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PubTator Score 64.90

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Mixed connective tissue disease 16 3.148 1.6


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SUPT5H   TAF4   U2SURP   DHX15   RNMT   PRPF4   SART1   HNRNPR   PRPF3   PPIH   PLRG1   NUDT21   DHX16   AQR   CDC40   CCNT1   PQBP1   RNGTT   PRPF40A   SF3B1   WBP4   SNRNP200   CCNK   BCAS2   SMNDC1   PRPF6   PCF11   CD2BP2   CPSF4   LSM8   SYF2   HNRNPC   SNRPB2   SNRNP70   SNRPA   HNRNPA1   SNRPA1   GTF2F2   SNRPB   HNRNPL   ERCC2   ERCC3   TBP   HNRNPA2B1   TCEA1   U2AF2   PTBP1   TIA1   HNRNPH1   GTF2H1   CSTF2   RBMX   CDK7   CDK9   PAPOLA   CCNH   MNAT1   HNRNPA3   HNRNPM   HNRNPF   ZNF143   SNU13   HNRNPH2   HNRNPK   SNRPE   SNRPF   SNRPG   LSM3   LSM6   SNRPD1   SNRPD2   SNRPD3   TRA2B   SNURF   YBX1   LSM11   TXNL4A   SRSF3   GTF2B   HNRNPU   U2AF1   TIAL1   SRSF2   CSTF1   SRSF1   SRSF4   CPSF1   SF3A3   CSTF3   HNRNPA0   SRSF9   SRSF5   SRSF6   SF3B2   GTF2H2   GTF2H3   HNRNPD   ELOA   SLBP   WTAP   EFTUD2   RNPS1   PCBP1   PCBP2   ELOC   ELOB   SF3B3   SF3B4   SF3A2   SF3A1   TAF13   TAF7   SF1   ZRSR2   SNRNP35   TAF9   USP39   SNAPC4   CPSF3L   RPRD2   TAF3   ICE2   INTS3   SNRNP48   ESRP1   CDC73   TAF2   PRPF8   INTS5   CTR9   FIP1L1   CWC27   GTF2H5   INTS8   SUPT6H   DDX46   PHF5A   TAF8   PABPN1   METTL3   ALYREF   DDX42   CHERP   SUGP1   CCAR1   NELFCD   RPAP2   SRRM1   ELOA2   TAF1L   INTS1   ZC3H8   CPSF7   PAF1   PDCD7   PRPF38A   ELOA3   ZCRB1   ZNF473   U2AF1L4   LEO1   SNRNP27   PRPF31   NELFB   RTF1   DHX38   GTF2H4   GPKOW   CLP1   LSM10   MAGOHB   NABP1   PPWD1   INTS12   EAF2   SNRNP40   INTS4   RBM17   EAF1   RNPC3   RPRD1A   IWS1   VWA9   CDC5L   NABP2   HNRNPUL1   DDX23   SNRNP25   SF3B5   UPF3B   CRNKL1   WDR33   WDR61   INTS2   CSTF2T   NELFA   ESRP2   PHAX   ELL3   TAF9B   METTL14   CWC22   XAB2   INTS9   INTS7   ASUN   INTS10   RBM22   CWC25   CDK12   CWC15   CPSF2   ZMAT5   AFF4   PUF60   LSM7   CPSF3   INTS6   ISY1   PRPF19   SRRM2   ICE1   WBP11   LSM2   LSM5   LSM4   CTDP1   SUPT16H   RBM8A  

Gene RIF (27)

22343046 These results suggest that Mediator structural shifts induced by activator binding help stably orient pol II prior to transcription initiation within the human mediator-RNA polymerase II-TFIIF assembly.
22244332 Gdown1 competes with TFIIF for binding to the RPB1 and RPB5 subunits of Pol II, thereby inhibiting an essential function of TFIIF in preinitiation complex assembly.
21896726 Data show that TFIIF has an important role in stabilizing TFIIB within the PIC and after transcription initiates.
21489275 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
19215094 NMR and thermodynamic studies further elucidate the complex molecular mechanism by which TFIIF and FCP1 cooperate for RNAPII recycling.
18976975 Knockdown of general transcription factor IIF, polypeptide 1 (GTF2F1) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in HeLa P4/R5 cells
18950845 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18284209 Mutated hydrophobic residues in RAP74 C-terminal structure disrupt secondary structure elements, showing that binding of the androgen receptor N-terminal domain depends upon helix 3 in the winged-helix domain of the RAP74 C-terminal domain polypeptide.
17848138 TFIIF and Rpb7 are involved in both early and late transcriptional stages
15831464 alpha1-Helix of RAP74 is important for supporting NTP-driven translocation by RNAP II.
15723517 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
15351637 TFIIF supports elongation and suppresses pausing by stabilizing the post-translocated elongation complex
15023052 Interaction of TFIIF subunit RAP74 with recombinant androgen receptor N-terminal activation domain AF1 leads to imposition of helical structure on the AF1 domain.
12775419 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
12732728 NMR structure of a complex containing this TFIIF subunit and the RNA polymerase II carboxyl-terminal domain phosphatase FCP1.
12591941 cocrystal structure of the winged-helix domain of human RNA polymerase II-associating protein 74 bound to the alpha-helical C terminus of human FCP1
12578358 The NMR solution structure of the C-terminal domain of RAP74 has been determined, and NMR methods have been used to map the binding sites of the C-terminus of CTD phosphatase/FCP1 on the RAP74 C-terminal fragment.
12354769 The alpha 1 helix of human RAP74 has an important role in the initiation and elongation of RNA chains
12351650 role of associated carboxyl-terminal domain phosphatase in dephosphorylating phosphoserines 2 and 5 of RNA polymerase II
12089333 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
10704353 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
10454543 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
9765201 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
9121429 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
8934526 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
8849451 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1
1559613 HIV-1 Tat inhibits the binding of RAP74 amino acids 436-517 to FCP1

AA Sequence

NVLAQILKRLNPERKMINDKMHFSLKE                                               491 - 517

Text Mined References (84)

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