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psoriasis -1.400 9.2e-03

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25917456 Gata3 interacted with Gcm2 and MafB, two known transcriptional regulators of parathyroid development, and synergistically stimulated the PTH promoter.
25279501 The higher frequency of GCM2 282D in primary hyperparathyroidismand enhanced transcriptional activity of this variant supports the notion that it could contribute causally to parathyroid tumorigenesis
25137426 we identified the genetic defect in 35% of hypoparathyroidism patients in our cohort and discovered novel GCM2 mutations including submicroscopic deletion that was undetectable by array comparative genomic hybridization
24133354 Four single nucleotide polymorphisms of GCMB gene were found in the GCMB gene (c.-44T > C [rs16870746], c.91-242A > G [rs9379881], c.343+163G > A [rs9393726], and c.583-72A > T [rs2076257]) in our cohort.
23155703 First described GCM2 mutation in exon 3 in patients with severe congenital hypoparathyroidism.
22066718 Data suggest that replacement of cysteine 106 with arginine (C106R) would interfere with DNA binding of glial cells missing B (GCMB).
21642377 We conclude that mutations in the transcription factor GCMB do not seem to play a major role in the pathogenesis of primary hyperparathyroidism.
21164298 Gcm2 is a useful adjunct marker for the diagnosis of parathyroid lesions.
20558332 These results indicate that GCMB and vitamin D receptor are involved in the positive and negative regulation of parathyroid hormone gene expression, respectively.
20463099 Our results have identified the first dominant missense GCMB mutation and help to increase our understanding of the mechanism underlying gene transactivation that is a prerequisite for the function of this parathyroid gland-specific transcription factor.
20190276 These results expand the spectrum of hypoparathyroidism-associated GCMB mutations and help elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying DNA-binding and transactivation that are required for this parathyroid-specific transcription factor.
19940031 significant association of R110W variant of GCM2 with isolated hypoparathyroidism
19940031 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19257819 one function of Gcm2 is to maintain high levels of CaR expression in parathyroid cells.
18712808 Glial cells missing-2 (GCM2) transactivates the calcium-sensing receptor gene
18583467 The dominant-negative effect observed in vitro for both GCMB mutations provides a plausible explanation for the impaired PTH secretion observed in the two unrelated families with autosomal dominant form of hypoparathyroidism.
18182452 Although GCM2 mutations appear to be an uncommon cause of isolated hypoparathyroidism, the wide variety of GCM2 polymorphisms suggests that variant alleles may have a role in determining parathyroid function.
15657585 The glial cell missing gene, GCMB , encodes a transcription factor, which is a master regulator of parathyroid development. GCMB expression is upregulated in abnormal parathyroid glands of hyperparathyroidism and decreases in response to hypocalcemia.

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YSDRVGPFFTYNNEDF                                                          491 - 506

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PMID Year Title
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