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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 29
PubMed Score 505.48
PubTator Score 235.26

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Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma 1.044 3.7e-04
head and neck cancer 1.200 2.8e-02


Accession P07864 D3DQY4 Q6GSG8 Q7Z7J4 LDH-C
Symbols CT32


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Species Source Disease
Chimp OMA EggNOG

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26503549 three uniquely identified proteins (CDK6 , galectin-3-binding protein and LDH C) were found, which show tight connection with prostate cancer and presence of all of them was previously linked to certain aspects of prostate cancer
26069337 This is the first report to show a positive correlation between LDH-3 and hemolytic parameters in sickle cell anemia.
25795631 Down-regulated LDH-C4 expression is significantly correlated with lowered enzyme activity in human spermatozoa.
21858537 Results show that S-100B, MIA and LDH levels were significantly higher in patients with advanced melanoma than in disease-free patients or healthy controls.
20499337 Elevated serum LDH isoenzymes and AST indicate a disturbance (of uncertain clinical significance) within multiple extraosseous tissues when there is CLCN7 deficiency.
18930904 hLdhc expression in cancer cells was regulated by transcription factor Sp1 and CREB and promoter CGI methylation
17935709 LDH3 is a supporting diagnostic marker in cases of chronic tuberculosis.
17178662 LDH3 was increased in essential thrombocythemia. This isoenzymatic pattern could be expression of a metabolic adaptation.
11582518 A lentivirus lytic peptide 1 (LLP-1) corresponding to the carboxyl terminus of HIV-1 gp41 induces a significant lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, a marker of cell death) release from human neuronal and glial cell lines
11125887 A lentivirus lytic peptide 1 (LLP-1) corresponding to the carboxyl terminus of HIV-1 gp41 induces a significant lactate dehydrogenase (LDH, a marker of cell death) release from human neuronal and glial cell lines

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PMID Year Title
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2930531 1989 Human testicular lactate dehydrogenase-C gene is interrupted by six introns at positions homologous to those of LDH-A (muscle) and LDH-B (heart) genes.
2844458 1987 Locus determining the human sperm-specific lactate dehydrogenase, LDHC, is syntenic with LDHA.
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