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Disease log2 FC p
Barrett's esophagus 4.400 3.3e-02
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 3.600 2.6e-02
colon cancer -2.400 2.9e-04
interstitial cystitis -3.500 2.9e-03
psoriasis -1.300 9.2e-10

Gene RIF (72)

26670478 K20 expression was detected in 6 of 75 patients with triple-negative carcinoma
26227487 Circulating tumor cell CK20 and survivin expression may effectively predict overall survival in metastic colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.
26125781 During postoperative follow-up, serum negative CK20 patients had significantly higher 3-year survival rates than serum positive CK20 patients.
25854400 Patients with any EGFR, CK19, CK20 or survinin positivity in their peripheral blood obtain less benefit from radiotherapy.
25643514 The present study confirmed that CK14, but not CK20 or CK7, is expressed in urothelial carcinoma with squamous differentiation and squamous cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder.
25528628 Our data show that inclusion of CK20 as a biomarker efficiently improves the detection of CTCs in colorectal cancer patients
25081540 Immunostaining of CDX2 and CK20 provides beneficial information if considering whether to perform an endoscopic papillectomy (EP).
24901475 Case Report: Merkel cell carcinma that initially demonstrated cytokeratin 20 positivity but lost expression in subsequent brain metastases.
24403457 High cytokeratin 20 expression is associated with invasive histological phenotype in poorly differentiated colorectal adenocarcinoma.
24025523 The CDX2/CK20 phenotype defines a distinct subgroup of colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability and poor differentiation
23558939 Its association with clinical stage indicates that CK20 might have prognostic value as a marker for detection of circulating CRC cells.
23322277 Overexpression of CK20 is associated with early-onset colorectal cancer.
23150200 Data show that lower survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) rates were significantly associated with guanylate cyclase C (GCC) and CK20 mRNA levels.
22895272 Pouch/peripouch and UC-associated adenocarcinoma had a comparable positive rate for CK7, CK20, and CDX2 by immunohistochemistry.
22752373 High cytokeratin 20 mrna expression is associated with lymphatic metastasis in colon cancer.
22677992 Results suggest that CK20 mRNA with other biomarkers in the peripheral blood of breast cancer patients may be useful to monitor the presence of disseminated tumor cells in the blood circulation and to predict the prognosis of breast cancer.
22414974 CEA mRNA, CK20 mRNA, and serum CEA than patients at stages I-III.
22361037 This is the first reported study of the relationship between CK20/CK7 immunophenotype, BRAF mutations and microsatellite status in colorectal carcinomas
22348416 HER2 and CK20 were seen exclusively in the mucinogenic proliferations in congenital pulmonary airway malformations.
22268990 Both the CK7-/CK20+ phenotype and expression of the antibody CDX2 are highly specific and sensitive markers of colorectal origin.
22237712 Keratin 20 expression is common in colorectal carcinoma.
22119824 The expressions of CK7 and CK20 in nasal polyps were analyzed.
22073364 Cytokeratin 20-positive hepatocellular carcinoma
21938557 positivity rates of CK19 and CK20 in transverse mesocolon were 48.6 and 61.2%, respectively and increased with the depth of tumor invasion
21775107 Merkel cell carcinoma admixed with squamous cell carcinoma can be cytokeratin 20-negative and thyroid transcription factor-1-positive [case report]
21677534 SATB2 in combination with cytokeratin 20 identifies over 95% of all colorectal carcinomas.
21574103 Our results along with the data from the literature indicate that CK7/CK20 expression may be of clinical significance.
21282015 A considerable number of colorectal carcinomas showed no immunoreactivity to CK20.
21106111 The immunohistochemical subtypes based on CK20and MUC1 expression correlated with ampullary tumor progression.
20574624 Case Report: CK7+/CK20- Merkel cell carcinoma presenting as inguinal subcutaneous nodules with subsequent epidermotropic metastasis.
20395351 CK20 and VEGF expressions in peripheral blood of colorectal carcinoma patients are promising molecular markers for disease progression and metastasis.
19914229 MMP-11 and CK-20 are probable prognostic markers whose expression reflects the stages of tumor differentiation and LNM of breast cancer.
19893584 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19724850 Chromogranin A, synaptophysin and CK 20 were not expressed in any basal cell carcinoma
19664394 CK20 expression is associated with the progression of breast cancer.
19645077 CK20 and CEA are significantly more frequently detected in colon cancer patients than in healthy controls and can serve as markers.
19287335 Data suggest that CD10 and CK20 may be used for the differential diagnosis of MCN and IPMN-BD.
19188603 KRT20 is directly regulated by CDX1, suggesting a role for CDX1 in maintaining differentiation in intestinal epithelial cells
19145500 The expression level of CK20 mRNA in the peripheral blood in patients with gastric cancer declines after postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy.
19119477 CK20 and MUC2 mRNA were quantitated in 52 normal lymph nodes from 12 patients undergoing surgery for benign bowel diseases and in 144 primary colon tumors.
19098678 It can be helpful in cases with metastatic rectal carcinoma, especially those with CK7+/CK20+ or CK20-/CK7- immunophenotype.
19074466 CK20 and CEA are expressed in non-macroscopically involved lymph nodes of colorectal cancer.
18813128 GPC3 is frequently expressed in noncutaneous small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of various origins, in particular in Merkel cell carcinoma, which, in combination with CK20
18804101 The diagnostic efficacy of urinary CD44 and cytokeratin 20 (CK20) mRNA in comparison with voided urine cytology (VUC) for the detection of bladder cancer, was evaluated.
18705345 Micrometastases of gastric cancer can be detected in circulating peripheral blood using quantitative real-time RT-PCR. CK19 is a better marker than CK18, CK20 and CEA.
18587323 Loss of CDX2 and CK20 is more frequently encountered in mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancer.
18387990 CK20-positive cells in lymph nodes and circulating mRNA in blood are detected in patients with colorectal neoplasms.
18265645 tumor stage was related to cytokeratin 20 expression in the colorectal cancer patients
18246436 These results indicate that the epithelial barrier of the human adenoid is stably maintained by expression of tight junction proteins in the epithelium including Ck20-positive M-like cells.
18092953 Possible relationship between expression of CK7 and CK20 and neoplastic development of colorectal mucosa in patients with ulcerative colitis.
18072261 Strong immunohistochemical expression of FGFR3, a superficial staining pattern of CK20, and a low proliferative activity define those papillary urothelial neoplasms of low malignant potential that do not recur.
18069772 Positive CK20 RT-PCR, depth of tumor invasion, lymph node status, metastasis and microvessel density are significantly correlated with vascular invasion.
17593078 salivary gland neoplasms showed a CK7+/CK20- immunoprofile ranging from 5 to 100%; squamous carcinoma showed negative CK7/20 immunoexpression
17525485 CK20 is a sensitive and specific marker for Crooke's cells in the anterior pituitary and cytoskeletal changes that occur in corticotrophs in response to hypercortisolism.
17378731 Blood and bone marrow cells in colorectal cancer depleted of CD45 do not show an enrichment of cytokeratin 20 as shown by PCR.
17240035 Dysregulation of CK20 expression is an early event in the carcinogenesis of papillary noninvasive bladder cancer.
16722930 CK20 expression is significntly greater in mucinous cystdenomas than in intraductal papillary mucinous adenomas.
16608857 K20 Ser(13) is a highly dynamic protein kinase C-related phosphorylation site that is induced during apoptosis and tissue injury
16473461 CK 20 mRNA expression in urine has the potential to identify patients at risk for recurrence.
16362976 CK 20 expression defines a subtype of pancreas cancer with important biologic properties; when present, CK 20 expression is an early event in pancreatic carcinogenesis identifiable in precursor lesions
16286979 Overexpressed in recurrent superficial urothelial carcinoma.
15871722 Abnormal CK20 is a useful adjunct to morphology for confirming dysplasia.
15371952 Alteration of CK7 and CK20 expression profile that occurs early in small intestinal tumorigenesis.
14631371 The combined expression of CK7 and CK20 has a low specificity in the distinction between esophageal and cardiac (stomach) adenocarcinomas.
12954496 Down regulation of cytokeratin 20 is associated with transitional and squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder
12894563 It is possible to apply a simple and reliable method for the detection of circulating tumor cells based on cytokeratin-20 and prostate stem cell antigen RT-PCR assays in gastrointestinal cancers.
12636102 CK 20 mRNA identification by RT-PCR is reliable and may be useful for early diagnosis in peritoneal dissemination of colon cancer
12515621 The detection of cancer metastasis in the lymph nodes in colon carcinoma is almost doubled (21.9% vs 11.1%) by CK-20 mRNA
11962749 Changing pattern of cytokeratin 7 and 20 expression from normal epithelium to intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa and gastroesophageal junction
11857318 expression pattern is unique to Barrett's esophagus
11844829 expression in lymph nodes correlates with poor prognosis in colorectal cancer
11642721 CK20 expression modified in H. pylori chronic gastritis

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