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25280803 The serum GGT level was associated with brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity, a marker of peripheral atherosclerosis, independently of covariates including fatty liver or menopausal state just in women, but not in men.
25180444 In stable coronary artery disease, increased GGT activity within the normal range is associated with increased oxidative stress.
23682772 hGGT2 does not encode a functional enzyme; microarray data which have reported induction of hGGT2 mRNA should not be interpreted as induction of a protein that has a role in the metabolism of extracellular glutathione and in maintaining the redox status
23138005 In a Korean population, increased GGT serum concentration is associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk.
22749559 Fraction pattern analysis might increase the specificity of GGT as biomarker of alcohol abuse, especially in the context of differential diagnosis between alcoholism and non-alcoholic liver disease.
22269385 expression of GGT2 gene is closely regulated by the ERK signal pathway in 267B1/K-RAS cells.
21986103 High gamma-Glutamyltransferase is associated with arterial stiffness.
21375200 results indicate that levels of GGT were raised with increased waist girth, BMI, blood pressure TG and low HDL in patients with type 2 diabetes
20622017 Analysis of hepatic GGT glycopeptides revealed 11 glycan compositions, with 12 unique structures, none of which were observed on kidney GGT. Two glycosylation sites on renal GGT were modified exclusively by neutral glycans.
19670414 Ultrasonographic hepatic steatosis increases prediction of mortality risk from elevated serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase levels.
19214177 The association of serum gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) with body mass index and obesity is unrelated to the role of GGT in cysteine turnover.
19012630 Neither ALT nor GGT concentrations were correlated with ALP concentration, but AST concentration was moderately correlated with ALP concentration
18656271 GGT is confirmed an as independent risk factor in patients with established coronary artery disease.
18486136 Gamma-glutamyltransferase has a role in human atherosclerotic plaques
18421185 Plasma GGT activity might be a useful means to predict homocysteine concentration in the general population.
18342385 In subjects with a gamma-glutamyltransferase level of less than 40IU/L no difference was observed in the frequency of subjects with an fasting plasma glucose level of 110mg/dl or more.
18297606 These findings suggest that an ongoing redox imbalance, in terms of decreased plasma glutathione, is associated with raised GGT activity in subjects with a greater risk factor burden
18071669 Survey show relationships similar to those observed for GGT, including a powerful association with prevalent type 2 diabetes and organic pollutants.
17976673 Expression levels of GGT1 and possibly NFKBIE might be useful as biomarkers of genetic susceptibility to arsenite.

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RKGGEPAGY                                                                 561 - 569

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