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osteosarcoma -1.034 2.3e-02
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.100 4.9e-04
medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.100 6.8e-04
tuberculosis 1.200 2.3e-06
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -1.423 1.2e-03
lung cancer 1.400 3.5e-04

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26704351 In compound heterozygotes, expression of partially functional mutant frataxin delays age of onset and reduces diabetes mellitus, compared to those with no frataxin expression from the non-expanded allele.
26671574 Our results imply that regulation of FXN protein levels is complex and that total amounts can be modulated chemically and genetically without altering the absolute amount of mature FXN protein.
26393353 FXN promoter function was directly measured via metabolic labeling of newly synthesized transcripts in fibroblasts, which revealed that the YG8sR mouse was significantly deficient in transcriptional initiation compared to the Y47R mouse.
26379101 The region of chromosome 9 carrying the FXN gene is prone to chromosomal rearrangements in both control and Friedreich ataxia patient cells.
26035392 Engineered a cell line where the presence of an exogenous, inducible FXN gene rescues the cells from the knockout of the two endogenous FXN genes. This system allows the possibility of testing the progression of disease.
26016518 FXN accelerates a rate-limiting sulfur transfer step in the synthesis of [2Fe-2S] clusters on the human Fe-S assembly complex.
25948553 Thus, Src inhibitors emerge as a new class of drugs able to promote frataxin accumulation, suggesting their possible use as therapeutics in Friedreich's Ataxia
25929520 frataxin absence is associated with overexpression of cell death-related genes, cell cycle arrest and oxidative related genes, as well as DNMT1, supporting the notion that DNA repair and epigenetic mechanisms are implicated in Friedreich's ataxia disease.
25831023 We propose a model of premature termination of FXN transcription induced by pathogenic expanded GAA repeats that links R-loop structures, antisense transcription, and heterochromatin formation
25814655 Expanded GAA repeats impair FXN gene expression and reposition the FXN locus to the nuclear lamina in single cells
25554687 Findings confirm a detrimental effect of frataxin silencing, not only for astrocytes, but also for neuron-glia interactions, underlining the need to take into account the role of non-cell autonomous processes in Friedreich's ataxia.
25159818 This study provides proof of principle that an orally dosed class I HDACi can increase both FXN mRNA and acetylation of a key residue in the blood of FRDA patients.
25158131 The decrease of p53 function and level reduced frataxin mRNA and protein.The transcriptional activity of the human frataxin gene is enhanced by p53.
25112975 FXN promoter silencing in FRDA is dependent on the length of the expanded GAA-TR mutation.
25104852 Reduced expression of frataxin in Friedreich's ataxia leads to elevation of COX2-mediated oxylipin synthesis stimulated by increases in transcription factors that respond to increased reactive oxygen species.
24997422 dysregulated Fe-S cluster biogenesis is a primary effect of both frataxin overexpression and deficiency as in Friedreich's ataxia.
24971490 Fe-S assembly protein and frataxin convert substrates l-cysteine, ferrous iron, and electrons into Fe-S clusters.
24920569 The pathological frataxin mutation L198R yields a global destabilization of the structure.
24819921 In Friedreich ataxia, aberrant glucose metabolism is linked to increasing age, longer GAA repeat length on the shorter allele, frataxin point mutations, and increasing Body Mass Index.
24816001 Patients with a FXN p.R165P missense mutation progress to a less disabling disease state than typical Friedreich ataxia patients
24787137 provides a direct molecular link between R-loops and the pathology of TREDs, suggesting that R-loops act as an initial trigger to promote FXN and FMR1 silencing
24737321 Deficient transcriptional initiation, and not elongation, is the major cause of FXN transcriptional deficiency in Friedreich ataxia.
24613765 Study determined the frequencies and repeat lengths for FXN trinucleotide repeat expansions in familial and sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cohorts, as well as in healthy controls
24217246 The data presented here show that the Isu1 suppressor mimics the frataxin effects on Nfs1, explaining the bypassing activity.
24138602 review focuses on the emerging function of frataxin in relation to the observed alterations in mitochondrial iron metabolism in Friedreich's ataxia.
24023969 Increased DNA methylation at the FXN upstream GAA region, primarily 5 hmC rather than 5 mC, and decreased CTCF occupancy at the FXN 5' UTR are associated with FRDA disease-relevant human tissues.
23909240 suggest that iron coordination to frataxin may be significant to the Fe-S cluster biosynthesis pathway in mitochondria.
23879205 This early failure, aggravating frataxin deficiency in a specifically vulnerable human cell population, indicates a developmental component in Friedreich ataxia .
23859340 frataxin is a crucial element of one of the most essential cellular machines specialized in iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis--{REVIEW}
23691127 Higher frataxin levels predicted less severe neurological dysfunction and were associated with slower rates of neurological change.
23574943 and the distribution of Nrf2 in silenced neurons for frataxin gene. Decreased Nrf2 mRNA content and a defective activation after treatment with pro-oxidants have been evidenced in frataxin-silenced neurons
23382970 Our results suggest for the first time that post-transcriptional regulation of frataxin occurs through the 3'-UTR and involves miRNA targeting.
23350650 The results support a mechanistic hypothesis in which frataxin deficiency decreases Nrf2 expression in vivo, causing the sensitivity to oxidative stress in target tissues the DRG and the cerebella, which contributes to the process of neurodegeneration.
23334592 The guanine-adenine-adenine trinucleotide repeat expansion of FXN caused Friedreich ataxia.
23269675 frataxin point mutations have complex biochemical effects that synergistically contribute to the pathophysiology of Friedreich ataxia.
23196337 This study described a novel deletion in exon 5a of the FXN gene in patient with Friedreich ataxia.
23082224 The protein level of isoform III decreased in Friedreich ataxia (FRDA] patient heart, while the mRNA level of isoform II decreased more in FRDA patient cerebellum compared to total FXN mRNA.
23049850 local unfolding of the C-terminal region may be a critical step for the global unfolding of hFXN, and modulation of the CTR interactions may strongly affect hFXN physiological function
22897349 Photoreactive heterotrifunctional chemical cross-linking confirmed the interaction between frataxin and ISCU in the presence of iron and validated that transient interactions can be covalently trapped with this method.
22764244 Selective reduction in microRNA (miR)-886-3p by an anti-miR leads to elevation of FXN message and protein levels without associated changes in histone marks at the FXN locus.
22691228 We describe an FRDA patient who is compound heterozygous for an expanded GAA repeat and a complete gene deletion.
22587705 Transcription activator-like effector proteins induce the expression of the frataxin gene
22522441 These novel findings provide compelling evidence for the link between the GAA expansion, the DNA methylation profile, FXN expression, and clinical outcome in Friedreich ataxia
22447512 findings show frataxin levels can be upregulated by interferon gamma in a variety of cell types, including primary cells derived from Friedreich's ataxia (FRDA) patients;results disclose new roles for IFNgamma in cellular metabolism and have direct implications for the treatment of FRDA
22409940 Friedreich ataxia due to an exonic deletion mutation corresponds to an early onset and severe variant of frataxin Friedreich ataxia protein.
22399236 In islets from type 2 diabetes mellitus patients FXN expression is reduced while oxidative stress is increased and insulin release in response to glucose impaired.
22352884 role of frataxin in Fe-S assembly
22095894 frataxin is involved in various processes related to iron homeostasis and metabolism. [review]
21863062 dual, pro-proliferative but chemosensitizing role in astrocytic tumors
21830088 Results describe novel deletion-insertion mutation in exon 3 of frataxin in siblings with severe Friedreich ataxia.
21776984 Friedreich's ataxia mutants reveals determinants of frataxin binding and activation of the Fe-S assembly complex.
21760943 Computational analyses were performed on the 21.3 kb region upstream of exon 1 of the human FXN gene and orthologs from other species in order to identify conserved non-coding DNA sequences with potential regulatory functions.
21745819 The data provide strong evidence that FXN deficiency in FRDA patients results from a block of transition from initiation to a productive elongation of FXN transcription due to heterochromatin-like structures formed near the hyperexpanded GAAs.
21671584 Fxn facilitates sulfur transfer from Nfs1 to Isu2.
21570254 the number of GAA repeats in the smaller allele of the FXN gene, whereas septal E; was not correlated with GAA repeat number. At 5 years, there was a reduction in lateral S; and E; but no change in septal TDI velocities.
21550666 [review] In both cellular and animal model systems, the replacement of frataxin function seems to alleviate the symptoms of Friedrich's ataxia or even completely reverse the phenotype.
21531789 Silencing of frataxin gene expression triggers p53-dependent apoptosis in human neuron-like cells.
21412413 The first explorative study on combined frataxin and mRNA levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a cohort of Friedreich's ataxia patients, carriers and healthy individuals, is reported.
21368894 Frataxin expression is upregulated in tumor cell lines in response to hypoxic stress.
21298097 interaction of frataxin with the core ISCU/NFS1/ISD11 complex most likely defines the essential function of frataxin
21216878 Preventing the ubiquitin-proteasome-dependent degradation of frataxin, the protein defective in Friedreich's ataxia.
20889968 Normal and Friedreich ataxia cells express different isoforms of frataxin with complementary roles in iron-sulfur cluster assembly.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20873749 human frataxin functions with Fe(2+) as an allosteric activator that triggers sulfur delivery and Fe-S cluster assembly
20819074 Data indicate that Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium TA104 strains transformed with human frataxin show decreased mutation rates.
20808827 two transcription factors, SRF and TFAP2, as well as an intronic element encompassing EGR3-like sequence, that work together to regulate expression of the FXN gene
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20569261 Low predisposition to instability of the Friedreich ataxia gene in Cuban population
20506029 we found a high variation of frataxin protein levels among healthy Austrian people
20506029 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
20461801 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20053667 The cytosolic aconitase defect and consequent IRP1 activation occurring in FRDA cells are reversed by the action of extramitochondrial frataxin.
19956589 there is a a severe depletion of CTCF in the 5'UTR of the FXN gene in FRDA, and coincident heterochromatin formation involving the +1 nucleosome via enrichment of H3K9me3 and recruitment of heterochromatin protein 1
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19843162 Data show that -terminus region is flexible and intrinsically unfolded in human frataxin.
19772192 Molecular genetic studies revealed that all Friedreich's ataxia patients in the Paphos district of Cyprus had the most common mutation, a homozygous expansion of the GAA triplet repeat in the first intron of the frataxin gene.
19772192 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
19679182 frataxin deficiency triggers inflammatory changes and death of Schwann cells that is inhibitable by inflammatory and anti-apoptotic drugs.
19376812 The PPARG pathway is dysregulated in frataxin deficient mice and Friedreich's ataxia patients.
19259763 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19182486 identification nof a novel point mutation (c.165 + 1 G ] A) which involves the consensus GT dinucleotide in the 3'splice acceptor site of intron 1 of the frataxin gene in two compound heterozygous siblings with Friedreich ataxia
19104905 Azelaoyl PAF significantly increases the intracellular frataxin levels by twofold in the neuroblastoma cell line SKNBE and fibroblasts from FRDA patients and Azelaoyl PAF increases frataxin protein through a transcriptional mechanism.
19064571 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18768799 Although in human cells frataxin must be processed to execute its function, the same protein in the T. brucei mitochondrion is functional even in the absence of processing
18759347 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18725397 evidence provided that mature frataxin corresponds to m(81)-FXN, and can rescue the lethal phenotype of fibroblasts deleted for frataxin; study demonstrates that all frataxin isoforms are generated and localized within the mitochondria
18697824 DNA methylation in intron 1 of the frataxin gene is related to GAA repeat length and age of onset in Friedreich ataxia.
18687468 We did not find any mutations or polymorphisms, nor expansion of the intronic trinucleotide repeat of the frataxin gene in refractory anemia with ring sideroblasts
18682748 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18597733 The intronic GAA repeat expansion in the FXN gene causes the hereditary neurodegenerative disorder Friedreich ataxia.
18581197 Regulatory effects of recombinant human erythropoietin occur at the post-translational level.
18537827 Results demonstrate a substantial decrease in the thermodynamic stability of the frataxin variants during chemical and thermal unfolding.
18464277 Our observations suggest that interrupted GAA repeats do not clearly impact the age of onset in FA.
18425540 the iron-dependent binding affinity of each frataxin derivative to the iron-sulfur cluster scaffold protein ISU is found to be similar to that of native frataxin
18424449 Frataxin expression is regulated by iron; frataxin mRNA levels decrease significantly in multiple human cell lines treated with the iron chelator, desferal.
18379460 Friedrich's disease presents a typical mutation, an expansion of trinucleotide GAA-repeats, in the FRDA gene.
18160053 Frataxin has some roles in controlling the balance between different mitochondrial iron pools that are partially in common with those of mitochondrial ferritin.
18045804 The effect of DNA double-strand break repair on instability of the (GAA*TTC)n sequence of the FXN gene.
18045775 The FXN GAA repeat expansion mutation induces comparable epigenetic changes in human and transgenic mouse brain and heart tissues.
17703324 In heterozygosity for a null allele, a strong correlation was observed between the size of GAA expansion and the age at onset, supporting the hypothesis that the residual function of frataxin in patients' cells derive exclusively from the expanded allele.
17478498 Identification of a region that is important for maximal FXN gene expression and show that repeat expansion leads to changes in DNA methylation and chromatin organization in this region.
17468497 analysis of frataxin and its maturation in human cells
17468497 In living cells, the main form of mature frataxin is generated by a proteolytic cleavage between Lys80 and Ser81, yielding a 130 aa protein (frataxin 81-210).
17331979 Frataxin interacts with ISD11 and multiple mitochondrial chaperones.
17285345 N-terminus of Mitochondrial processing peptidase-processed frataxin shows a unique high-affinity iron site and that this iron center appears to mediate a self-cleavage reaction
17262846 Progressive GAA expansions of FXN protein in dorsal root ganglia of Friedreich's ataxia patients.
17098208 Earliest consequences of frataxin deficiency occur in ISC proteins of the cytoplasm, resulting in oxidative damage and stress and activation of the unfolded protein response which has been associated with neurological disease.
16857735 Data suggest that DNA sequence-specific polyamides alleviate transcription inhibition associated with long GAA.TTC repeats and reduced levels of frataxin in Friedreich's ataxia.(
16787388 A comparison the comformational properties of wild-type and mutant frataxins under physiological conditions and under adverse conditions are reported.
16677095 Frataxin, iron-sulfur clusters, heme and reactive oxygen species have roles in aging
16608849 extramitochondrial frataxin can fully replace mitochondrial frataxin in promoting survival of FA cells
16608849 Human mature frataxin is distributed between two distinct subcellular compartments; both mitochondrial and extramitochondrial forms can suppress apoptosis.
16263703 an increase in oxidative metabolism induced by mitochondrial frataxin may inhibit cancer growth in mammals
16203742 Deficiency of transgenic frataxin protein in Drosophila embryos results in diminished activities of numerous heme- and iron-sulfur-containing enzymes, loss of intracellular iron homeostasis and increased susceptibility to iron toxicity
16091420 Data suggest that frataxin may be involved in the biosynthesis of iron-sulphur proteins such as IscU1 not only within the mitochondria, but also in the extramitochondrial compartment.
15827563 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
15641778 Analysis of stable monomeric and assembled forms of human frataxin reveals that the assembled protein has ferroxidase activity and detoxifies redox-active iron by sequestering it in a protein-protected compartment.
15581888 frataxin is a modular protein that depends on self-assembly to accomplish its diverse functions
15534367 The FRDA GAA repeat mutation in Friedreich ataxia is destabilized, frequently undergoing large contractions, during DNA replication.
15509595 results demonstrate (i) that frataxin is a component of the human Fe/S cluster assembly machinery and (ii) that it plays a role in the maturation of both mitochondrial and cytosolic Fe/S proteins
15304363 Transgenic mice show an altered response during hematopoietic differentiation, suggesting that frataxin may directly affect heme synthesis.
15247478 frataxin is an iron chaperone protein that protects the aconitase [4Fe-4S]2+ cluster from disassembly and promotes enzyme reactivation
15233994 mouse model of FRDA GAA repeat instability
15180699 Observational study of genotype prevalence. (HuGE Navigator)
15180699 We found one novel haplotype, ACCT, among the expanded alleles as well as among normal individuals, though at low frequency; this haplotype may be characteristic of Indian populations
15123683 analysis of frataxin-mediated iron delivery to ferrochelatase in the final step of heme biosynthesis
14962663 Friedreich ataxia is caused by expansion of a GAA triplet repeat (GAA-TR) in the FRDA gene.
12785837 Frataxin functions as an iron donor for assembly of [2Fe-2S] clusters in ISU-type proteins.
12755598 The extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis agrees with previous electron microscopy data showing that frataxin cores are composed of very small ferrihydrite crystallites.
12354077 Expansion of GAA repeats in the intron of this gene is involved in the autosomal recessive Friedreich ataxia.
12140189 molecular structure and iron-binding properties
12019217 frataxin protein is concluded to have a protective role for the nucleus as well as the mitochondria
11862710 association of polymorphic trinucleotide repeat (GAA)n with diabetes mellitus type 2 in the Moscow population
11857753 Frataxin and cardiac troponin T gene mutations co-exist in a child with Friedreich ataxia and familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
11823441 findings suggest that Friedreich ataxia results from decreased mitochondrial iron storage due to frataxin deficiency which may impair iron metabolism, promote oxidative damage and lead to progressive iron accumulation
11810294 trinucleotide repeat in friedreich ataxia
11121205 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

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