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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 69
PubMed Score 125.70
PubTator Score 125.18

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Disease log2 FC p
osteosarcoma -1.384 2.1e-03
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.400 8.7e-08
glioblastoma 1.100 1.2e-03
medulloblastoma 1.100 2.8e-06
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.800 1.3e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.100 3.5e-04
lung cancer 1.500 1.8e-04
colon cancer 1.100 1.2e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.200 7.9e-04
ovarian cancer 2.600 3.4e-08
Breast cancer 1.200 1.9e-05

Gene RIF (55)

26845719 describe two previously unknown HDGF isoforms, HDGF-B and HDGF-C, generated via alternative splicing with structurally unrelated N-terminal regions of their hath region
26612514 study uncovers a novel function of HDGF as a messenger of cellular condition (alarmin) which in-turn modulates cellular function-aspects that could be used as a biomarker for ovarian cancer.
26296979 HDGF and beta-catenin interact as a positive feedback loop, which plays an important role in carcinogenesis and progression of colorectal carcinoma.
26081074 HDGF is important in promoting malignant biological behaviors, including proliferation, migration and invasion of hilar cholangiocarcinoma cells.
26067205 HDGF contains conserved N-terminal HATH domains with a characteristic structural motif, namely the PWWP motif. This study defines the role of the first residue of the PWWP motif in modulating HATH domain stability and oligomer formation in binding.
25938538 Hepatoma-derived growth factor overexpression is involved in liver carcinogenesis.
25773828 Meta-analysis results provide evidence that HDGF may be a new indicator of poor cancer prognosis.
25677618 These data suggested that irradiated fibroblasts promoted invasion, growth, EMT and HDGF expression of ESCC.
25421244 HDGF overexpression is common in early-stage cervical adenocarcinoma.
25275311 The expression level of hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) significantly decreased in response to the virus-associated RNAs under replication-deficient condition.
25262276 HDGF can promote IHCC cells progression, including proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis
25071353 The expression of nuclear HDGF might be closely related to the carcinogenesis, clinical biological behaviors, and prognosis of gallbladder adenocarcinoma.
24986090 Results suggest that HDGF downregulation significantly suppresses glioma cell proliferation, migration, invasion in vitro and tumorigenesis in vivo is probably involved in the activation of both the PI3K/Akt and the TGF-beta signaling pathways
24891187 Data indicate that hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) was a target of miR-195 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells.
24770635 ADAM9 high expression is correlated positively and significantly with HDGF high expression in non-small cell lung cancer.
24692842 HDGF is a potential unfavorable factor for the progression and prognosis of endometrial carcinoma.
24276755 expression of HDGF was negatively correlated with miR-141 in gastric cancer tissues: the suppressive effects of miR-141 on GC cell proliferation, colony formation, in vitro migration, and invasion were partially mediated by suppressing HDGF expression.
24072730 Combining p53 expression and HDGF expression significantly improved prognostic stratification for patients with Ewing family tumor.
23954293 The suppressive effect of miR-16 on cell proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion is partially mediated by inhibiting HDGF expression.
23878072 Suggest that HDGF exhibits oncogenic properties and may be a novel prognostic factor in Ewing's sarcoma.
23874603 A stable-isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture coupled with mass spectrometry-based proteomics identifies downregulation of hepatoma-derived growth factor (HDGF) expression by HIV-1 Vpr in Vpr transduced macrophages
23793608 Positive expression of HDGF was detected in 46.2 % of patients with extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and correlated with poor tumor differentiation. The HDGF expression group had lower survival than the negative HDGF expression group.
23771798 Patients with higher HDGF and CD31 expression level had poorer overall survival rates.
23673296 Tumor samples from non-small cell lung cancers show an inverse relationship between microRNA-497 and HDGF levels, and ectopic expression of miR-497 significantly inhibited tumor growth and angiogenesis in a xenograft model
23609195 Studied HDGF in gallbladder cancer (GBC).Patients with nuclear HDGF-pos tumors had worse survival than patients with HDGF-negative tumors. Treatment of GBC-SD and SGC-996 lines with HDGF-siRNA significantly reduced the proliferation of GBC cell lines.
23536873 Up-regulation of hepatoma-derived growth factor facilities tumor progression in malignant melanoma.
23468531 Together, these results indicate that HDGF downregulation participates in POMC-induced suppression of metastasis and EMT in melanoma.
23305559 Expression of a cytosolic variant of hepatoma-derived growth factor causes a redistribution of nucleolin into the cytoplasm.
22361040 Hepatoma-derived growth factor overexpression contributes to the oncogenic processes in oral cancer cells
22331796 Differential proteomic analysis of human glioblastoma and neural stem cells reveals HDGF as a novel angiogenic secreted factor
22247069 Hepatoma-derived growth factor regulates breast cancer cell invasion by modulating epithelial--mesenchymal transition.
22037800 High hepatoma-derived growth factor is associated with gliomas.
22006999 found that HDGF was overexpressed also in primary gastric, breast, and lung cancer tissues harboring mutant p53 genes
21907836 The interactome suggests that HDGF is a multifunctional protein and participates in many cellular events, including ribosome biogenesis, RNA processing, DNA damage repair and transcriptional regulation.
21426662 HDGF was highly expressed in 158 non-small cell lung cancer tissues compared with normal control.
21302807 results suggest that HDGF is involved in cell growth, cell invasion, and apoptosis
21255068 Increased nuclear expression of HDGF is a potential unfavourable prognostic factor for patients with hepatoma-derived growth factor
20848225 High HDGF is associated with hilar cholangiocarcinoma.
20846397 High HDGF expression is associated with poor overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Down-regulation of HDGF inhibits the growth, anchorage-independent growth, migration and invasion of HepG2 cells.
19924574 High hepatoma-derived growth factor is associated with colorectal carcinoma.
19710540 Mechanistic study on growth suppression and apoptosis induction by targeting HDGF in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells is reported.
19432814 The present study is aimed at examining the role of HDGF in keloid pathogenesis.
19162039 HDGF functions as a transcriptional repressor of the SMYD1 gene through interaction with the transcriptional corepressor CtBP.
19144156 Quantitative RT-PCR to study the expression levels of the most interesting gene, HDGF, confirmed that its expression was higher in Ewing sarcoma than in control samples.
18651222 HDGF knock-down was found to induce the expression of the pro-apoptotic protein Bad and also inactivate ERK and Akt, which in turn led to dephosphorylation of Bad at Ser-112, Ser-136, and activation of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway.
18478933 HDGF expression is upgraded in postoperative stage I non-small cell lung cancer patients, and is a significantly independent predictive factor.
18331345 HDGF serves as a template for small ubiquitin-related modifier 1 (SUMO-1) conjugation, although it does not contain a suitable consensus site for SUMOylation.
17974029 The N-terminal PWWP domain of HDGF is required for DNA binding. HDGF exerts its transcription repressive effect through binding to a conserved DNA element in the promoter of target genes.
17473954 Hepatoma-derived growth factor expression level was shown to be associated with recurrence and prognosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.
17062679 HDGF may be a novel prognostic factor for pancreatic ductal carcinoma.
15870924 Increased HDGF expression is associated with intratumor microvessel density in non-small-cell lung cancer
15017145 NMR analysis of the hath-domain of human hepatoma-derived growth factor
14751852 HDGF is a highly expressed vascular endothelial cell protein in vivo and is a potent endothelial mitogen and regulator of endothelial cell migration by mechanisms distinct from VEGF.
12972397 may be involved in lung remodeling after injury
11751870 Hepatoma-derived growth factor stimulates cell growth after translocation to the nucleus

AA Sequence

PQEEEEEEDEEEEATKEDAEAPGIRDHESL                                            211 - 240

Text Mined References (92)

PMID Year Title
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23673296 2013 Downregulation of miR-497 promotes tumor growth and angiogenesis by targeting HDGF in non-small cell lung cancer.
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23536873 2013 Up-regulation of hepatoma-derived growth factor facilitates tumor progression in malignant melanoma [corrected].
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22247069 2012 Hepatoma-derived growth factor regulates breast cancer cell invasion by modulating epithelial--mesenchymal transition.
22037800 2012 Tumorigenesis and prognostic role of hepatoma-derived growth factor in human gliomas.
22006999 2011 p53 negatively regulates the hepatoma growth factor HDGF.
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