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26349155 The identification of the c.1607_1610delCGGA mutation in a patient with Oguchi disease confirms the pathogenicity of this variant.
25979333 In the Ca(2+)/NCS-1.D2R peptide complex, the C-terminal region adopts a 310 helix-turn-310 helix, whereas in the GRK1 peptide complex it forms an a-helix
24670923 Rho-kinase activity exhibits distinct circadian variation associated with alterations in coronary vasomotor responses and autonomic activity in VSA patients.
22959359 The selective thinning of the inner retinal layers in patients with GRM6 mutations suggests either reduced bipolar or ganglion cell numbers or altered synaptic structure in the inner retina.
22183412 Defects in GRK1 or GRK7 cause patients to suffer from an inability to properly deactivate rhodopsin leading to problems with recovery and dark adaptation.
21922265 There are two genes that cause Oguchi disease: the G protein-coupled receptor kinase 1 gene and the S antigen gene. There is evidence that Oguchi disease and retinitis pigmentosa (RP) can coexist in the same family or even in the same individual
19753316 Genetic mapping supported the diagnosis of typical Oguchi disease in a Pakistani family and also resulted in the identification of a novel nonsense mutation (c.614C>A; p.S205X) in exon 1 of GRK1.
18266817 A GRK1 region close to its C-terminus also seemed to be the binding site for S-modulin/recoverin.
17765441 The authors found two different novel mutations in Japanese patients. The results indicate that a considerable number of GRK1 mutations exist in the Japanese population.
17524610 Conserved bicoid homeodomain factors thus appear to be the key factors governing localization of GRK1 Enhancer/Promoter activity in retina and photoreceptors.
17070587 A novel homozygous GRK1 mutation (p.P391H) was found in 2 Japanese siblings with Oguchi disease.
16478881 RhoK activation in brain microvascular endothelial cells could be a cause of blood-brain barrier impairment during HIV-1 encephalitis.
16407241 G protein-coupled receptor kinase site serine cluster has a role in beta2-adrenergic receptor internalization, desensitization, and beta-arrestin translocation
16319817 The disease in the Pakistani family localizes to 13q34 and is caused by a novel deletion including Exon 3 of the GRK1 gene.
15946941 Phosphorylation of GRK1 and GRK7 by PKA occurs in the dark, when cAMP levels in photoreceptor cells are elevated.

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LVS                                                                       561 - 563

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PMID Year Title
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