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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 55
PubMed Score 178.14
PubTator Score 103.53

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  Differential Expression (14)

Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -3.000 1.5e-03
ependymoma -5.100 2.1e-33
oligodendroglioma -2.800 8.1e-03
glioblastoma -5.200 1.6e-09
group 3 medulloblastoma -4.200 1.7e-06
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -5.700 9.4e-20
medulloblastoma, large-cell -4.400 6.7e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -4.100 8.9e-05
pediatric high grade glioma -4.600 1.8e-11
pilocytic astrocytoma -5.000 4.9e-14
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma -2.092 3.0e-02
lung carcinoma 4.300 1.9e-67
pituitary cancer -3.800 1.0e-15
psoriasis 1.100 1.1e-05

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26032891 In this transgenic mouse model, GIRK2 plays a major role in the genesis of infantile spasms.
25620207 Keppen-Lubinsky syndrome is caused by mutations in the inwardly rectifying K+ channel encoded by KCNJ6.
25599232 The findings of this study suggest that variations in KCNJ6 genes are associated with both mild and severe persistent breast pain after breast cancer surgery.
25346042 KCNJ6 (GIRK2) gene polymorphism rs2835859 could serve as a marker that predicts sensitivity to analgesics and pain and susceptibility to nicotine dependence.
24392765 For KCNJ6, three SNPs (i.e., rs2835914, rs8129919, rs2836050) were associated with the occurrence of preoperative breast pain.
24145411 Ethanol associates directly with the GIRK channel, leading to enhanced interaction with a membrane phospholipid phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate and activation of the channel.
23994450 Eight KCNNJ6 single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) are significantly associated with pain-related phenotypes.
23739333 3.5 A resolution crystal structure of the mammalian GIRK2 channel in complex with betagamma G-protein subunits, the central signalling complex that links G-protein-coupled receptor stimulation to K(+) channel activity
23175530 Conformational information encoded by ligand binding to delta-opioid receptors (DORs) is transmitted to Kir3.1/Kir3.2 channels.
22554406 KCNJ6 (or its product GIRK2) accounts for some of the variations in frontal theta; band oscillations.
22252428 GIRK2 is expressed in nearly every human pigmented neuron or mouse tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive neuron in both the substantia nigra and ventral tegmental areas.
22178330 GIRK overexpression in Ts65Dn mice has functional consequences affecting balance between GABA(A) and GABA(B) inhibition of CA1 pyramidal neurons in a pathway specific manner, that may contribute to cognitive deficits in Ts65 mouse model of Down syndrome.
21637918 This study is the first to identify the expression of GIRK2-4 subunits in human esophageal smooth muscle cells.
21307845 KCNJ6 is associated with alcohol dependence and may moderate the effect of early psychosocial stress on risky alcohol drinking in adolescents
20943350 significant interaction between the TT genotype of rs2070995 (located in KCNJ6) and the GG genotype of rs2253206 (located in CREB1) on rumination were found
20943350 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20655490 The overexpression of one particular gene encoding for G-protein-activated inward rectifying potassium type 2 (GIRK2) channel subunit and its coupling to GABA(B) receptors may contribute to a range of mental and functional disabilities in Down syndrome.
20494980 The KCNJ6 promoter is activated by Trichostatin A (TSA) treatment and by serum depletion according to promoter reporter assays in HEK 293 cells.
20424473 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20220551 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19756153 KCNJ6 (GIRK2) gene polymorphisms have roles in postoperative analgesic requirements after major abdominal surgery
19567891 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19135528 Kir3.2 was capable of interacting with Gbeta1-3 and not Gbeta4 or Gbeta5. These interactions were again fostered by co-expression with Ggamma and were also insensitive to DN Sar 1 or Rab 1.
18303085 These data suggest that KCNJ6 could play an important role in altered cardiac regulation in Down syndrome patients.
17135278 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16109170 GIRK1 and GIRK2 channels, but not GIRK3 or GIRK4, may may activate signaling pathways in development of lung cancer
15772902 Decreased GRK 2 expression most likely results from reduced cAMP stimulation in cold thyroid nodules.
15142872 GIRK channels are important functional effectors of the P2Y(12) receptor in human platelets.
15068243 The potential synergy and consequences of the overexpression of KIR3.2 and KIR4.2 in Down's syndrome brain development are discussed.
14724209 L344 and G347 play an important functional role in G(betagamma) activation of GIRK2 channels.
12458027 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
12034888 glutamate residue at the C terminus regulates activity -- implications for Andersen Disease (inward rectifier potassium channel 2; IRK2)

AA Sequence

SKV                                                                       421 - 423

Text Mined References (55)

PMID Year Title
26032891 2015 The GIRK2 subunit is involved in IS-like seizures induced by GABA(B) receptor agonists.
25620207 2015 Keppen-Lubinsky syndrome is caused by mutations in the inwardly rectifying K+ channel encoded by KCNJ6.
25599232 2015 Variations in potassium channel genes are associated with distinct trajectories of persistent breast pain after breast cancer surgery.
25346042 2014 Association between KCNJ6 (GIRK2) gene polymorphism rs2835859 and post-operative analgesia, pain sensitivity, and nicotine dependence.
24392765 Variations in potassium channel genes are associated with breast pain in women prior to breast cancer surgery.
24145411 2013 Molecular mechanism underlying ethanol activation of G-protein-gated inwardly rectifying potassium channels.
23994450 2013 Associations between KCNJ6 (GIRK2) gene polymorphisms and pain-related phenotypes.
23739333 2013 X-ray structure of the mammalian GIRK2-?? G-protein complex.
23175530 2013 Conformational dynamics of Kir3.1/Kir3.2 channel activation via ?-opioid receptors.
22554406 2012 Family-based genome-wide association study of frontal ? oscillations identifies potassium channel gene KCNJ6.
22252428 2012 GIRK2 expression in dopamine neurons of the substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area.
22178330 2012 Dysfunctional hippocampal inhibition in the Ts65Dn mouse model of Down syndrome.
21637918 Identification of GIRK2-4 subunits in human esophageal smooth muscle cells.
21307845 2011 KCNJ6 is associated with adult alcohol dependence and involved in gene × early life stress interactions in adolescent alcohol drinking.
20943350 2011 Epistatic interaction of CREB1 and KCNJ6 on rumination and negative emotionality.
20655490 2010 GABAB-GIRK2-mediated signaling in Down syndrome.
20494980 2010 Functional analysis and identification of cis-regulatory elements of human chromosome 21 gene promoters.
20424473 2010 L-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha subunit 1C is a novel candidate gene associated with secondary hyperparathyroidism: an application of haplotype-based analysis for multiple linked single nucleotide polymorphisms.
20379614 Personalized smoking cessation: interactions between nicotine dose, dependence and quit-success genotype score.
20220551 2010 A KCNJ6 (Kir3.2, GIRK2) gene polymorphism modulates opioid effects on analgesia and addiction but not on pupil size.
19756153 2009 Association between KCNJ6 (GIRK2) gene polymorphisms and postoperative analgesic requirements after major abdominal surgery.
19567891 2009 Genetic utility of broadly defined bipolar schizoaffective disorder as a diagnostic concept.
19135528 2009 Intracellular trafficking and assembly of specific Kir3 channel/G protein complexes.
18391953 2008 Rare independent mutations in renal salt handling genes contribute to blood pressure variation.
18303085 2008 Altered heart rate control in transgenic mice carrying the KCNJ6 gene of the human chromosome 21.
17185339 2007 Evidence for association of GABA(B) receptors with Kir3 channels and regulators of G protein signalling (RGS4) proteins.
17135278 2007 Cholinergic nicotinic receptor genes implicated in a nicotine dependence association study targeting 348 candidate genes with 3713 SNPs.
16780588 2006 Cell array-based intracellular localization screening reveals novel functional features of human chromosome 21 proteins.
16382105 2005 International Union of Pharmacology. LIV. Nomenclature and molecular relationships of inwardly rectifying potassium channels.
16109170 2005 Expression of G-protein inwardly rectifying potassium channels (GIRKs) in lung cancer cell lines.
15772902 2005 Decreased expression of G-protein coupled receptor kinase 2 in cold thyroid nodules.
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15142872 2004 Role of G protein-gated inwardly rectifying potassium channels in P2Y12 receptor-mediated platelet functional responses.
15068243 2003 Chromosome 21 KIR channels in brain development.
14724209 2004 betaL-betaM loop in the C-terminal domain of G protein-activated inwardly rectifying K(+) channels is important for G(betagamma) subunit activation.
12743112 2003 Mapping the Gbetagamma-binding sites in GIRK1 and GIRK2 subunits of the G protein-activated K+ channel.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12458027 2002 Suggestive evidence for association of two potassium channel genes with different idiopathic generalised epilepsy syndromes.
12297500 2002 G protein-coupled receptors form stable complexes with inwardly rectifying potassium channels and adenylyl cyclase.
12034888 2002 A glutamate residue at the C terminus regulates activity of inward rectifier K+ channels: implication for Andersen's syndrome.
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10659995 1999 Co-expression of human Kir3 subunits can yield channels with different functional properties.
10619846 2000 Anchoring proteins confer G protein sensitivity to an inward-rectifier K(+) channel through the GK domain.
10562331 1999 Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel splicing variant of the Kir3.2 subunit predominantly expressed in mouse testis.
9503011 1998 Transcriptional map of the 2.5-Mb CBR-ERG region of chromosome 21 involved in Down syndrome.
9108307 1997 Binding of the G protein betagamma subunit to multiple regions of G protein-gated inward-rectifying K+ channels.
9037601 1997 Gene identification in 1.6-Mb region of the Down syndrome region on chromosome 21.
9023358 1997 Normal cerebellar development but susceptibility to seizures in mice lacking G protein-coupled, inwardly rectifying K+ channel GIRK2.
8929423 1996 Heteromultimerization of G-protein-gated inwardly rectifying K+ channel proteins GIRK1 and GIRK2 and their altered expression in weaver brain.
7926018 1994 Cloning provides evidence for a family of inward rectifier and G-protein coupled K+ channels in the brain.
7796919 1995 Characterization and variation of a human inwardly-rectifying-K-channel gene (KCNJ6): a putative ATP-sensitive K-channel subunit.
7729621 1995 Isolation of a cDNA clone encoding a KATP channel-like protein expressed in insulin-secreting cells, localization of the human gene to chromosome band 21q22.1, and linkage studies with NIDDM.
7592809 1995 Pancreatic islet cells express a family of inwardly rectifying K+ channel subunits which interact to form G-protein-activated channels.
7550338 1995 A potassium channel mutation in weaver mice implicates membrane excitability in granule cell differentiation.