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25861751 restoring miR-124 may function as a promising strategy to overcome P-gp-mediated MDR by inhibiting FZD5/PKC signaling.
25240054 Wnt5a secreted by monocytes signals through the noncanonical Wnt-FZD5 pathway in mECs to induce TF expression that induces angiogenesis by autocrine regulation.
24993822 data (i) support previous the assumption that CK1 acts via phosphorylation of distinct residues as the activator as well as the shut-off signal of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and (ii) suggest that CK1 acts on Dvl via different mechanism than Fzd5
24706725 we demonstrate that innate immune functions of macrophages ensue at least partly through a homeostatic Wnt5a-Fz5-NF-kappaB (p65) circuit, which is Rac1 dependent.
23610556 Gcm1 and Fzd5 function in an evolutionary conserved positive feedback loop that regulates trophoblast differentiation and sites of chorionic branching morphogenesis.
23337955 FZD5 was downregulated and reduced the synthesis of membrane transport protein in the hepatic membrane and the membrane stability, and accelerated the liver cell apoptosis process in alcoholic liver disease.
21344486 Several members of the WNT pathway, including WNT5A, FZD5, and DKK1 were highly up-regulated in PCa tissue from patients with advanced PCa.
20525402 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19643732 Studies identify CVAK104 as a novel binding partner of Dishevelled (Dvl) and that CVAK104 also interacts with Fzd5.
19543507 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19453261 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18838381 BAMBI interacts with Wnt receptor Frizzled5, coreceptor LRP6, and Dishevelled2 and increases the interaction between Frizzled5 and Dishevelled2
18230341 These biological tools could help lead to a better understanding of Wnt-Fzd interactions and the identification of new modulators of Wnt signaling.
18077588 Both Fz and Dvl functions are critical for Wnt-induced Lrp6 phosphorylation through Fz-Lrp6 interaction. Axin, a key scaffolding protein in the Wnt pathway, is required for Lrp6 phosphorylation via its ability to recruit Gsk3.
17273778 POU5F1 and POU2F subfamily members play a pivotal role for the FZD5 expression in undifferentiated human ES cells, fetal liver/spleen, adult colon, pancreatic islet, and diffuse-type gastric cancer
16890161 The Fz5 may be internalized through a clathrin-dependant pathway primarity when expressed in the absence of low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6(LRP6).
16601243 WNT5A and FZD5 regulate the microbially induced interleukin-12 response of antigen-presenting cells and interferon-gamma production by mycobacterial antigen-stimulated T cells
15694380 We found that Dkk1-Fz5, but not Dkk3-Fz5, potently synergized with LRP6 to activate signaling in a dishevelled-dependent manner.
15338479 FZD5 cells did not differ between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

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AALTGRTGPPGPAATYHKQVSLSHV                                                 561 - 585

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25861751 2015 miR-124 represses FZD5 to attenuate P-glycoprotein-mediated chemo-resistance in renal cell carcinoma.
25240054 2014 Monocyte-secreted Wnt5a interacts with FZD5 in microvascular endothelial cells and induces angiogenesis through tissue factor signaling.
24993822 2014 Functional analysis of dishevelled-3 phosphorylation identifies distinct mechanisms driven by casein kinase 1? and frizzled5.
24912190 2014 Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies the Parkinson disease GWAS risk locus SREBF1 as a regulator of mitophagy.
24706725 2014 Wnt5a-Rac1-NF-?B homeostatic circuitry sustains innate immune functions in macrophages.
24449494 2014 Dysfunction of Wnt signaling and synaptic disassembly in neurodegenerative diseases.
24080158 2014 Secreted Frizzled-related protein potentiation versus inhibition of Wnt3a/?-catenin signaling.
23610556 2013 A positive feedback loop involving Gcm1 and Fzd5 directs chorionic branching morphogenesis in the placenta.
23337955 2013 Analysis of differentially expressed genes and microRNAs in alcoholic liver disease.
22895187 2012 Tumour suppressor RNF43 is a stem-cell E3 ligase that induces endocytosis of Wnt receptors.
22575959 2012 ZNRF3 promotes Wnt receptor turnover in an R-spondin-sensitive manner.
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20525402 2010 Analysis of eight genes modulating interferon gamma and human genetic susceptibility to tuberculosis: a case-control association study.
19643732 2009 A coated vesicle-associated kinase of 104 kDa (CVAK104) induces lysosomal degradation of frizzled 5 (Fzd5).
19543507 2009 Non-association between polymorphisms of the frizzled receptor genes and bone mineral density in postmenopausal Korean women.
19453261 2009 High-density association study of 383 candidate genes for volumetric BMD at the femoral neck and lumbar spine among older men.
18838381 2008 The pseudoreceptor BMP and activin membrane-bound inhibitor positively modulates Wnt/beta-catenin signaling.
18230341 2008 Wnt7a interaction with Fzd5 and detection of signaling activation using a split eGFP.
18174455 2008 Wnt5A/CaMKII signaling contributes to the inflammatory response of macrophages and is a target for the antiinflammatory action of activated protein C and interleukin-10.
18077588 2008 Initiation of Wnt signaling: control of Wnt coreceptor Lrp6 phosphorylation/activation via frizzled, dishevelled and axin functions.
17273778 2007 Conserved POU-binding site linked to SP1-binding site within FZD5 promoter: Transcriptional mechanisms of FZD5 in undifferentiated human ES cells, fetal liver/spleen, adult colon, pancreatic islet, and diffuse-type gastric cancer.
16890161 2006 Caveolin is necessary for Wnt-3a-dependent internalization of LRP6 and accumulation of beta-catenin.
16601243 2006 The Wingless homolog WNT5A and its receptor Frizzled-5 regulate inflammatory responses of human mononuclear cells induced by microbial stimulation.
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15694380 2005 Wnt-independent activation of beta-catenin mediated by a Dkk1-Fz5 fusion protein.
15370539 2004 Autosomal dominant familial exudative vitreoretinopathy in two Japanese families with FZD4 mutations (H69Y and C181R).
15338479 2004 Synovial density of frizzled 5-positive cells does not differ between patients with RA and OA and is independent of inflammation.
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12490564 2003 Wnt2b controls retinal cell differentiation at the ciliary marginal zone.
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