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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 64
PubMed Score 118.91
PubTator Score 110.36

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  Differential Expression (24)

Disease log2 FC p
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1.400 1.4e-03
astrocytic glioma -1.900 1.2e-02
ependymoma -1.800 2.3e-02
oligodendroglioma -2.100 1.7e-02
psoriasis 1.800 7.3e-08
osteosarcoma -2.506 4.7e-08
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.700 8.2e-07
medulloblastoma -1.300 3.3e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.700 4.0e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -1.200 3.5e-02
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.157 5.6e-12
tuberculosis and treatment for 3 months -1.200 1.4e-03
non-small cell lung cancer 1.353 2.5e-10
lung cancer 1.500 1.3e-03
cystic fibrosis -1.100 1.4e-04
adult high grade glioma -1.300 1.2e-03
lung adenocarcinoma 1.079 2.2e-04
non-inflammatory breast cancer 1.200 1.2e-02
breast carcinoma 1.500 7.5e-24
Pick disease -1.500 4.6e-05
ductal carcinoma in situ 1.200 1.4e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.500 3.6e-03
ovarian cancer -4.600 2.8e-12
pituitary cancer -1.100 4.5e-05


Accession O00214 O15215 Q5T3P5 Q5T3Q4 Q8TEV1 Q96B92 Q9BXC8 Q9H584 Q9H585 Q9UEZ6 Q9UP32 Q9UP33 Q9UP34 Gal-8
Symbols Gal-8


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2YRO   2YV8   2YXS   3AP4   3AP5   3AP6   3AP7   3AP9   3APB   3OJB   3VKL   3VKM   3VKN   3VKO   4BMB   4BME   4FQZ   4GXL   4HAN  

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Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

Gene RIF (43)

27066737 this study uncovers a unique molecular mechanism of lymphangiogenesis in which galectin-8-dependent crosstalk among VEGF-C, podoplanin and integrin pathways plays a key role.
25800007 Platelet-derived factor V/Va is generated following endocytosis of the plasma-derived molecule by the platelet precursor cells, megakaryocytes, via a two receptor system consisting of LRP-1 and an unidentified specific "binding site".
25573487 The fundamental roles of galectin-8 in human anaplastic large cell lymphoma
25499921 Gal-8 expression is a potential independent unfavorable prognostic indicator for postoperative recurrence of patients with localized pT1 clear cell renal cell carcinoma
24957054 these results not only confirm the pro-inflammatory role we have already proposed for Gal-8 in other cellular systems but also suggest that this lectin is orchestrating the interaction between leukocytes, platelets and endothelial cells
24939370 The implications of gal-8 in tumor angiogenesis remain to be further explored, but it is exciting to speculate that modulating gal-8-glycan interactions could be used to block lymphatic-vascular connections vital for metastasis
24788652 Whereas Galectin (Gal)-1, -3, and -8 triggered vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) release, only Gal-8 induced endostatin secretion.
24696431 We integrate here the available information on Gal-8 expression in different tumor types and attempt to elucidate associations of its expression and localization with tumor progression[review]
24418318 Focusing on the F19Y change in galectin-8, we study of consequences of a single-site substitution in the carbohydrate recognition domain of this family of cellular effectors.
23555773 analysis of how human Galectin-8C domain interacts with its glycan ligands
23386746 Data indicate that the binding site in galectin-8 is essential for the recruitment of the autophagy receptor NDP52 to cytosol-exposed Salmonella Typhimurium.
22973445 Galectin-8 promotes cytoskeletal rearrangement in trabecular meshwork cells through activation of Rho signaling.
22913484 Results indicate a difference in specificity between N-terminal and C-terminal carbohydrate recognition domains (N-CRD and C-CRD) of galectin-8.
22683700 Association of galectin-8 (F19Y) occurrence with autoimmune diseases in a Caucasian population.
22285770 The galectin-binding ability of a glycoprotein is not only a promising biomarker candidate but may also have a specific function when the glycoprotein encounters the galectin in tissue cells, and be related to the pathophysiological state of the patient.
22267735 a novel role for the tandem repeat Gal8 in promoting FV endocytosis.
22246324 results illustrate how cells deploy the danger receptor galectin 8 to combat infection by monitoring endosomal and lysosomal integrity on the basis of the specific lack of complex carbohydrates in the cytosol
22240167 Glycoproteomic identification of galectin-3 and -8 ligands in bronchoalveolar lavage of mild asthmatics and healthy subjects.
22173878 This is the first study that relates a galectin, an endogenous lectin family, to IgA nephritis and thus should stimulate new avenues of research into the pathophysiology of the disease.
22022970 Galectin 1 and galectin 8 promote influenza virus binding in dose dependent manner.
21862124 Gal-8 was expressed by villous and extravillous cytotrophoblast.
21757871 galectin-8 loss might be an early step in the development of malignant lesions of the bladder and is a significant independent predictor of recurrence
21288902 Galectin-8-N-domain recognition mechanism for sialylated and sulfated glycans.
20876211 Studies indicated that Gal-8 was expressed both in the cytoplasm and nucleus in ECs of normal and tumor vessels.
20858220 Platelets not only contain Gal-8, but also expose Gal-8 after thrombin activation. Findings reveal Gal-8 isoforms as a potent platelet activator; immobilized Gal-8 promotes platelet adhesion/spreading.
20800603 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20044599 Galectin-8 up-regulation is associated with hypopharyngeal and laryngeal tumor progression.
19407390 crystal of a protease-resistant mutant form of human galectin-8 was obtained using the hanging-drop method and was found to belong to the tetragonal space group P4(3)2(1)2
19395456 The glycan-binding proteins of the galectin family can modulate the immune system. Anti-galectin autoantibodies thus could have functional and/or pathogenic implications in inflammatory processes and autoimmunity.
19268462 These data suggest a role for galectin-8 and podoplanin in supporting the connection of the lymphatic endothelium to the surrounding extracellular matrix, most likely in cooperation with other glycoproteins on the surface of lymphatic endothelial cells.
19009371 Galectin-8 was expressed in the majority of papillary carcinomas. Positive but weaker staining was found in some of follicular thyroid carcinomas and adenomas. Galectin-8 found in hyperplastic areas adjacent to tumor was weakly positive in 9 of 31 cases.
18849583 Gal8 modulates trabecular meshwork cell adhesion and spreading, at least in part, by interacting with alpha2-3-sialylated glycans on beta(1) integrins.
18539029 chemical analysis of talose-selectivity of galectin-4 and galectin-8
18456665 allows Gal-8 to signal phosphatidylserine exposure in leukocytes entirely through C-terminal domain recognition of polyLacNAc glycans
18024965 The function of galectin-8 in Jurkat T-cells, is analysed.
17580315 galectin-8 sorting is based on carbohydrate fine specificity
17339281 The affinity of Gal-8 and its carbohydrate recognition domains for ligands in solution and at the cell surface is explored.
16368432 Gal-8 constitutes a novel extracellular stimulus for T cells, able to bind specific beta1 integrins and to trigger signaling pathways conducive to cell spreading.
15753078 galectin-8 is a modulator of cellular growth through up-regulation of p21
14758080 REVIEW: isoforms and role in neoplastic transformation/cancer
12881409 Human galectin-8 induced firm and reversible adhesion of peripheral blood neutrophils but not eosinophils to a plastic surface in a lactose-sensitive manner; galectin-8 is a novel factor that modulates the neutrophil function.
12851289 The binding ability of galectin-8 to membrane-associated GM3 was confirmed using CHO cells, which predominantly express GM3
12569102 downstream effectors of PI3K, including PKB and p70 S6 kinase, in part mediate cell adhesion, spreading, and microspike formation induced by galectin-8

AA Sequence

AVNGVHSLEYKHRFKELSSIDTLEINGDIHLLEVRSW                                     281 - 317

Text Mined References (65)

PMID Year Title
27066737 2016 Pathological lymphangiogenesis is modulated by galectin-8-dependent crosstalk between podoplanin and integrin-associated VEGFR-3.
25800007 2015 Mechanisms Regulating Acquisition of Platelet-Derived Factor V/Va by Megakaryocytes.
25573487 2015 Sialylation by ?-galactoside ?-2,6-sialyltransferase and N-glycans regulate cell adhesion and invasion in human anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
25499921 2015 Galectin-8 predicts postoperative recurrence of patients with localized T1 clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24957054 2014 Galectin-8 elicits pro-inflammatory activities in the endothelium.
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23386746 2013 Sterical hindrance promotes selectivity of the autophagy cargo receptor NDP52 for the danger receptor galectin-8 in antibacterial autophagy.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
22973445 2012 Galectin-8 promotes cytoskeletal rearrangement in trabecular meshwork cells through activation of Rho signaling.
22913484 2012 X-ray structure of a protease-resistant mutant form of human galectin-8 with two carbohydrate recognition domains.
22683700 2012 Non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes for immunoregulatory galectins: association of galectin-8 (F19Y) occurrence with autoimmune diseases in a Caucasian population.
22285770 2012 Different fractions of human serum glycoproteins bind galectin-1 or galectin-8, and their ratio may provide a refined biomarker for pathophysiological conditions in cancer and inflammatory disease.
22267735 2012 Novel role for galectin-8 protein as mediator of coagulation factor V endocytosis by megakaryocytes.
22246324 2012 Galectin 8 targets damaged vesicles for autophagy to defend cells against bacterial invasion.
22240167 2012 Glycoproteomic identification of galectin-3 and -8 ligands in bronchoalveolar lavage of mild asthmatics and healthy subjects.
22173878 2012 Galectin-8 in IgA nephritis: decreased binding of IgA by galectin-8 affinity chromatography and associated increased binding in non-IgA serum glycoproteins.
22022970 2011 Galectins promote the interaction of influenza virus with its target cell.
21862124 2011 Galectin-8 is expressed by villous and extravillous trophoblast of the human placenta.
21757871 2011 Decreased galectin-8 is a strong marker for recurrence in urothelial carcinoma of the bladder.
21288902 2011 Galectin-8-N-domain recognition mechanism for sialylated and sulfated glycans.
20876211 2011 Modulation of endothelial cell migration and angiogenesis: a novel function for the "tandem-repeat" lectin galectin-8.
20858220 2010 Human platelets express and are activated by galectin-8.
20800603 2010 Investigation of genetic susceptibility factors for human longevity - a targeted nonsynonymous SNP study.
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19407390 2009 Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a protease-resistant mutant form of human galectin-8.
19395456 2009 Autoantibodies against galectin-8: their specificity, association with lymphopenia in systemic lupus erythematosus and detection in rheumatoid arthritis and acute inflammation.
19268462 2009 Galectin-8 interacts with podoplanin and modulates lymphatic endothelial cell functions.
19009371 2009 Evaluation of galectin-8 expression in thyroid tumors.
18849583 2009 The role of integrin glycosylation in galectin-8-mediated trabecular meshwork cell adhesion and spreading.
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16751776 2006 A germline-specific class of small RNAs binds mammalian Piwi proteins.
16710414 2006 The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1.
16368432 2006 Galectin-8 binds specific beta1 integrins and induces polarized spreading highlighted by asymmetric lamellipodia in Jurkat T cells.
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15753078 2005 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and JNK act as molecular switches, regulating the choice between growth arrest and apoptosis induced by galectin-8.
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15342556 2004 Sequence comparison of human and mouse genes reveals a homologous block structure in the promoter regions.
14758080 2004 Human galectin-8 isoforms and cancer.
12881409 2003 Galectin-8 modulates neutrophil function via interaction with integrin alphaM.
12851289 2003 The N-terminal carbohydrate recognition domain of galectin-8 recognizes specific glycosphingolipids with high affinity.
12569102 2003 Sustained induction of ERK, protein kinase B, and p70 S6 kinase regulates cell spreading and formation of F-actin microspikes upon ligation of integrins by galectin-8, a mammalian lectin.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12234517 2002 A candidate gene approach within the susceptibility region PCaP on 1q42.2-43 excludes deleterious mutations of the PCTA-1 gene to be responsible for hereditary prostate cancer.
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11839721 2002 Galectin-8 expression decreases in cancer compared with normal and dysplastic human colon tissue and acts significantly on human colon cancer cell migration as a suppressor.
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