuronal PINCH is regulated by TNF-? and is required for neurite extension.
20590912 2010 Prognostic significance of PINCH signalling in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
19952891 2009 Particularly interesting cysteine- and histidine-rich protein in cardiac development and remodeling.
19117955 2009 Structural basis of focal adhesion localization of LIM-only adaptor PINCH by integrin-linked kinase.
19074270 2008 The structural basis of integrin-linked kinase-PINCH interactions.
18957717 2008 PINCH expression and its significance in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
18459134 2008 Novel expression of PINCH in the central nervous system and its potential as a biomarker for human immunodeficiency virus-associated neurodegeneration.
18436335 2008 The Rsu-1-PINCH1-ILK complex is regulated by Ras activation in tumor cells.
18339839 2008 Rictor and integrin-linked kinase interact and regulate Akt phosphorylation and cancer cell survival.
18187956 2007 Expression of PINCH protein in gliomas and its clinicopathological significance.
18063582 2008 PINCH-1 regulates the ERK-Bim pathway and contributes to apoptosis resistance in cancer cells.
17656471 2007 PINCH-1 promotes tubular epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by interacting with integrin-linked kinase.
17353931 2007 Large-scale mapping of human protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
16273248 2005 Up-regulation of PINCH in the stroma of oral squamous cell carcinoma predicts nodal metastasis.
16189514 2005 Towards a proteome-scale map of the human protein-protein interaction network.
15941716 2005 Molecular dissection of PINCH-1 reveals a mechanism of coupling and uncoupling of cell shape modulation and survival.
15878342 2005 The Ras suppressor Rsu-1 binds to the LIM 5 domain of the adaptor protein PINCH1 and participates in adhesion-related functions.
15815621 2005 Generation and annotation of the DNA sequences of human chromosomes 2 and 4.
15761153 2005 High-throughput mapping of a dynamic signaling network in mammalian cells.
15721255 2005 Structure of an ultraweak protein-protein complex and its crucial role in regulation of cell morphology and motility.
15565145 2004 Thymosin beta4 activates integrin-linked kinase and promotes cardiac cell migration, survival and cardiac repair.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14551191 2003 PINCH-1 is an obligate partner of integrin-linked kinase (ILK) functioning in cell shape modulation, motility, and survival.
12794636 2003 Structural and functional insights into PINCH LIM4 domain-mediated integrin signaling.
12665801 2003 Exploring proteomes and analyzing protein processing by mass spectrometric identification of sorted N-terminal peptides.
12528177 2003 Identification of PINCH in Schwann cells and DRG neurons: shuttling and signaling after nerve injury.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12432066 2002 Assembly of the PINCH-ILK-CH-ILKBP complex precedes and is essential for localization of each component to cell-matrix adhesion sites.
11331308 2001 A new focal adhesion protein that interacts with integrin-linked kinase and regulates cell adhesion and spreading.
11078733 2001 Solution structure of the focal adhesion adaptor PINCH LIM1 domain and characterization of its interaction with the integrin-linked kinase ankyrin repeat domain.
10574708 1999 Integrin-linked kinase is localized to cell-matrix focal adhesions but not cell-cell adhesion sites and the focal adhesion localization of integrin-linked kinase is regulated by the PINCH-binding ANK repeats.
10508479 1999 Antigens recognized by autologous antibody in patients with renal-cell carcinoma.
10409428 1999 Gene expression in proliferating human erythroid cells.
10022929 1999 The LIM-only protein PINCH directly interacts with integrin-linked kinase and is recruited to integrin-rich sites in spreading cells.
9843575 1998 Nck-2, a novel Src homology2/3-containing adaptor protein that interacts with the LIM-only protein PINCH and components of growth factor receptor kinase-signaling pathways.
7517666 1994 A new LIM protein containing an autoepitope homologous to "senescent cell antigen".