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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 39
PubMed Score 217.93
PubTator Score 71.97

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  Differential Expression (11)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma -1.500 2.8e-06
psoriasis 1.400 3.8e-04
glioblastoma 1.500 9.6e-03
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma 4.200 8.1e-05
cystic fibrosis -1.257 1.1e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.200 1.7e-02
adult high grade glioma 1.800 5.9e-03
Breast cancer -2.800 2.4e-15
ductal carcinoma in situ -1.600 3.4e-04
invasive ductal carcinoma -2.200 9.9e-05
ovarian cancer -1.400 9.7e-05

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Gene RIF (18)

26828989 HOXA7 might be a new gene candidate that influences the maturation of acute myeloid leukemia.
25501982 HOXA7 promotes cell proliferation, and these changes were mediated by cyclin E1/CDK2
25246116 variants in the HOXA7 and HOXA9 genes are not common in Chinese women with Mullerian duct abnormalities
24099775 This finding contributes to our understanding of the role HOXA7 plays in regulating the proliferation of ER-positive cancer cells.
23660297 Hoxa7, Hoxa9 and Hox cofactor Meis1 were identified as AP-2alpha target genes, which are involved in myeloid leukemogenesis.
22251480 Data show that up-regulation of the HOXA7, HOXA9, HOXA11, and PBX3 resulting from the down-regulation of miR-181 family members probably contribute to the poor prognosis of patients with nonfavorable cytogenetically abnormal AML (CA-AML).
22085718 Taken together, these results support the notion that down-regulation of PCGF2 is sufficient to induce granulocytic differentiation of HL-60 cells via de-repression of HOXA7 gene expression.
21518888 Several targets of MLL fusions, MEIS1, HOXA7, HOXA9, and HOXA10 are functionally related and have been implicated in leukemias. Each of the four genes was knocked down separately in the precursor B-cell leukemic line RS4;11 expressing MLL-AF4.
21323949 HOXA7, PIXT1 and PRRX1 homeobox genes have different patterns of expression in oral squamous cell carcinomas depending on its histological features.
20634891 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20540809 A novel mechanistic role for HOXA7 in modulating granulosa cell proliferation via upregulation of EGFR.
20336696 CTGF enhances NFAT signaling through the induction of cGKII and the phosphorylation of GSK3beta
19888898 found evidence for association of bone geometry variation with an SNP in ENPP1, a gene in the mineralization pathway. The alteration of a binding site of the deregulator of extracellular matrix HOXA7 warrants further investigation
19453261 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17959889 HOXA7 staining of tumor cell nuclei is correlated significantly with improved disease-specific survival, which is suggestive of the biological and potentially clinical importance of subcellular HOXA7 localization.
16597639 Study reveals the preferential expression of HOXA7 by germinal vesicle (GV) oocytes.
14704364 Hox A7-sustained expression disturbs the regulation of cell adhesive and migratory capacities on fibronectin during early differentiation.
14562113 B-lineage development can proceed in t(4;11) leukemic blasts in the absence of HOX-A gene expression.

AA Sequence

AAADKADEEDDDEEEEDEEE                                                      211 - 230

Text Mined References (39)

PMID Year Title
26828989 2016 All-trans retinoic acid inhibits HOXA7 expression in leukemia cell NB4.
25501982 2015 HOXA7 stimulates human hepatocellular carcinoma proliferation through cyclin E1/CDK2.
25246116 2014 Mutation screening of HOXA7 and HOXA9 genes in Chinese women with Müllerian duct abnormalities.
24099775 2013 Homeobox A7 stimulates breast cancer cell proliferation by up-regulating estrogen receptor-alpha.
23660297 2013 Transcription factor AP-2? regulates acute myeloid leukemia cell proliferation by influencing Hoxa gene expression.
22251480 2012 Up-regulation of a HOXA-PBX3 homeobox-gene signature following down-regulation of miR-181 is associated with adverse prognosis in patients with cytogenetically abnormal AML.
22085718 2011 Inhibition of PCGF2 enhances granulocytic differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line HL-60 via induction of HOXA7.
21518888 2011 Down-regulation of homeobox genes MEIS1 and HOXA in MLL-rearranged acute leukemia impairs engraftment and reduces proliferation.
21323949 2011 In situ hybridization detection of homeobox genes reveals distinct expression patterns in oral squamous cell carcinomas.
20634891 2010 Maternal genes and facial clefts in offspring: a comprehensive search for genetic associations in two population-based cleft studies from Scandinavia.
20540809 2010 Homeobox A7 increases cell proliferation by up-regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor expression in human granulosa cells.
20336696 2010 Pentapeptide insertion mutagenesis of the Hoxa1 protein: mapping of transcription activation and DNA-binding regulatory domains.
19888898 2010 Hip geometry variation is associated with bone mineralization pathway gene variants: The Framingham Study.
19453261 2009 High-density association study of 383 candidate genes for volumetric BMD at the femoral neck and lumbar spine among older men.
18973687 2008 HOX cofactors expression and regulation in the human ovary.
17972163 2009 HOX gene analysis of endothelial cell differentiation in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
17959889 2007 HOXA7 in epithelial ovarian cancer: interrelationships between differentiation and clinical features.
16597639 2006 cDNA cloning and expression of the human NOBOX gene in oocytes and ovarian follicles.
14704364 2004 Down-regulation of Hox A7 is required for cell adhesion and migration on fibronectin during early HL-60 monocytic differentiation.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
14562113 2003 B-cell development in the presence of the MLL/AF4 oncoprotein proceeds in the absence of HOX A7 and HOX A9 expression.
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11435435 2001 Human homeobox HOXA7 regulates keratinocyte transglutaminase type 1 and inhibits differentiation.
10911612 2000 Sequence analysis and tissue specific expression of human HOXA7.
10737800 2000 Shotgun sequencing of the human transcriptome with ORF expressed sequence tags.
9847074 1998 Toward a complete human genome sequence.
9804983 1998 Sequence characterisation and expression of homeobox HOX A7 in the multi-potential erythroleukaemic cell line TF-1.
9539109 1998 307-bp fragment in HOXA7 upstream sequence is sufficient for anterior boundary formation.
9405651 1997 Meis1 and pKnox1 bind DNA cooperatively with Pbx1 utilizing an interaction surface disrupted in oncoprotein E2a-Pbx1.
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