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26944931 IL-31 affects keratinocyte differentiation in multiple ways and the IL-1 cytokine network is a major downstream effector of IL-31 signaling in deregulating the physical skin barrier.
26449657 An increase of IL-31 serum levels in postmenopausal women with decreased bone mineral density, is shown.
26357000 a possible systemic involvement of IL-31 and the absence of a systemic involvement of IL-33 in allergic contact dermatitis.
26306032 crucial requirements for IL-31 signaling and its counter-regulation by SOCS3
26198770 Oncostatin M and interleukin-31: Cytokines, receptors, signal transduction and physiology.
25756056 IL-31 is overexpressed in the lesional skin of LP but its expression does not correlate with intensity of pruritus.
25710085 In summary, TGF-beta1 and IL-31 were linked to progression from chronic hepatitis B to liver cirrhosis, and correlated well with the severity of disease.
25572240 the results suggest that IL-31 may be a candidate gene associated with the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis
25534405 The results of this study suggest that the severity of atopic dermatitis in a Polish population is associated with some specific haplotypes of the IL-31 gene and renew questions concerning the role of IL-31 in pruritus in atopic dermatitis.
25488078 The results of our analyses regarding serum levels and receptor expression do not suggest a central role of IL-31 in Mycosis fungoides/Sezary syndrome pathogenesis.
25285475 IL-31 expression in allergic rhinitis aggravated and amplified Th2 inflammation as well as mucin production
25283844 The interleukin IL-31/IL-31receptor axis contributes to tumor growth in human follicular lymphoma.
25270263 IL-31 may play an important role in the pathophysiology of uremic pruritus.
25176053 The IL-31 serum level was significantly higher in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patients than in the control group but there were no positive correlation between IL-31 serum level and pruritus.
25122210 IL-31 was increased after IVIG treatment in patients with KD and was significantly associated with CAL formation.
24984931 TARC and interleukin-31 may be biomarkers for adult atopic dermatitis
24943220 Data show that STAT6 and NF-kappaB are central players in mediating IL-31 expression induced by IL-4/IL-33.
24667097 IL-31-positive cells were observed as mononuclear infiltrating cells and as CD11b co-expressing cells in severe atopic dermatitis samples.
24573820 Case Report: sporadic lichen amyloidosis with high expression of Il31.
24515918 enhanced Th2 cytokine levels was correlated with IL-31 expression in NPs and provide a possible explanation for IL-31's regulatory role in the pathogenesis of NPs.
23874436 IL-31 seems to be another sweat stimulator.
23794184 EGFR-TK inhibitors could cause keratinocytes injury, the release of IL-33 and the consequent interaction with its receptor on mast cells, that induces the secretion of several factors capable to cause skin manifestations, included IL-31
23698099 CD4+CD26- malignant cells specifically produce IL-31 and clinical resolution of pruritus correlates with decreased IL-31 levels in the circulation
23694808 Il-31 is not a TH2 cytokine in the classical sense but is likely to be expressed by a number of cells in an allergic situation in which IL-4 is present and possibly contribute to the allergic reaction.
23621408 IL-31 induces pro-inflammatory effects in activated human macrophages via STAT-1 and 5 phosphorylation. Interleukin-31-induced ERK 1/2 activation contributes to the underlying mechanism of Th1 cytokine IL-12 suppression in macrophages.
23392388 IL-31 and IL-31RA are upregulated in patients with allergic rhinitis, and induce MUC5AC gene expression in human airway epithelial cells.
22827739 hypothesize that an altered regulation of IL-31 gene expression influence clinical course of AD. The available published data and our results lend support to an important role of IL-31 gene polymorphism in AD pathogenesis
22621183 T cells in chronic atopic dermatitis (AD) skin produce IL-31 and AD lesions contain increased levels of these IL-31-producing T cells.
22539792 IL-31-specific activation of dendritic cells may be part of a positive feedback loop driving the progression of inflammatory skin diseases.
22509760 IL-31 serum levels correlate with the SCORAD score, sleeplessness, and Th2 cytokines including IL-4 and IL-13, in sixty children with the extrinsic type of atopic dermatitis.
22177328 This study suggests that IL-31 is an important regulator of keratinocyte differentiation and demonstrates a link between the presence of IL-31 in skin, as found in patients with atopic dermatitis, and filaggrin expression
22017185 Distinct SPINK5 and IL-31 gene variants (SNPs) were associated with the development of atopic eczema and non-atopic hand dermatitis in Taiwanese nurses.
21952721 IL-31-631 T>G polymorphism was significantly associated with IL-31 blood level but not with disease susceptibility.
21294778 IL-31 is important in atopic dermatitis pathophysiology.
21261663 Our findings show a functional role of IL-31 in human primary keratinocytes and provide a new link between TLR-2 ligands and IL-31 which might be dysregulated in atopic dermatitis.
21211659 IL-31 displays a unique and independent role in the pathophysiology of allergic rhinitis
21182835 Data not only illustrate various functions that cysteines perform during IL-31 biosynthesis and secretion, but also highlight their potential roles in cytokine effector functions.
21057749 Letter: polymorphisms in the IL-31 gene do not appear to underlie epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa.
21057749 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20410259 induces pro-inflammatory cytokines and atopic dermatitis-related chemokines in eosinophils
20190140 The ability of beta-defensins and cathelicidin LL-37 to stimulate the production and release of IL-31 by human mast cells provides a novel mechanism by which skin-derived antimicrobial peptides/proteins may contribute to inflammatory reactions
20163453 IL-31 serum levels may play a role in the pathophysiology of chronic spontaneous urticaria.
19920145 IL-31 recognizes its receptor complex through two different binding sites
19889120 regulation of the IL-31 receptor and pro-inflammatory functions of IL-31 in human monocytes and monocyte-derived cells
19281909 Human CD4(+) T cells express a functional H(4)R. The receptor is upregulated under T(H)2 conditions, and its stimulation leads to induction of AP-1 and IL-31.
18926762 IL-31 acts on a broad range of immune- & non-immune cells & possesses potential pleiotropic physiological functions, including regulating hematopoiesis & immune response, causing inflammatory bowel disease, airway hypersensitivity & dermatitis[review]
18839421 unlike eczema, genetic variation at COL29A1 and IL31 loci is unlikely to implact inflammatory bowel disease risk
18802341 overexpressed in patients with atopic dermatitis; staphylococcal superantigens induce expression in atopic individuals
18678344 serum IL-31 levels were significantly higher in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) compared with control subjects; findings provide evidence that IL-31 has a role in AD pathophysiology with regard to pruritus and skin inflammation
18439099 The data suggest that increased IL-31Ralpha expression correlates with an enhanced response to IL-31.
17900679 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17900679 This study presents the first genetic risk factor for the nonatopic type of eczema and indicates a primary role of IL-31-induced pruritus in the initiation of this disease.
17487427 IL-31 is a potent inducer of proinflammatory mediators in human colonic SEMFs. IL-31 may function as a proinflammatory cytokine derived from Th2 cells.
16461143 IL-31 expression is associated with CLA(+) T cells and might contribute to the development of atopic dermatitis-induced skin inflammation and pruritus
16461142 Significantly upregulated in pruritic atopic dermatitis. These findings provide a new link among staphylococcal colonization, subsequent T-cell recruitment/activation, and pruritus induction in patients with atopic dermatitis.
15925362 Findings suggest that IL-31 may participate in the cause of itch sensation and promote scratching behavior in NC/Nga mice with atopic dermatitis.

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SQQFSECMDLALKSLTSGAQQATT                                                  141 - 164

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24984931 2014 Serum thymus and activation-regulated chemokine (TARC) and interleukin-31 levels as biomarkers for monitoring in adult atopic dermatitis.
24943220 2014 Human Th2 but not Th9 cells release IL-31 in a STAT6/NF-?B-dependent way.
24667097 2014 Distribution of IL-31 and its receptor expressing cells in skin of atopic dermatitis.
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23874436 2013 Eccrine sweat contains IL-1?, IL-1? and IL-31 and activates epidermal keratinocytes as a danger signal.
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23698099 2013 IL-31 is produced by the malignant T-cell population in cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma and correlates with CTCL pruritus.
23694808 2013 Human IL-31 is induced by IL-4 and promotes TH2-driven inflammation.
23621408 2013 Interleukin (IL)-31 activates signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT)-1, STAT-5 and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and down-regulates IL-12p40 production in activated human macrophages.
23392388 2013 Effects of interleukin-31 on MUC5AC gene expression in nasal allergic inflammation.
22827739 2013 Association of distinct IL-31 polymorphisms with pruritus and severity of atopic dermatitis.
22621183 2012 Increased frequencies of IL-31-producing T cells are found in chronic atopic dermatitis skin.
22539792 2012 Dendritic cells activated by IFN-?/STAT1 express IL-31 receptor and release proinflammatory mediators upon IL-31 treatment.
22509760 2012 IL-31 significantly correlates with disease activity and Th2 cytokine levels in children with atopic dermatitis.
22177328 2012 IL-31 regulates differentiation and filaggrin expression in human organotypic skin models.
22017185 2011 Distinct SPINK5 and IL-31 polymorphisms are associated with atopic eczema and non-atopic hand dermatitis in Taiwanese nursing population.
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21182835 2011 Diverse functions of reactive cysteines facilitate unique biosynthetic processes of aggregate-prone interleukin-31.
21057749 2010 Common IL-31 gene haplotype associated with non-atopic eczema is not implicated in epidermolysis bullosa pruriginosa.
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16461142 2006 IL-31: a new link between T cells and pruritus in atopic skin inflammation.
15925362 2005 Expression of IL-31 gene transcripts in NC/Nga mice with atopic dermatitis.
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