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breast carcinoma 1614 4.8e-03


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breast carcinoma 1.800 4.8e-03

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26719341 Data suggest chromatin exhibits histone 3 methylation markers (H3K4me3, H3K27me3) in fetal brain, heart, and liver, probably to keep progenitor cells in these organs ready for immediate differentiation. (study of 12-week aborted embryo tissues, China)
26669263 EP400 deposits H3.3 into chromatin alongside H2AZ and contributes to gene regulation after Pol II pre-initiation complex assembly.
26575220 Regulators of the histone H3-trimethyl lysine-4 (H3K4me3) mark are significantly associated with the genetic risk architecture of common neurodevelopmental disease.
26482474 Screening for H3.3 G34 mutation should therefore be recommended as a routine diagnostic marker for supratentorial central nervous system tumors
26291278 Our data highlights the complex interplay between Nrf2 and H3S10 phosphorylation in arsenite-activated HO-1 transcription.
25712104 Data indicate the role for histone demethylase KDM5C/JARID1C in a specific phase of DNA replication in mammalian cells, through its demethylase activity on histone H3K4me3.
25696994 Posttranslational modifications of H3 histone (methylation) does not correlate with the sox2 expression in malignant gliomas.
25690891 Findings suggest a role of checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) as an histone H3.3 serine 31 kinase.
25560918 TIP60 interacted with H3K4me3 in response to TNF-alpha signaling.
25519907 histone H3 lysine 9 acetylation has a dual role in human embryonic stem cell pluripotency and neural differentiation
25519718 Paternal heterochromatin formation in human embryos is H3K9/HP1 directed and primed by sperm-derived histone modifications.
25482197 our data show that histone variant H3.3 occupies distinct intranuclear chromatin domains and that these genomic loci are associated with gene expression
25336637 Reptin and Pontin oligomerization and activity are modulated through histone H3 N-terminal tail interaction.
25281433 This study showed that Pediatric brainstem oligodendroglial tumors can include histone H3.3-mutated tumors and have a tendency to disseminate throughout the neuroaxis at the time of relapse.
25149548 Deregulation of histone H3 trimethylation at lysine 27 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma may be another high-risk phenotype
24952159 Our data suggest that the modification and release of histones could serve markers of apoptosis in human cancer cells.
24744315 Data suggest riboflavin (RF) status regulates hepatocyte gene expression; in HepG2 cells, depletion of LSD1 (lysine (K)-specific demethylase 1A) causes aberrant gene regulation in RF-deficient cells via changes in H3 methylation at albumin promoter.
24656132 H3K4 monomethylation establishes boundaries that restrict the recruitment of chromatin-modifying enzymes to defined regions within promoters.
24614346 Concurrent acetylation and methylation at H3K27 occurs in hepatocellular carcinoma cells in association with p53 abnormalities.
24324728 The aim of the present study was to evaluate the prognostic value of the proliferation factors mitotic activity index (MAI), phosphohistone H3 (PPH3), cyclin B1, cyclin A and Ki67, alone and in combinations.
24235145 Data indicate that MLL1 methylates Ash2L in the absence of histone H3, but only when assembled within a complex with WDR5 and RbBP5.
24021213 Ki-67 staining is stronger than PHH3, making 'hot spots' easier to identify on ACIS. Ki-67 is more ideal than PHH3( Phosphohistone H3 ) for staining NENs, especially in tumors with borderline grades.
23954330 full-length PHF1 in HEK293 cells co-localizes with histone K27me3, but not with K36me3, and this co-localization depends on the trimethyllysine binding pocket indicating that K27me3 is an in vivo target for the PHF1 Tudor domain
23908241 SIRT2-mediated H3K18 deacetylation plays a critical role during infection, which reveals an epigenetic mechanism imposed by a pathogenic bacterium to reprogram its host.
23582659 Disruption of neocortical histone H3 homeostasis by soluble Abeta implicates Alzheimer's disease.
23579270 Menin-dependent transcriptional repression of histone H3 lysine 9 methylation might play an important role in preventing tumors.
23564320 Data indicate that S6 kinase 2 (S6K2) can phosphorylate histone H3 at position Thr45, which may play a role during cell proliferation and/or differentiation.
23541585 C-kinase-activated protein phosphatase (CPI)-17 inhibitor knockdown in human pancreatic cancer cells results in dephosphorylation of histone H3.
23541084 Results suggest that GLP may play a significant role in the maintenance of HIV-1 latency by catalyzing dimethylation of H3K9.
23539269 Histone H3.3. mutations drive pediatric glioblastoma through upregulation of MYCN.
23523318 Results suggest that histone modification in H3K27 detected using immunohistochemistry can be successfully used as an independent prognostic factor for colorectal cancer patients with metachronous liver metastasis.
23460923 PRAME expression in leukaemic cell lines is upregulated by IFN gamma and LPS, suggesting a possible role in immune responses. Nuclear PRAME interacts with Histone H3, suggesting a role in gene regulation in the nucleus.
23452851 Study shows that H3K4me3-TAF3 interactions direct global TFIID recruitment to active genes, some of which are p53 targets. Further analyses show that H3K4me3 enhances p53-dependent transcription by stimulating preinitiation complex formation.
23376398 histone H3 lysine 79 dimethylation (H3K79me2) and a novel identified site, H2bK5 monomethylation (H2bK5me1), were completely absent in individuals with Neural tube defects
23285239 The SUV39H1 chromodomain was shown to recognize histone H3K9me2/3 specifically.
23281010 Data using recombinant proteins in cell-free lysates suggest that interaction of survivin with phosphorylated histone 3 (H3T3-Phos; a mitotic biological marker appearing during cell division) is abolished by trimethylation at neighboring lysine.
23158102 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
23063713 These data suggest that the tandem of plant homeodomain 1/2 fingers play a role in MOZ and MORF histone acetyltransferase association with histon H3 regions enriched in acetylated marks.
22984491 Histone H3 Ser-10 phosphorylation can be designated a new 'apoptotic histone code' mediated by PKCdelta.
22978410 Histone H3 is increased during amino acid response that is associated with active transcription.
22922742 Elongated telomeres show increased trimethylated histone H3 Lys9 (H3K9me3)density.
22853951 17beta-estradiol stimulation induces the recruitment of PAD2 to target promoters by ERalpha, whereby PAD2 then citrullinates H3R26, which leads to local chromatin decondensation and transcriptional activation.
22818287 The levels of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 show dynamic changes during human oocyte maturation and preimplantation embryonic development.
22713676 Increased levels of decondensed chromatin in both normal progenitor cells and cancer cells are associated with global loss of H3K27me3, which is linked to MYC overexpression.
22371497 O-GlcNAcylation regulates mitosis-specific phosphorylations on H3, providing a mechanistic switch that orchestrates the G2-M transition of the cell cycle.
22360506 our data suggest that global histone H3 and H4 modification patterns are potential markers of tumor recurrence and disease-free survival in non-small cell lung cancer
22228774 HAT1 differentially impacts nucleosome assembly of H3.1-H4 and H3.3-H4.
22099308 NSD2 links dimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 36 to oncogenic programming.
22012064 Studies identified a physical and functional interaction between RUNX1 (AML1) and MLL and show that both are required to maintain the histone lysine 4 trimethyl mark (H3K4me3) at 2 critical regulatory regions of the AML1 target gene PU.1.
21977994 Studies indicate that in Th17 cells, activated STAT3 by IL-6 positively regulates H3K4me3 deposition in the Il17 locus.
21917293 aberration of the global H3K9me2 level is an important epigenetic event in colorectal tumorigenesis and carcinogenesis
21738951 Trimethylation of lysine 27 on histone H3 expression, as examined by immunohistochemistry, has the potential to be used as an immunomarker to predict nasopharyngeal carcinoma chemoradiotherapy response and patient prognosis.
21368055 Deacetylation of histone H3 occurs in the early stages of multiple sclerosis, its efficiency decreasing with disease duration.
21193919 laryngeal cancer is characterized by high proliferative potential mediated by increase in cyclin D1 and H3 mRNAs expression.
20948546 The ataxia telangiectasia, mutated and Rad3-related-Chk1 axis regulates H3-pThr 11 dephosphorylation on DNA damage, at least in part by the activation of PP1gamma through Chk1-dependent inhibition of cyclin dependent kinases.
20841431 Discovery of a subgroup of genes linked to T cell functions displaying high levels of H3K4me2 within their gene body.
20498094 crystal structure of the H3T nucleosome revealed structural differences in the H3T regions on both ends of the central alpha2 helix, as compared to those of H3.1.
20448663 These results suggest that PELP1 is a reader of H3 methylation marks and has a crucial role in modulating the histone code at the ERalpha target genes.
19585526 Dynamic changes in the levels of acetylated, methylated, and phosphorylated histone H3 occur during the initiation of DNA replication at the two human origin loci examined (lamin B2 and hOrs8).
18439419 These results suggest that the histone H3 di-methylation at lysine 9, as well as acetylation at lysine 9/14, may be indispensable for coordinated induction of the GLUT5 gene by p44/42 MAP kinase inhibition and the glucocorticoid hormone.
18418385 Cooperative H3 modification provides a mechanistic basis for GCN5L association with cdk8-Mediator and also identifies a biochemical means by which cdk8 can indirectly activate gene expression.
18281699 Human Nap2 promotes nucleosome assembly with H3t/H4.
18048344 JARID1B was identified as a demethylase capable of removing three methyl groups from histone H3 lysine 4 and up-regulated in prostate cancer.
17320048 Results indicate that single bromodomains bind specific acetyl-lysine sites within the histone 3 tail with sub-micromolar affinity.
17225856 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
16354694 These results define H3 phosphorylation as a key to hTERT transactivation induced by proliferation and reveal a fundamental mechanism for telomerase regulation in both normal human cells and transformed T cells.
15611041 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
14657027 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
11689053 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
11080476 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells
9566873 HIV-1 Rev co-localizes with histone H3 in the nucleoplasmic compartment of cells

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23539269 2013 Histone H3.3. mutations drive pediatric glioblastoma through upregulation of MYCN.
23523318 2013 Global histone modification of H3K27 correlates with the outcomes in patients with metachronous liver metastasis of colorectal cancer.
23460923 2013 PRAME is a golgi-targeted protein that associates with the Elongin BC complex and is upregulated by interferon-gamma and bacterial PAMPs.
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