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23954021 Data have identified TBX6 as a new gene associated with Mullerian aplasia. The results also support the relevance of LHX1 and CNVs in the development of this congenital malformation.
22875024 Data indicate that expression of ERAS, LHX1, and CCRK is increased in aggressive subgroups of medulloblastomas.
22740494 study concludes that heterozygous mutations of LHX1 might be one cause of the Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome in a subgroup of patients
22231913 Lim1/LIM1 expression in neonatal, adult mouse and human endometrium suggesting Lim1/LIM1 may have a role in endometrial development and remodelling
22217964 Mutations in the coding regions of LHX1 may not be a common genetic etiologic factor involved in Han Chinese patients with mullerian duct abnormalities.
21778788 Eleven dysplastic kidneys showed no expression of LIM1. In contrast, 12 of 32 nephroblastomas showed nuclear positivity.
21132009 findings establish that the developmental marker Lim1 acts as an oncogene in cancer cells and targeting Lim1 may constitute an innovative therapeutic intervention in human lear cell carcinoma
19849868 Lim1 (also known as Lhx1) gene consists of a DNA-binding homeodomain and 2 cysteine-rich LIM domains, which may participate in protein to protein interactions, and encodes a transcription factor.

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