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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 43
PubMed Score 157.76
PubTator Score 62.14

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Disease log2 FC p
astrocytic glioma -1.100 3.8e-02
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.700 9.8e-06
ovarian cancer -2.000 1.4e-07

Gene RIF (27)

26560363 ISCU expression was decreased in the majority of human liver cancer tissues, and its reduced expression was significantly associated with p53 mutation.
26016389 The core Fe-S biosynthetic enzymatic complex generated [2Fe-2S] cluster intermediates that converted to stable [2Fe-2S] clusters bound to uncomplexed ISCU2.
25825391 Thus, driven by acquired (hypoxia) or genetic causes, the miR-210-ISCU1/2 regulatory axis is a pathogenic lynchpin causing iron-sulfur deficiency and pulmonary hypertension.
25204651 IscU is a new substrate of MK2 both in Drosophila cells and in human cells
24971490 Fe-S assembly protein (ISCU2) and frataxin convert substrates l-cysteine, ferrous iron, and electrons into Fe-S clusters.
24573684 the G50E iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein (ISCU) mutation has a role in mitochondrial myopathy
23940031 NFS1 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU while mtHSP70 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU and HSC20 binds preferentially to the S-state of ISCU.
23508953 mTORC1 associates with ISCU and phosphorylates ISCU at serine 14. This phosphorylation stabilized ISCU protein.
23449350 MicroRNA-210 correlates negatively with its gene target ISCU at the protein and mRNA level. MicroRNA-210 correlated with positive outcome variables
23035118 ISCU protein deficiency in patients results from muscle-specific mis-splicing and oxidative stress.
22977270 this study unveiled a signaling axis of HIF-1alpha/miRNA-210/iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein in a subset of head and neck paragangliomas that could have an impact on SDHB protein stability by a mechanism independent of succinate dehydrogenase mutations
22897349 Photoreactive heterotrifunctional chemical cross-linking confirmed the interaction between frataxin and ISCU in the presence of iron and validated that transient interactions can be covalently trapped with this method.
22125086 The defective splicing caused by the ISCU intron mutation in patients with myopathy with lactic acidosis is repressed by PTBP1 but can be derepressed by IGF2BP1.
21801864 iron-sulfur cluster scaffold homologue down-regulation by miR-210 perturbing trophoblast iron metabolism is associated with defective placentation
21437321 Exchange of [2Fe-2S] centers between glutaredoxin 2 and the cluster scaffold protein ISU, supports a direct link for glutaredoxin 2 and glutathione involvement in ISU promoted Fe-S cluster biosynthesis.
21165651 Data show that the highest level of incorrectly spliced ISCU mRNA was found in skeletal muscle.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20498629 ISCU and COX10 are target genes of miR-210 related to mitochondrial metabolism
20436681 miR-210 mediates a new mechanism of adaptation to hypoxia, by regulating mitochondrial function via iron-sulfur cluster metabolism and free radical generation
19808020 Results identify the iron-sulfur cluster assembly proteins (ISCU1/2) as direct targets for repression by the hypoxia-induced microRNA-210.
19567699 a new ISCU mutation in iron-sulphur cluster deficiency myopathy
18425540 the iron-dependent binding affinity of each frataxin derivative to the iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein ISU is found to be similar to that of native frataxin
18304497 Gene ISCU was identified as a candidate within a region of shared homozygosity among patients with myopathy with severe exercise intolerance and myoglobinuria.
18296749 Intron mutation in the ISCU gene, leading to incorrectly spliced mRNA, is the cause of myopathy with lactic acidosis in this family.
16527810 the cytosolic form of ISCS is a functional cysteine desulfurase that can collaborate with cytosolic ISCU to promote de novo iron-sulfur cluster formation
16517407 Functional analysis of the mitochondrial and cytosolic isoforms of the human Fe-S cluster scaffold protein, ISCU.
16091420 Data suggest that frataxin may be involved in the biosynthesis of iron-sulphur proteins such as IscU1 not only within the mitochondria, but also in the extramitochondrial compartment.

AA Sequence

LAEDAIKAALADYKLKQEPKKGEAEKK                                               141 - 167

Text Mined References (50)

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