Property Summary

NCBI Gene PubMed Count 29
PubMed Score 22.34
PubTator Score 23.23

Knowledge Summary


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  Disease (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
ovarian cancer 8491 1.5e-07
Multiple myeloma 1327 7.7e-04
osteosarcoma 7933 7.8e-04
dermatomyositis 966 1.4e-03
lung cancer 4473 2.3e-03
astrocytoma 1493 8.0e-03
glioblastoma 5572 2.6e-02
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 840 4.0e-02
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Exudative vitreoretinopathy 15 3.233 1.6


  Differential Expression (8)

Disease log2 FC p
Multiple myeloma 1.423 7.7e-04
osteosarcoma 1.023 7.8e-04
astrocytoma 1.700 8.0e-03
glioblastoma 1.300 2.6e-02
lung cancer 1.200 2.3e-03
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 1.200 4.0e-02
ovarian cancer 4.100 1.5e-07
dermatomyositis 1.100 1.4e-03

Gene RIF (10)

25701785 GRASP55 interacts with CD83 shortly after induction of dendritic cells maturation.
24227884 Cisternal-specific functions of GRASP65 and GRASP55 in continuity, compartmentalization, and function of the Golgi ribbon.
23552074 propose that GRASP55/65 are negative regulators of exocytic transport and that this slowdown helps to ensure more complete protein glycosylation in the Golgi stack and proper sorting at the trans-Golgi network
20608975 GRASP55 may function as an adaptor protein coupling MT1-MMP with furin, thus leading to the activation of the zymogen.
20083603 These results demonstrate that GRASP55 and GRASP65 stack mammalian Golgi cisternae via a common mechanism.
19840934 Data demonstrate that both GRASP55 and 65 are needed for the efficient transport to and through the Golgi complex, thus highlighting a novel role for the GRASPs in membrane trafficking.
18976975 Knockdown of golgi reassembly stacking protein 2 (GORASP2) by siRNA inhibits HIV-1 replication in HeLa P4/R5 cells
18434598 MEK1/ERK regulation of GRASP55-mediated Golgi linking is a control point in cell cycle progression
11815631 GRASP65 is an important structural component required for maintenance of Golgi apparatus integrity
11739401 GRASP55 forms an effector complex for the small GTPase rab2, together with a conserved coiled-coil protein golgin-45 (JEM-1).

AA Sequence

APTTVEDRVGDSTPVSEKPVSAAVDANASESP                                          421 - 452

Text Mined References (46)

PMID Year Title
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20083603 2010 GRASP55 and GRASP65 play complementary and essential roles in Golgi cisternal stacking.
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19840934 2009 GRASP65 and GRASP55 sequentially promote the transport of C-terminal valine-bearing cargos to and through the Golgi complex.
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11739402 2001 Golgi matrix proteins interact with p24 cargo receptors and aid their efficient retention in the Golgi apparatus.
11739401 2001 A GRASP55-rab2 effector complex linking Golgi structure to membrane traffic.
11408587 2001 Mitotic phosphorylation of Golgi reassembly stacking protein 55 by mitogen-activated protein kinase ERK2.
11101516 2000 Transmembrane transforming growth factor-alpha tethers to the PDZ domain-containing, Golgi membrane-associated protein p59/GRASP55.
10487747 1999 GRASP55, a second mammalian GRASP protein involved in the stacking of Golgi cisternae in a cell-free system.
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