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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 251
PubMed Score 8441.31
PubTator Score 3498.04

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  Differential Expression (22)

Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.222 3.4e-03
Multiple myeloma 1.598 6.6e-04
ependymoma 1.400 2.7e-02
oligodendroglioma 1.200 6.9e-03
psoriasis 2.200 1.5e-03
osteosarcoma 1.702 3.0e-03
cystic fibrosis -1.109 1.2e-04
glioblastoma 1.600 1.3e-02
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.300 6.8e-05
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.600 4.0e-04
adrenocortical carcinoma 1.154 1.6e-02
non-small cell lung cancer 1.180 1.6e-09
lung cancer 1.300 1.3e-04
diabetes mellitus -1.100 1.1e-03
pediatric high grade glioma -1.100 3.9e-05
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.100 3.9e-03
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 1.100 2.5e-02
subependymal giant cell astrocytoma 1.778 5.1e-03
lung adenocarcinoma 1.095 7.7e-06
Pick disease 1.400 4.6e-03
ovarian cancer 3.500 7.9e-08
Gaucher disease type 1 -1.600 2.2e-02

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26565746 Both intrinsic affinity and post-translational modifications tune the interactions between the Hsp70 and Hsp90 proteins and the tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR) domain-containing cochaperones.
26559972 HSP70 suppression elevates FOXM1 expression, and simultaneous inhibition of FOXM1 and HSP70 increases the sensitivity of human cancer cells to anticancer drug-induced apoptosis.
26556859 Data suggest that dual heat shock proteins HSP90 and HSP70 inhibition can simultaneously disrupt the key signaling pathways in muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC).
26446645 Hsp70 overexpression likely plays an important role in the excessive collagen production by keloid fibroblasts. RNA interference has therapeutic potential for the treatment of keloids.
26439956 This study demonstrated that Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) interacts with the Notch1 intracellular domain and contributes to the activity of Notch signaling in myelin-reactive.
26286954 Data show that binding of heat shock proteins Hsp70 and Hsp90 requires prior binding of Hop protein to Hsp90.
26246424 As a chaperone of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70), HBP21 could inhibit interaction between HSP70 and Bax, increased Bax protein translocation from cytoplasm to mitochondria.
26183779 Tag7, can bind to the TNFR1 receptor, thereby inhibiting the cytotoxic actions of the Tag7-Hsp70 complex and TNF-alpha, an acquired immunity cytokine.
26165468 AIF bears a HSP-70 binding domain allowing association with HSP-70.
26050647 quercetin-induced inhibition is involved in growth inhibition and sensitization to chemotherapy in lung cancer cells
25881670 Studies indicate the role of 70 kDa heat-shock protein (HSP70) in the activation of NADPH oxidase isoforms and in islet alpha- and beta-cell physiological function in health and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
25864199 Thus, isoform-selective targeting of Hsc70 could be a viable therapeutic strategy for tauopathies and possibly lead to new insights in chaperone complex biology.
25857363 heat stress(HS) and aspirin + HS does not act as a co-inducer of HSP70 in HepG2 cells, but promotes Bcl-2 protein expression during prolonged treatment
25798051 High BCLC staging scores, advanced cirrhosis and the overexpression of HSPA12A and HSP90B1 might be associated with poor survival from HCC, whereas high levels of HSPA4, HSPA5 and HSPA6 might be associated with earlier recurrence of HCC
25789959 serum level associated with severity of alcoholic fatty liver disease
25772468 Here we describe the small molecule, apoptozole (Az), which inhibits the ATPase activity of HSP70 by binding to its ATPase domain
25697138 TLR4-ligand lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulate the TLR and up-regulate IFN-gamma skewing the cells towards type 1 polarization and heat shock protein (Hsp)70 down-regulated TLR4 augmenting the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10.
25687737 These findings suggest that HSP70 genes are dependent of HLA-DR/DQ loci in governing susceptibility to PF. The multivariant regression analysis confirms this hypothesis.
25655005 regulates the expression of SDF-1 and Twist in fibroblasts, thereby controlling gastric ulcer healing
25600910 Data suggest that secretion of HSP70 and IL1B (interleukin 1 beta) by fetal membranes is up-regulated during chorioamnionitis/infection with Escherichia coli; secretion of HSP70, IL1B, and HSP60 follow different temporal patterns.
25437815 High expression of HSPA4 is associated with colorectal cancers.
25429623 Cells overexpressing HSP70 had higher levels of miR-23a, maintained these levels after heat shock and accumulated lower levels of NOXA mRNA and protein.
25347739 Studies indicate that heat shock protein Hsp70 (Hsp70) regulates multiple pathways in cancer cells via interaction with Bcl2-associated athanogene 3 protein (BAG3) co-chaperone.
25261232 Hsp70 is a positive predictive factor in completely resected NSCLC with received platinum-based adjuvant chemotherapy.
25175595 Findings suggest a novel function of HSP70/MRJ/uPAR complex in cell adhesion, invasion and migration, and may provide more understanding in the mechanisms of uPAR-mediated cancer metastasis.
25156257 during the maturation of beta-thalassaemia major erythroblasts, HSP70 interacts directly with free alpha-globin chains; consequently HSP70 is sequestrated in the cytoplasm and GATA-1 is no longer protected, resulting in end-stage maturation arrest and apoptosis
25095651 HSP70 is an index of severity of lesion and activation of kidney self-defense mechanisms in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN). Serum HSP70 antibodies may be used to assess the prognosis of CGN.
24934530 This review summarizes recent data regarding immunoregulatory properties of Hsp70, and presents promising results of the studies concerning the application of heat shock proteins in treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.
24923353 14-3-3sigma alone or combined with HSP70 are potential prognostic biomarkers for HCC
24876225 BAG-1M mediates Hsp70 inhibition downstream of NF-kappaB.
24846187 Baicalein treatment upregulated the expression of HSP70, which partially prevented human osteosarcoma cells from undergoing apoptosis.
24786389 results showed higher expression of HSP70 and LOX-1 in the placental tissues of pre-eclampsia patients which represent the possible contribution of these molecules in the disease pathogenesis.
24742079 HSP70 is induced in polymorphonuclear cells of ulcerative colitis patients and its induction correlates with depression and anxiety levels.
24718854 With HSP90 suppression, HSP70 overexpression possibly contributes to the avoidance of cell death and HSP70 may be a key molecule for overcoming resistance to the HSP90 inhibitor
24715760 The purpose of this study was to investigate the co-expression patterns of transcription factor HIF-1alpha and von Hippel Lindau protein (pVHL) and heat shock proteins in pterygium and normal conjunctival human samples.
24660549 These results provide an explanation for the elevated serum levels of HSP-27, HSP-70, and ccCK-18 found in COPD patients, indicating that hypoxic conditions can trigger the release of the aforementioned factors.
24501795 Positive reactions on the presence of the HSP-70 protein in circulating immune complexes isolated from sera of smoking patients with lung cancer was confirmed.
24492285 BAG-3 expression correlated with increased HSP70 expression in a subset of systemic T cell lymphoma cases co-expressing the CD30 antigen.
24480410 The organelle distribution of Hsp70 is determined by their specific lipid compositions.
24474693 Hsp70 may act as a chaperone for influenza virus polymerase, and the modulatory effect of Hsp70 appears to be a sequel of shuttling of Hsp70 between nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments
24449167 Glutamine regulated ubiquitination processes of Grp75 and Apg-2.
24425585 HSP70 could be an important antigen in balancing the healthy immune system. T cell recognition of naturally presented epitopes of self-heat shock protein 70 is demonstrated.
24376495 HSP70 induced IL-10 production in eyes from wild-type mice but was impaired in both TLR2- and TLR4-deficient mice.
24355684 PTSD and exposure to trauma are not related to changes in lymphocyte MR, Hsp90 or Hsp70 levels, but may be associated with disturbances in corticosteroid receptors interaction with heat shock proteins.
24354861 Expression of inducible HSP70 were compared in skin samples, evaluated the viability of primary vitiligo and control melanocytes exposed to bleaching phenols, and measured secreted indcible HSP70.
24347824 Increased circulating level of HSP60 and HSP70 might play a role in initiation and/or progression of atherosclerosis in CKD subjects through perturbation of CD4(+)CD28(null) cells.
24327239 In postmenopausal women, serum HSP60 and anti-HSP70 concentrations increased with accumulating features of the metabolic syndrome. Results suggest an immune activation associated with cardiovascular risk in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome.
24252366 Results suggest a role for HSP70 in proliferation and survival of the erythroid lineage in polycytemia vera (PV), and may represent a potential therapeutic target in myeloproliferative neoplasms especially in PV.
24243066 Hsp70 1267 A/G SNP is associated with pro-inflammatory cytokine production in healthy elderly and might represent a possible determinant of individual susceptibility to inflammatory diseases.
24206096 CAMKIIgamma, HSP70 and HSP90 transcripts are differentially expressed in chronic myeloid leukemia cells from patients with resistant mutated disease.
24189052 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
24095952 HSP70 expressed in the peripheral lung tissues is significantly increased in COPD and aggravated by cigarette smoking.
24086464 Heat shock protein 70 is associated with replicase complex of Japanese encephalitis virus and positively regulates viral genome replication.
24065282 Our results demonstrated that HSP70 can play a more important role in mE7 and MtHSP70 fusion DNA vaccine without the help of a signal peptide.
24051131 higher plasma levels in the early-onset preeclampsia (before 34 weeks of gestation)as compared to the late-onset one
24047968 This is the first report providing evidence that HSP70-HSP40 complex confers an innate resistance specific to HIV-1.
24021284 Spinocerebellar ataxia type 14 mutant PKC-gamma upregulates Hsp70. Hsp70 has a role in degrading mutant PKC-gamma.
24012426 The chaperone functions of heat shock protein (Hsp)70 involve an allosteric control mechanism between the nucleotide-binding domain (NBD) and polypeptide substrate-binding domain (SBD): ATP binding and hydrolysis regulates the affinity for polypeptides.
23990450 NMIIA is the master regulator of Golgi fragmentation induced by heat shock or inhibition/depletion of HSP70/90 through interaction with gylosyltransferases.
23985798 HSP70-2 A1267G is single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that may modulate its activities, was very common (77.5%)and was significantly high among scrub typhus patients.
23973223 results demonstrate the critical role of the stress-activated Stub1-Hsp70 complex in promoting Treg cell inactivation.
23965991 Molecular chaperones (heat-shock proteins HSP90alpha and HSP70-1A) that interact with and retain partially folded A2A receptor prior to endoplasmic reticulum exit, were identified.
23962724 Results show that TDP-43 is constitutively bound to members of the Hsp40/Hsp70 family, and that heat shock-induced TDP-43 aggregation is mediated by the availability of these chaperones interacting with the inherently disordered C-terminal prion domain.
23940031 NFS1 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU while mtHSP70 binds preferentially to the D-state of ISCU and HSC20 binds preferentially to the S-state of ISCU.
23913168 These results suggest that HSP70 expression might be an unfavourable prognostic factor in patients with gastric carcinoma
23874478 plasma concentrations of HSP70 elevated with the progression of HF and might act as a potential screening biomarker for early diagnosis of HF.
23840795 Hsp70 oligomerization takes place through a specific interaction between the interdomain linker.
23831493 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
23831374 Mortalin mutations are not a frequent cause of early-onset Parkinson disease.
23807299 Hsp60 levels were significantly higher than those of Hsp70 in neuroepithelial tumors, while levels of both molecules were not significantly different from each other in meningeal neoplasms
23792430 Parthenolide effectively attenuated the HSP70 upregulation in A549 derived DOX-resistant cell lines.
23776617 Recombinant HSP70 may be used for the serodiagnosis of tegumentary leishmaniasis.
23737532 HSPH1 and HSPH2 are bona fide chaperones on their own that collaborate with DNAJA1 and DNAJB1 to hydrolyze ATP and unfold polypeptides and HSPA1A and HSPH1 formed a powerful molecular machinery.
23542779 These results demonstrate that the duplicated heat shock elements and HSF1 constitute the mechanism for the heavy metal response of hsp70, which is distinct from the known metal regulatory system for the metallothionein genes.
23528882 Hsp70 plays a role in DNA protection mediated by estrogen, and the DNA protection may be involved in Alzheimer's disease preventive effect from estrogen.
23425286 Both HSP27 and HSP70 impact on the biological behaviour of urothelial carcinomas of the urinary bladder.
23392055 Heat shock protein 70 gene polymorphisms are associated with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease in Japanese patients.
23382911 HSP 70 is expressed in a spatial manner in the placenta. Changes in HSP 70 expression occur during labor and preeclampsia but at different zones within the placenta.
23359685 Hsp70/Hsp90 chaperone machinery is involved in the assembly of the purinosome.
23352325 Up-regulation of HSP 70, in the form of its intense and diffuse expression, may be blamed in pathogenesis of vitiligo.
23276928 Intestinal cells respond to elevated temperatures or other metabolic insults by increasing expression of HSP70. HSP70 possesses a variety of functions, including protection of intestinal-mucosal integrity and normal metabolism of epithelial cells[review]
23271055 Hsp72 had greater affinity for tau than Hsc70, but Hsc70 was 30 times more abundant than Hsp72 in human and mouse brain tissue.
23212539 anti-Hsp70 antibody levels were significantly higher in metabolic syndrome cases than in control subjects.
23154057 The interactions between hypertension and HSP70 single nucleotide polymorphisms can increase the risk of cerebral ischemia in Chinese Han.
23152061 CD99-induced HSP70 expression in B and T lymphocytes.
23139789 Perturbation of the HSP70-HSP90 heat-shock protein axis stimulates degradation of endothelial VEGFR2.
23109422 Hsp70 is a posttranscriptional regulator of gene expression that binds and stabilizes selected mRNAs containing AU-rich elements
23043959 The positive feedback regulation of Hsp70 induction exists in innate immune cells.
23023377 Opposing actions of heat shock protein 90 and 70 regulate nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase stability and reactive oxygen species production.
22990868 Nuclear HSP70 directly interacts with Aurora kinase B (AURKB) in a methylation-dependent manner and promotes AURKB activity in vitro and in vivo.
22901192 Low HSP70 expression is associated with Barrett's esophagus.
22689214 role of HSP70 and 90 in modulation of JNK, ERK expression in preeclamptic placental endothelial cell
22613557 Studies suggest that GRP78, and perhaps HSP70s, are strong tumor differentiation factor receptor candidates.
22544056 direct involvement of mtHsp70 as a susceptibility factor in Parkinson's disease
22535481 High HSP70 and HSP27 expression is associated with worse clinical outcome in colon cancer.
22528773 TiO2 nanoparticles do not significantly change the protein expression levels of Grp78 and Hsp70 in A549 cells.
22443056 UVA irradiation could stimulate the activation of HSF1 and increase HSP70 protein expression in HaCaT cells, which inhibited activation of JNK, thus preventing apoptosis.
22409343 Protective role of chaperones (HSP70 and 90) in preeclampsia.
22345440 Hsp70 has a proviral function during rabies virus infection and suggest that Hsp70 is involved in at least one stage(s) of the viral life cycle, such as viral transcription, translation, and/or production.
22343013 Moreover, the levels of DnaJA1 and Hsp70 seem to play against each other with regard to tau: as DnaJA1 levels increase, tau levels are reduced, but this can be prevented if Hsp70 levels are simultaneously induced.
22294379 plasma estradiol levels may play an important role in exercise training and that the intracellular HSP70 content, a biomarker for inflammation, is affected by both estradiol levels and exercise-induced oxidative stress.
22219199 an alternative mechanism of allosteric activation for functional regulation of HSP70 by its J-domain co-chaperones
22157767 the chaperone activity differences between Hsp70s and Hsp110s
22037021 shown that HspBP1 binds Tag7 in the conditioned medium of tumor CSML0 cells, thereby preventing formation of the cytotoxic Tag7-Hsp70 complex
22032827 provide evidence for elevated HSP27 concentrations in serum and urine and increased HSP70 excretion levels in patients suffering from CKD
22022600 Mammalian Hsp110 (Apg-2), Hsp70 (Hsc70 or Hsp70) and Hsp40 (Hdj1) were necessary and sufficient to slowly dissolve large disordered aggregates and recover natively folded protein.
21992180 This study clearly demonstrates that HSP70/CMVpp65(495-503)-peptide complex is a potent mediator to induce stronger T-cell responses compared to antiviral peptides.
21972530 Hsp70 can reduce formaldehyde-induced damage in human bronchial epithelium cells in vitro.
21940409 Lipid rafts play a critical role in the early stage of JEV infection by concentrating the JEV E protein and HSP70 in membrane microdomains.
21839816 Data show six differentially expressed proteins were identified as HSP70, PPIA and alpha-Enolase (up-regulated) S100-A9, PIMT and beta-5 tubulin (down-regulated), most of which had been shown to play a potential role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.
21775503 Hsp70 protects cells in HD by removing/sequestering two intrinsic components of protein aggregates: the polyQ itself and GAPDH.
21763498 Differential expression of Hsp40 and Hsp70 reciprocally regulates viral gene expression and replication in HIV-1 infection.
21763498 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
21750953 Down-regulated expression of HSP70 is associated with cholangiocarcinoma.
21738476 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
21725599 specific Hsp70 shRNA silencing may inhibit colon cancer growth.
21672353 There was a significant increase in HSP70 mRNA levels in response to cardiopulmonary bypass.
21639839 Chaperone activity of proteins Hsp70 and Hdj1 in human leukemia u-937 cells were increased after heat shock.
21539621 Production and uptake of inducible HSP70 by keratinocytes may critically influence the chronic course of inflammatory skin diseases.
21522149 Overexpression of Hsp70 in poorly differentiated SCC may confer both enhanced tumour cell growth and apoptosis resistance.
21480956 HSF1 and major HSP's are expressed strongly in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
21477782 Our findings reveal an essential role of HSP70 in TGF-beta-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) by impeding Smad2 phosphorylation
21442384 Data show that radiofrequency ablation can lead to a release of heat shock protein 70 into the serum, and suggest that elevated heat shock protein 70 serum levels may constitute a biomarker for favorable clinical outcome.
21418859 Compared with control group, the levels of OREBP, HSP70-2 and MUC5AC in supernatant significantly increased after HBE16 cells were exposed to hypertonic media.
21403392 This study did not reveal evidence for a genetic variant of the HSP70 family with a major effect on Alzheimer's disease.
21353370 role in promoting cell survival by regulating ASK expression in pre-eclampsia
21330950 Data concluded that serum HSP70 levels are modulated according to the patient oxidant status, and increased serum HSP70 is associated to mortality in sepsis.
21299508 The expression of HSP70 and HSF1 was increased in preeclamptic subjects as compared with that in normotensive subjects.
21228271 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
21208456 a novel pathway (NBS1-HSF4b-HSPA4/HSPA14 axis) to induce migration, invasion, and transformation, suggesting the activation of multiple signaling events induced by NBS1 overexpression
21179807 TGF-beta mRNA expression positively correlated with HSP70 expression in skin fibroblasts exposed to ultraviolet B radiation.
21161074 A sharp decrease in the content of heat shock protein with a molecular weight of 70 Da were noted in placenta during exacerbation of herpesvirus infectio.
21046302 These data support a putative role for plasma Hsp70 in the development of arterial calcification.
20964628 Hsp70 has the interaction with PrPC not only in cell lysates but in the secreted exosomes.
20876215 Findings provide evidence that extracellular alpha-synuclein oligomers may represent a crucial player in the propagation of pathology in PD, with their modulation by Hsp70 representing a potential new target for therapeutic interventions.
20842208 [review] Induction of hsp70 in diabetic neuropathy confers upon neurons, and perhaps other cells of the nervous system, the ability to tolerate the stresses associated with diabetes rather than intervening in their production.
20809635 Determined are crystal structures of the C-terminal peptide-binding domain of human Hsp40 Hdj1 (CTD) and of its complex with the C-terminal octapeptide of human Hsp70, (634')GPTIEEVD(641').
20806409 Quantitative but not qualitative differences between heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) nuclear localization of multiple sclerosis patients and controls leads to the theory of HSF1 stress activation as a major cause of Hsp70 overexpression in multiple sclerosis.
20735358 Data show that HSP70, GRP78/BiP and HSP40/DnaJ each independently suppressed hA misfolding.
20731692 Epidermal mRNA expression level of heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) was significantly up-regulated 6 hr after standardized tape stripping.
20714862 Elevated levels of plasma Hsp70 and decreased expression of Hsp70 in lymphocytes were associated with increased risk of lung cancer in coal miners.
20714140 the genetic polymorphisms in the HSP70 genes seem to be associated with the individual's susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss in the Taiwanese population.
20632817 HSP27 and HSP70 may be used as differential markers to distinguish conventional and low grade central osteosarcoma.
20583115 Pathogenesis of both oral verrucous carcinoma and hyperplasia may be at least partially attributed to the overexpression of MDM2 protein and moderate expression of HSP 70 protein in both lesions.
20569278 The synergistic activity of two stress-inducible immunological danger signals, HSP70 and MICA/B, leads to activation and enhanced cytotoxicity of human natural killer cells against tumour cells.
20568452 The HSP70-1 b2/b2 genotype may be a predisposing genotype to coal worker's pneumoconiosis.
20498198 Allelic variants of Hsp70 are significantly associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in whites, independently of HLA-DR3, and correlate with the presence of autoantibodies to Ro and La, hence, the Hsp70 gene locus appears to be involved in SLE etiol
20426530 long-term cigarette smoking results in reduced expression in airway smooth muscle
20354811 The current understanding of inducible and constitutive Hsp70 in maintaining and protecting neuronal synaptic function under normal and stressed conditions, is discussed.
20353025 Expression of HSP70 and NFKB was elevated in patients with chronic gastritis, regardless of H. pylori status.
20300983 Findings suggest that higher Hsp70 levels or lower anti-Hsp70 antibody levels are independently associated with a higher risk of acute coronary syndrome.
20170613 The expressions of Hsp70 and HO-1 in the myocardium of patients with acute myocardial infarction were significantly higher than those in control group.
20132183 Heat shock induced Hsp70 membrane translocation in the viable cells that were able to enhance Hsp70 production upon heating, but not in the cells undergoing apoptosis.
20069064 The intron 4 polymorphism of eNOS is associated with primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), as well as primary closed angle glaucoma (PCAG), while the G+190C polymorphism in HSP70 is associated with PCAG, but not with POAG in the Pakistani population.
20026329 Data show that GM significantly suppressed refolding of firefly luciferase in the presence of HSP70 and HSP40.
20012529 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
19952398 HSP70 expression increased in nasopharyngeal carcinoma following radiotherapy.
19919883 anti-HSP70 autoantibodies in the CSF of multiple sclerosis patients may play a pathophysiological role in enhancing inflammation.
19802386 COMMD1 has a role in conjunction with HSP90beta/HSP70 in the ubiquitin and O(2)-independent regulation of HIF-1alpha
19766166 This study provides preliminary evidence that HSP-70 may play a role in the disrupted mechanisms that lead to BPD.
19766166 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
19764559 HSP70/HSP90 expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells up regulated promptly after thermotherapy.
19758266 HSP70-hom gene polymorphisms are associated with transplant-related mortality in hematological malignancies.
19758187 Results indicate a general protective role for both HSP90 and HSP70 families in damaged muscle fibers, and a specific cytotoxic role for HSP90 in muscle fiber invasion typically associated with IBM and PM.
19716411 greater HSP70 antibody concentrations were associated with greater impact of recent negative life events anxious symptomatology depressive symptomatology and total mood disturbance
19639585 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
19635199 The mRNA and protein levels of HSP60, HSP70 and HSP90alpha, as well as their positive rates were significantly increased in colorectal cancer tissues compared with those in para-cancerous tissues.
19620938 HSP70 expression in effusions may be a prognostic marker of poor survival, with a similar role for Bcl-2 in primary carcinomas.
19604401 Phosphorylation on Ser37/Ser38 of Carboxyl-terminal modulator protein is important for the prevention of mitochondrial localization of Carboxyl-terminal modulator protein, eventually leading to cell death by binding to heat shock protein 70.
19598015 FOLFOX4 chemotherapy regimen has advantages in cases with lower HSP70 expression over those with higher HSP70 expression.
19544471 Data show that above-median EpoR, above-median Jak2, and below-median Hsp70 mRNA levels were all associated with significantly poorer Locoregional progression-free survival.
19543852 Elevation of heat shock protein 70 is associated with chronic heart failure.
19529862 The concentration of 70 kDa heat shock protein in the serum increased 1.7 times as a result of even a short-term highly intense physiological stress.
19527514 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19475432 A single hemodialysis session decreased the concentrations of anti-Hsp70
19420297 Expression of hsp22 and hsp70 transgenes is partially predictive of drosophila survival under normal and stress conditions.
19275587 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
19231003 A reliable marker for the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in liver biopsies.
19205928 There were no significant differences in serum anti-Hsp60, anti-Hsp65, and anti-Hsp70 antibody levels between the control and preeclamptic groups.
19116451 CD36 signaling inhibits the translation of heat shock protein 70 induced by oxidized low density lipoprotein through activation of peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma
19069644 Thermotherapy in combination with chemotherapy showed a stronger inhibitory effect than thermotherapy or chemotherapy alone on lung tumor cell growth by activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase and inhibition of heat shock protein70.
19026123 Serum levels of free heat shock protein 70 and anti-HSP70 are elevated in Behcet's disease
19019335 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19017364 The effects of HSP70 down-regulation on the unfolded protein response and a novel strategy to enhance the proapoptotic effect of quercetin by suppressing GRP78 induction simultaneously, were investigated.
18977241 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18818748 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
18813348 Hsf1 is required for p53 nuclear importation and activation, which implies that heat shock factors play a role in the regulation of p53.
18799101 Serum Hsp70 (heat shock protein 70)levels were increased in Systemic sclerosis patients, and associated with pulmonary fibrosis, skin sclerosis, renal vascular damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation
18790094 mitochondrial ribosomal protein S12 3'-UTR interacts specifically with TRAP1 (tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated protein1), hnRNPM4 (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein M4), Hsp70 and Hsp60 (heat shock proteins 70 and 60), and alpha-tubulin
18686014 Increased serum Hsp70 levels seem to reflect systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and hepatocellular injury in preeclampsia.
18651163 mRNA expressions of Hsp70, Hsp32 and Bax significantly increased in mononuclear blood cells after marathon running, whereas Hsp27 and Bad mRNA expression levels showed no significant changes.
18608178 Hsp70 gene expression in Rheumatoid Arthitis-affected synovial tissue is followed by Hsp70 cell surface expression on fibroblast-like synovial cells growing from RA synovial tissue.
18587674 The newly discovered interaction between HBP21 and Hsp70 suggests that HBP21 may be involved in the inhibition of progression and metastasis of tumor cells.
18550409 The structure of an Hsp110:Hsc70 nucleotide exchange complex, is reported.
18505677 Hsp70 was isolated as a putative Rictor interacting protein.
18489731 These results suggest that aging-related changes in basal Hsp70 levels in peripheral blood lymphocyte are linked to the altered frequency of lymphocyte subsets and not to increases in aged lymphocytes per se.
18456818 these data suggest that the IkappaB-alpha/NF-kappaB pathway has a critical role in the partial maturation of dendritic cells induced by recombinant HSP70.
18439902 PHAPI, CAS, and Hsp70 function together to accelerate nucleotide exchange on Apaf-1 and prevent inactive Apaf-1/cytochrome c aggregation.
18426646 The over-expressions of HSP70 and pim-1 protein/mRNA are related to tumor burden in leukemia patients.
18418731 Sequential measurement intraoperatively of the levels of the heat shock proteins HSP70 and HSP27 in the cerebrospinal fluid can predict those patients who are at greatest risk for paralysis during thoracic aneurysm surgery.
18322243 Hsp70 interaction with membranes acts as a platform for its release into the extracellular environment during its recovery from stress.
18297536 Hsp70 cell surface and mRNA expression was studied in K562, Jurkat and CCRF-CEM human leukemia cell lines
18258197 The degradation of Hsp70 was significantly reduced in TAT-Hsp40-containing cells as a consequence of reduced ubiquitin-proteasome activity after oxidative injury.
18162458 HSP70 gene expression tended to be induced in the group administered Healing and Wound Emulsion following gamma-ray irradiation.
18088459 Heat shock and ADM chemotherapy both induce over expression of HSP70 and MDR1.
17988935 Results suggest that the individuals with the homozygous HSP70-1 C/C genotype among the coke-oven workers may be susceptible to DNA damage.
17802821 The expression of HSP70 was elevated in carcinoma tissues compared with para-carcinoma tissues.
17676665 HSP70 interacts with both APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif, which stabilizes APOBEC3G and blocks Vif-mediated degradation of APOBEC3G. The N-terminal region of Vif involves the interaction with HSP70
17616937 HSP70-mediated inhibition of apoptosis seems to be of minor importance for carcinogenesis and tumor progression in renal cell carcinomas.
17601350 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17580361 Authors hypothesized that differing relations between surface expression of Hsp70 on tumor cells and clinical outcomes may reflect differences in the route of metastases.
17553457 HSP60 and HSP70 released upon tissue damage might play a role in the regulation of bacteria-induced inflammation
17311516 data suggest that blood cardioplegia can induce an increment in the expression of hsp70-1, confirming its protective role in ischemia/reperfusion injury.
17278883 These findings suggest that in tumors retaining functional p53 and expressing high levels of Hsp70, TRAIL may be an effective therapy.
17278882 All of the breast cell lines examined showed Hsp70 surface expression. These results also confirm previous studies, demonstrating that Hsp70 is on the plasma membrane of tumor cell lines.
17240362 Our results suggest that the widespread accumulation of Hsc70 and Hsp70 may occur in brains with MSA, and that Hsc70 and Hsp70 may be associated with the pathogenesis of MSA.
17211576 The basal levels of Hsp32, Hsp70 and Hsp90 increased significantly with age in controls. Higher levels of Hsp32, Hsp70 and Hsp90 were noticed in patients with inflammation.
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