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Accession Q9GZX6 IL-22
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3G9V   1M4R   1YKB   3DGC   3DLQ   3Q1S  

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26870795 IL-22 Defect During Streptococcus pneumoniae Infection Triggers Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
26867135 IL-17A and IL-22 work synergistically to induce antimicrobials and chemokines such as IL-8, components of calprotectin (CP), lipocalin (LCN) and some beta-defensins in both human and primary mouse gastric epithelial cells (GEC) and gastroids
26781085 IL-17- and IL-22-secreting myelin specific CD4(+) T cells resistant to corticoids are associated with radiological activity of multiple sclerosis in early stages of the disease, mainly among Afrodescendant patients who, normally, have worse prognosis.
26644377 IL-22 induced at an early stage of L. monocytogenes infection enhances innate immunity against L. monocytogenes in the liver by stimulating hepatocytes to produce PLA2G2A
26598081 To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report documenting that the IL-22 -429 C/T gene polymorphism is associated with bladder cancer risk.
26590104 IL-22/IFN-gamma producing T-cells were significantly increased in tumour tissue and that this increase was positively correlated with TNM staging of pancreatic ductal carcinoma and poorer patient survival.
26521730 inflammatory cytokines, including IL-17 and IL-22, are expressed at higher levels by inflamed OA synovium and suggest IL-22 involvement in OA pathophysiology.
26497621 Il-22 signaling plays role in the pathogen resistance at the epithelial-intestinal microbiota interface.Il-22 modulates the immune response in the intestinal mucosa.
26486958 TTP-dependent regulatory pathway described herein likely contributes to the role of IL-22 in inflammation and cancer and may evolve as novel target for pharmacological IL-22 modulation.
26400286 The study demonstrated the probable involvement of gamma delta T cells in the immune response of an organism via the secretion of IL-17 and IL-22.
26378072 Signal Strength and Metabolic Requirements Control Cytokine-Induced Th17 Differentiation of Uncommitted Human T Cells.
26285207 IL-22 can play a previously unappreciated role in controlling leishmania-induced immunopathology
26269955 Thus, pathogenic inflammasome activity during Candida infection is negatively regulated by the IL-22/NLRC4/IL-1Ra axis.
26152778 interferon (IFN)-alpha, weakens activation of the anti-bacterial interleukin (IL)-1/IL-22 axis in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to viable B. burgdorferi
26046454 DR3 is expressed by IL-22-producing human group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s).
26033490 These findings provide new insights into the acetylcholine receptor-mediated regulatory mechanism of SLURP-2 expression in keratinocytes.
25987216 The mRNA expression levels of IL8 and IL22 have the potential to be useful biomarkers for determining the effects of environmental pollutants, especially PCBs, on asthmatic children and those who exhibit positive IgE responses to milk or egg proteins
25979722 Urinary IL-22 mRNA level is decreased in patients with SLE with proliferative nephritis
25939532 These results indicate that IL-22 is required for the proliferation of keratinocytes.
25939251 High-glucose cultivation reduced IL-22 production in PBMCs that significantly reduced MMP-3 expression and hampered migration of treated keratinocytes.
25925347 IL-22 gene and protein expression is reduced in the decidua of women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.
25892871 Th22 cells accumulate in colorectal cancer and may be associated with the chemotactic effect of the tumor microenvironment. IL-22 is associated with CRC development, most likely via STAT3 activation.
25793261 IL22/IL-22R pathway induces cell survival in human glioblastoma cells
25792465 Human mast cells are major IL-22 producers in patients with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
25771172 IL-22 may contribute to the fibrogenesis of HCV-associated liver fibrosis by activating hepatic stellate cells.
25608673 Interleukin-22 - friend or foe.
25514475 increased serum levels in patients with allergic rhinitis correlate with the level of allergen-specific IgE
25510212 this study identified a marked activation of Human beta-defensin-2 expression in human alveolar epithelial type II cells by IL-22.
25487261 findings indicate that high levels of IL-22 and IL-17 in the BCC and SCC microenvironment promote tumor progression.
25483133 Interleukin-22 has a prominent role in the pathogenesis and therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. (Review)
25407645 IL-22 could be an important biomarker of inflammation in preeclampsia.
25387810 The IL-22 rs1179251 polymorphism was significantly associated with an increased risk of GC (p < 0.05).
25337217 Increased expression of IL-22 may play an important role in endometrial stromal cell invasion and finally contribute to the origin and development of adenomyosis.
25337212 Suggest IL-22 plays the important role in the pathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis.
25303370 susceptibility of gastric MALT lymphoma is influenced by genetic polymorphisms in IL-22, the product of which is involved in mucosal immunity against H. pylori and associated with tumor response to H. pylori eradication.
25300347 IL-22 significantly correlated with MELD, P-SOFT, and SOFT scores (Rs 0.35, 0.63, 0.56 respectively, p<0.05) and with the discrimination in post-liver transplantation survival.
25288569 Two novel gain-of-function mutations of STAT1 responsible for chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis disease: impaired production of IL-17A and IL-22, and the presence of anti-IL-17F autoantibody.
25242258 Data suggest that Th22 cells (T-lymphocytes producing/secreting IL22) may contribute to autoimmunity and pathogenesis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis in humans and a model of autoimmune thyroiditis in NOD mice.
25240697 In acute pancreatitis, high plasma levels of IL-22 are observed, regardless the severity of the disease
25208211 IL-22 activates miR-197 expression through the binding of phosphorylated STAT3 to sequences in the putative promoter of miR-197.
25156366 In cellular assays, SAR-20347 dose dependently (1 nM-10 muM) inhibited JAK1- and/or TYK2-dependent signaling from the IL-12/IL-23, IL-22, and IFN-alpha receptors.
25148371 TL1A increases expression of CD25, LFA-1, CD134 and CD154, and induces IL-22 and GM-CSF production from effector CD4 T-cells
25138977 IL-17 and IL-22 serum levels in greenhouse workers exposed to pesticides
25129403 Th17 cells and Th17-related cytokines (IL-17, IL-21 and IL-22) were increased in the intestinal mucosa in active inflammatory bowel disease patients and may play an important role in disease activity and mucosal damage
25120745 IL-22 stimulation enhances the migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells
25079457 Serum IL-22 is increased in newly diagnosed, untreated Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients, as compared to thyroid autoimmune disease-free individuals.
25063444 These findings identify IL-22 as a novel chemoresistance cytokine and may be a useful prognostic biomarker for colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.
25055724 the elevated levels of IL-22 in active MM patients, in parallel with disease activity, and in positive correlation with IL-1beta, may represent the inflammatory element of the disease.
25042982 This study thus demonstrates the presence of highly activated PMNs in HIV-infected patients receiving effective ART and the association of these cells with a specific IL-17/IL-22 environment.
25024136 These results reveal a critical role for CXCR1 mononuclear phagocytes lymphoid cell production of IL-22.
24956177 IL-22 polymorphisms and corresponding high levels of IL-22 in plasma may contribute to the development of NSCLC, especially adenocarcinoma.
24937671 The invasive potential of gastric cancer cells was significantly enhanced by co-culture with IL-22-expressing cancer-associated fibroblasts.
24899787 Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy downregulated Th17, and Th22 cells and the plasma levels of IL-17 and IL-22 in Guillain-Barre syndrome patients
24895489 IL-22 in Th22 cells may have a role in acute coronary syndrome
24856143 IL-22 has restricted tissue specificity as its unique receptor IL-22R1 is exclusively expressed on epithelial and tissue cells, but not immune cells.
24824519 IL-22 negatively regulates Helicobacter pylori-induced CCL20 expression in gastric epithelial cells.
24816405 IL-22 Promotes Colon Cancer Stemness via STAT3 Activation
24796415 identified IL-21 as an inducer of IL-22 production in CD4+ T cells in vitro and in vivo
24677193 IL-22 plays a pathological role in exacerbating chronic liver inflammation and fibrosis by recruiting hepatic Th17 cells in HBV-infected patients and HBV Tg mice.
24623532 Role of interleukin-22 in liver diseases
24622082 Data suggest that interleukin 22 (IL-22) and IL-22CD4 T cells may be related to tumor progression and are potential therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer (PC).
24610014 FIGURE 4. Data indicate that in resolved psoriasis revealed retained IL17 and IL22 expression in epidermal T cells.
24604817 IL-22 production by ILCs as an important target.
24599919 Activated IL-22 pathway occurs in the muscle tissues of patients with polymyositis or dermatomyositis and is correlated with disease activity.
24579469 Recombinant hBD-3 can up-regulated the expression of TLR2, IL-17A and IL-22.
24520123 Human data identified the T-cell cytokine IL-22 as a key player of a paracrine inflammatory pathway previously unidentified in adipose tissue, with a pathological relevance to obesity-induced type 2 diabetes.
24489729 Mycobacteria suppress epithelial pro-inflammatory production by suppressing NF-kappaB activation thereby shifting the infection towards an anti-inflammatory IL-22 and IL-10 response.
24459233 Compared with wild-type mice, IL-22 transgenic mice have increased survival rates, whereas IL-22-deficient mice have reduced survival rates after renal ischemia/reperfusion injury.
24404171 our data indicated higher frequency of circulating Th22 and Th17 cells and higher levels of serum IL-22 and II-17A in patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
24390134 a genetic IL22 variant that promotes epithelial barrier defense is preferentially enriched in and may precipitate the onset of psoriasis at an early age
24342613 Hes1-mediated enhancement of IL-22-STAT3 signaling significantly increased the induction of genes encoding antimicrobial peptides, such as REG1A, REG3A and REG3G, in human intestinal epithelial cells.
24286492 Data indicate that IL-17 secretion was significantly elevated in both psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and psoriasis (Ps), whilst IL-22 secretion was higher in PsA compared to Ps and healthy controls.
24283210 IL-22 contributes to TGF-beta1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in asthmatic bronchial epithelial cells.
24164838 Suggest that IL-22(+)CD4(+) T-cells may contribute to the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.
24133578 the higher level of IL-22 and its receptors in eutopic endometrium may stimulate expression of CCL2, IL-8/CXCR1, and promote the growth of stromal cells through activating signal pathways which may be involved in the development of endometriosis.
24132627 High expression of interleukin-22 is associated with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
24041785 Found that W7, a phagolysosomal fusion inhibitor, abrogates IL-22-dependent M. tuberculosis growth inhibition in MDMs, suggesting that IL-22 acts through enhanced phagolysosomal fusion.
24040442 IL-22 secreted by decidual stromal cells and natural killer cells might promote the survival of trophoblasts and participate in the maintenance of pregnancy by binding to the IL-22R1.
24040001 Data indicate that differentially expressed IL-17, IL-22, and IL-23 levels are associated with K-ras in a stage-specific fashion along colorectal cancer progression and an association was established between mutant K-ras and GM-CSF and IFN-gamma.
24018041 IL-22 signaling for lung vascular smooth muscle cell growth is via NADPH oxidase.
24001799 We demonstrated an increased proportion of IL-13/IL-22-coproducing T cells with skin-homing properties in the circulation of patients with atopic dermatitis.
23855297 It plays a key role in promoting antimicrobial immunity and tissue repair at barrier surfaces by binding to the receptors IL-22R1. (review)
23853597 Data suggest IL22 and IDO1 (indoleamine 23-dioxygenase 1) are crucial in balancing resistance with tolerance to Candida albicans in vaginal candidiasis (VC); genetic variants in IL22 and IDO1 are associated with heightened resistance to recurrent VC.
23774470 IL-22 induced the expression of antiapoptotic B-cell lymphoma 2
23746568 Recent findings regarding the expression, regulation, and function of the IL-22 pathway and Th22 cells in various skin diseases and neoplasms. Review.
23727477 These data identify that IL-27 may suppress the production of IL-22 by inducing the expression of SOCS1 in human CD4(+) T cells.
23726764 Increased T helper(Th)22 cells may play an important role in the pathogenesis of neuromyelitis optica (NMO) and neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis (MS).
23695510 IL-22-producing CD4+ cells are depleted in actively inflamed colitis tissue.
23692034 CD4(+) T cells producing IL-17, IL-22 and IFN-gamma are important effector cells in the eczematous reactions of nickel-induced allergic contact dermatitis in humans.
23674871 IL-22/STAT3 signaling pathway may be related to ulcerative colitis and UC-induced carcinogenesis and IL-22 can be used as a biomarker in judging the severity of UC.
23664643 polymorphisms in IL22 have a role in susceptibility to psoriasis vulgaris but not to atopic dermatitis in the Japanese population
23630362 Our results suggest that inflammatory cytokines IL-22 and TNF-alpha may play a key role in the ocular immune response in Behcet's disease.
23617779 A negative correlation between IL-22 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), serum IL-22 and serum anti-AChR Ab levels was found in patients with myasthenia gravis.
23527071 IL-22 was associated with disease activity in BD and correlated with the presence of small vessel inflammation, suggesting that it may be involved in its pathogenesis.
23518141 Human mast cells are identified as functional partners of T helper cells, shaping their responses toward IL-22 production.
23512698 serum IL-22 levels are significantly higher in patients with pituitary macroadenomas than in healthy controls and IL-22R is variably expressed in both prolactinoma and non-functioing pituitary adenoma cells.
23474919 Alveolar macrophages can produce and release IL-22 during the activation of the innate immune response and thereby constitute a potentially important regulator of mucosal host defence in the lungs.
23448944 The rs2227485 SNP in IL22 might be associated with the risk and the multifocality of papillary thyroid cancer.
23445169 IL-22 is increased in STDs generally and in Trichomoniasis specifically in the lower genital tract
23405899 Although IL-22 is beneficial to the host in many infectious and inflammatory disorders, depending on the target tissue it can be pathogenic due to its inherent pro-inflammatory properties. (Review)
23395647 the IL22 gene exon1 was significantly associated with psoriasis severity (P<0.0001). However, the association between IL22 gene exon5 copy numbers and psoriasis was not detected.
23379788 excessive IL-22 in the colon cancer and ulcerative colitis microenvironment leads to tumor growth, inhibition of apoptosis, and promotion of metastasis depend on STAT3 activation.
23372820 The frequency of IL-22-producing T helper cells was increased in AH patients and most so in those whose condition seemed to improve. T cell differentiation toward an IL-22-producing phenotype may thus be favourable in AH.
23313291 Results show that IL-22 in serum samples was measured by the assay with significant high-sensitivity.
23274784 IL-17A but not IL-22 suppresses the replication of hepatitis B virus by inducing the expression of MxA and OAS.
23244505 ChIP-on-chip analysis identifies IL-22 as direct target gene of ectopically expressed FOXP3 transcription factor in human T cells.
23223131 We observed large numbers of CD8(+) T cells producing IL-13, IFN-gamma, and IL-22 in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
23178750 IL-22 induced by helminths enhances mucosal barrier function and restore the microbiota populations. [Review]
23174657 IL-22 decreased epithelial susceptibility to T cell-mediated cytotoxicity.
23158008 The rs2227473 SNP in IL-22 was associated with the risk of pulmonary tuberculosis. The allele G was the risk factor of pulmonary tuberculosis. The SNP (rs2227473) may play an important role in the protective immune process against tuberculosis.
23153456 Pre-conditioning of epithelial cells with IFNalpha initiated dramatic changes in IL-22 signaling normally dominated by signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT)-3
23091305 Data provide preliminary evidence that GBS is associated with high levels of IL-17 and IL-22 in CSF and plasma.
23007230 Letter/Case Report: increased serum IL-8/IL-22 in a paediatric patient with paracetomal-induced acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis.
22928014 HIV exposure without infection was associated with blunted IL17/IL22 and pro-inflammatory responses
22909798 Interleukin 22 is increased and correlated with CD38 expression in patients with B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
22854709 Reduced IL-22 production and Th22 depletion in the gut mucosa are important factors in HIV mucosal immunopathogenesis.
22851227 we describe that both Gab1 and Gab2 play a critical role in IL-22-mediated effects on keratinocytes via interaction with Shp2.
22795370 Patients with cystic fibrosis have inducible IL-17+IL-22+ memory cells in lung draining lymph nodes.
22696687 Systemic sclerosis pathogenesis does not appear to be linked to IL-17-, but rather to IL-22-producing cells with skin-homing potential and a concomitant quantitative Treg defect.
22589261 IL-22 is elevated in the serum of patients with established rheumatoid arthritis.
22537848 IL-22 has the potential to promote mineralizing activity in periodontal ligament cells.
22417743 IL-22 levels are significantly higher in synovial fluid of psoriatic arthritis patients compared to synovial fluid of osteoarthritis patients.
22355539 Our functional studies showed that patients with A allele have significantly higher IL-22 expression than those without A allele under both non-specific and specific stimulations.
22213179 Our findings indicate that overexpression of IL-22, together with an increased number of IL-22-producing NKp44+ NK cells, occurs in the gut of ankylosing spondylitis patients, where it appears to play a tissue-protective role.
22170067 NF-AT, CREB, and IKKalpha contribute to rapid IL22 gene induction.
22137028 enhanced production by beta-defensin-2 in T cells
22104996 IL22 is present in human carotid plaques.
22053597 The expression of AhR mRNA in PBMCs and IL-22 protein in plasma of patients with allergic asthma were higher than those in controlled asthma cases.
22048239 Data show IL-22 and CCL20, but not IL-17, expression is elevated in both sera and lesional skin in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and suggest that IL-22 may be important in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which may prove to be a future therapeutic target.
22038405 DNA copy number variations of IL-17F, IL-21, and IL-22 are associated with the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus.
22034096 These results show that IL-22 up-regulates RANKL expression in RA synovial fibroblasts and induces osteoclastogenesis.
21998459 Transgenic IL-22 acts as an immune-modulating cytokine and attenuates antigen-induced immune responses. When delivered prior to systemic sensitization, it reduces eosinophilic airway inflammation.
21996293 The association between IL-22 producing cells and interstitial lung disease needs to be assessed in larger cohorts of patients, since the increased frequency of Th22 cells appears to be a useful novel biomarker in systemic sclerosis.
21984702 Epidermal cells contribute a significant proportion of transgenic IL-22 and IL-17A mRNA production in an IL-23 injection model of psoriasiform dermatitis.
21979002 IL-22 may play a pro-inflammatory role in the pathogenesis of primary Sjogren's syndrome.
21946664 association between intra-hepatic IL-22 expression, its associated cytokines and severity of liver inflammation/fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B (CHB)patients; speculate IL-22 and non-ELR-CXC chemokines synergistically may provide protection in liver inflammation/fibrosis during CHB infection
21862302 IL-22 elicits innate responses from tissue epithelia and promotes wound healing. (Review)
21767990 These findings support a role for IL-22 in TB-induced pathology or the resulting repair process.
21762495 C5a promotes interleukin (IL)-22 and IL-17 expression by human CD4+ T cells.
21741035 ectopic lung B cell formation is important for containment of M. tuberculosis, and up-regulation of IL-17 and IL-22 responses may be an important mechanism underlying the protective role B cells in tuberculosis
21708106 IL-22 appears to be an important mediator of the inflammatory response following recognition of HBV by T cells in the liver.
21681565 elevated serum levels correlate with clinical severity in patients with psoriasis
21674558 Excessive IL-22 can be found in the hepatocellular carcinoma microenvironment, leading to tumor growth, inhibition of apoptosis, and promotion of metastasis due to STAT3 activation.
21652269 Elevated plasma IL-22 levels correlated with Th1 and Th22 cells in patients with immune thrombocytopenia.
21645026 IL-22 showed a direct correlation with major clinical parameters of Sjogren's Syndrome. The data suggest that IL-22 plays a critical role in the development of Sjogren's Syndrome.
21640395 The results showed, for the first time, that there is an increase of IL-22 in healthy centenarians. This pro-inflammatory condition probably is protective against infection, promoting the longevity of these subjects.
21632708 Notably, membrane-bound IL-22-positive CD4-expressing T cells are able to inhibit intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis replication in macrophages.
21600206 AhR is down-regulated in intestinal tissue in inflammatory bowel disease. AhR signaling, via IL-22, inhibits inflammation and colitis in the gastrointestinal tract.
21593004 Elevated serum IL-22 allows discrimination between patients with different radiographic progression and indicates a possible involvement of IL-22 in the pathophysiology of RA.
21573786 Studies indicate the differences between humans and murine gammadelta T cells and underscore the importance of IL-17A- and IL-22-producing gammadelta T cells.
21535180 increased in PBMC from children suffering of asthma
21518800 Memory/effector (CD45RB(lo)) CD4 T cells are controlled directly by IL-10 and cause IL-22-dependent intestinal pathology.
21487830 Increased frequencies of IL-22-positive CD4+ T cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and positive correlation with SLEDAI score and lupus nephritis suggest that this cytokine may be implicated in the pathogenesis of the disease.
21469124 study demonstrates that IL-22 and TNF-alpha represent a potent, synergistic cytokine combination for cutaneous immunity.
21465510 Localized production of IL-22 in the liver promotes hepatocyte survival and proliferation but primes the liver to be more susceptible to tumor development without significantly affecting liver inflammation.
21391996 Studies indicate that innate lymphocyte subset co-expressing RORgammat, NK cell receptors, and Il-22 has been identified.
21384158 Studies indicate that Th22 subsets produce cytokine IL-22, whose function depends on the activation of signal transduction and activators of transcription.
21310921 IL-22-producing natural killer cells can be generated in the absence of secondary lymphoid tissue
21214545 Data suggest IL-21, an effector cytokine produced by CD4(+) T cells, might mediate the cross-talk between CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells through the production of IL-22.
21148041 The two major effects of IL-22, inducing antimicrobial proteins and protecting against damage via increased epidermal regeneration, are minimally present in this study of acne inversa.
21124836 Data demonstrated that IL-17 was mainly expressed by mast cells and neutrophils and IL-22 by macrophages and dendritic cells.
21106435 in psoriasis, IL-22 synergizes with other proinflammatory cytokines to induce many pathogenic phenotypes from keratinocytes and exacerbate disease progression. in IBD it enhances barrier integrity and epithelial innate immunity of intestinal tract[review]
21098725 STAT3-dependent IL-22 signaling and effects in keratinocytes are negatively regulated by SIRT1
20976193 Early production of IL-22 but not IL-17 by peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to live Borrelia burgdorferi.
20971950 This study documents a previously unknown role of IL-22R1 in inflammation and identifies the involvement of IL-22R1/IL-22 in anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma
20864149 increased secretion following bacterial toxin stimulation in atopic dermatitis patients
20824812 The IL-22/DMBT1 axis may play a pivotal role in the pathophysiology of ulcerative colitis
20671117 Tyr251 and Tyr301 of IL-22R1 are required for Shp2 binding and IL-22-induced Erk1/2 activation.
20503287 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20463292 IL-22, likely via activation of STAT3 and downstream genes (e.g., SOCS3), is able to protect against cell stretch and pulmonary baro-/biotrauma by enhancing epithelial cell resistibility
20339910 Findings suggest that the rs1179251 SNP in IL-22 is associated with risk of colon cancer.
20339910 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20305686 Recent findings on the role of Th17 cells and their associated cytokines (IL-17 and IL-22) in the pathogenesis of liver diseases, are summarized.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20220564 Data report a modest but significant elevation of serum IL-22 detectable in abdominal sepsis patients.
20065946 expression enhanced in infiltrating inflammatory cells in the inflamed epithelium in ulcerative colitis mucosa
20061404 Essentially identical phenotypes in transgenic mouse models for IL-20, IL-22, and IL-24 suggest that the three related cytokines play a redundant role in keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation.
20032993 IL-17A+IFN-gamma-, IL-17A+IL-22+IFN-gamma-, and IL-17A+IL-22-IFN-gamma- cells were increased in psoriatics
19920355 identified a subset of Th cells that infiltrates the epidermis inflammatory skin disorders and is characterized by the secretion of IL-22 and TNF-alpha, but not IFN-gamma, IL-4, or IL-17
19864591 NK cells can contribute to immune defenses against M. tuberculosis through production of IL-22.
19830738 Data show that in lesional skin of psoriasis patients, highly elevated IL-20 levels strongly correlated with IL-22, and to a lesser extent, with IL-17A and TNF-alpha.
19811428 Data show that number of peripheral Th17 lymphocytes, expression of CCR6 on Th cells, and ex vivo IL-23, anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 induced production of IL-22 by PBMC were significantly elevated in asthmatic patients.
19620772 IL-17 and IL-22 play complementary roles in human protection against Kala Azar, and that a defect in Th17 induction may increase the risk of Kala Azar.
19481975 Recent studies highlight the importance of regulatory cytokines transforming growth factor-beta, IL-10, and IL-22 in controlling differentiation and function of lymphocytes under steady-state and inflammatory conditions, and minimizing tissue damage.
19479869 The frequencies of IL-17-positive and IL-22-positive CD4+ T cells were increased in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with ankylosing spondylitis and patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
19469905 IL-22 gene polymorphisms not significantly associated with the presence or clinical features of chronic plaque psoriasis
19469905 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19449309 data demonstrate that IL-22-producing T cells in humans may play an important role in the defense against fungal infections such as C. albicans
19285080 Comparison of IL-22/IL-22BP and IL-22/IL-22R1 crystal structures shows that both receptors display an overlapping IL-22 binding surface, which is consistent with the inhibitory role played by IL-22 binding protein.
19258923 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19244159 stage 3 immature natural killer cells are highly enriched for IL-22 and IL-26 messenger RNA, and IL-22 protein production, but do not express IL-17A or IL-17F
19046958 A decrease in serum IL-22 levels in patients with SLE suggests that this cytokine may be implicated in the pathomechanisms of this disease.
18978771 NK-22 cells provide an innate source of IL-22 that may help constrain inflammation and protect mucosal sites
18927282 Up-regulation of interleukin-22 is associated with non-small cell lung carcinoma.
18675824 identifies those amino acid side chains of IL-22 that are individually important for optimal binding to IL-22R
18675809 A 1.9A crystal structure of the IL-22/IL-22R1 complex is reported.
18615114 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from immunocompetent Candida-infected patients secreted more IL-17 and IL-22 than those of both chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis patients and healthy, non-infected controls.
18599299 Molecular basis for the distinct affinities and specificities of IL-22 and IL-10 receptor chains that regulate cellular targeting and signal transduction to elicit effective immune responses.
18509351 demonstrate the importance of the IL-22 autocrine pathway in a lymphoid malignancy, and reveal yet another novel function of NPM-ALK
18391423 Crystallization of the IL-22-IL-22R1 complex may aid in understanding of the structural basis for IL-22-mediated cross-talk between the immune system and epithelial cells.
18264110 The role of IL-22 in mucosal immunity against Klebsiella pneumoniae infections is reported.
18191408 Hepatic IL-22 expression is up-regulated in viral hepatitis but IL-22 does not directly regulate antiviral proteins and has, in contrast to IFN-alpha, no effect on HCV replication.
17845543 Observational study of gene-disease association and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
17845543 Genetic variation in IL-10RA/IL-22 genes may play a modulatory role in the outcome of hepatitis C infection.
17703412 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17442982 These data suggest that systemic IL-22 may contribute to the prevention of systemic inflammation provoked by LPS present in the blood of CD patients through its induction of hepatic LBP.
17204547 IL-22 promotes liver cell regeneration by increasing hepatic cell proliferation and hepatocyte migration through the activation of Akt and STAT signaling, which is abrogated by SOCS-1/3 overexpression.
17182579 IL-22 and the acute phase protein pathway are associated with innate host resistance to HIV infection.
16537974 IL-22 is increased in active Crohn's disease and promotes proinflammatory gene expression and IEC migration.
16143135 IL-22 acts on human colonic subepithelial myofibroblaststo elicit expression of proinflammatory cytokines and matrix-degrading molecules indicating proinflammatory/remodeling roles in inflammatory bowel disease.
15765404 IL-21 contributes to the ongoing Th1 mucosal response in Crohn's disease.
15122762 T cell-derived cytokine IL-22 is a survival factor for hepatocytes
15039135 role for IL-22 in the regulation of pulmonary inflammation
12176383 Data report the crystallographic structure of recombinant human interleukin-22, which has been solved at 2.0 angstrom resolution using the SIRAS method.
12087100 Interleukin-22 (IL-22) activates the JAK/STAT, ERK, JNK, and p38 MAP kinase pathways in a rat hepatoma cell line.

AA Sequence

IQRNVQKLKDTVKKLGESGEIKAIGELDLLFMSLRNACI                                   141 - 179

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26033490 2015 Transcriptional regulation of SLURP2, a psoriasis-associated gene, is under control of IL-22 in the skin: A special reference to the nested gene LYNX1.
25987216 2015 Association of PCBs and allergies in children.
25979722 2015 Intrarenal and Urinary Th9 and Th22 Cytokine Gene Expression in Lupus Nephritis.
25939532 2015 Interleukin-22 upregulates HB-EGF expression in HaCaT cells via JAK2/STAT3 and ERK1/2 signalling.
25939251 2015 High-glucose-cultivated peripheral blood mononuclear cells impaired keratinocyte function via reduced IL-22 expression: implications on impaired diabetic wound healing.
25925347 2015 Expression of interleukin-22 in decidua of patients with early pregnancy and unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.
25892871 2015 Th22 cell accumulation is associated with colorectal cancer development.
25793261 2015 IL22/IL-22R pathway induces cell survival in human glioblastoma cells.
25792465 2015 Human mast cells are major IL-22 producers in patients with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
25771172 2015 Up-regulation of interleukin-22 mediates liver fibrosis via activating hepatic stellate cells in patients with hepatitis C.
25608673 2015 [Interleukin-22 - friend or foe?].
25514475 Increased IL-22 level in allergic rhinitis significantly correlates with clinical severity.
25510212 2015 IL-22 Up-Regulates ?-Defensin-2 Expression in Human Alveolar Epithelium via STAT3 but Not NF-?B Signaling Pathway.
25487261 2015 Interleukin-17 and interleukin-22 promote tumor progression in human nonmelanoma skin cancer.
25483133 2015 Interleukin-22 and rheumatoid arthritis: emerging role in pathogenesis and therapy.
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25387810 2015 Association of interleukin 22 polymorphisms with gastric cancer risk.
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25303370 2014 Genetic polymorphisms and tissue expression of interleukin-22 associated with risk and therapeutic response of gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma.
25300347 2014 Preoperative interleukin-22 values add valuable information for outcome prediction following orthotopic liver transplantation: a preliminary study.
25288569 2014 Two novel gain-of-function mutations of STAT1 responsible for chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis disease: impaired production of IL-17A and IL-22, and the presence of anti-IL-17F autoantibody.
25242258 2014 Increased differentiation of Th22 cells in Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
25240697 High plasma levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-22 and the anti-inflammatory cytokines IL-10 and IL-1ra in acute pancreatitis.
25208211 2014 The crosstalk between IL-22 signaling and miR-197 in human keratinocytes.
25156366 2014 Inhibition of TYK2 and JAK1 ameliorates imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like dermatitis by inhibiting IL-22 and the IL-23/IL-17 axis.
25148371 2014 TL1A increases expression of CD25, LFA-1, CD134 and CD154, and induces IL-22 and GM-CSF production from effector CD4 T-cells.
25138977 2014 IL-17 and IL-22 serum levels in greenhouse workers exposed to pesticides.
25129403 2014 Elevated levels of Th17 cells and Th17-related cytokines are associated with disease activity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
25120745 2014 IL-22 promotes the migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells via IL-22R1/AKT/MMP-9 signaling.
25079457 Serum interleukin-22 (IL-22) is increased in the early stage of Hashimoto's thyroiditis compared to non-autoimmune thyroid disease and healthy controls.
25063444 2014 Interleukin 22 protects colorectal cancer cells from chemotherapy by activating the STAT3 pathway and inducing autocrine expression of interleukin 8.
25055724 2015 Clinical significance of interleukin-22 in multiple myeloma.
25042982 2014 Neutrophils in antiretroviral therapy-controlled HIV demonstrate hyperactivation associated with a specific IL-17/IL-22 environment.
25024136 2014 CX?CR1? mononuclear phagocytes support colitis-associated innate lymphoid cell production of IL-22.
24956177 2014 Genetic polymorphisms and plasma levels of interleukin-22 contribute to the development of nonsmall cell lung cancer.
24937671 2014 IL-22 produced by cancer-associated fibroblasts promotes gastric cancer cell invasion via STAT3 and ERK signaling.
24899787 2014 Circulating Th17, Th22, and Th1 cells are elevated in the Guillain-Barré syndrome and downregulated by IVIg treatments.
24895489 2014 Th22 cell is a gradually proved potential biomarker for acute coronary syndrome.
24856143 2014 The role of the IL-22/IL-22R1 axis in cancer.
24824519 2014 IL-22 negatively regulates Helicobacter pylori-induced CCL20 expression in gastric epithelial cells.
24816405 2014 IL-22(+)CD4(+) T cells promote colorectal cancer stemness via STAT3 transcription factor activation and induction of the methyltransferase DOT1L.
24796415 2014 IL-21 induces IL-22 production in CD4+ T cells.
24677193 2014 Pathological functions of interleukin-22 in chronic liver inflammation and fibrosis with hepatitis B virus infection by promoting T helper 17 cell recruitment.
24623532 2014 Role of interleukin-22 in liver diseases.
24622082 2014 Increased intratumoral interleukin 22 levels and frequencies of interleukin 22-producing CD4+ T cells correlate with pancreatic cancer progression.
24610014 2014 Epidermal Th22 and Tc17 cells form a localized disease memory in clinically healed psoriasis.
24604817 2014 Enteric mucosa integrity in the presence of a preserved innate interleukin 22 compartment in HIV type 1-treated individuals.
24599919 2014 Activated IL-22 pathway occurs in the muscle tissues of patients with polymyositis or dermatomyositis and is correlated with disease activity.
24579469 2013 [The effects of recombinant human beta-defensin-3 on expression of interleukin-17A and interleukin-22 in BEAS-2B cell].
24520123 2014 T cell-derived IL-22 amplifies IL-1?-driven inflammation in human adipose tissue: relevance to obesity and type 2 diabetes.
24489729 2014 Mycobacteria bypass mucosal NF-kB signalling to induce an epithelial anti-inflammatory IL-22 and IL-10 response.
24459233 2014 IL-22 ameliorates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury by targeting proximal tubule epithelium.
24404171 2014 A higher frequency of circulating IL-22(+)CD4(+) T cells in Chinese patients with newly diagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
24390134 2014 Genetic variants of the IL22 promoter associate to onset of psoriasis before puberty and increased IL-22 production in T cells.
24342613 2014 Hes1 promotes the IL-22-mediated antimicrobial response by enhancing STAT3-dependent transcription in human intestinal epithelial cells.
24286492 2013 Th17 and Th22 cells in psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.
24283210 2013 IL-22 contributes to TGF-?1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in asthmatic bronchial epithelial cells.
24164838 2013 IL-22+ CD4+ T cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
24133578 2013 IL-22 in the endometriotic milieu promotes the proliferation of endometrial stromal cells via stimulating the secretion of CCL2 and IL-8.
24132627 2014 High expression of interleukin-22 and its receptor predicts poor prognosis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
24041785 2014 Interleukin 22 inhibits intracellular growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by enhancing calgranulin A expression.
24040442 2013 IL-22 secreted by decidual stromal cells and NK cells promotes the survival of human trophoblasts.
24040001 2013 Differential expression of IL-17, 22 and 23 in the progression of colorectal cancer in patients with K-ras mutation: Ras signal inhibition and crosstalk with GM-CSF and IFN-?.
24018041 2013 IL-22 activates oxidant signaling in pulmonary vascular smooth muscle cells.
24001799 2013 IL-13/IL-22-coproducing T cells, a novel subset, are increased in atopic dermatitis.
23855297 2013 Hepatoprotective and anti-fibrotic functions of interleukin-22: therapeutic potential for the treatment of alcoholic liver disease.
23853597 2013 IL-22 and IDO1 affect immunity and tolerance to murine and human vaginal candidiasis.
23774470 2013 Interleukin-22 is frequently expressed in small- and large-cell lung cancer and promotes growth in chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells.
23746568 2013 The role of IL-22 and Th22 cells in human skin diseases.
23727477 2013 IL-27 suppresses the production of IL-22 in human CD4(+) T cells by inducing the expression of SOCS1.
23726764 2013 IL-22 secreting CD4+ T cells in the patients with neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis.
23695510 2014 IL-22-producing CD4+ cells are depleted in actively inflamed colitis tissue.
23692034 2013 CD4(+) T cells producing interleukin (IL)-17, IL-22 and interferon-? are major effector T cells in nickel allergy.
23674871 2013 Expression of interleukin-22/STAT3 signaling pathway in ulcerative colitis and related carcinogenesis.
23664643 2013 Genetic polymorphisms in the IL22 gene are associated with psoriasis vulgaris in a Japanese population.
23630362 2013 Role of IL-22- and TNF-?-producing Th22 cells in uveitis patients with Behcet's disease.
23617779 2013 Expression of interleukin-22 in myasthenia gravis.
23527071 2013 Increased expression of IL-22 is associated with disease activity in Behcet's disease.
23518141 2013 Human mast cells drive memory CD4+ T cells toward an inflammatory IL-22+ phenotype.
23512698 2014 Increased serum interleukin-22 levels in patients with PRL-secreting and non-functioning pituitary macroadenomas.
23474919 2013 Interleukin-22 produced by alveolar macrophages during activation of the innate immune response.
23448944 2013 Interleukin 22 polymorphisms and papillary thyroid cancer.
23445169 2013 IL-22 levels are associated with Trichomonas vaginalis infection in the lower genital tract.
23405899 2013 IL-22, not simply a Th17 cytokine.
23395647 2013 Copy number variations in IL22 gene are associated with Psoriasis vulgaris.
23379788 2013 IL-22 is related to development of human colon cancer by activation of STAT3.
23372820 2013 Highest frequencies of interleukin-22-producing T helper cells in alcoholic hepatitis patients with a favourable short-term course.
23313291 2013 Quantitative determination of human interleukin 22 (IL-22) in serum using Singulex-Erenna® technology.
23274784 2013 IL-17A but not IL-22 suppresses the replication of hepatitis B virus mediated by over-expression of MxA and OAS mRNA in the HepG2.2.15 cell line.
23244505 2012 ChIP-on-chip analysis identifies IL-22 as direct target gene of ectopically expressed FOXP3 transcription factor in human T cells.
23223131 2013 CD8(+) T cells in the lesional skin of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients are an important source of IFN-?, IL-13, IL-17, and IL-22.
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23174657 2013 IL-22 suppresses IFN-?-mediated lung inflammation in asthmatic patients.
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23153456 2013 IFN? converts IL-22 into a cytokine efficiently activating STAT1 and its downstream targets.
23128233 2012 Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease.
23091305 2012 IL-17 and IL-22 in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma are elevated in Guillain-Barré syndrome.
23007230 2013 Paediatric acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis induced by paracetamol with high serum levels of interleukin-8 and -22: a case report.
22928014 2012 Blunted IL17/IL22 and pro-inflammatory cytokine responses in the genital tract and blood of HIV-exposed, seronegative female sex workers in Kenya.
22909798 2013 Interleukin 22 is increased and correlated with CD38 expression in patients with B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
22854709 2012 A role for mucosal IL-22 production and Th22 cells in HIV-associated mucosal immunopathogenesis.
22851227 2012 Participation of Gab1 and Gab2 in IL-22-mediated keratinocyte proliferation, migration, and differentiation.
22795370 2013 Patients with cystic fibrosis have inducible IL-17+IL-22+ memory cells in lung draining lymph nodes.
22696687 2012 Activated and resting regulatory T cell exhaustion concurs with high levels of interleukin-22 expression in systemic sclerosis lesions.
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22053597 2011 Increased expression of aryl hydrocarbon receptor and interleukin 22 in patients with allergic asthma.
22048239 2011 IL-22, but not IL-17, dominant environment in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
22038405 2011 Copy number variations of interleukin-17F, interleukin-21, and interleukin-22 are associated with systemic lupus erythematosus.
22034096 2012 Interleukin-22 promotes osteoclastogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis through induction of RANKL in human synovial fibroblasts.
21998459 2011 High expression of IL-22 suppresses antigen-induced immune responses and eosinophilic airway inflammation via an IL-10-associated mechanism.
21996293 2011 Increased frequency of circulating Th22 in addition to Th17 and Th2 lymphocytes in systemic sclerosis: association with interstitial lung disease.
21984702 2011 Epidermal CCR6+ ?? T cells are major producers of IL-22 and IL-17 in a murine model of psoriasiform dermatitis.
21979002 2012 Potential involvement of IL-22 and IL-22-producing cells in the inflamed salivary glands of patients with Sjogren's syndrome.
21946664 2012 IL-22 and non-ELR-CXC chemokine expression in chronic hepatitis B virus-infected liver.
21862302 2011 Regulation of interleukin-10 and interleukin-22 expression in T helper cells.
21767990 2011 Predominance of interleukin-22 over interleukin-17 at the site of disease in human tuberculosis.
21762495 2011 Complement component C5a promotes expression of IL-22 and IL-17 from human T cells and its implication in age-related macular degeneration.
21741035 2011 B cell infiltration is associated with the increased IL-17 and IL-22 expression in the lungs of patients with tuberculosis.
21708106 2011 A proinflammatory role for interleukin-22 in the immune response to hepatitis B virus.
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21674558 2011 Interleukin-22 promotes human hepatocellular carcinoma by activation of STAT3.
21652269 2011 Elevated plasma IL-22 levels correlated with Th1 and Th22 cells in patients with immune thrombocytopenia.
21645026 2011 Expression of interleukin-22 in Sjögren's syndrome: significant correlation with disease parameters.
21640395 Healthy centenarians show high levels of circulating interleukin-22 (IL-22).
21632708 2011 Membrane-bound IL-22 after de novo production in tuberculosis and anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis effector function of IL-22+ CD4+ T cells.
21600206 2011 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-induced signals up-regulate IL-22 production and inhibit inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.
21593004 2011 Interleukin 22 serum levels are associated with radiographic progression in rheumatoid arthritis.
21573786 2011 Regulation and function of IL-17A- and IL-22-producing ?? T cells.
21535180 2011 IL-22 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from allergic rhinitic and asthmatic pediatric patients.
21518800 2011 Memory/effector (CD45RB(lo)) CD4 T cells are controlled directly by IL-10 and cause IL-22-dependent intestinal pathology.
21487830 2011 Expressions of IL-22 in circulating CD4+/CD8+ T cells and their correlation with disease activity in SLE patients.
21469124 2011 IL-22 and TNF-? represent a key cytokine combination for epidermal integrity during infection with Candida albicans.
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21214545 2011 Interleukin-21 induces the differentiation of human Tc22 cells via phosphorylation of signal transducers and activators of transcription.
21148041 2011 Deficiency of IL-22 contributes to a chronic inflammatory disease: pathogenetic mechanisms in acne inversa.
21124836 2010 Overrepresentation of IL-17A and IL-22 producing CD8 T cells in lesional skin suggests their involvement in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.
21106435 2010 Distinct roles of IL-22 in human psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease.
21098725 2011 STAT3-dependent effects of IL-22 in human keratinocytes are counterregulated by sirtuin 1 through a direct inhibition of STAT3 acetylation.
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20971950 2011 A novel role for IL-22R1 as a driver of inflammation.
20864149 2010 Staphylococcal exotoxins are strong inducers of IL-22: A potential role in atopic dermatitis.
20824812 2011 DMBT1 is a novel gene induced by IL-22 in ulcerative colitis.
20671117 2010 Association of Shp2 with phosphorylated IL-22R1 is required for interleukin-22-induced MAP kinase activation.
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19920355 2009 Th22 cells represent a distinct human T cell subset involved in epidermal immunity and remodeling.
19864591 2009 IL-22 produced by human NK cells inhibits growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by enhancing phagolysosomal fusion.
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19258923 2009 Genetic susceptibility to respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in preterm children is associated with airway remodeling genes and innate immune genes.
19244159 2009 Stage 3 immature human natural killer cells found in secondary lymphoid tissue constitutively and selectively express the TH 17 cytokine interleukin-22.
19122664 2009 Ulcerative colitis-risk loci on chromosomes 1p36 and 12q15 found by genome-wide association study.
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18978771 2009 A human natural killer cell subset provides an innate source of IL-22 for mucosal immunity.
18927282 2008 Antiapoptotic activity of autocrine interleukin-22 and therapeutic effects of interleukin-22-small interfering RNA on human lung cancer xenografts.
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