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26896692 suggest that IFN-lambda4 protein expression associated with the IL28B-T/T variant preactivates the Janus kinase-Stat signaling
26741362 The described is the association with spontaneous hepatitis C viral clearance and genetic differentiation of IL28B/IFNL4 haplotypes in populations from Mexico.
26684959 this report shows that NF-kappa B, IRF3, IRF7, and the GC-rich DNA-binding transcription factor, Sp1, have key roles in stimulating transcription from the IFNL4 promoter.
26606750 data on ex vivo derived liver tissue samples argue against an attenuating impact of IFNL3 rs4803217 or IFNL4 rs368234815 minor alleles on hepatic IFNL3 gene expression in vivo.
26431156 IFNL4-DeltaG/TT genotype was not associated with HSV-related outcomes, including episodes of oral or genital herpes
26406534 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the interferon lambda 4 (IFNL4) gene are predictors for treatment success in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection
26372394 The hepatitis C protective allele TT was associated with decreased likelihood of HIV-1 infection in male intravenous drug users [odds ratio (OR): 0.3; P = 0.006], and this association was not modified by the genotype of CCR5.
26308395 Despite differences in protein sequences, functional properties of the recombinant human and nonhuman IFN-l4 proteins are comparable-they are all biologically active for induction of interferon signaling.
26225703 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Interferon Lambda-4 Gene is not Associated with Treatment Response to Pegylated Interferon in Chronic Hepatitis B.
26194286 Studies indicate that the type III interferons (IFNs) or IFN-lambdas consists of four members: IFN-lambda1 (IL-29), IFN-lambda2 (IL28A), IFN-lambda3 (IL-28B) and IFN-lambda4.
26150150 IFNL3 and IFNL4 genotyping could identify those likely to clear naturally and in whom treatment could be delayed, or help prioritize Directly-acting antivirals treatment to those less likely to respond to interferon-containing regimens.
26134097 IFN-l4 may have at least 3 functions in human hepatic cells-activation of interferon signaling, inhibition of cell proliferation, and induction of cell death
26115445 The current study is the first to investigate the effect of IFNL3 and IFNL4 polymorphisms on liver-related mortality. The lower risk of death among African American HIV/HCV-coinfected women is not explained by genetic variation in the IFN-lambda region.
26066369 Transcriptome analysis reveals a classical interferon signature induced by IFNlambda4 in human primary cells
25938236 IFNL4 polymorphisms were predictive of treatment outcome only for patients infected with HCV-1.
25883387 Females with the IFNL4 genotype detected were more likely to have HCV reclearance.
25849245 HCV infection is proposed to induce a more efficient antiviral response in individuals with the IFNL4 TT/TT genotype that results either in viral clearance or selection for viral adaptations.
25788203 The IFNL3.rs12979860 and IFNL4.ss469415590 variants have comparable effects on spontaneous resolution of hepatitis C virus infection among Egyptians.
25740255 Interferon-lambda rs12979860 genotype is a strong aetiology-independent predictor of tissue inflammation and fibrosis in viral and non-viral chronic liver disease.
25675103 IFNL4 and IFNL3 associated polymorphisms strongly influence the spontaneous IFN-alpha receptor-1 expression in HCV-infected patients
25658540 We found an independent association of the IFNL4 ss469415590 polymorphism with higher prevalence of AIDS-defining illnesses and lower CD4 T cell numbers.
25611696 Overexpression of IFNlambda4 suppressed IL28B induction and promoter activation.
25577150 Genetic analysis revealed associations of rs368234815 of IFNL4 with sustained virological response and pre-treatment viral load.
25563035 Among Puerto Rican hepatitis C patients, SNP frequencies of IFNL4 locus ss469415590 were 26% (TT/TT), 48% (TT/DeltaG), and 26% (DeltaG/DeltaG).
25534433 Patients harbouring the impaired IFNlambda4-S70 variant display lower interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) expression levels.
25393304 IFNL4 gene polymorphisms can predict treatment response in chronic hepatitis C.
25329461 Natural selection history of IFNL4-inactivating allele has thus shaped present-day heterogeneity across populations not only in genetic variation, but also in relevant phenotypes and susceptibility to hepatitis C.
25301956 Polymorphisms in the IFNL3/4 region influence susceptibility to cytomegalovirus replication in solid-organ transplant recipients.
25259701 Authors report for the first time an association between an IFNL3/4 polymorphism and susceptibility to AIDS-related cytomegalovirus retinitis.
25130512 This study demonstrates that IFNL4 rs368234815 polymorphism is an important predictor of response to antiviral treatment in the liver transplantation setting.
24786669 this review summarizes the current knowledge of IFN-l4 and discusses questions that should be addressed to resolve its paradoxical biologic activities.[review]
24782280 IFNL3 and IFNL4 single nucleotide polymorphisms correlate with treatment response in hepatitis C patients depending on virus genotype.
24646752 could not find any difference in the predictive impact of any of three SNPs of IFNL4 or IL-28B with regard to susceptibility to HCV or treatment response
24415789 Intrahepatic lymphocyte degranulation activity in HCV-infected patients is associated with IFNL4 polymorphisms and contributes to the clearance of HCV in patients with favorable genotypes under antiviral therapy.
24376784 HCV infection in particular might activate IFNL4 transcription in the liver
24367041 It was reported that in patients treated with sofosbuvir along with ribavirin, IFNL4-DeltaG is associated with slower early viral decay, due to slower loss of free virus and decreased drug efficacy.
24355007 genetic polymorphism is associated with antiviral therapy outcome in the Japanese population
24325405 Its polymorphisms are strongly associated with responses to pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin (RBV) therapy in patients chronically infected with hepatitis C virus.
24205831 IFNL4 improves prediction of response to interferon-based hepatitis C therapies, if SNP rs8099917 is used.
23956438 IFNL4-DeltaG is strongly associated with impaired spontaneous hepatitis C virus clearance.
23291588 A new interferon gene IFNL4 is associated with impaired clearance of hepatitis C virus.

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RHKPRRADSPRCRKASVVFNLLRLLTWELRLAAHSGPCL                                   141 - 179

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25259701 2014 The IFNL3/4 ?G variant increases susceptibility to cytomegalovirus retinitis among HIV-infected patients.
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