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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 77
PubMed Score 246.97
PubTator Score 260.23

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  Disease (6)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Palmoplantar keratosis 36 0.0 4.0
Disease Target Count
Pachyonychia congenita 2 1


  Differential Expression (27)

Disease log2 FC p
interstitial lung disease 2.800 4.7e-02
malignant mesothelioma 3.400 8.6e-08
astrocytic glioma -1.100 1.6e-02
ependymoma -1.200 2.2e-02
oligodendroglioma -1.100 1.8e-02
Barrett's esophagus 2.000 2.6e-02
psoriasis 2.000 1.5e-44
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.800 1.4e-03
osteosarcoma 1.488 8.7e-04
cystic fibrosis -4.354 2.6e-08
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.300 5.7e-06
glioblastoma -1.200 2.6e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.300 3.0e-03
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -1.400 4.2e-04
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 3.148 1.4e-03
non-small cell lung cancer 4.867 1.7e-14
colon cancer 2.100 8.6e-04
pancreatic cancer 3.000 6.9e-06
breast carcinoma -2.300 3.4e-21
group 4 medulloblastoma -1.300 3.2e-04
pilocytic astrocytoma -1.200 1.5e-05
primary Sjogren syndrome -1.400 5.0e-02
lung adenocarcinoma 1.600 5.7e-03
Breast cancer -4.300 4.0e-20
spina bifida -1.687 3.6e-02
ulcerative colitis 1.300 1.7e-02
ovarian cancer 2.300 5.5e-05

Gene RIF (48)

26740287 Cytokeratin 17 immunoexpression might have a role in evaluating surgical borders in some cases of actinic keratosis and Bowen disease.
26191283 These findings suggest that CK17 is involved in the development and metastasis of papillary thyroid carcinoma
26168014 Data indicate that autoimmune regulator Aire mRNA transcripts are regulated in a keratin 17 (K17) dependent manner in skin tumor keratinocytes.
26165312 Steatocystoma multiplex is associated with the R94C mutation in the KRTl7 gene, and is reported in a Chinese pedigree.
26109559 our findings establish that K17 functions specially among keratins as an oncoprotein by controlling the ability of p27(KIP1) to influence cervical cancer pathogenesis.
25736868 We conclude that K17 expression promotes oral squamous cell carcinoma cell growth and cell size but does not affect cell migration
25713416 These findings functionally integrate K17, hnRNP K, and gene expression along with RSK and CXCR3 signaling in a keratinocyte-autonomous axis and provide a potential basis for their implication in tumorigenesis
25111597 Case Report: polycystic kidney disease with steatocystoma multiplex. PKD1 mutations disrupt keratin 17 polymerization.
24471966 keratin14 expression can be used to detect early epithelial dysplasia, and that keratin13 and keratin17 expression are useful for detecting neoplastic changes
24335642 Peripheral or diffuse staining for CK17 is a useful marker of invasion in anal squamous neoplastic lesions.
24247036 Immunoexpression of CK13 and CK17 in light green-stained superficial cells was associated with more severe morphological atypia in tongue squamous cell carcinoma
24168496 BerEp4 alone is unreliable for differentiation between BCCm (basal cell carcinoma with squamous metaplasia) and bSCC (basaloid squamous cell carcinoma). The addition of either CK14 or CK17 will augment BCCm versus bSCC differential diagnosis.
24051697 Report overexpression of keratin 17 in premalignant and malignant squamous lesions of the cervix.
24043308 KRT17 is necessary for oncogenic transformation in Ewing sarcoma and accounts for much of the GLI1-mediated transformation function but via a mechanism independent of AKT signaling.
23855588 novel heterozygous mutation, p.L91P (c.272T>C) in the helix initiation motif, associated with pachyonychia congenita type 2
23430585 Overexpression of keratin 17 is associated with epithelial ovarian cancer.
23278621 a novel mutation in a Chinese pedigree of pachyonychia congenita type 2 with typical clinical presentations and an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern
22808266 IL-22 up-regulates K17 expression in keratinocytes in a dose-dependent manner through STAT3- and ERK1/2-dependent mechanisms.
22795618 Keratin 17 is a therapeutic target for the treatment of psoriasis [review]
22695933 Keratin-17 expression is correlated with tumor progression in gastric adenocarcinoma and may serve as a biomarker for poor prognosis.
22639854 We identified a known mutation in the KRT17 gene in a family with steatocystoma
22466643 Data indicate that cytokeratin 17 (CK17) expression could be associated with the differentiation and the malignancy of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC).
22336949 A report on homozygosity for dominant missense mutations in keratin 17 that modify the pachyonychia congenita phenotype.
22264670 We observed a higher likelihood of oral leukokeratosis in individuals harboring KRT6A mutations, and a strong association of natal teeth and cysts in carriers of a KRT17 mutation.
22235123 a novel interaction involving K17 and AnxA2 and identify AnxA2 as a potential regulator of keratin filaments.
22076435 Both moesin and KRT17 demonstrated a tendency of increased expression as pT stage advanced.
22006917 Type I keratin 17 protein is phosphorylated on serine 44 by p90 ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 (RSK1) in a growth- and stress-dependent fashion
21796151 The data suggested that IL-17A can upregulate keratin-17 expression in keratinocytes in a dose-dependent manner through STAT1- and STAT3-dependent mechanisms.
21443102 KRT17 is upregulated in gastric adenocarcinoma and is associated with tumor progression.
21356351 AIRE expression in HaCaT epidermal keratinocytes, as well as its interaction with K17, was confirmed.
21287500 mutation of KRT17 may play a major role in the pathogenesis of this pedigree with pachyonychia congenita type 2.
19882246 Overexpression of KRT17 is associated with basal-like phenotype in breast cancer.
19701759 higher expression in the fetal skin than in adult skin
19558792 Increased expression of keratins in endothelial cells, such as keratin 17, may contribute to the angiogenesis induced by HepG2 cells.
19470054 two novel missense mutations of K17 in two Chinese families with steatocystoma multiplex
19460752 Knockdown of keratin 17 (KRT17) by shRNA library screening inhibits HIV-1 replication in cultured Jurkat T-cells
19366057 Positive staining for CK5/6 or CK17 was associated with a worse prognosis, high tumor grade and positive axillary lymph nodes.
19107515 An N92S (p.Asn92Ser) germline keratin 17 gene mutation in a pachyonychia congenita type 2 female patient is presented.
19102940 Positive expression of CK5/6 or CK17 in patients with triple-negative breast cancer is correlated with poor prognosis, high grade differentiation and axillary lymph node metastasis.
18936942 human ScFv against keratin 17 can inhibit the proliferation of keratinocytes
18547302 The mutation p.M88K is in the helix initiation motif (HIM) of KRT17, where 13 of the reported 14 mutations of KRT17 in PC-2 have been mapped, and the residue M88 of the HIM is also a mutation hotspot of other keratin disorders (
17786476 findings showed that out of all cytokeratins, CK17 was up-regulated strongest in oral squamous cell carcinoma compared to normal samples, and over-expression was most significantly associated with diagnosis
17719747 Four new missense and five known mutations in K6a, one new deletion and three previously identified missense mutations in K16, plus one known mutation in K17 are reported in pachyonychia congenita.
16638858 KRT 17 seemed to be the most accurate marker for the diagnosis of micrometastases of a size >450 mum.
15795121 Epitopes S1 (118-132), S2 (169-183), S4 (323-337) and S4 (348-362) are immunodominant DR B1-restricted T cell epitopes for psoriasis. S1 (118-132) contains the ALEEAN sequence. Others with different amino acid sequence have not been reported before.
15102078 Mutation in second half of 1A domain of K17 might delay onset of clinical phenotype.
14761598 CK17 expression is significantly higher in thyroid papillary carcinoma than benign thyroid tissue; and this characteristic can have important diagnostic value.
12466114 expression in breast cancer cells was associated with a poor clinical outcome

AA Sequence

ISSREQVHQTTR                                                              421 - 432

Text Mined References (95)

PMID Year Title
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22466643 2012 Association of cytokeratin 17 expression with differentiation in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
22336949 2012 Homozygous dominant missense mutation in keratin 17 leads to alopecia in addition to severe pachyonychia congenita.
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22235123 2012 Identification of novel interaction between annexin A2 and keratin 17: evidence for reciprocal regulation.
22076435 2012 Proteomic analysis reveals overexpression of moesin and cytokeratin 17 proteins in colorectal carcinoma.
22006917 2011 Type I keratin 17 protein is phosphorylated on serine 44 by p90 ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 (RSK1) in a growth- and stress-dependent fashion.
21796151 2011 IL-17A upregulates keratin 17 expression in keratinocytes through STAT1- and STAT3-dependent mechanisms.
21443102 Identification of potential biomarkers for early and advanced gastric adenocarcinoma detection.
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19882246 2010 BRCA1 transcriptionally regulates genes associated with the basal-like phenotype in breast cancer.
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19558792 2009 Keratin 17 identified by proteomic analysis may be involved in tumor angiogenesis.
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